Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**

FaZe Rug
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We went to a movie theater and ordered every food item they had on their menu, and we had to eat everything... The craziest challenge ever
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 31 474
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 14 days ago
Who would actually eat this whole thing?? We needed some help ..
GTz Zendax
GTz Zendax 2 hours ago
Eating maruchan
Arinators_ Fam
Arinators_ Fam 6 days ago
FaZe Rug Ice cream
Sacha Drake
Sacha Drake 7 days ago
I would definitely
Jesus Mendez
Jesus Mendez 9 days ago
I would definitely like to help I love to eat
Anthony De Anda
Anthony De Anda 12 days ago
Papa Rug, No offense. Much repect i subbed to the whole family
Hussam Sada
Hussam Sada 30 minutes ago
Waffles with ice cream and cereal
10,000 subs without a Video
Blizzard lol from dq
Jackson Roosevelt
Jackson Roosevelt 47 minutes ago
I’m eating prattles
antonio quiroz
antonio quiroz 48 minutes ago
I'm eating jolly ranchers
made you look
made you look 57 minutes ago
Like if eating
Keith Sawant
Keith Sawant 57 minutes ago
rug 433 dollars
Zavala Hour ago
Roby Chanthalith
I’m eating food
Roby Chanthalith
Taevyn Rivera
Taevyn Rivera Hour ago
Im eating hash browns while watching
christian Feeley
Will Saltzmann
I’m eating air
Diamond rios
Diamond rios Hour ago
I think he has type 235 diabetes by now
Jazzlyn Saenz
Jazzlyn Saenz 2 hours ago
TREBL E 2 hours ago
20000 dollars
oisin c7948
oisin c7948 2 hours ago
Slush puppy Its like shaved ice and blue rasberry syrup
Sarah Vick
Sarah Vick 2 hours ago
am i the only person who is now craving pepsi with ice 😭
Samy Lazithow
Samy Lazithow 2 hours ago
He won bc he had his shoes on🤧
Frost 101
Frost 101 2 hours ago
Hot Cheetos & Coke Zero
Kaylee Smith
Kaylee Smith 3 hours ago
I am eating mozzarella sticks😂💯
NWS Will
NWS Will 3 hours ago
rug eats for 5 mins im so full i can die me i eat for 30 min i be like is there more
Vague Abzxyツ
Vague Abzxyツ 3 hours ago
As I’m watching this video I am eating a In&Out Cheeseburger and French Fries
Rachel Munday
Rachel Munday 4 hours ago
I’m eating cereal
Isabella May
Isabella May 4 hours ago
i was eating pizza during the video !!
antonio silva
antonio silva 4 hours ago
marco won
aidan martinez
aidan martinez 4 hours ago
Rico Banks
Rico Banks 4 hours ago
Hot chetos
Lil Powers
Lil Powers 4 hours ago
I am eating chips
First name Last name
I was eating my mom
Roxanne's Life
Roxanne's Life 4 hours ago
I'm eating Takis while I'm watching this video
Bando Bros
Bando Bros 5 hours ago
In and out
Jasrup 5 hours ago
I’m eating a..... -bread (brown) -balony (meat) -cheese (white cheese) -bread (brown) And a side of iced tea While I’m watching your video :)
Kairav Parikh
Kairav Parikh 5 hours ago
War heads
Adrian Morejon
Adrian Morejon 5 hours ago
eggs bacon and perrier
Too short ACE
Too short ACE 6 hours ago
A taco
Too short ACE
Too short ACE 6 hours ago
Marco won
Jason Savage
Jason Savage 6 hours ago
The new matt stonie.......😁😁
Christian Ramsey
Christian Ramsey 6 hours ago
I eat hairdo
Slime Asmr
Slime Asmr 7 hours ago
It was his shoes
LeiLei Sawyer_
LeiLei Sawyer_ 8 hours ago
I ate chocolate chip waffles
Aussie Boys
Aussie Boys 8 hours ago
Marco only won because he wore shoes loll
Aussie Boys
Aussie Boys 8 hours ago
Who else read eating the entire movie theatre menu *$25000
Farheen Masood
Farheen Masood 8 hours ago
I am eating mangos right now 🥭
MJR Squad
MJR Squad 10 hours ago
350 475
ToxicTubeTv 10 hours ago
I was eating Lays Chips!
ToxicTeeth_yt 11 hours ago
You guys didn’t eat half the food
Pressed Trista
Pressed Trista 12 hours ago
I'm eating BBQ chips and drinking grape koolaid
Dominick Locklear
Dominick Locklear 12 hours ago
I’m eating sharp white cheddar cheez-it grooves
August Viboonvoradech
Matt Stonie has joined the chat
Angel Navarrete
Angel Navarrete 13 hours ago
Maleah Santos
Maleah Santos 14 hours ago
I’m eating a oatmeal raisin cookie from subway 🥰🥰
The Crowell Crew
The Crowell Crew 14 hours ago
I eat lots too but not as much as marco Edit:I am eating Mac and cheese
Mason Cruz
Mason Cruz 14 hours ago
Mason Cruz
Mason Cruz 14 hours ago
Excel 14 hours ago
Idk why I'm watching this after I just got my wisdom teeth out. I'm so jealous right now
Trevor Quinn
Trevor Quinn 14 hours ago
Kaleb Jones
Kaleb Jones 14 hours ago
dustin martin
dustin martin 15 hours ago
few hundred
Gory 69
Gory 69 15 hours ago
I’m eating gold Fish
Jabree Chesson
Jabree Chesson 15 hours ago
Nicholas Rodriguez
Nicholas Rodriguez 15 hours ago
Don’t u guys miss benji Like this if u miss benji
Korde Ross
Korde Ross 15 hours ago
Vincent Dooley
Vincent Dooley 16 hours ago
I’m literally eating like a whole bag of. Dumb dumb pops rn
Fortnite DRE2096
Fortnite DRE2096 16 hours ago
I am eating my emotions
Joangel Perez
Joangel Perez 17 hours ago
I was eating home made cookies
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 17 hours ago
im eatin pb
Mason LMG
Mason LMG 17 hours ago
Am Eating Candy😄😄😄😄😄😄
Wyatt Haynes Baseball
Nutty butty
Jedi_Jamison 17 hours ago
Blake Green
Blake Green 17 hours ago
I always eat when I watch your videos
Fire j Plays
Fire j Plays 18 hours ago
I eating greet faze rug entertainment
Hannah D
Hannah D 18 hours ago
I’m eating chocolate ice cream!!!
Nagato Uzu_Og
Nagato Uzu_Og 18 hours ago
1:13 edeting mistake
RYD CRAZY 18 hours ago
Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez 19 hours ago
Deon Happy Vlog
Deon Happy Vlog 19 hours ago
782$ and I think faze rug lol I'm probably watching it
Palmer Paz
Palmer Paz 19 hours ago
Chipotle chips
Mrtakeyogirl10 19 hours ago
Im eating A Rug Get It Ha
taylor crawfishh
taylor crawfishh 19 hours ago
This is the biggest flex of all
Anthony Gallegos
Anthony Gallegos 20 hours ago
I am eating my girlfriend
Malone Stone
Malone Stone 20 hours ago
A sausage McMuffin with bacon and I’m also eating everything at McDonald’s
vTrixKill 2017
vTrixKill 2017 20 hours ago
I’m eating Marco’s Pizza
Rosa Ayala Espinosa
I’m eating pizza
Eli Brody
Eli Brody 21 hour ago
368 dollars
Alessandro Granata
Alessandro Granata 21 hour ago
Adonis Jovenal
Adonis Jovenal 21 hour ago
I am eating a snowcone
0 0
0 0 21 hour ago
I'm eating chips
Andy Mempin
Andy Mempin 21 hour ago
Watching this video makes me hungry like if it made you hungry 😋
Spefyy 21 hour ago
Hot cheetos
Flu Fu
Flu Fu 21 hour ago
I'm eating ass
Noah Chambers
Noah Chambers 21 hour ago
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake 22 hours ago
Omg... I'm 14 and I'm heavier than faze rug. IM SHOOK
Sad Posts
Sad Posts 19 hours ago
Im probably heavier then you and I’m 14 too
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez 22 hours ago
I'm eating frybread
Owl 27
Owl 27 22 hours ago
Chips and chesse
Jose-miguel Sanchez
Jose-miguel Sanchez 23 hours ago
I am a dog
Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda 23 hours ago
Eating pizza
Daime Garcia
Daime Garcia 23 hours ago
Nothing I’m literally gonna be hungry bc I’m seeing u guys freakin EATING IM SO MADDD🤬🤬
Daime Garcia
Daime Garcia 23 hours ago
I’m eating pizza I was so hungry so hungry
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz 23 hours ago
I'm eating candy 😂
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