Eagles vs. Bears Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

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The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Chicago Bears during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.
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Jan 7, 2019

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Comments 12 950
Rodney Lattany
Rodney Lattany 2 days ago
Classic Discount Double Doink
Miguel Castillo
Miguel Castillo 3 days ago
*Just letting everyone know an eagles player tipped the ball just enough to miss the field goal*
Ani Balepur
Ani Balepur 4 days ago
F's in the chat boiz
Pets Infinity
Pets Infinity 5 days ago
Feel bad for Parkey. It was tipped by Hester at the line.
boldfacedPit 949
boldfacedPit 949 6 days ago
Probably the first time I’ve ever heard bears fans this loud in a game like this
Mike Karsok
Mike Karsok 7 days ago
Mitch has the loudest and best QB call. 280!!!!!!!
Tanner Griffith
Tanner Griffith 7 days ago
go Eagles
Big Chuck
Big Chuck 7 days ago
That was sad🙅🖕🏿😔😧💦
Aloha Michaels-Mike
Amos had a nice INT but it was also kind of an easy INT to make. He then forced the penalty that instead of a punt kept PHI drive going & he blew his coverage of a backup TE to give up a TD on that drive.
Aloha Michaels-Mike
@keith council I'm just saying Amos leaving at the salary he got was maybe a good decision by the Bears
keith council
keith council 2 days ago
Cheese McLarson godert is far from just a backup TE he would start over 90 percent of the TEs in the league
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson 9 days ago
2:50 was a fuc@ing TD !!!!!!
c0oked 2 days ago
no it wasen't lmao. When he picked it off, Smallwood was all over him, and his knee was on the ground. So he was down by contact.
Memelover Jayden
Memelover Jayden 9 days ago
Johnny Zeee
Johnny Zeee 10 days ago
Eagles fans still bragging about a stupid " double - badoink-a-doink. " kick. Will be a revenge game for the Chicago in ' 19. Bears win !
Jackson Christman
Jackson Christman 10 days ago
boo bears
jbohnoff 10 days ago
I hope the Bears forget this awful ending and have themselves an amazing 2019-20 season with a deep-DEEP playoff run! Go Bears!!!
Joseph 10 days ago
I don't. Then again, I am a Packers fan lol
AD HB 11 days ago
Bear down lmao
Carlos Esparza
Carlos Esparza 11 days ago
Saul Guillen
Saul Guillen 11 days ago
Double doink 😂🤣🤣😂
Marvin Greer
Marvin Greer 11 days ago
That fucken weak ass kicker should never be allow back in the NFL he should have been playing for the Fucken Lions,or Cardinals some bum ass team pure ass
Why didn't they show the Eagles calling the timeout to ice the kicker?
BigJoeBaseball 18 days ago
2:10 that’s a TERRIBLE spot
Chris Bakas
Chris Bakas 19 days ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead
Ya mom Boyfriend
Ya mom Boyfriend 19 days ago
Exyll 20 days ago
As an eagles fan, I was full heatedly expecting to lose this game but either way I thought it was a shitty idea not to throw the game against the Vikings
Eddie May
Eddie May 23 days ago
It's a shame. I was pulling for the Bears and they had it too. Matt Nagy's face though...
Money&Smoke 24 days ago
New season coming Cody “Double Doink” Parkey is gone New Players New Defense Coach THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN 🐻⬇️🐻⬇️🐻⬇️
John Spaulding
John Spaulding 24 days ago
Because of the Parkey miss, people forget that Mitch had a great drive up the field at the end. Sure he had great starting position, but to complete two clean passes in that situation are a sign of a promising young QB.
Money&Smoke 24 days ago
John Spaulding naw he missed the last receiver we could’ve won on plenty of plays before the field goal Mitch wasn’t reliable last season but this season he should be good 💯🙌🏾 🐻⬇️🐻⬇️🐻⬇️
Hostile Killer
Hostile Killer 28 days ago
Parkey scored 9 points The Bears offense scored 6 Blame Parkey all you want Bears fans but the truth is special teams shouldn't outscore the offense.
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson 28 days ago
One of the most boring and entertaining games every. Not a lot of points but still exciting to watch. Double doink.
Jeffrey Collier
Jeffrey Collier 28 days ago
Philly philly remember the Fog Bowl I think the Bears have beaten The Eagles only once.philly loves coming too the windy city EAgles.
J Rochester
J Rochester Month ago
The guy that threw his hat down at 13:48 is hilarious lmaoo
Ramaun Thompson
Ramaun Thompson 11 days ago
Exactly how I reacted
darth rabid
darth rabid Month ago
The better team won
darth rabid
darth rabid 11 days ago
@Ramaun Thompson yeah. It came down to a great play by the eagles. And yes the better team won.
Ramaun Thompson
Ramaun Thompson 11 days ago
@darth rabid still lost by that
darth rabid
darth rabid 11 days ago
Parkey couldnt of done anything about it to make it not tipped. It wasnt entirely his fault.
Ramaun Thompson
Ramaun Thompson 11 days ago
By a missed field goal
Lyric X
Lyric X Month ago
After that Superbowl season I got used to a lot of points by my eagles but looking back at the season my eagles played some great defense
Kevin Hilley
Kevin Hilley Month ago
My Phillies are stinking up the place this year (still love ya, Phils) so I'm getting pumped for my E-A-G-L-E-S by watching these. #FlyEaglesFly #BleedGreen
JuanCarlos Reyna
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
My girl was about 12 hours in labor when parkey missed that kick. Game was on in the delivery room. Never not cared that much about a bears playoff loss. Got to see my daughter for the first time the next morning. Parkey is garbage though. He should be a "personality" on the view with his talk shows. I'd point to God too after I cashed in.
Riley Roberston
Riley Roberston Month ago
Bears still suck
Josiah Perry
Josiah Perry Month ago
They should’ve just let the Vikings win in week 17 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀
Andre Savage
Andre Savage Month ago
Coach face at the end is priceless it needs to be in a movie 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cody Martin
Cody Martin Month ago
14:03 top ten anime betrayls
bonzology Month ago
Kick was blocked, blame the O-line, not Parkey
George Nankere
George Nankere Month ago
2:08 the rb didn't cross the line of scrimage that's a 4th down. That'd have changed the dynamics of the game
Guardians of Gold
go eagles!
Lord Drakkon 7367
Round of good hard hitting football
LenzGaming Month ago
13:54 look at Matt Nagy's face
Dennis The Menace
As a packer fan I come back here every so often for a good laugh
Alec Scheller
Alec Scheller Month ago
Best game of the year
Ancy Daman
Ancy Daman Month ago
Eagles cheated iceing the kicker is dirty
Mr.Ridley Month ago
It's been a legal thing since forever. The bears would have done the same.
Cereta Scurry
Cereta Scurry Month ago
it is sad how the kicker from the bears missed the kick again.
Brotherly Love Productions
When your kicker scores 9 of your 15 points and you blame him for the loss...
xXShadowXx Month ago
How like every body got out of Nowhere a bears fan just cuz of their good season🤦🏽‍♂️ Weak.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
How you talk to yo mama and her crusty ass.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
How everyone starts sentences with "how" or "when"
It'sShowtime88 Month ago
Lmao wym. We’ve always had tons of fans. U r weak
Unknown Month ago
The good bears season ‘18 will forever be remembered as the „Double DoInK“ Lmao
KJ Scott
KJ Scott 2 months ago
When bears think there going to the super bowl because they have Mack but didnt work lol
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
You're smart. Oh wait. Your. Just like you.
Paul B
Paul B 2 months ago
13:54 thats every bears fan rn
Vince Snyder
Vince Snyder 2 months ago
Greg Zuerlein would've made that.
GoodHomieTime 1k
GoodHomieTime 1k 2 months ago
Was that kick tipped? Yes yes it was! Gang of birds 🦅🦅🦅✊🏾
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
@GoodHomieTime 1k that's a no for me dawg.
GoodHomieTime 1k
Steve Smith lol yeah dawg.. don’t ask if I’m hurt
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
@GoodHomieTime 1k self conscious about your bird comment much?
GoodHomieTime 1k
Steve Smith thanks for thinking I said it to be cool and not corny. Cause it was clearly corny. Which is why they don’t call themselves gang of birds 🤦🏾‍♂️
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Month ago
How lame does gang of birds sound? Just saying.
BucsFan 727
BucsFan 727 2 months ago
Bennett blocking Mitch from getting to the line. Stalling him just enough to shed off a couple more secounds and not get a flag. Classic Veteran move right there.
Bren Dude
Bren Dude 2 months ago
I know why Cody missed that kick. He played for the Eagles and wanted the Eagles to advanced because he never made it to the playoffs with him and really wanted to get his teams to adanced in the playoffs after a while other than the Eagles Vs. Patriots Super Bowl and the rest of the playoffs that year, Thank You So Much Cody Parker, Philadelphia will always remember you, alright Cody?
Bren Dude
Bren Dude 2 months ago
Remember from the Redskin's game all y'all were saying on the comment section that the Eagles would get CRUSHED by the Bears, well now you know how that bear felt when he fell.....HAHAHA YOU SUCK CHICAGO!
Tough 2 months ago
Always happens in the nfc north cause 1st Blair Walsh now Cody Parkey
smansaga07 2 months ago
bears should sign bastian schweinsteiger, then they could win the world cup. hahahahaaaaa...
Evan Mitsakis
Evan Mitsakis 2 months ago
Lmao Chicago should have let Minnesota win week 17.
Master Bloom
Master Bloom 2 months ago
Lmao they should get a kicker
erikelrojo99 2 months ago
I'm here because of the St Louis Blues and Gloria's song
DBGaming 3 months ago
13:49 it looked like it was gonna go in
GlazeJWK 3 months ago
As a Packer fan this was one of the greatest moments of my life lol. DAAAAA BEARRRRRSSSS.
Azashakl the Robloxian
Rohnin Rodgers playing he like he wants to stop
GlazeJWK 2 months ago
Azashakl the Robloxian Lol we weren’t good last year... Our team will be much improved this year.
Azashakl the Robloxian
Rohnin as a bears fan it makes me happy because our second year QB went toe to toe against Super Bowl mvp 52 mvp, and also I am happy cuz the packers are not that good:)
Abi Sharma
Abi Sharma 3 months ago
lol Trubisky
gor9027 3 months ago
Here after the Sixers lost in similar fashion to the Raptors. This year Philly won by the bounce and lost by the bounce.
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 3 months ago
@gor9027 So what was the bears Karma they received??
gor9027 3 months ago
I prefer to call it karma.
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 3 months ago
IsaacH1273 3 months ago
lol check out michael bennett trying to burn clock at 13:20..
Mega 2 months ago
IsaacH1273 that’s a clever move
Isaiah Rosario
Isaiah Rosario 3 months ago
The bears should of won
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty 3 months ago
Why do we have a prime time game with the Cowboys and not these fuckers this year?
Philly Jim
Philly Jim 3 months ago
Where is the Avonte Maddox interception?
Private Individual
Private Individual 3 months ago
i needed time to heal. watched at a Bears only bar. Then just watched this game again today. Such a sharp game played with wonderful execution and moxey. Dabears got the ball to the 25 in the final seconds. then.... a phuckin DOUBLE DOINK. yeesh. 😰
Tough 3 months ago
Blair Walsh 2.0
Ángel Colín
Ángel Colín 3 months ago
Watching this highlights man I’m excited for DJax and Jefferey for the 2019 season Let’s Go #FlyEaglesFly
Corbanaa A
Corbanaa A 10 days ago
@jadon mathew no lmfao
jadon mathew
jadon mathew 14 days ago
Philly winnin everythibg this year. Sixers and eagles
Jalen Hicks
Jalen Hicks 3 months ago
Stay with us nick
Gaming Nacho
Gaming Nacho 4 months ago
Just looking at how parkey kicked that ball in slow mo before it was blocked it would’ve been right.down.the.middle
Adam William
Adam William 4 months ago
I hope Wentz has a great year. If not, Imma miss my man Foles
Adam William
Adam William 4 months ago
Smallwood got in
Sebas 4 months ago
Screw the bears
Banff 98
Banff 98 4 months ago
"Ju-u-u-hhst a bit outside."
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 4 months ago
I thought there would be alot more cody parkey roasts in the comments but there's not. I guess you bears fan aren't really mad!?
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