Doobie - Breakdown (Official Video)

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Watch the official video of "Breakdown" by Doobie. Cover of Tantric's "Breakdown".
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Jul 28, 2017




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Comments 710
Drop Bos74
Drop Bos74 14 hours ago
Doobie is lit
E. Raven
E. Raven 22 hours ago
Nice Tantric cover song
Jesse Hugs
Jesse Hugs 2 days ago
This song so sick I had to go see the doctor Dr. Doobie
Distorted 5 days ago
This Guys the gangster Nickel back.
NINE NINE 13 days ago
IF....27 year old CURT COBAIN and 27 year old JANIS JOPLIN had son.....:::::DOOBIE #FACTZ
Jerm Craig
Jerm Craig 29 days ago
Tha best rite here. My nihga is real
Robbie McMillian
He kills it in everything definitely his own unique style love it keep the fire coming
Gifted Cheese
Gifted Cheese Month ago
Come back home bro your new stuff doesn't sound good
Aubree Williams
Aubree Williams Month ago
well you see i think him and m.g.k should be friends that would be so funny
Master Exial
Master Exial 2 months ago
Dude I love your music but the first few words in the song makes you sound like Eminem
Derek Callison
Derek Callison 2 months ago
Doobie..great song
David Zimmerman
David Zimmerman 2 months ago
My dog
Troy Schulenberg
Troy Schulenberg 2 months ago
Dobbie Breakdown is an awsome Song
Sake Jmith Films
Sake Jmith Films 2 months ago
How is he not EXTREMELY famous, Doobies the only underrated rapper that i know ALL his lyrics. I literally go months only listening to Doobie
Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce 2 months ago
Koda Richards
Koda Richards 2 months ago
Anyone else half expect yelawolf to drop a verse?
GangaQueen74 Love
GangaQueen74 Love 2 months ago
One of my favorite Doobie Songs🖤
Julie Bear
Julie Bear 3 months ago
Most popular lame I'ma cool loser 🖤 this dude is the truth
SaBur LoL
SaBur LoL 3 months ago
Dude is poppin 6mil views you git like 200 friends on fb XD lame ahh dude
SaBur LoL
SaBur LoL 3 months ago
Denny Losa
Denny Losa 3 months ago
Tyla yawey is taking your style Doobie. Long fan. Keep.pushing.
Denny Losa
Denny Losa 2 months ago
A dipstick rider.
Denny Losa
Denny Losa 2 months ago
Obvioulsy your must be mute and special. I forgive you.
danniest dannyboy
danniest dannyboy 2 months ago
How do you even think that he sounds nothin like doobie
Andy man
Andy man 3 months ago
fyi this song is by Tantric-- breakdown. FTS he's good but not Tantric good.
Chasity Couch
Chasity Couch 3 months ago
Hey you
Jason Richards
Jason Richards 3 months ago
What a joke
Gabealicious 3 months ago
I dig it
Braden McLeran
Braden McLeran 4 months ago
Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown 4 months ago
Bro you need to be up there my nigga just dropped acid and this song is so much better do you doob
Marisa Deshane Blumensrein
I want this song on Apple Music damn it this is my favorite one
chubby Smith
chubby Smith 4 months ago
🥶 his music acctualy has meaning one of the best around
Britney Bitch
Britney Bitch 4 months ago
my nose is bleedin
Jack Ahwf
Jack Ahwf 4 months ago
Doobie x mgk
Deanna Moon
Deanna Moon 4 months ago
Hoes legs get spread like school rules 🤣
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson 4 months ago
Lori Yates
Lori Yates 5 months ago
Thank you Toolyy for turning me. On to great music. We should record our first! Getting out in a little while. Luv ya Boo!
Brendan Bessette
Brendan Bessette 5 months ago
Rudolph Arnold
Rudolph Arnold 5 months ago
He straight snapped 🗣👩🏽‍✈️🤬
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams 5 months ago
Get em lil Doobie!
Logan Walker
Logan Walker 5 months ago
Doobie your gunna be the next tupac
Hunter Parker
Hunter Parker 5 months ago
Tantric cover
James Steffens
James Steffens 6 months ago
Nathan Bolton
Nathan Bolton 6 months ago
By far i bumped this song for a min and still none compare shout out to doobie
Shane House
Shane House 6 months ago
One of the best samples ever period. Point blank
Max Bozule
Max Bozule 6 months ago
Good shit!
whyttyger Skip
whyttyger Skip 6 months ago
Doobie batting 1.000 all these hits runnin bases doobie basics. Love the fuckin beats!! Doobtube fr
Darrin Kirchner
Darrin Kirchner 6 months ago
Someone give this man a record deal already..he ain't put out one trash track. He deserves it
robinsonrob77 6 months ago
🔥🔥🔥Doobie Is The Shit🔥🔥🔥 People been sleeping on ol boy. Not only is he a lyrical genius and 1 hell of a rapper. Dude has sick ass singing skills. Kind of like an amazing twist of Curt Cobain and Lil Peep rolled up into one fat ass backwood. Now hit it and take a long puff!!!
matt shull
matt shull 6 months ago
Doobie !!! I'll get the whores you bring the party,, if I ain't got, I'll find it.lol
Nathan Sadler
Nathan Sadler 7 months ago
Most underappreciated
brooke YH
brooke YH 7 months ago
Rollin with a winner I ain't lost once
Brian Stears
Brian Stears 7 months ago
He's good
Matty Matt
Matty Matt 7 months ago
Why ain’t this one on Apple Music 🥺
Mariela Lorquet
Mariela Lorquet 6 months ago
Matty Matt my same struggle 😩
Chris Harding
Chris Harding 7 months ago
Famous ,Fu*k yea he should be!! This dude knows what’s real !!!! Doobie my man!!!!!!!!! No one else is living this way!!!
David Shillingburg
David Shillingburg 7 months ago
Laziest, and most half ass remix/cover I've ever heard. Don't get me wrong Doobie is amazing and clearly very talented. But two thumbs down on that attempt. I love the genre he chose to remix. But that writing was so lazy. My 3 years nephew can write better abc nursery rhymes than that bs. If you're gonna remix a song. At least remix the whole thing outta respect for the previous artist. Put time into your songs and lyrics. Turn your ego off and turn your soul on. Judging by the lyrics in 99 percent of your songs. That ego is way too inflated. Shut that shit down dude.
Sophia Scott
Sophia Scott 7 months ago
I’m not letting it I won’t sorry my neck my veins period
Jack Sixx
Jack Sixx 7 months ago
Don’t fix ur lips to me
Janee Spencer
Janee Spencer 7 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 just found out about you out bro. I’m fucking with you hard. definitely going places.
Mackenzie Miller
Mackenzie Miller 7 months ago
It's Leonardo DiCaprio If he was a rapper
M@CHeW 7 months ago
Why is this still not on Spotify
Trey Wadlington
Trey Wadlington 7 months ago
8 ball in my pocket I'm a pool shooter
Kristi Herscher
Kristi Herscher 8 months ago
GOD I love your voice. Do me Doobie!!
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