DONT Activate the Wrong Trap Door Lever ($$$ MYSTERY ITEM CHALLENGE)

Dangie Bros
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Three mystery levers, one of them is the WRONG one! If you activate the wrong mystery lever the trap door falls dropping your expensive item into the trap down below!
DONT Push the Wrong Mystery Button:
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Oct 11, 2018




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Comments 13 551
yeetboy Girton
yeetboy Girton 13 hours ago
Love yall
Frick Robert
Glitchy Shrimpy
Glitchy Shrimpy 2 days ago
Why does Chris look thin
J’ Gang
J’ Gang 5 days ago
Why did Robert smash Chris’s iPad?
Cart Tube
Cart Tube 8 days ago
Jeff I liked your song with the guitar
MafloBLITZ !
MafloBLITZ ! 9 days ago
Cris:Pours water all over Jeff’s socks and Jeff: kicks water at cris Cris: WHAT WAS THAT FOR
Kai Wee
Kai Wee 9 days ago
This is just messed up!!
Adam and Zakiyah
Adam and Zakiyah 10 days ago
Poor Camera :( He was so like scared 10:01 He was broken 10:35
Offbeat Groove
Offbeat Groove 10 days ago
Btw it is 2020 and look at today Chris and back then Chris
TIMBERWOLVES #22 10 days ago
Isn’t a GoPro waterproof 😱
Gruesome Twosome
Gruesome Twosome 11 days ago
Latest ZX
Latest ZX 11 days ago
Me when sees switch on thumbnail:Oh theyre smashing robs switch again
Vyacheslav kuzmin
Vyacheslav kuzmin 12 days ago
I feel sorry for you guys,please do not do that ever again
blackkchinna 12 days ago
Robert sucks
Natalie Stokes
Natalie Stokes 14 days ago
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Dangi bros
Trevor Farris
Trevor Farris 15 days ago
Lol he said my name at the end
Noah Camiola
Noah Camiola 15 days ago
Chris used to be so skinny
Landon Collins
Landon Collins 15 days ago
Can i have the camras
karin hansen
karin hansen 16 days ago
dont do that 5,55
Harrison Swapp
Harrison Swapp 19 days ago
But go pros are waterproof
Larry Butterfield
Larry Butterfield 20 days ago
HI just h
Ryan Sorenson
Ryan Sorenson 20 days ago
They need subs
Blake Dragon
Blake Dragon 20 days ago
Blake Dragon
Blake Dragon 20 days ago
Good song
Ismail Gendy
Ismail Gendy 20 days ago
Is Chris getting too thin or is it just me
Riley H
Riley H 20 days ago
It’s a 75 sent chance with the two lovers
W0RLD D357R0Y3R 22 days ago
That *****
Léon Devadder
Léon Devadder 22 days ago
I hate robber
Australia Lads
Australia Lads 23 days ago
Who’s watching this in 2020?? /---\ | R.I.P | | iPad | | 2018| | 2019| |_____|. Bad grave stone. 1like = 1Respekt for iPad for Chris | | | | | \/
gloriaarias46 17 days ago
I am in 2020
Aleph Chung
Aleph Chung 23 days ago
That (Anvil) was 50 pounds. Anvil is 31 Iron.
The Revolvers
The Revolvers 24 days ago
Wow, they have more subs than views on their most popular video!
WolffyVidz 25 days ago
Jeff when Rob throws iPad: Rob!! Literally everyone else: ROBERT!!!!!!!
Alex Hasbrouck
Alex Hasbrouck 25 days ago
he didn't even spend money for his apple watch
becky sievers
becky sievers 25 days ago
Good song I’m leaving at like four it
Grace Hopper
Grace Hopper 26 days ago
One like = one prayers for the guitar 🎸🙏🏼
Destiny Storm
Destiny Storm 26 days ago
Not cool dude not cool what if that was mine? if it was I sue you guys!
band Nation
band Nation 26 days ago
Rob is trash
Trevor Jobelius
Trevor Jobelius 26 days ago
Vaughan Lewis
Vaughan Lewis 26 days ago
omg Y U do dat
Larryvff Allender
Larryvff Allender 27 days ago
You are asome
Roni D
Roni D 28 days ago
李佳倫 29 days ago
I love you
Kurt LaMont
Kurt LaMont 29 days ago
Good job Robert
Modi Mahmoud
Modi Mahmoud Month ago
go pros are water proof
Tala Kabash
Tala Kabash Month ago
I’ve never thought that Rob will ever destroy someone’s iPad...
T Turtle
T Turtle Month ago
8:29 bro I’m triggered
Logan Gaitan
Logan Gaitan Month ago
Kemper’s GAMING
My name is ronnie dickinson
Trev-Squad Month ago
11:11 my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trev-Squad Month ago
5:53 what inside????
Trev-Squad Month ago
5:43 this time on whats inside a ipad!!
Trev-Squad Month ago
Trev-Squad Month ago
my name is trevor!!!!:)
Iron Golem Gaming
Go pros are waterproof
MelonBr0Gacha Month ago
Ay Chris, you still play fortnite?
Gamer Anugraha - PUBG MOBILE
Bring back clash with cam pls
Mario Supe Moran
I hate rob
Mandy Bryce
Mandy Bryce Month ago
Like for Chris for a new ipad
JakeSnake Month ago
5:44 Rob said nope you broke my switch
JakeSnake 29 days ago
JakeSnake Month ago
Nancy Green
Nancy Green Month ago
Honestly, whenever he said how much his Apple Watch was, he acted like it was so much to him, but within 4 video he would have that money again🤷‍♀️
Standown Comedy
Standown Comedy Month ago
Damn you guys went from 30k views a video to averaging 20 million plus! Great work
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