Don Jr. sounds off on his fiery exchange on 'The View'

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Trump Organization executive vice president Donald Trump Jr. on his clash with the hosts of 'The View,' the Biden-Ukraine scandal on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews
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Published on


Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 4 694
Deb M
Deb M 22 minutes ago
The "Coup Cabal".....yep hes got the stuff his dad is made of...love him!
Mandee Lee
Mandee Lee 30 minutes ago
Hannity just has one of those faces you have to hate. I agree with him sometimes and I disagree with him sometimes but overall I just hate his stupid face lolo
Chloë Marissa
Chloë Marissa 44 minutes ago
5:13- “If this was going on in the Banana Republic, Sean, we’d be outraged.” hahahahaha in a clothing store???
Deborah Ellzey
Deborah Ellzey 56 minutes ago
He got calls as big as daddy!!
Johnny Rotundo
The left always fight dirty, and often. They are outraged when someone fights back... take the fight to them Trumps!!!!
Johnny Rotundo
love the beard on Don JR!!
Mike WazWaz
Mike WazWaz Hour ago
Conservatives are clearly mentally disturbed. They are like the narcissist who accuses everyone of being jealous, sensitive, lying , deceptive, and they are really talking about themselves. Conservatives are sociopaths.
Jason Michael
Jason Michael 2 hours ago
The Democrat Party is the Communist Party. They are liars.
astromay not
astromay not 2 hours ago
Love this guy. Love our President. Those women were just triggered×100. Talk about showing true colors. I can't tolerate that "VIEW".
Chuckie Peoples
Chuckie Peoples 2 hours ago
This is how you sell books. Yeah, The View is stupid, but it’s great publicity for DTJr.
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres 2 hours ago
The girls from the veiw are very ignorant and jealous
Will Irwin
Will Irwin 2 hours ago
There’s currently 2000 dislikes on this video and I firmly believe most of them are fake and posted by leftwing USvid.
Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner 2 hours ago
He shut the Whooped up.Briefly but I shall never forget it.They are the ravening wolves who wanted to eat a Trump. Literally.Big Fail.
he destroyed the backwards view
Kristine Clemmons
Kristine Clemmons 2 hours ago
What a joke
Paul Xheka
Paul Xheka 2 hours ago
🖕 View this haggs!! TRUMP2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
JWW JWW 3 hours ago
why havnt treason charges been brought agalnst nancy pelosl
Brian Connell
Brian Connell 3 hours ago
Love trumps scotland
ATM 3 hours ago
Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw 4 hours ago
He went on there to give the hosts of the view an opportunity to make idiots and fools of themselves, and THEY DID EXACTLY THAT as they always do!
Eagle 69
Eagle 69 4 hours ago
Haven't bought a book in 15 years. About to go buy a book.
kimberly m
kimberly m 4 hours ago
Buying his book for christmas gifts this year
Terry Mcguiness
Terry Mcguiness 4 hours ago
Don Jr. 2024
Shipwreck Hubbard
Shipwreck Hubbard 4 hours ago
Left the tv on when I went to town one day, came home and the view was on, that t.v was destroyed and burned and the house had to be de possessed with sage brush and a pastor.
Wray Rae
Wray Rae 5 hours ago
Those false teeth and the beard don’t go together at all
Gilberto Rubio
Gilberto Rubio 5 hours ago
Why did fox news cut off the part when joy was about to clarify about when jr said she wore blackface
Arturo James
Arturo James 5 hours ago
What a great guy!
Dindos P
Dindos P 5 hours ago
The five or the view... Who even care for their opinions? Trolls. Shut them down!!!
Chuck Jones
Chuck Jones 6 hours ago
Guess don jr inherited his dad's giant balls Walked into the Lions den, and walks out like a boss 😡
Sam Spade
Sam Spade 6 hours ago
Josua Meyer
Josua Meyer 7 hours ago
imagine Trump Jr runs for president just after his father finishes his second term and wins.
shakypam 7 hours ago
so sad for all those women in the background here. Either brainwashed or just plain dumb.
shakypam 7 hours ago
straw poll: who thinks Jr is a valid political candidate in the future?
shakypam 7 hours ago
Hannity: Why did you even try? translation, WHy did you open yourself up to valid criticism? yeah, I get that and he came off the loser
Charlie Farson
Charlie Farson 7 hours ago
That's what happens when a REAL MAN is invited onto the view. They attack him.
Stuart Klotz
Stuart Klotz 7 hours ago
donald trump jr. is a great man.father like son.GOD BLESS YOU DON.
Douglas Neeley
Douglas Neeley 7 hours ago
Don Trump jr 2024
griffithk 7 hours ago
Is the view actually a talk show or an snl skit?
TheBestWayOne 8 hours ago
America First the voters want the policies they voted for, regardless of the slanted media.
Common Sense
Common Sense 9 hours ago
I personally would have told those bitches where they can stick it, even just the thought of that show rubs my gag reflex. If they didn’t have low class they wouldn’t have class at all, Wait I take it back, they have no class and no clue what our country wants.
Andre Mckinney
Andre Mckinney 9 hours ago
COWARD american president and now son proving that he is just as stupid as daddy is and also proved he is a COWARD just like good ol daddy. don trump jr walks off and takes no questions from people who came to watch him promote his book. How can you promote a book and ask people to come but not want to answer questions. Well when your dumb and stupid you never want to allow intelligent people ask you questions LMAO so because the people shouted that they wanted to ask questions the good COWARD son left the event and answered no questions. MAGA with COWARDS leading the way.
Laura Brown Merrell
Laura Brown Merrell 10 hours ago
100% Trump 2020 and beyond 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤💕💕💕💗💗💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀😀
Nancy Bane
Nancy Bane 10 hours ago
right--Joy Behar did not do "blackface"...neither did Justin Trudeau...right :):) take a look at both of their respective blackface pics--side by side and you decide.....personally don't care...but Joy (and Whoppi) be honest as to what those pics were
Jae Barnes
Jae Barnes 11 hours ago
That girl in the bottom right corner is hot lol
Jackie Little
Jackie Little 11 hours ago
DJ JR is a BEAST. Must be all that hunting he does or something. Srsly tho. He's got his dad's DNA
Machiavelli Plato
Machiavelli Plato 12 hours ago
You think this "I, ME, MYSELF and MINE" of a orange bozo cares about coal miners, farmers, auto and steel workers think again, open your eyes, think and analyse. That's what brains are for.
Dannysmokes 12 hours ago
Whoopie and joy disliked this 2000x 😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🇺🇸🇺🇸
azadeh freedom
azadeh freedom 13 hours ago
I love him
Jodie and danny Saunders
As soon as Trump jr mentions Roman Polanski, Whoopie says ‘And don’t, if you do it’.....she didn’t want him to say anything about that, did she?
Kake the duck The 3rd
"I dont think they like me much anymore." haha nice way of summing it all up
6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys
Seems TPUSA don’t like him, nor youth, nor gen Z, nor free American firsters, just Israeli firster now leaking information waiting on. Lying like all TV and promoted Israeli puppets. Did Kim really hit the wall that President built only born in 1969 that’s not old.
Kickn Gravel
Kickn Gravel 14 hours ago
Whoopi is STILL wearing black face ! What a racist!!
Wholesome Girl
Wholesome Girl 14 hours ago
Stupid trumps👎🤮💩
Strawberry Plains
Strawberry Plains 14 hours ago
Love Don Jr. but not crazy about the full beard? Is it just me?? Like to see his hair loose and maybe a goatee? Asking the women here.
Just cracked the ton
Poor little baby Donny, what a snowflake
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 15 hours ago
I can’t get over that cutie on the right of Donald .
ASSman 15 hours ago
Trump jr. 2024, or whenever hes old enough
AlphaNet Telecommunications
impeach quid pro joe
ufc811232 17 hours ago
The view is a show for morons. The 4-5 most clueless women in the world.
Tim Teno
Tim Teno 17 hours ago
The view is supposed to be a news show but in reality it's a bunch of sexually frustrated women sitting around bitching because they didn't get their way
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