Don't Drop the ANVIL on Your Family's Expensive Items Challenge!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we had our family
select a potential prize that they would have to put underneath the anvils! If you cut the wrong rope, their prize gets smashed!
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 3 927
Xx_bunny Lover_xX
Xx_bunny Lover_xX 4 hours ago
I like how the first three people go and pick the same location as the last person XD
Naim Ahmed akhtar
Naim Ahmed akhtar 6 hours ago
Why wasant Matthias in the video 🤔🤔
H Coomer
H Coomer 18 hours ago
OMG Matt and Joey's dad acts and talks so much like Matt lol.
Jay Doyen
Jay Doyen 23 hours ago
"Diamonds dont break" I mean they can but under a lit of pressure
Family Nguyen’s
As in boos like ghost’s boo
Family Nguyen’s
Her boos are wiggling
TTV pandadubs
TTV pandadubs 2 days ago
4:45 J Fred is looking down
Peyton Rogers
Peyton Rogers 3 days ago
It’s heavy those are only like 60lbs
Alison Lardieri
Alison Lardieri 4 days ago
technically if they smash the other person’s item, it’s a let down for the person smashing it, cuz they are losing their money, and the person who’s item is being smashed also loses, because well their item is being smashed. 🤔 life is confusing
ePic L3nn0N
ePic L3nn0N 4 days ago
Why doe's J-Fred's dad look like Matthias
Preston Keeler
Preston Keeler 4 days ago
I Love my family!
Drogar Mythos the Purple Dragon Wizard of the Order of the Arcane Robes
Wow, you can really tell that that is Joey and Matthias' dad. They have the same response to losing the game.
andrew crow
andrew crow 7 days ago
The edits though
Ulices German
Ulices German 8 days ago
6:26 the touching moment that this is a family that doesn't care about anything but that watch.
FnatahCooldude 10 days ago
They know exactly where it is
King Clash
King Clash 11 days ago
Patricia Wooden
Patricia Wooden 12 days ago
1:58 would be me
Mr. Narwhal
Mr. Narwhal 12 days ago
the speedy the needy THE DIABETES
Dariel SF Putra
Dariel SF Putra 13 days ago
nanas is smart bruh
Mya Hudson
Mya Hudson 13 days ago
Their dad looks just like Matthias😂
Mya Hudson
Mya Hudson 13 days ago
2:54 / 2:55 Sarah looked and sounded so much like Matthias in this moment😂
Miles Giordano
Miles Giordano 13 days ago
canutis 56
canutis 56 14 days ago
Sara looks like matthias
Jbadger123 Non
Jbadger123 Non 14 days ago
Wait what if you want a anvil
Luigi Pensa
Luigi Pensa 16 days ago
Sniiiip sniiiiip Kevin's fan Nooo
1000 subs with no video?
Pause at 4:44 jfreds face tho🤣🤣
Braxton Owen
Braxton Owen 18 days ago
Why go left everytime
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 18 days ago
Please please let the kids have their
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 18 days ago
Hassan has come a long time to come to my home to get the food I am in love you come and help read my Twitter is the day you want it and you want it you don’t need me and you retuotrrr is
Maya Valentin
Maya Valentin 18 days ago
Omg Matt looks just like his dad
Jose Salgado
Jose Salgado 19 days ago
i do they did gaint sports and mini games and madecthem gaint
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose 19 days ago
They robbed my guitar
Sophie Larson
Sophie Larson 20 days ago
So Matt and Joey are brothers, Bobby is their cousin, Bryan is married to their sister, and Kevin is his brother. Hi5 is just one big family
Björn Atli Rúnarsson
This is me look at my photo jk this is my sister 👌🥰
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 21 day ago
9:18 When Joey knows he did something bad
RiverRatRo Hinrichsen
Wait they are all related Joeys dad, Bobby’s uncle, and Bryan’s father in law
我叫celfner 19 days ago
How is he Bobby’s uncle
AJRL05 19 days ago
RiverRatRo Hinrichsen im as lost as you
Nikkei love !
Nikkei love ! 21 day ago
Matt looks alot like his dad like if u shave all their hair they look like each other
James Clarkson
James Clarkson 22 days ago
15:13 that guy is just like "can I have my guitar pls"
Caydn Daddy
Caydn Daddy 22 days ago
is j fred adopted
ROBLOX- Dragøn
ROBLOX- Dragøn 23 days ago
6:43 when Joeys dad said “THIS GAME STINKS” he reminded me of matthias
Aaron Huffman
Aaron Huffman 23 days ago
Gabe G
Gabe G 24 days ago
That looks like the most innocent gramma
Daniel Frazier
Daniel Frazier 24 days ago
Bryan’s wife looks like the girl version of Matthias
Minecraft Man
Minecraft Man 24 days ago
Dang I was really hoping to do this but it says DONT do it
trueblissangel 25 days ago
If Kevin got the dog It would be dead
Angie Manny
Angie Manny 26 days ago
Sarah screams exactly like Joey it so funny
Harrison 26 days ago
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith 27 days ago
M-Arab M-Arab
M-Arab M-Arab 27 days ago
Wtf they could seee
Jonah Carlson
Jonah Carlson 27 days ago
How much money they wasted
Lanakinz 27 days ago
Marvin’s reaction to the mayo is literally me
Mark & Jill Ellner
Mark & Jill Ellner 27 days ago
Why is Bobby’s ear white
Gena Marinelli
Gena Marinelli 27 days ago
Hi USvid👹👹👹👹👹👺👺👺
xksredx 1_2_3
xksredx 1_2_3 27 days ago
It was pretty lame because only the right thing were cutet but it was still a nice video
Lowen Jemison
Lowen Jemison 28 days ago
2:05 and 15:21 trust me
Random Marker
Random Marker Month ago
If I was in the contest Bryan: Ok so want do you want, remember you have a 50/50 chance for this to be crushed by an anvil. Me: I wAnT aN aNvIl! Bryan: You weren’t supposed to do that
Jack Mandel
Jack Mandel Month ago
Now they have to do one with j Fred's wife
Samantha Ortiz
Samantha Ortiz Month ago
Joey was wrong about the guitar because I have an app to play guitar
TTV Blazing
TTV Blazing Month ago
Next videos