Don't Ride Off The Plank Into the Painful Punishments!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we ride a razor scooter, Razor Jetts, and a Runt bike! Under the plank, there is super messy and painful stuff like cake, Lego's, and even mousetraps! Let us know what we can fall into next!
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Mar 22, 2019




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Comments 5 505
Family Nguyen’s
I meant 9
Family Nguyen’s
Are you sure it’s 12 inch and not like 2 feet Bryan?
Chantel Le flem
Sorry I didn't mean that team edge is the best thing In the world
Chantel Le flem
Lay ar fucing hay
Elizabeth Campbell
🌝 this is joey how many likes he gets is how old he is 👕 👖 👟
Johnny Wheat
Johnny Wheat 2 days ago
lol love your vids!!!!!!!!!!!
Marisol Temix
Marisol Temix 2 days ago
King chop Chop
King chop Chop 2 days ago
My friends last name is Healy he will mess you up
Tymo Adriaanse
Tymo Adriaanse 2 days ago
Happy music when somebody is suffering
Star Killer
Star Killer 2 days ago
J fred was unfair bobby did not even get to practice
Brody Falter
Brody Falter 3 days ago
Ngl at 7:47 J-Fred looked like bobby
Libby Hill
Libby Hill 3 days ago
I am offended because I have Heely's!
N O 4 days ago
What happened to Gunter
Anthony Dawson
Anthony Dawson 5 days ago
Ismail Onay
Ismail Onay 6 days ago
I didn’t even realize that Joey has the same shoes as my older brother
CTDingo 6 days ago
6:10 J-Fred: YEAH!!! Bobby: OOHH!! J-Fred: Oh no! Bobby: Oh no!
Cam And
Cam And 6 days ago
Mason Palmer-new
Mason Palmer-new 6 days ago
Brian:I don't won't to go in the syrup Me:he's gonna fall in Syrup:;)
aisha fatima fatima
Mousetoll will kill you
Maradona Jr YT
Maradona Jr YT 7 days ago
I feel like they fell in the syrup on purpose
ETplayz 7 days ago
2 feet
Joeys Games
Joeys Games 9 days ago
7:02 peer pressure PTSD
Mason Mcphee
Mason Mcphee 9 days ago
Wait 2:14 bobby said “Oh sh-“ he almost sweared lmao
LAB SQUAD 9 days ago
I love the games that you guys play like the prison break out challenge
LAB SQUAD 9 days ago
Don’t fall in the mousetrap,
Sarena Zepeda
Sarena Zepeda 9 days ago
the scream at the start though
The-Hero2542/Fire dude/Ruin Master Fortnite
Bobby always fall in the LEGO 🤣
bobby castillo
bobby castillo 10 days ago
My family calls me binky
bobby castillo
bobby castillo 10 days ago
My name is bobby
Brandon H Cho
Brandon H Cho 10 days ago
“It didn’t do a full rotation” -J-Fred 2018
Ryan Layton-Matthews
Brandon H Cho this was filmed in 2019
Erica Redelinghuys
Erica Redelinghuys 10 days ago
9:58 was dark souls
Matthew Grant Van Staden
Luke’s Eagle
Luke’s Eagle 11 days ago
J-Fred and Bobby needs to team up on Bryan to beat him he wins like every challenge
its me Ezequiel
its me Ezequiel 10 days ago
Bryan is the best
Michelle Weston
Michelle Weston 11 days ago
Point b is no t death,point a is ......life. The answer is nothing ness I’m 10 stop judging mean person
Ashley Hagy
Ashley Hagy 12 days ago
He is going to fall
Emmett Lehman
Emmett Lehman 12 days ago
Adam Abdullah Dimaporo
Round 2 when j Fred finished , it doesn’t count cuz he jumped before winning.
Adam Abdullah Dimaporo
Joey to Bryan: you scared boy 😎 ?
Rohaan Gaming
Rohaan Gaming 13 days ago
Tyler Sprinkle
Tyler Sprinkle 13 days ago
Wonder who the scotty cranmer fan is
elijah gaming
elijah gaming 14 days ago
when they were chanting bobby my little brother did too it was so cute
Blasting Pasts
Blasting Pasts 15 days ago
Softy BUNNY 15 days ago
Lol oh no the scooter in stead of oh no joey
Suzy Sheep
Suzy Sheep 17 days ago
“Go in the cake and you and Bryan can hug, and I’ll get hungry” *PornHub intro plays*
Sydney O.
Sydney O. 17 days ago
i don’t feel bad for any of them cuz they make a lot of money and chose to do this
nancy ruiz
nancy ruiz 17 days ago
I feel bad for bobby
Jose Ruiz Badillo
Jose Ruiz Badillo 18 days ago
He feel in the syrup on purpose
Adrian Monteon
Adrian Monteon 18 days ago
Pause at 10:03 I call this artpeice, " Bryan busts a fat one"
Andrew Omeruo
Andrew Omeruo 18 days ago
Syrup going down in his butt
sabin_playsroblox YT
Five nights at candy's jumpscare xD
Kaalam Hughes
Kaalam Hughes 19 days ago
Jfred sounds like. Girl when he screems
Ryder Harris
Ryder Harris 19 days ago
1 ft
Jaden Arriola
Jaden Arriola 19 days ago
Me:Jumps into the cakes on purpose to eat
Emma Ross
Emma Ross 20 days ago
4:12 team edge why u steal sketch intro
colin wright
colin wright 20 days ago
boby is a wuss
Skyler Bug
Skyler Bug 21 day ago
X. Yeah we just have a good day
Fat Egg Nikku
Fat Egg Nikku 22 days ago
I was eating while watching while j Fred fell and choked lol
MaTaHuGu 23 days ago
J-Fred is going to make it to 3 feet
Francys Beltran
Francys Beltran 24 days ago
rachel_ s
rachel_ s 24 days ago
Bryan:l don’t want to land in the syrup His mind:l jinxed it His body:I’m gonna be sticky Everyone:he’s going in Bryan:l went in J Fred:can l lick you
TOXIC X 24 days ago
I think Bobby loves legos
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