Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 6 575
Jake Eves
Jake Eves 4 days ago
what it dk trip over when he fell or did he just lose his balance
Luke Gundrum
Luke Gundrum 6 days ago
Henrik Vilsner
Henrik Vilsner 8 days ago
cool aripots joie
Young Crip
Young Crip 8 days ago
Richie mill looks like French Montana
TechPalace 9 days ago
Joeys intro weird flex but ok
Mariano Rodriguez
Mariano Rodriguez 13 days ago
it,s on the left
Murphy IRL
Murphy IRL 18 days ago
Most people: I wish I was on the edge Me: I'm happy I ain't you
Kitty Got My Tongue
If I was one of the picked employees, I would have made them buy a horse
Anta Juan Pinkney
Anta Juan Pinkney 20 days ago
Bobby get out of the video
Just Gaming
Just Gaming 24 days ago
14:40 is fake, they moved the ketchup
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 25 days ago
Look at that mouth movement when Joey said iPad
Isabelle Portillo
Isabelle Portillo 27 days ago
Did anyone else see Bobby cheat at 7:09?! He's such a nice guy!🤣😊
Jamaury Graham
Jamaury Graham 27 days ago
I need more skins
Nuke Boy
Nuke Boy 29 days ago
Wish i had a ps4 vr
Richmoney Boi
Richmoney Boi 29 days ago
They said they had to smash the hair dryer but they didn't finish off the ipad
Camden Osborne
Camden Osborne Month ago
Bobby Lala Lala Lala
Camden Osborne
Camden Osborne Month ago
Bobby Lala Lala
Redfox220 God
Redfox220 God Month ago
They got this from dangie bros\cam and Jeff
Josh Morris
Josh Morris Month ago
Joey was the only one who broke stuff
jacob luke
jacob luke Month ago
Xbox is better than playstation
Crystal MoonLight ChanYT
Corey: " Awwww man! i wish i could have filmed that on my BROKEN IPAD!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Sky19 Month ago
bro im so poor I don't even have food and im a kid
Mr blue
Mr blue Month ago
Erick is so deep
Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon Month ago
I wish I could film that on my broken iPad
Ethan Garello
Ethan Garello Month ago
Snipess153 Month ago
Joey was the only one who smashed stuff lol
ii Trash
ii Trash Month ago
Dude wants ps4 vr and a xbox
Michelle Wallace
Mcdeeney Mcscreamey
zoey salberg
zoey salberg Month ago
Shy World:3
Shy World:3 Month ago
I have JBL XD
Rieka Month ago
I was almost sick watching this
ItsFunneh. Month ago
what if Coreys i pad did not break but it was on the same side i will put screen protecter on it layers and layers and layers if I was Corey
The RedHeadband
The RedHeadband Month ago
8:47 "Spanken new"?
Ann Parsons
Ann Parsons Month ago
Genesis Hernandez
2:10 don’t anybody here a guy talking to them?? Just me? Okay
Blaise Leonards
Blaise Leonards Month ago
Natalie's is the only none usable one haha
Nicholas Machi
Nicholas Machi Month ago
I would have been smart and got a new phone cuz if it cracks I can still replace the screen
Jaroli 2 months ago
She could have had a dyson blow dryer but she just had to SMASH it! And she blames Joey. No hate, still love you guys❤
Daph Hodder
Daph Hodder 2 months ago
Toasty 2 months ago
0:03 idk why I put this time stamp
Nova Petrichor
Nova Petrichor 2 months ago
Me walking into math 8:38
Sameer Javed
Sameer Javed 2 months ago
Corey can just go and get the screen fixed then have a brand new I pad
Liz Haynes
Liz Haynes 2 months ago
Feeds Apple
Penny McKnight
Penny McKnight 2 months ago
A PS4 also plays blu rays
Yeet skeet
Yeet skeet 2 months ago
What’s the black at the bottom of the ketchup
2023Brent Gordon
2023Brent Gordon 2 months ago
it should have been mayo
Стефан Цветковић
9:38 ahahhaha first the bryan face and than the J-Fred with fact im dying of laugh
King67abc D
King67abc D 2 months ago
Jackson Hodkey
Jackson Hodkey 2 months ago
Why do they where a white shirt when they get ketchup splattered all over them?? The logic is over 9000.
Lennoxmatt 2 months ago
*asks for a $500 safe
Paige Emily
Paige Emily 2 months ago
Anyone find Bryan annoying cuz I sure do
Jack wheelie
Jack wheelie 2 months ago
6:10 dose he say fucking iPad
Mick Thicken
Mick Thicken 2 months ago
This is hard to watch lol
whyD.On'tyougetit 2 months ago
Kyle rocking that Teddy Fresh hoodie tho 😩😩😩👌👌👌
Night Mare
Night Mare 2 months ago
13:20 omg lol
Mystic Fox101
Mystic Fox101 2 months ago
hot toys jk
hot toys jk 2 months ago
What is that mini hat called
Michelle 2 months ago
Kyyyyyyle wrong merch!
Doggy Gamer
Doggy Gamer 2 months ago
6:00 looks like a Saw scene there
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