Don't Flinch! | Below The Belt Edition!!

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Dec 14, 2018




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Comments 6 091
Case Prater
Case Prater Hour ago
You don’t blink Bryan some people are going to rost you
Case Prater
Case Prater Hour ago
You don’t know Bryan 🥶
Case Prater
Case Prater Hour ago
You don’t really know Bryan
Eden Woof Woof
Eden Woof Woof 2 hours ago
10:15 That scream tho
AFazli YT
AFazli YT 4 hours ago
Samantha Hassall
Samantha Hassall 7 hours ago
0:28 what is that knife
tizita kassa
tizita kassa 15 hours ago
l can do better then them
tizita kassa
tizita kassa 15 hours ago
l can do better then them
Kaya Okten
Kaya Okten 18 hours ago
5:13 Bobby: shviens Me:what??????
the turtle man 64
the turtle man 64 21 hour ago
Oof wenny
Mckinley Watson
Mckinley Watson 2 days ago
Y you kill the eggs
Lyndon Gamer
Lyndon Gamer 3 days ago
in the end brian like a squid escaping
Brooklynn Shaw
Brooklynn Shaw 3 days ago
Im laughing sooooooo hard Read more
Brianna Mabry
Brianna Mabry 3 days ago
4:38 did anyone else think that looked like a mugshot? I’m probably going nuts but leave a like if you were thinking the same thing.😁
Dom S
Dom S 3 days ago
128 balloon pop
Zachory Motley
Zachory Motley 4 days ago
3:14 he said he get hit there all the time
Zachory Motley
Zachory Motley 4 days ago
Bobby as a ballbusting fetish
Andres Sandoval
Andres Sandoval 4 days ago
The unmentionables
Jaime Carpenter
Jaime Carpenter 5 days ago
If I blink I dont call it a flinch if you like jump s little that is what I call a flinch
joshua morey
joshua morey 5 days ago
:Bryan mind: "i got this, i got this" , female scream 10:10
Susie Wrobel
Susie Wrobel 5 days ago
Who am I👋🏻
Emily Sedlack
Emily Sedlack 5 days ago
You did not do the egg because you are scary
HavX 5 days ago
why did I flinch.
Jared's Gacha Channel
9:33 the balloon has a face on it
Lily The Fish
Lily The Fish 7 days ago
8:16 Its a boy
Rec Dat
Rec Dat 7 days ago
Bobby:Scchhwei chnen Me:Really? Its drei zwei eins D:
foam 7 days ago
me as a german found 5:11 very funny
Logan Russell
Logan Russell 8 days ago
In the end Bobby flitched his head jumped up when the balloon popped
Lars Sarada
Lars Sarada 8 days ago
After consulting with the great internet lords, I decree that blinking does NOT count as flinching.
Niasia smith
Niasia smith 10 days ago
omg i can never
No U
No U 10 days ago
Blinking isn’t flinching
chase hardisty
chase hardisty 10 days ago
Boys knows what y'all mean around
Z 7
Z 7 13 days ago
go to 10.26 minutes and look at bobby
max cole
max cole 14 days ago
Well they can all still have children
sophia 14 days ago
I just can’t with Bryan’s face at 5:53 also I love Bryan’s freak out at 6:41 also Bryan : “I felt the wind from your ears flap on my face” Me: 🤔
Dakota SCOTT
Dakota SCOTT 14 days ago
Stephen Noakes
Stephen Noakes 15 days ago
There was a knife on that red wood plank
Mr. Tiktok
Mr. Tiktok 15 days ago
The Kansas Horse Girl
demon wolf 7659
demon wolf 7659 16 days ago
Eric Drum
Eric Drum 16 days ago
2:01, ok Toby.
JAM Gaming
JAM Gaming 17 days ago
This is true fear 10:15
nancy ruiz
nancy ruiz 17 days ago
Bryan can kiss my Dogs
Giovanni Valdez
Giovanni Valdez 17 days ago
The replays though 😂😂😂
TTV Risky
TTV Risky 18 days ago
Dunkaroos are back
Mass Cisse
Mass Cisse 19 days ago
I have the same shoes a s Joey
Cody Jenkins
Cody Jenkins 19 days ago
How does blinking count as flinching? The body just reacts to the noise and wind by blinking.
Ellie Dorn-Hanson
Ellie Dorn-Hanson 19 days ago
I’m obviously late but... Normal people: “I don’t think it hit me” Joey: “I think it didn’t hit me” 😂
Donna Doonan
Donna Doonan 17 days ago
Joey Really Do Be Use Grammer Incorrect Doe
jr acahua
jr acahua 19 days ago
Gãcha_cøøkie Pãndã
For the thumbnail I thought it was actually gonna hit bobby
Even Tørresdal
Even Tørresdal 19 days ago
10:52 I flinched
Tori_Love 20 days ago
The first thing Joey actually did flinch
Jared Rule
Jared Rule 20 days ago
Did anyone notice the weird red thing Bryan had on the side of his face
Kalista Hernandez
Kalista Hernandez 20 days ago
10:16 no one absolutely no one: bryan when he see’s a spider
Sienna’s Football and more
J-Fred screams but he says he’s “stone cold Steve Austin” Bruh
zeo 2.0
zeo 2.0 20 days ago
What song played at 6:30, i actually want to know
Stephen Notman
Stephen Notman 21 day ago
byan flinches alot
Ismaelhigh Martinez
Abrielle Yeazel
Abrielle Yeazel 22 days ago
🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒💩 oh stinky stinky I am a stinky
Abrielle Yeazel
Abrielle Yeazel 22 days ago
Bryan is my fav
Foxy The fox
Foxy The fox 22 days ago
Brian:I gonna win Game: Brian loses
Marvens Camille
Marvens Camille 22 days ago
If u don’t glitch your not human
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