Don't Ride Off The Plank Into the Painful Punishments!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we ride a razor scooter, Razor Jetts, and a Runt bike! Under the plank, there is super messy and painful stuff like cake, Lego's, and even mousetraps! Let us know what we can fall into next!
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Mar 22, 2019




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Comments 4 972
XxMission GamingxX
XxMission GamingxX 53 minutes ago
I bet i can trick ya Read more
H&D Channel
H&D Channel 2 hours ago
This how many time Bobby’s hand shakes Read more
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley 5 hours ago
Love your vids
CakeandJam Inc.
CakeandJam Inc. 5 hours ago
He’s gonna hit the mousetrap and the legos
Holidays Are Great
Holidays Are Great 8 hours ago
8:50 me when my gf broke up with me over note after telling me she loved me
Liam Boone
Liam Boone 11 hours ago
Liam Boone
Liam Boone 11 hours ago
How many times did bony say ohhh gosh
Bobby loves Lego😂
Ribbit09 2 days ago
8:52 his shoes look like waffles
Alessandro Silva
Alessandro Silva 2 days ago
It looked like the mousetraps weren’t that dangerous
Alessandro Silva
Alessandro Silva 2 days ago
I also liked how bobby keeps getting hurt by the LEGOS
TheDeepOne 2 days ago
8:03 Perfectly cut scream😂😂😂
Carla 4 days ago
When Bobby falls he just say, oh gosh
Megha Zaman
Megha Zaman 4 days ago
Samuel Zacharia
Samuel Zacharia 5 days ago
lol j fred fel in to da surup
Samuel Zacharia
Samuel Zacharia 5 days ago
JapperKap24 JK24
JapperKap24 JK24 5 days ago
1 like= 1🙏 for J-Fred
Aiden Collins
Aiden Collins 5 days ago
More torture
Bonnie Fassler
Bonnie Fassler 5 days ago
Krush Gaming
Krush Gaming 5 days ago
Joey totally looks like Bobby at 7:47
Prince Romero
Prince Romero 5 days ago
these are the punishments points at cake
Joey Deroko
Joey Deroko 6 days ago
Oh no the poor traps got destroyed
Parker McColly
Parker McColly 6 days ago
When J-Fred looked at the camera after he won who else though he looked like Bobby
Banana Rama
Banana Rama 6 days ago
This is how many times Bobby fell in the Lego | | \/
Banana Rama
Banana Rama 2 days ago
@Logo/ Logographic's I know, I was binging
Logo/ Logographic's
Banana Rama ur so late
Nancy Coleman
Nancy Coleman 7 days ago
Dylan Diamond jem sr
SPLAT 9:24
Allie Zenkner
Allie Zenkner 7 days ago
I Play Minecraf
I Play Minecraf 7 days ago
Why did you put wii sports COPYWRITE!!!
Harvey gamez
Harvey gamez 7 days ago
Subscribe to my Muffin
1 like = one prayer
Mai Nguyễn
Mai Nguyễn 8 days ago
i want Bobby fall on the lego
Mai Nguyễn
Mai Nguyễn 8 days ago
me too
Keyli Wooldridge
Keyli Wooldridge 8 days ago
1 inch
jason septiceye
jason septiceye 8 days ago
In 6:22 it looks like Bryan fell in purpose like he just jump into it
Mia Corvini
Mia Corvini 8 days ago
ChadYolo 9 days ago
Cake is really painful 😕😕😕😕😕😕
Nina Winther
Nina Winther 9 days ago
Bobby allvase loses
Sofia Santos Santiago
I like 10:28
steven cahill
steven cahill 10 days ago
I like Bryan
Sklat Man
Sklat Man 10 days ago
How did I find this
panda squad
panda squad 10 days ago
My birthday was on the day that they published this
Miriam Boodram
Miriam Boodram 10 days ago
LOL Bobby landed in the lego,s
Lisa Simonetta
Lisa Simonetta 10 days ago
Paul Djoko Baquilod
1 like = 1 prayer for Bobby
Blitz_ Superior
Blitz_ Superior 11 days ago
3:10 I feel bad for Bobby he hit his head on legos and his knees .
Petz Gone Wild
Petz Gone Wild 11 days ago
Did anyone else hear Brian say the f word?
Lil kev reborn
Lil kev reborn 11 days ago
I use lıght mode
Bryan Luce
Bryan Luce 11 days ago
Or 6
Bryan Luce
Bryan Luce 11 days ago
Stoney Williams
Stoney Williams 11 days ago
a lot looked like it here plus tired on post notifacion and subscribed and got merch
Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas 11 days ago
Mouse traps
Lil Wolfyy
Lil Wolfyy 11 days ago
I love bobby (as a youtuber) but I feel that he replaced Mathias
Bobby went into the lego 3 times
sequelz&editz 12 days ago
For the first time, Bryan fell into the soft-cushy-tushy-pushy padding.
Lachlan Sands
Lachlan Sands 12 days ago
Not being mean but j fred whan j fred screams he sounds like a girl
Eaint Cherry Ko
Eaint Cherry Ko 13 days ago
Craig Dastan Licerio
I think j-Fred is gonna Landon the soft part the
Iglesia Cristiana Emaus
I like your video
Meme Material
Meme Material 14 days ago
Joey *falls into syrup * Bryan OH NO THE SCOOTER!!!
2 Legends
2 Legends 14 days ago
F u
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