Dope Tech: Camera Robots!

Marques Brownlee
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Motorized Precision. Bleeding edge dope tech at its finest.
Robots by MP: motorizedprecision.com
Robot that shot Kendrick Lamar video: cameracontrol.com/work/
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
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Intro Track: Natural by Moe Shop

Science & Technology

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Apr 3, 2018

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Comments 11 442
Maciej AMG
Maciej AMG 2 hours ago
Bhavya Jani
Bhavya Jani 15 hours ago
this is from the original Iron Man I love him 3000
Joe Jory
Joe Jory Day ago
Proof Xbox is better than ps4
buildIT. Day ago
But can it run Chrysis?
This reminds me of GlaDOS (Portal)
solomon kane
solomon kane 2 days ago
But does it do nodal point pans, or barrel rolls?
Al Foote III
Al Foote III 2 days ago
Next they need to build in some tracking AI so it can do that follow shot automatically. That way you could vary your performance and not worry about matching the robot - make the robot match you!
Ninja Tc
Ninja Tc 3 days ago
damn that intro was straight fire
afgt 116
afgt 116 3 days ago
Mark ass browny
rianandrei vlogs
rianandrei vlogs 3 days ago
What is the name of the intro plsss tell me
Joe Jackman
Joe Jackman 3 days ago
Sammy Spaniel
Sammy Spaniel 3 days ago
I'm guessing it's not cheap
Teddy H
Teddy H 4 days ago
for $250,000 not that dope
Oto & Other Channel
that's really great ...
Galax 47
Galax 47 4 days ago
i knew that i saw you in portland!!
CDNBaconRich 5 days ago
I would use one to capture dramatic shots of a waterfall
Ernest Londe
Ernest Londe 5 days ago
camera men your fired pretty soon
RUN DABREAD 6 days ago
It's so buttery
thatjokerperson 6 days ago
that would be one insane porn shoot now all it needs is that probe lens
Engineering Works
I simply love this.
visalik 7 days ago
i taught it was a drone
Fruit Based Homestead Jason Kvestad
Put this on a spot mini
Андрей Дементьев
I think 360 cameras can do that to))))) KeyFrame and ready.
Алексей Лебедев
Супер! С такой штукой в рекламной съемки не будет отбоя! Только купить наврядли получится, ценник наверняка космический.
Robby Dianputra
Robby Dianputra 8 days ago
so beutiful camera :D
ryancrazy1 8 days ago
don't let Linus see this
Kearress 8 days ago
I'm gonna use this th shoot my cat!
Danny Zhang
Danny Zhang 8 days ago
Robots are seriously taking over the world
Oh look s new toy for the Studios so they can replace cinematographers and save themselves millions on the money they’re losing due to political agendas instead of telling good stories.
arman sheikh
arman sheikh 9 days ago
Sir, give me a mobile phone, please, I am very poor, so I can not buy phone.If you give me a phone, i will be very happy....i live in Bangladesh.....I see your show all from Bangladesh
MindPotato 9 days ago
hentai song 😎
Bennie Stille
Bennie Stille 10 days ago
What is the sku number associated with the Microsoft joystick for controlling the kira robot please?
Iuppiter Zeus
Iuppiter Zeus 11 days ago
i think one of the most impressive things about this robot is that it is able to focus on the subject ALL the time, no matter of the speed is this thing able to put the 'moving data' into software like after effects so that you can use the 'real' data instead of calculating it from the image ?
Collin Mackey
Collin Mackey 14 days ago
How am I just now finding this amazing channel?
SHARP VOLTッ 14 days ago
Recommendations : TIME TO REWATCH OLD VIDEOS! Me: Sure!
Teenis Teenis
Teenis Teenis 10 days ago
i never saw this vid b4 and my is like WATCH NOW OR I WILLL EAT UR SHIITTT finaaly i just said yez
abdo zyani
abdo zyani 16 days ago
You speak too fast english prrrffffff😧😧😧
from 0 to Ux
from 0 to Ux 17 days ago
I would use this to make epic snap chats or film my self eating cereal for an instagram story
Horrorgraphy 18 days ago
Does anyone know the price of this wonder?
JerryPhresh 21 day ago
محمد قياسة
Sleep Related Pro
Sleep Related Pro 22 days ago
Does this remind anyone of the cameras in Hunger games? 🤔
Sleep Related Pro
Sleep Related Pro 22 days ago
I wonder if there's any DIY project out there? I wonder what it sounds like...
Longki Babu
Longki Babu 22 days ago
Marcelo Madariaga
Marcelo Madariaga 22 days ago
does anybody know if you can scale value of the programmed keyframes? I mean make a shot 1:1 and repeat it at 1:6 scale...
Ben Greeff
Ben Greeff 23 days ago
Omg a red and a robot arm what could be better!!!!
Rakesh Rakhi
Rakesh Rakhi 24 days ago
It is to next level of making
Mr. Ken
Mr. Ken 27 days ago
Why would I want to video drugs and dope addicts?
BrickFreak2000 27 days ago
You’ll need something more dough. As the caption says😂
Marcelo Teixeira
To me motion control cameras are made for VFX, nothing less.
Danial29 Month ago
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