Don't Drop the ANVIL on Your Family's Expensive Items Challenge!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we had our family
select a potential prize that they would have to put underneath the anvils! If you cut the wrong rope, their prize gets smashed!
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 3 670
Kim Lingling
Kim Lingling 4 hours ago
Bree Conard
Bree Conard Day ago
The lightning Rod
I’m glad they didn’t get Kevin any animals or else DEMONITIZED and that is true fear
Jesse Turay
Jesse Turay 2 days ago
J-Fred looks so much like his Nana!
Josiah Hannah
Josiah Hannah 2 days ago
Joey is Bobby's cousin.
54raceman 4 days ago
A certain someone definitely didn’t get any that night
harrison2573 5 days ago
Misael Flores
Misael Flores 5 days ago
He looks like Matt
JayJay L C
JayJay L C 6 days ago
I love the that you guys involved your family in the video, touching. Keep up the awesome work guys.
Itz Mystic
Itz Mystic 6 days ago
Joeys dad looks and sounds exactly like Matthias
The Alpha Tiger
The Alpha Tiger 6 days ago
Does anyone else think Matt and Sarah look extremely similar I know they are related but still
Panda Stricker
Panda Stricker 7 days ago
diamond doesn't break
Nahhh Thennn
Nahhh Thennn 7 days ago
Where is Matt?
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 8 days ago
New Matt is shara
Hayley Bock
Hayley Bock 10 days ago
A puppy a goldfish sksksk
Justin Langley
Justin Langley 12 days ago
Why does Sarah look like mattheyes
Wesley Flowers
Wesley Flowers 13 days ago
I like how you said diabeity
Eli Jane
Eli Jane 15 days ago
Matt and his sister looks like twins 😂
Hell Hound Baby
Hell Hound Baby 15 days ago
Binge watching TE while I study is a good choice. 😽👌
Aaron Espana
Aaron Espana 16 days ago
Kevin personality makes the show so y u giving him a stern talk
Fluffy Meatball43
Fluffy Meatball43 18 days ago
4:42 that slaping on the baloon got me and Joey's face😂 PURE GOLD
Your mum Gay
Your mum Gay 19 days ago
Jfred and Matt and Sarah and their dad look the exact same
Febha Mathew
Febha Mathew 19 days ago
I see where Matt got his funny from
Pittsburgh Plays
Pittsburgh Plays 22 days ago
God J-Fred made me laugh so hard this video!
Almogozi 22 days ago
Who is older Matthias or Sarah? I know that J-Fred is the youngest
Karatechampion1 23 days ago
The “I’m dead now” sounded just like something matt would say
Shield Hero Shin
Shield Hero Shin 24 days ago
I didnt know j-fred,bobby, and Bryan are related
DJBW NX1 24 days ago
Danika Hooimeyer
Danika Hooimeyer 24 days ago
Joey and Kevin dont look like brothers
Holland kids Family channel
The diabete
AllTime_Steph 26 days ago
So is no one going to talk about how Sarah looks like her dad and Brian loves her and since she looks like her dad... Brian’s gayyyyy I’m kidding😂
killer cam conn 109
White gold exsit
Leo Miller
Leo Miller 27 days ago
The dad looks like Mathias lol
Dominic Dunn
Dominic Dunn 29 days ago
My eyes started watering when I thought about the Taylor being smashed 🥺
Team Lambourne
Team Lambourne Month ago
joey: Ima smash it!!!!! wife: ima kill youuu!!!!
London Thompson
London Thompson Month ago
Wait are they all related
Ohanna Sequeira
Ohanna Sequeira Month ago
Wait what??!! They're all related
Franziska Month ago
5:59 He didnt even notice the pun. "I am dad now" XD
ivica pezer
ivica pezer Month ago
Poor family rip items :(
Kylee Jones
Kylee Jones Month ago
What about Matt?
Shedeque Porter
Shedeque Porter Month ago
Why does Brian's wife look like the female version of Matthias?
ZANTA Month ago
Bryan? You need to be with the beardies
Allison Gentry
Allison Gentry Month ago
Fact that they are all family makes it so much more entertaining and sweet!! 1 I mean how like nana and joeys dad are family to all of them.
When Kevin talked about live animals they arent going to squash it
Riley Green
Riley Green Month ago
Bryan cheated
Jacoby_bourget Month ago
J-Fred’s dad/Bobby’s uncle/Bryan’s father-in-law looks just like Matt
Zoe P
Zoe P Month ago
It sounds hilarious when you put Joey's scream at 4:43 in slow motion 🤣🤣🤣
ChloeChase Cañedo
I am a 9 year old kid so if you did that your Gana get hurt 👊
electronic s
electronic s Month ago
1:11 bryan's wife is taller the bobby
Raven Claw
Raven Claw Month ago
Bryan’s wife looks so much like Matthias . . Duhn duhn duhn
Lucinda McGrath
Lucinda McGrath 6 days ago
Raven Claw that’s his sister
Jaromiah Taylor
Jaromiah Taylor Month ago
And why did almost everyone put it on the side closest to them?
Jaromiah Taylor
Jaromiah Taylor Month ago
Matthias looks so much like his dad
3:08 Bobby the stalker
Katana 76
Katana 76 Month ago
I feel like Matthias is going to look just like his dad when he starts to age more. They already look similar.
Jeremy Waid
Jeremy Waid Month ago
Is billy Bobby brother and Kevin and Marvin Bryan’s brothers? And richybuilds is richybuilds
Dutch1Gaming Month ago
Joey *Smash it* *Where going to mash it*
Addison Erickson
Oof Oof
Oof Oof Month ago
That is the worat episode :( Because it make me sad:( for your relatives.
1 hour sounds
1 hour sounds Month ago
Dang thats some nice paint
MoonKiwi 🌙
MoonKiwi 🌙 Month ago
He missed bryan And he said "IM GOING TO SMASH YOU" Are you homo?
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