Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)

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This is the Drunk vs. Stoned Challenge. Watch to see who wins!
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Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)


Published on


Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 1 900
REACT 13 days ago
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Arashii 11 days ago
Are they really drunk or stoned?
ch0c0 m0nkey
ch0c0 m0nkey 12 days ago
You guys should react to Mother 'reunites' with dead daughter using virtual reality
Pinglord 13 days ago
I might be in a minority here, but if you have an audience that consists of a lot of underage people, putting out videos of how "fun" getting drunk and stoned is might not be the best route to take.
Shreya Samanta
Shreya Samanta 13 days ago
@REACT pls react to bollywood songs or Indian Festivals pls pls pls pls pls
Atomic Reina
Atomic Reina 5 hours ago
The drunk team cheated and the stoners still won!!
Gaius Julius Caesar
Going to college =/= playing the cup flip game
High Rum
High Rum 6 hours ago
“Cuz of the drunkyness not the people “ 😂😂
posy lui
posy lui 17 hours ago
12:17 the girls thought they'd lost but they actually had won. 12:24 when they realized. ❤️
Jay Negrete
Jay Negrete 20 hours ago
Microtubule 21 hour ago
You need one person to be your control group: being cross-faded. I volunteer my body for science!
Atomic Reina
Atomic Reina 5 hours ago
Brooke Scheumann
We did an exercise in show choir where we sang the alphabet backwards. I would ace this lol
Joey Weems
Joey Weems Day ago
Were they even that stoned though? Lol
Note Book
Note Book Day ago
I wonder how all the crackheads in the comment section suddenly became experts... hmm🤔
Moritz Roth
Moritz Roth 11 hours ago
well i volunteer for the crack group next time then...
Puppet 598
Puppet 598 Day ago
Aah come on man. I been stoned, drunked, both at the same time. U can't compare the kind of drug that they use. Alcohol is a strong drug, n when u r drunked u r not that lucid N where u r stoned u just get the info with a little bit of delay. N sometimes u dont undestand anything of what people say cuz u r flyng . So...
Puppet 598
Puppet 598 38 minutes ago
@Moritz Roth bit of delay, laughf for anything n u see something green in your eyes. But i did not say that cuz is insignificant , u can just laugfh a lot but it will not affect ur thing.
Moritz Roth
Moritz Roth 11 hours ago
i guess you never been hella high before, smoke some bongs and tell me you still "just get the info with a delay" lol.
Puppet 598
Puppet 598 23 hours ago
@Freshminster btw u get the point xd ( at least in spanish the alcohol is a drug to. . N every single thing that make ur body change after consuming it is a drug
Freshminster Day ago
To be scientifically correct : alcohol/ethanol is a neurotoxin
micaelazz 2 days ago
kendelle nailed it at the alphabet one
Kerry Bree
Kerry Bree 2 days ago
They should have drinkers get high and smokers get drunk for the next one
BlackTyeChi 2 days ago
You got your like back.
BlackTyeChi 2 days ago
This is not fair. This is three guys vs. three girls. These challenges are male-friendly.
Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil 2 days ago
BlackTyeChi 😂😂😂😂
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 3 days ago
Erin is funny. I like Erin. Kendelle is quite the riot as well.
yew tchin
yew tchin 3 days ago
More this kind of video pleaseeeee
Gavin Reid
Gavin Reid 3 days ago
Next week : heroin v speed.
Gavin Reid
Gavin Reid 3 days ago
Now get them to drive a car.
Puddles Rain
Puddles Rain 3 days ago
They don't seem impaired at all. 😅😒
C_LOS 3 days ago
They should have been more high and drunk
MrGrreatness 3 days ago
That was the most insane mario kart session that could've happened
Doobie Lillie
Doobie Lillie 3 days ago
10:18 relatable af 😂😂😂😂 that’s how you know she’s high
Samantha Costilla
Stoners are lightweight your supposed to get high till you can't see straight anymore lol
BrotherGrimmy 4 days ago
This makes me want to compete with friends who drink. But shit. Drunk... stoned... sober... I cant say the alphabet backwards to save mylife
CameronJPL 4 days ago
I just need more videos a drunk Sharon. 😂
Peace & Love Witch
I’ve come to the conclusion that I am madly in love with Daniel. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Austin Elsen
Austin Elsen 5 days ago
Sharon looks like your dad in elementary school that forces you to play baseball
Omar Bin Azam
Omar Bin Azam 5 days ago
Stoners Rocks 😎🔥
SpaceBroJanitor 5 days ago
Tonezvy 5 days ago
Daniel is always doing stoner challenges xD
Stephanie O.
Stephanie O. 5 days ago
We need more of this! Lol
Sydney Yabo
Sydney Yabo 5 days ago
I’m so proud of my ppl :)
Sydney Yabo
Sydney Yabo 5 days ago
“It’s a drawer hehehehehe” is my favorite part of this video
Wolf Tears
Wolf Tears 6 days ago
If it was the og Rainbow Road, it would've been so much better😂
sydney renea
sydney renea 6 days ago
Lmao a commercial came on about having an alcohol problem in the middle of the cup game 😂
ange vara
ange vara 6 days ago
so, this is a channel where you endorse drinking and smoking weed, brilliant (not)
Val Reeves
Val Reeves 2 days ago
Make Mom Proud
Make Mom Proud 3 days ago
ok boomer
memphis Hoskins
memphis Hoskins 4 days ago
ok boomer
UnKnown Horizon54
The way Sharon says "EDWARD" though XD
m o n k e y
m o n k e y 6 days ago
How is this not age restricted 🤣
Bluebird Animations
Holy shit they’re fun
Dez Personality
Dez Personality 6 days ago
the way Ed was scolded for trying to unscrew the cabinet was TOO funny 😭😂
Blackjack Player
Blackjack Player 6 days ago
Kendelle and Erin are hot
Bluebird Animations
WhoIsZxch ?
WhoIsZxch ? 5 days ago
Blackjack Player YOU who tf else
Blackjack Player
Blackjack Player 5 days ago
WhoIsZxch ? Who?
WhoIsZxch ?
WhoIsZxch ? 5 days ago
Truthful Opinion
Truthful Opinion 6 days ago
There was no way that they were drunk. :/ I can tell the stoners were somewhat stoned though.
Shane Sweetman
Shane Sweetman 6 days ago
They weren't drunk tell the truth! Shame on you for lying!
D4nK 6 days ago
Preach Brother, Preach
Jijo George Rajan
Stubborn Taurus
Stubborn Taurus 7 days ago
They dont look stoned
Nymh Carrera
Nymh Carrera 7 days ago
I love the fact that they thought they lost in Mario kart
kperrr 7 days ago
this is really funny
Dimitra Gianniotis
“i didn’t go to COLLEGE” lmao
V0ID L0CU5 7 days ago
Hold up... how do y’all stone the contesters? Do y’all legit give them weed or some shit? Like...
raserianfald 7 days ago
You dont think they all come smoked up and liquored up to the show?
Ebony Rose
Ebony Rose 7 days ago
Biblically of course
SakuMayb 7 days ago
Kids dont do drugs
SakuMayb 5 days ago
@UnKnown Horizon54 ?
UnKnown Horizon54
SakuMayb 7 days ago
@Ebony Rose dont do drugs or drink, all bad.. absolutist life style 4 ever
Ebony Rose
Ebony Rose 7 days ago
But didn't this video teach us that it's better than drinking?
[TGT] Happy stalker [Falcore]
didn't even know there was a difference between drunk and stoned
D4nK 6 days ago
@Nicole3900 Speak the obvious
Nicole3900 6 days ago
drunk = from alcohol, stoned = from weed/marijuana
Nicole3900 6 days ago
@D4nK that's definitely not true. when you're drunk you know what you're doing. unless you drink so much you black out. but the people in the video are definitely not blacked out.
D4nK 7 days ago
when you're drunk you don't know what you're doing but when you're stoned you feel this calm peaceful feeling and you know what you're doing say otherwise than you don't know shit from a cupcake
Thomas Uniat
Thomas Uniat 7 days ago
What have we learned? It's scientifically better to drive high than drunk. You drive better high and if you get pulled over you're more likely to get away with it.
Ten13Grl 7 days ago
@Moises Which is why I included it in my comment. Sleep deprivation is literally deadly.
Moises 7 days ago
@Ten13Grl Funny thing is driving sleep deprived is worse than driving stoned. It's a lot easier to zone out at a stop light while you're sitting down and doze off because you're so sleepy.
Ten13Grl 7 days ago
Don't drive impaired in any way. This includes being sleep deprived.
Thomas Uniat
Thomas Uniat 7 days ago
@͢¢͝ å̴ř ҉i̷͘ и͞å̴ ͟ ҉ I agree. It's a logical conclusion derived from the available data but intended in humor.
͢¢͝ å̴ř ҉i̷͘ и͞å̴ ͟ ҉
doesn't make it safe :( I agree that it's better than drinking but don't do either and drive.
Whychou 7 days ago
14:06 bruh she said “P” instead of “T”
͢¢͝ å̴ř ҉i̷͘ и͞å̴ ͟ ҉
bruh I heard T lol
illuminatiboi 7 days ago
Bruh. 🧏🏾‍♂️ LISTEN.
Izham Sham
Izham Sham 7 days ago
Hush. Kendall can do no wrong; our ears don't deserve her gorgeousness 😍
Y-sterben-Y 7 days ago
Laura S
Laura S 8 days ago
I've never been drunk nor stoned and I can't recite the alphabet backwards either.
S W 8 days ago
The drunk people were just tired half way through
Sketch 8 days ago
The older lady was throwing me off she kept saying R when they were doing the alphabet
Kaladelia 8 days ago
It is nice to know that Rainbow Road is just as frustrating on the switch as it was in N64
Vanilla _ Milk
Vanilla _ Milk 8 days ago
What are stoners
Moritz Roth
Moritz Roth 11 hours ago
people who got stoned to death but survived and are still amongst us as zombies...
Gavin Reid
Gavin Reid 3 days ago
Cannabis users.
kitkat84 7 days ago
People who smoke a lot of weed
Delirious Spider
Delirious Spider 7 days ago
People who are high lol
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