Ellen Scares Celebrities UPDATED 2018

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Ellen Scares Celebrities in 2018!.


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Oct 16, 2018

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Comments 5 344
Jhon McClane
Jhon McClane 6 hours ago
E Ai Blz, Aqui É Do *BRASIL*
African Princess
African Princess 11 hours ago
5:29 she didn’t even flinch
Dash Emperor
Dash Emperor Day ago
EdinTGT Day ago
*Where did it go?*
Neha S
Neha S Day ago
I love Jim 😍
fred skibinsky
fred skibinsky 2 days ago
Have you ever got the guest victorya justice
ALEX GOT GAME 3 days ago
Joseph Judena
Joseph Judena 3 days ago
OMG you scared me Ellen
CO2taminuim 3 days ago
0:37 you can see Ellen tap her leg against the desk to signal the guy inside
Dominique Achane
Dominique Achane 4 days ago
She looked scary and him
Camie Magee
Camie Magee 5 days ago
She gives the same evil smile after the jump scare
Rainbow Dog
Rainbow Dog 5 days ago
7:11 What the f*ck is that dude doing he is not even looking at him and he f*cking tripped
X Raptor
X Raptor 5 days ago
Anne Hathaway scare
lonelyyy Girrlll
lonelyyy Girrlll 5 days ago
The first one scared me 🤦‍♂️😂
xtop23 6 days ago
garth is a total gentleman.... he got up to go help the lady up.
Ranny J L Robert
Ranny J L Robert 6 days ago
I wonder how gonna scare Ellen. I love you Ellen but i just curious.😁🤗
Sylwia Bożyk
Sylwia Bożyk 6 days ago
7:12 is the best ! I love it !!
Nikki Fenir
Nikki Fenir 6 days ago
It's "Thank's fur or pur watching :O
Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!
Debra being able to scream with that shit in her mouth was tooo funny.
Dead like me
Dead like me 6 days ago
Not with Garth Brooks 🤣
Sead Nukic
Sead Nukic 7 days ago
Ellen has annoying laugh 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Jacob Goo
Jacob Goo 7 days ago
I'm Korean and the word that says right there mean hi
Jacob Goo
Jacob Goo 7 days ago
KaylaRea 13
KaylaRea 13 7 days ago
I’d be the guy in yellow pants 😂
Praveen phillip
Praveen phillip 7 days ago
They all know she gonna do that then why that look..
ᄋ ᄋ
ᄋ ᄋ 7 days ago
I like how yoongi remained unbothered by the prank ellen did 😂😂😂
Binge Monster
Binge Monster 9 days ago
Or her collar too.
Binge Monster
Binge Monster 9 days ago
People who come on here show should just watch Ellen bc they always jump out after her signal of rubbing her jacket collar.
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 9 days ago
Isaac Esau
Isaac Esau 9 days ago
OMG this is a very funny hahaha
Viki Z
Viki Z 10 days ago
🌻Jungkook in the back though😂😂🌻
Mert Aras
Mert Aras 10 days ago
Korean boys get very scared :D
Нурсулу Мунатова
Hwvkn heveb
Hwvkn heveb 10 days ago
Когда уже кто-то додумается, придя в студию ,сразу проверить нет ли ловушки . 😂😂😂
Brishna Tanvir
Brishna Tanvir 10 days ago
Kyara’s World
Kyara’s World 11 days ago
I got scared in the beginning
BTS IS LIFE 11 days ago
Yoongi was just sitting there smiling like maniac when everyone else was like scared
Auri Emma
Auri Emma 12 days ago
Thanks Ellen. In this bullshit world, you always make me laugh.
Daeun Cha
Daeun Cha 12 days ago
That is only for 셀럽.
Daeun Cha
Daeun Cha 12 days ago
That is only for 셀럽
Daeun Cha
Daeun Cha 12 days ago
That is only for celebrity!
Daeun Cha
Daeun Cha 12 days ago
It was funny! wonderful!
fuck off courtney
fuck off courtney 12 days ago
Sarah Paulson's scream is cute
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan 12 days ago
Simple Lydia
Simple Lydia 12 days ago
if i was anne i would have punched him right in the face
Starr Williams
Starr Williams 13 days ago
Chim 4 Life
Chim 4 Life 13 days ago
3:31 Okay ,yoongi you get your swag man 😂 And poor someone beside him,poor hobi 😂 #Savage
Ava cookson
Ava cookson 14 days ago
Why do they run away quickly after they scare the celebrities
coolgamingdude8 14 days ago
Ellen scares people so much I love it 😘🤩
Alexis Canter
Alexis Canter 14 days ago
A cop coming out to scare a black guy, huh? I see you Ellen lmao
Death Killer
Death Killer 15 days ago
Lol I love this scares 😂😂😂
Brittany Britain
Brittany Britain 16 days ago
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Demetra Settle
Demetra Settle 17 days ago
Kasey musgraves from hannah montana...... 😂😂😂
Keith Oliver
Keith Oliver 17 days ago
Harley Queen
Harley Queen 18 days ago
I replayed the bts one so many times to watch each members reaction 😂
Megan Tacij-Lebron
Megan Tacij-Lebron 18 days ago
When I need a good laugh, she always makes that happen!!!!
Dulcie Valusek
Dulcie Valusek 18 days ago
I really want to know what the job description is for the people who jump out of that box. How would you go about describing what you do for a living? My job is to hide in a box and wait until I jump out in the hopes of frightening the life out of a celebrity. I also wonder if anyone has ever been physically attacked as a reaction to their fear.
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btS’s jAwliNEs arE sO shArp
i loved bts’s reactions. especially yoongis lol 😂 it’ll never get old
Imperial Cities
Imperial Cities 19 days ago
I love British 😂
Lps pusheen TV
Lps pusheen TV 20 days ago
Did u notice on the first one Ellen kicked the table so he could scare her
kisha mariscal
kisha mariscal 21 day ago
I love Ellen's laugh
Queen Ree
Queen Ree 21 day ago
I am sick of this shitty group.. 💩 They are everywhere.. This is so fucking annoying.. 😡😤
Josephina Galaviz
Josephina Galaviz 22 days ago
How did it feel to be in girls like you
Issa Janice
Issa Janice 22 days ago
How am I laughing like a fool🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mia Ramos
Mia Ramos 22 days ago
3:22 is so so funny lol😚😚😚😚
Cindy Pascoal Swanepoel
I love you Ellen!
Yasin Çelik
Yasin Çelik 22 days ago
Is it really funny???
R N 21 day ago
Yasin Çelik for some yeah
Zaii San
Zaii San 22 days ago
Its freaking Yoongi!! Not the "guy in yellow pants"
mrdanielle1999 22 days ago
laugh when i'm watching
Big S
Big S 23 days ago
non armys: The guy in yellow pants didn't even flinch. armys: IT'S YOONGI
Doctor Dare
Doctor Dare 23 days ago
This is why they have leather chairs.
J.R Brooks
J.R Brooks 23 days ago
Haha we Brooks's don't scare easily.
Charles Worthington
Big Tuna!
LLynn Archambeau
LLynn Archambeau 25 days ago
Don't go to Ellen if u get scared easily 😂🤣🤣❌😱😱
Frank Perri
Frank Perri 25 days ago
I call her ellen degenerate, cause she's a fucking degenerate with an obvious chromosome defect
Eli's Universe
Eli's Universe 26 days ago
Lol iron man
Gabe Garcia
Gabe Garcia 26 days ago
Do the same thing on Walmart yodler
Robert Michugu
Robert Michugu 26 days ago
Nxt tm..Let's see if Jason Statham wud really get scared😅
All about Abigail
All about Abigail 26 days ago
I love you.
Judy Brown
Judy Brown 26 days ago
KK 31
KK 31 26 days ago
Seeing bts getting scared is too good 😂😂😂👏💀💀💀
Rushkookie! 19 days ago
That's a little creepy but ok 🤔
Sam y
Sam y 26 days ago
ItzCathrine _
ItzCathrine _ 26 days ago
7:12 the guy's leg stuck on the box and he fell, that's where I died laughing 😂
Evan Tatum
Evan Tatum 27 days ago
At 4.25 he should have had the glove
Elena Panagakos
Elena Panagakos 27 days ago
Sakura Kawaii
Sakura Kawaii 27 days ago
Scare Billie eilish!!
BruhItz ARMY
BruhItz ARMY 27 days ago
Am I the only one who came here for BTS? BTS: 3:14
Cyko 9927-1
Cyko 9927-1 28 days ago
I would have punched and scream at them cuz i cannot handle jumpscares 😂😂😂
Tara Gregory
Tara Gregory 28 days ago
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach 28 days ago
She kicked the table like 10 times before he came out
Roro Palestine
Roro Palestine 28 days ago
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Pcuccs123 28 days ago
why did vitas start to play at the end
kiiukii 29 days ago
jin was lowkey trying to square up with the dude 💀💀💀
kiiukii 29 days ago
for everyone wondering who the ‘dude in yellow pants’ really is, he is Min Yoongi or Suga. Also for ‘The guy in the top middle’ that’s Kim Seokjin, or Worldwide Handsome :)
Violet Vain
Violet Vain 29 days ago
I Love Will Smith!!!!!!!!!!!
Uncle Nuts
Uncle Nuts 29 days ago
Fish breath is scary
pushpa chandramouli
Ellen u r smile was awesome
توران حقیقی
So funny🤣🤣🤣
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon Month ago
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