Egoraptor Gets Tested On Live TV

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This is the greatest testing of All Time


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Sep 22, 2019




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Noah Nichols
Noah Nichols Day ago
"bullshit its a gamers paradise, wheres the pool of strippers and coke?"
Bruno Piñeiro
Bruno Piñeiro 4 days ago
As a tester, if you have to do all this nonsense in order to work for any company, isn't fucking worth it
Smoking Stories
Smoking Stories 8 days ago
If you wanna talk plz pause the video. Other wise it's hard to hear when two or three people are talking at once
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor 9 days ago
3:14 ittie bittie tittie committee
Nicholas Pitti
Nicholas Pitti 9 days ago
5:15 mini dab
Bum Tickley
Bum Tickley 10 days ago
The red head was 100% right. When you're on a team maintaining communications is vital, especially in a high stress scenario such as with anything timed. It doesn't matter if you throw out just a couple swears in another language, because your team isn't going to know whether or not you just swore or if you said something of importance, and it'll put a wrench in the whole flow of the work. Thus becoming the weakest link in the chain, and consequently the one which SHOULD be replaced. There's a reason any ISO license requires you to have an understanding of English, despite being issued in a whole lot of non-English countries.
notQwatwaffle 11 days ago
Erin looks like the poster child for incels.
Johnny 14 days ago
i like how when you look up the contestants this show had for every season on wiki, the only contestant that has links to their own wiki page is egorapor none of the others are relevant in any shape or form. i even tried googling the names of everyone else and either google didn't find anything or found a bunch of defunct facebook pages with the exception of some guy named 8bit micky who has a defunct youtube channel.
Tristan 16 days ago
You didn’t catch when the judge said to the clown dressed contestants that he was “ a little aroused by some of you”
ant mayorga
ant mayorga 17 days ago
Excellent commentating XD
Mia Fenollar
Mia Fenollar 17 days ago
It’s like the bachelor instead of roses they have PlayStation badges, and their wives or husbands would be the shitass wii infused with a gameboy abomination
Jayk Poo
Jayk Poo 18 days ago
The asian girl was the best prize in this show
Matt Petty
Matt Petty 20 days ago
That girls name is ashy can. Nobody can tell me any different
Msc Solar
Msc Solar 20 days ago
Gacha Life mini movie in the google tab though
willhughes20 20 days ago
4:09 Rise up gamers Get them Tendies
Svinja 20 days ago
Big Beerus
Big Beerus 20 days ago
This is why games are shit look at these people
yoshimanrpg 20 days ago
4:10 How yall be looking commenting that this show was good
MudaHeart 21 day ago
LegionsOfAnon 21 day ago
slick4901 21 day ago
there's a lot of Arin, Brent Gocke, and gay jokes ... up to three mins its fine, but after that it kinda feels a bit stale. plus some of those jokes jump continuity so you feel like he's comparing 20 yr old Arin to 30 yr old Arin which feels a bit cringy ...
TheRoyalSh0t 21 day ago
fuck me i remember watching this hot garbage when it was still coming out
SNAZZY 21 day ago
Jack Cross
Jack Cross 21 day ago
You talked over the whole thing about nothing at all.
TheKrensada 21 day ago
Your sarcasm is so thick you can't walk in it.
Ruzael 21 day ago
Man, this egoraptor guy seemed real cool. I wonder what happened to him after the show.
SgtxAnus 21 day ago
It was a PR stunt cos he's just a USvidr its a business now
Maestro 22 days ago
Can you shut the fuck up for 30 seconds? Jesus fucking christ man, I already can't hear the video with your retarded ass not normalizing the audio. Unsubscribed charles, what the fuck.
Remember me?
Remember me? 22 days ago
how to survive a box of cockroaches Step 1: don't be allergic to cockroaches Step 2: close your mouth and wait for them to say you can remove your head from the box of roaches Step 3: profit
Miller-kun 22 days ago
Only real gamers know how to unlock the true potential of the Vita.
Guanjyn 22 days ago
Only thing I remember about this was... WHERE DA VIDEO GAMES?
chrischimera 22 days ago
Brent Gocke has the ultimate douchebag face
Silverwind X
Silverwind X 22 days ago
I feel attacked, I loved my PS Vita and would play it to this day if the analog sticks didn’t drift.
RubberNinja 22 days ago
I forgot about this. Damn, it's so frankencut to make anyone say anything.
BUMBO THE CLOWN 22 days ago
The PS Vita was actually dope as hell, but Sony fucked themselves over by making the memory sticks so fucking expensive, and that killed the system
Brendan J
Brendan J 22 days ago
Ah 2012 Arin, back when he truly loved all his fans, and wasn't afraid of his Newgrounds start.
Wooty Wooter
Wooty Wooter 22 days ago
So is this leafy with a chin implant and balls finally dropped?
missing elements
missing elements 22 days ago
Jenny 22 days ago
"I know how to hold a gun" *chickenwings and chick leans*
Moedabro 22 AKA Moises Morales
I actually liked the vita. but no one bought it
Ashley Blackwater
Ashley Blackwater 22 days ago
I thought tested said tased and expected a completely different video
johnatan delacuso
johnatan delacuso 23 days ago
Here's a link I fund on reddit where Arin talks about it (he even mentions the quality assurance guy): usvid.net/video/video-UXSFeosOQtE.html&t=2m30s
Pandareous 23 days ago
This was played 24/7 in some janky ass theater in PSN home on the PS3, I kinda miss it.
RoachDoggJR /Raven
RoachDoggJR /Raven 23 days ago
Stoned Savage!
Stoned Savage! 23 days ago
I used to test games on pc years ago and it really is thankless job most of the time except for the original dead island they actually gave me a shoutout on twiter... The only cool part is that you get developer tools and menu's whuch are needed when a game is still being made for instance the spawn for the prison on dead island was broken (you spawned stuck in the ground) so i had to noclip out.
Ruben 23 days ago
Bruh psvita is the shit! You can do so much with it
Jakob Holt
Jakob Holt 23 days ago
"Gamer's paradise", yeah, nice try. I see both women AND minorities in that room.
Bronson Lenhardt
Bronson Lenhardt 19 days ago
Cerulean Owl
Cerulean Owl 23 days ago
We just going to ignore the "I'm a little aroused by some of you, but I'm not going to tell you which ones" comment.
Eternal rewind2
Eternal rewind2 23 days ago
Public service announcement... Egorapter is being brain washed by the cult of SJWs...
Evil Minion of The Month
Was this 2011? I don't think Starbomb started until after this (the collaboration of Ninja Sex Party and Egoraptor). At least he did good for himself.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 23 days ago
Egoraptor looks like Gru twenty years earlier
dont ask me about my profile picture
Brent gouki is a street fighter charecter
izSpeshul 23 days ago
I don’t like that dude...
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 23 days ago
I mean, the Vita itself *was* a great little handheld, but holy fuck Sony did just not give a shit about it for some reason. That and having proprietary memory cards that are fucking pricey as hell are what killed the little guy.
Ayy Yo
Ayy Yo 23 days ago
This show seems terrible but the host is hot
Sabin Figaro
Sabin Figaro 24 days ago
Those handhelds are only good as emulators.
Noose Wayne
Noose Wayne 24 days ago
NinjaNomyX is Charlie’s antithesis
horohorosrin 24 days ago
Bruh, listening to Arin Wikipedias Himself Part 2, since another commenter mentioned that's where he talks about it... When Gocke says "I let you crash on the couch," he fucking *meant it.* Arin says around the 19:00 mark in his video that they literally took his bed and made him sleep on the couch. I would've rained misery down upon the fuckers who pulled that shit, personally. It would've been balls to the wall making them regret ever letting me on the show. All of this because they immediately got pissy at him for the accusation that he only joined due to wanting to advertise his shit, but like...? How many of the others did that? Like, I get this is all a funny story now, but this genuinely annoys me. I never expected Sony QA LEGEND Whatshisfuck Gocke to be anything but a dick based on what is shown here, but he's REALLY a cunt, as are most of the production team, apparently. Arin mentions he didn't feel like he was included or part of the group or that anyone wanted him there, and even though he only joined as basically a giant fuck you, it sounds like it bothered him. I hate hearing shit like that being done to people.
Max Morgenthal
Max Morgenthal 24 days ago
Lets be honest Brent Gocke is just salty thatEgoraptor is more famous than him
Spectre 24 days ago
I had a pet hissing cockroach, it ate lettuce and did nothing, pretty cool
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