DONT Destroy Mom’s Valuable Items! (Mystery Box Challenge)

Dangie Bros
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We stole 5 valuable items from our mom and smashed some of them with a sledge hammer. She was unhappy about this mystery box challenge.
DONT Trip the Waiter Challenge:
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Aug 7, 2018




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Comments 2 056
Harleigh Cohoon 24
Can you do more videos with ur mom plz
michael McDowall
michael McDowall 6 days ago
jeff looks like a teenager, such a clean young, fresh face
Earl goodnough
Earl goodnough 11 days ago
Lisa Young
Lisa Young 12 days ago
Not a 90 inch tv
poptoon 164
poptoon 164 14 days ago
I was thinking that you are live in your own house
Grady Guy
Grady Guy 19 days ago
I felt really bad for your mom Btw she is such a good lady
Ethan Castley
Ethan Castley 19 days ago
I like how their mom sill said be careful after they smashed her coffeemaker
Ethan Castley
Ethan Castley 19 days ago
bisma tayyib
bisma tayyib 24 days ago
Cute puppy
Rohann Cuison
Rohann Cuison 24 days ago
Where's Robert?
Nesta Reeno
Nesta Reeno 24 days ago
1 like = 1 pray for the mom
YHM Nugget
YHM Nugget 28 days ago
That is not a ninety inch tv
Breanna Bates
Breanna Bates Month ago
Why do you do this to people
Wyatt Gardner
Wyatt Gardner Month ago
I'm sorry for everything
Kristy Romano
Kristy Romano Month ago
This didnt make me laugh it made me sad
Gemma Duck
Gemma Duck Month ago
day slay
day slay Month ago
Arrowverse Justice league
when I was 4 i broke my mom's lamp on accident i'm 19 now and she still hasn't forgiven me
``Omisha ``
``Omisha `` Month ago
Your mother is so right, you make us all laugh so hard, you really do need more than a clap, you all need a day of the year just for all of you at once and make it very very good relaxing fun and what you guys have dreamed of.
Barion Fam Bam
Barion Fam Bam Month ago
Crazy Cats
Crazy Cats Month ago
Who is still watching in 2020 Like if your still here
Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens 11 days ago
Who wouldn’t
gary scott
gary scott 29 days ago
I am
Adrik J
Adrik J Month ago
I am
Harry CURTIS Month ago
Nice job
Harry CURTIS Month ago
Hope you hit the hairdryer
Mathu Filiberto
Mathu Filiberto Month ago
My favorite you tubers
Daisy Hurtado
Daisy Hurtado Month ago
Are you guys all brothers???
Israel Torres
Israel Torres Month ago
Your mom is right about making Me laugh😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Amber Edsall
Amber Edsall Month ago
I love you
Ashley White
Ashley White Month ago
grandma is
Melba Gutierrez
Melba Gutierrez Month ago
me raging in fortnite 9:31
Jaelyn Jennings
Jaelyn Jennings Month ago
Do u guys live with ur mum? ..............no hate i do to but im only 13
Tropical Space Turtle1
2:51 “Watch your feet, don’t get cut” such a mom thing to say
Kelly Peterson
Kelly Peterson 2 months ago
hey dangie mom! whos your favorite dangie child
Jaytay Jones
Jaytay Jones 2 months ago
Where do the dangie bros get their height from It’s definitely not their mom
Randi Lebeau
Randi Lebeau 2 months ago
Hey guess what my name is Alexa two
MiNInERpAH305XD 2 months ago
but what if she was watching the stream :/
MiNInERpAH305XD 2 months ago
if I did this to my mom I would be in so much trouble
Fuad abu kwiek
Fuad abu kwiek 2 months ago
poor mom
sam Goldman
sam Goldman 2 months ago
CIN Barr
CIN Barr 2 months ago
Do you live with your mom
Finn Lamond
Finn Lamond 2 months ago
Christian Fleming
Christian Fleming 3 months ago
my mom would KILL ME😤
Jennifer Sleep
Jennifer Sleep 3 months ago
Good job is getting rid of a clot
M Campbell
M Campbell 3 months ago
Chris's mom don't clap.
Sage Vasquez-Gruver
Sage Vasquez-Gruver 3 months ago
dont go like 12 12 12
Steph Prayor
Steph Prayor 3 months ago
It’s the left and right one OK is the left and right one OK it’s the left on the right one OK this iPhone and I got the new iPhone 11 Pro
Steph Prayor
Steph Prayor 3 months ago
Choose to laugh at the left one doesn’t have any in anything in it
Steph Prayor
Steph Prayor 3 months ago
It’s not it’s the right one
Aashvi Chauhan
Aashvi Chauhan 3 months ago
Did anyone notice there was a toaster
Eitan Nativ
Eitan Nativ 3 months ago
war is your dad
Catman 3 months ago
4 lot of 5 of your items got smashed today. How is that possible? I’m lucky!
Catman 3 months ago
Correction: The that tv is two inches
Ava c Kerr
Ava c Kerr 3 months ago
So sad to see Alexa destroyed! ; )
Catherine Yager
Catherine Yager 3 months ago
You still live with your mom
Mason and Carson
Mason and Carson 3 months ago
More vids with mom
carol wilson
carol wilson 3 months ago
why does she even want break her stuff
Stuart Gorton
Stuart Gorton 3 months ago
Mason and warren and the gcffffffffffffftftffffffffffffffffff
Gael Delgado
Gael Delgado 3 months ago
Someone please reply to that so that way I know what you guys think about that I'm sorry that I didn't why didn't do it on purpose it was an accident because I was using the speaker like I usually do I probably won't use it that much anymore it's probably the best idea but please reply to my wrong comment and again I'm sorry I just can't stop saying that because it's not a good thing to post on USvid the first thing that it says keep comments respectful
Gael Delgado
Gael Delgado 3 months ago
Also I'm the one that I disliked the one that said The knot best thing ever because it's just not right it's wrong and I'm so so so so sorry can't believe that that happened I never posted something bad like that in my life I'm sorry guys
Gael Delgado
Gael Delgado 3 months ago
Guys I am so sorry I didn't post that I was using the speaker and if that's what it heard I promise you that is not what I meant to post I feel so dumb I'm sorry dangie Bros and DANGIE BRO fans I'm so so so sorry trust me I did not mean to post that 😳 😐 sorry
Kim Clark
Kim Clark 4 months ago
RIP toaster
Nikkia Sheely
Nikkia Sheely 4 months ago
Next videos
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