Doobie - When The Drugs Don't Work (Official Video)

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Watch the official music video of “When The Drugs Don’t Work.”
Produced by Doobie
Shot by @DrewGotEm
Doobie on Tour: www.itsdoobie.com
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Aug 14, 2017




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Comments 3 803
Dakota Perdue
Dakota Perdue 45 minutes ago
this man has some serious talent.
anna miller
anna miller 16 hours ago
you remind me of a kurdt I wish i could make it up to but i can pray to the skies to take my pride back but theres no going back.
Albino Rhino
Albino Rhino Day ago
"Girl you a fool if you think love don't hurt" why don't bitches understand this
Absolute Carnage
I did drugs and got addicted.): Why does no one tell you that this shit will ruin your life?!
Johny Bauer
Johny Bauer 2 days ago
This guy is hot garbage
Jesse Hugs
Jesse Hugs 2 days ago
Break it down roll it up and get higher
Austin Hilker
Austin Hilker 2 days ago
Christina Jakins
Christina Jakins 3 days ago
In loveeee
malvoish 3 days ago
Get your own culture leave ours alone
AshtenMaesunJaxi Jaxuzzi
Y Michael kors at?
AshtenMaesunJaxi Jaxuzzi
#3.7kkk G4lam3 2tr3 $L#oyola AndIHoRNIIBEEEPPP
Derrick Allen
Derrick Allen 3 days ago
Brittany Santosdelgado
Frank Lott
Frank Lott 5 days ago
Feeling this mane nice lyrics and story 💪💯
The Antdeezy
The Antdeezy 5 days ago
I might actually Aux in from my iPhone and listen in my car maybe
Ima Pullya
Ima Pullya 6 days ago
Aye...what is gone do when drugs dont work go to rehab and start all over again
Marty Lawson
Marty Lawson 8 days ago
I done this shit.went down that road .got drug up and down it.finally got clean and sober.if I can do this anyone can.get your shit together.life is still there for every addicted person out there.im praying for every addicted person out there
Andy Flanagan
Andy Flanagan 9 days ago
How about the Moonshine Bandits
Srblazealot 10 days ago
shout out to the homie jackie chain. to tha real southern slang Houston gang.
3 years
Sherif yt
Sherif yt 10 days ago
Are you talkin about
Hånden av mørket
Hånden av mørket 11 days ago
@doobie it was a pleasure meeting you today bro had fun hanging out
jarred wright
jarred wright 11 days ago
Dusty Seitz
Dusty Seitz 11 days ago
Thank you Jodi for betting this one on here but everybody still stay the f*** out of my life it's mine and I can f*** it up if I want to
Brandy Coy Stringer
baby please lets get clean i love you coy stringer
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis 12 days ago
The drugs don't work for me
_N_Kings_Gaming _
_N_Kings_Gaming _ 13 days ago
busy being brazy Roulette
canna card
Nate 15 days ago
Nate 15 days ago
Wanda Thompson
Wanda Thompson 16 days ago
Wow I can't believe how much your lyrics relate keep it real like your doing cheers Dj Wandelicious
Glockbuster 19
Glockbuster 19 16 days ago
DRC and sobriety sucks
That OneGuy
That OneGuy 17 days ago
I was listening to 2Pac when my cousin walked in and said "I love oldschool rap can i put a song on" played this song....i slapped the shit outta him
Jessica Ramon
Jessica Ramon 5 days ago
TheeJoeyLee 17 days ago
Post Malone's druggie cousin...Post Holone
Angeljadexoxo 18 days ago
The last time I heard this song I was in the car looking for some heroin and was sick as hell. I was 90 pounds and miserable. I wasn’t even getting high anymore, I was just doing a big enough shot to not be sick. One, because I was broke ; I would spend all of my money in one day getting high, and the whole week struggle to get enough to be “okay”, and two, because my tolerance had got so high, I had to do a shit ton to feel high. I wanted to die. Now, I am 4 months sober and listening to this song... and I remember that feeling. I am so glad I quit. It was so HARD. And it will suck, but I am living breathing proof recovery IS possible. I am sharing this because maybe someone listening to this is having the same feeling.. and needs some hope, because I know I had none. But I am happy now, I wake up ready for a new day, not wondering how I’m gonna get some money and clean needles. I don’t want to die - and that is huge for me. I don’t have to see the disgusted looks people gave me every-time when I went to the CVS pharmacy for rigs. I don’t have to spend hours at a time in the car in a sketchy place waiting for the drug dealer. I don’t have to throw away all my dreams and goals because I’m too sick to do anything, or nodding off. I have my relationships back that I fucked up. I have the friends back that I either distanced myself from, or that left because they couldn’t see me the way I was. THERE IS HOPE! Message me if you need to talk, sharing my experience strength and hope keeps me clean. Love from SC ❤️
Angeljadexoxo 6 days ago
Amanda Pack SO happy for you! We can actually LIVE now....and that is such a beautiful thing! ❤️
Angeljadexoxo 6 days ago
Gary Kauffman I’m here. I know it’s hard, but it is so much better when you get through it and get off that shit, that’s no life. I never believed it was possible, and I just want to help someone else see that it is!
Gary Kauffman
Gary Kauffman 11 days ago
I wish I had you to talk to lol. This is hit the needle on the head
grace ide id
grace ide id 11 days ago
Oh I am 12 and I smoke weed
Amanda Pack
Amanda Pack 13 days ago
Angeljadexoxo I don’t know u but reading ur story brought tears to my eyes bc I to remember the exact feelings of embarrassment and using not even to get high anymore but just to make it through the day and not be sick. I have now been sober 3 1/2 years. I wake up looking forward to a new day. I enjoy family functions as to before wouldn’t show up unless I was high and sometimes I would spend hours looking for something. Keep pushing. The hardest part is over. U can only go up from here♥️
Jeremy Viejegas
Jeremy Viejegas 18 days ago
alcohol shrooms and acid bad right who cares but im done with all that on my own no help cold turkey but now. I just smoke and eat weed so i guess the pot helped me in the long run like my docs said so now im just a hard working tax paying pot head now but after all said this is still one of his songs i play and im a metal head since day one and i like this song music speaks to everyone guys in one way or another just saying this shit helped. So thank you
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis 19 days ago
Can you do a concert in Danville
Cheryl Davis
Cheryl Davis 19 days ago
You are him I recognize you by talent you are a true artice genius straight genius ... Dirrydan hickam on my beautiful girls account .
vr4 bastard
vr4 bastard 20 days ago
Will Meza
Will Meza 20 days ago
Bad mamma jamma right there!
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson 20 days ago
What are we gna do people? They don't work they been quit . Now @$Aftermath #$
brady price
brady price 20 days ago
Anyone else listen to this while on a binge?
Serenity Rodriguez
Serenity Rodriguez 20 days ago
Ive been there.. Dope was my drug.. Never loved it so much.. But one thing i loved more.. My kids.. I found out i was pregnant 5 months ago and i made a choice i should have made 3 yrs ago. .. I quit.. Now me and my family r back together.. My husband and my 6 yr old daughter r have never been so happy to have me back.. Im currently 6 going on 6 months with a boy.. I lost it all and never been so happy to be able to get it back.. The struggle was hard... But well worth it.
Serenity Rodriguez
Serenity Rodriguez 20 days ago
I aint proud of leaving my family and loosing it all.. I do have regrets.. But i have made amends
Michelle Snow
Michelle Snow 21 day ago
Dobbie wtf
Eric Lee Vanostran
Eric Lee Vanostran 22 days ago
When drugs don't work for me i just do more of it 😈
Amber Williams
Amber Williams 22 days ago
I love u Doobie I should be right there with u. Come get me;)
Joseph Chapman
Joseph Chapman 23 days ago
what am i gonna do when tha drugs n alcohol dont work do more n differnt kinds till sumthin does im not a quitter hell na
Greg Bridges
Greg Bridges 23 days ago
If the drugs dont work its time to find a new plug!. Just speak the truth. If it getting you high and are nonfunctionable on it then why you doit. ? If you aint getting in trouble and aint murdered no body then obviously it working. Drugs?! What the fuck . ? No body is sober. I bet your ass is addicted as fuck to toilet paper. 3ply? You on the good shit.
Paul Mclorinan
Paul Mclorinan 23 days ago
Just me that feelin dem posty vibes?? 😎🔥🔥🔥
Nicole Brandt
Nicole Brandt 23 days ago
You all are totally outta control get it together alot of us should work on this.
Juen Schuster
Juen Schuster 23 days ago
When your followin "rockstar" flow by post malone on coke.. YOU GET THIS
Leslie Ann-Elizabeth Holmes
For Old Times Sake, I'm going to open up your eyes Miranda Venton Stella Ella eh , Alisha Irish Remember my name is Mavis Dracula my step Dad couldn't get up off of his lazy ass so I'll take my god Father instead Show You this really works .!!.
Dark Sky
Dark Sky 24 days ago
You're awesome!
Cheyenne Allen
Cheyenne Allen 25 days ago
"Girl your a fool if you think love don't hurt" 🖤💯🔥
JayEn 25 days ago
October 2019 anyone?! 🔥🔥
TunheiM420 5 days ago
@JayEn Cal scrubby slept on too 😉
JayEn 5 days ago
TunheiM420 same here! ☝️🤘
TunheiM420 6 days ago
I'll be bangin this in 2100
HillbillyNitro USA
HillbillyNitro USA 11 days ago
November 2019 in the house... 🤙
JayEn 11 days ago
Russell Galle, Georgia 🇱🇷 the 🍑 state! 🤘
1000 subscribers with no videos
I saw this dude at a concert he's amazing
Amy Ferguson
Amy Ferguson 26 days ago
I have been clean from heroin and crack for 3 years. I recently went to jail over a old warrant. I was on Suboxones for 3 years taking two and a half a day, when I went to jail of course they did not give them to me and it was the worst withdrawal I have ever had. It is worse than heroin for any drug that you can withdraw from. So now I don't even want to do Suboxones I am totally clean except for maybe smoking a joint every now and then
Mike W
Mike W 26 days ago
I am dealing with the pain&struggle of loosing the most important people n life to me, simply because the power of addiction. Trying to stay up&one day @a time it&greatful for positive people that care enough to put possitive thought&outlooks in my head daily
Catherine Lemons
Catherine Lemons 26 days ago
I was an addict for 13 years. Drug choices was Coke and meth. I had a heart attach at 27 and weighed 88 pounds. Been clean almost 4 years
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