Dog Kissing Booth

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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 12 883
Anastasia Beaverhousen
Jenna - will you do a video of this craft? I think it would be so fun and cool and i love when you make crafts! I love your videos, they always make me happy. You and Julian and the dogs are hilarious and awesome!! Here’s the video: usvid.net/video/video-Km-Sf_Z3HXM.html
Inspector Oznola
Inspector Oznola 7 hours ago
Jenna: Makes another box for dogs to take pictures. Dog 1: Uhhhh. Here we go again. Dog2: Is she getting ready to make us take pictures again!? Dog1: yes. And force us to kiss her... Dog2: Can't she just stare at all the previous photos of us?! Damn, this woman!
Sparkkie420 7 hours ago
Dogs lick their genitals... Jenna: Let's make a kissing booth for the dogs!!!!!
clair peck
clair peck 7 hours ago
Hey Jenna, I was wondering if you're still addicted to leggings? If so, I would love to know if you have a few new favorites or if you still LOVE your "black milk galaxy leggings" and 3/4 cut leggings? Anyway, merry presidents day and send the dogs my love. Best, Clair
Lily Anderson
Lily Anderson 7 hours ago
Kisses no not knowing where I am yes
That Darkskin Samantha
Can you guys please react to the love story of Jenna marbles and Julien solomita because it’s so cute🥺
Katie Love
Katie Love 8 hours ago
The smallest dog is the cutest
Inga Buga
Inga Buga 8 hours ago
Try to make extensions with hair on your nails!!!
doodleartlover 8 hours ago
Bunny standing above kissing booth and Marble down below window of booth... So adorable! 🙂✌️👍
Tiger Snake
Tiger Snake 8 hours ago
“Cucked by kerm once again” fuckin ended me please don’t talk to me i need to recover from that
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie 8 hours ago
I miss vlogs of the dogs!
Payton Jones
Payton Jones 9 hours ago
Could you do a green screen st. Patrick’s day where you are a leprechaun 🍀
Аня Володина
Дженна привет из России!😗
Madelynn Philips
Madelynn Philips 9 hours ago
My mom is older than you she never did this
roouit patan
roouit patan 9 hours ago
Literally Jenna could post her saying hi over and over for 6 minutes and i’d still watch it 40 times
Courtney L
Courtney L 9 hours ago
We want merch!!!
Scaredy Boy
Scaredy Boy 9 hours ago
I love your greyhounds
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 9 hours ago
Marble is so cute
roouit patan
roouit patan 9 hours ago
Its gross when people dosn't want kisses on their mouth by their dog! Ps. Marble in the kissing booth is the most precious thing <3
Maria Navarrete
Maria Navarrete 9 hours ago
When a fly keeps bothering you 6:23
Snowy the Dragon
Snowy the Dragon 10 hours ago
I will leave this here :> usvid.net/video/video-9DvfhblAth4.html
Beth 10 hours ago
jenna please watch micarah tewers channel/videos and try to make a dress she's made please
Tamantha 10 hours ago
Is it just me or are her dogs losing weight? They look fit!
Emily Crowe
Emily Crowe 10 hours ago
Kermy....crying booth! lol
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon 10 hours ago
I’m a little kid and I make some complicated paper crafts with an exacto knife
Heather Barrett
Heather Barrett 10 hours ago
Awwe jenna you look gorgeous
Snail On Saturn
Snail On Saturn 10 hours ago
Kermit is truly the epitome of the middle child
wiIdfIowcr 11 hours ago
* opens dictionary * * looks up 'chaotic energy' * * sees this video *
Mirek Homarek
Mirek Homarek 11 hours ago
sarahelena428 11 hours ago
these pups bring me such pure joy and happiness. marbles is a saint.
Allee Mac
Allee Mac 12 hours ago
"get absolutely rekt....friend"
10points2 gryffindor
Today is the 10 year anniversary of Charles Franklin marbles being a sad sad man. Its been 10 years
Cløud Berry
Cløud Berry 12 hours ago
YOU NEED TO REACT TO THIS usvid.net/video/video-9DvfhblAth4.html
Klara Larsson
Klara Larsson 12 hours ago
Its gross when people dosn't want kisses on their mouth by their dog! Ps. Marble in the kissing booth is the most precious thing
Linda Alegria
Linda Alegria 12 hours ago
Jennas hair looks SOOO GOoD omfg
Elizabeth Phinney
Elizabeth Phinney 12 hours ago
P.s how is marbles still alive lol dogs been on Jenna marbles since i started watching her channel when I was 15.. I’m now 26..
Elizabeth Phinney
Elizabeth Phinney 12 hours ago
Kermit with his tongue sticking out is the best part lol
Genrieta Lileikaite
Genrieta Lileikaite 12 hours ago
Mr. Marbles is cute, but dead inside.
Tracy Thrasher
Tracy Thrasher 13 hours ago
Kermit kisses are the best
Suzemuis 13 hours ago
Jenna sure has lots of CrEaTuReS.
Nirvana Naidu
Nirvana Naidu 13 hours ago
my question is if you still have the under the stair dog relaxation room...wait was that in the other house only i forget >.
TheCyramDLC 13 hours ago
Jenna still rocking that e-girl RadioShack blush. She looks freaking awesome.
Nadia Harris
Nadia Harris 14 hours ago
Honeymoon Avenue
Honeymoon Avenue 14 hours ago
Jenna: okay don’t give me a kiss Me: what a whole mood lol 😂 TBH that kissing booth is cuter than my god damn room lol 😂
2184 bella
2184 bella 14 hours ago
Are y’all good? Like ok Jenna I’ve been a fan since I was 10 and I’m 20 now, and like y’all acting a lil off, not like crazy but likeeee... you guys don’t seem to be getting along these past few videos, I hope all is ok, well whatever it is your fellow virgos love you and are here for you ❤️
Lydia Talo
Lydia Talo 14 hours ago
my aesthetic is jenna and julian friend zoning each other
Irela Lita
Irela Lita 14 hours ago
does jenna have blush on or am i just too high rn?
That Panda God
That Panda God 15 hours ago
Aww why cut out the crafting part? :( i love the crafting parts..
Bind Mlown
Bind Mlown 15 hours ago
Anisia 15 hours ago
Ah my favourite couple of friends, making it all the way through into the next year
M GN 15 hours ago
Peach is a high value w o m a n
Sam Renee
Sam Renee 15 hours ago
I’m subscribed and have the bell on but still your vids don’t show up on either my home feed or subscribed just letting you know
BossKatMcKie 16 hours ago
Lolz 😂 Peach is speciesist 😱
eva krajenbrink
eva krajenbrink 16 hours ago
No one: Jenna: I’m 33
Amanda E.
Amanda E. 16 hours ago
Girl.. I see you rocking that egirl look. lol
Americo Rossi
Americo Rossi 17 hours ago
Bro marbles is my spirit animal
TwilightIsLIfe4493 17 hours ago
Lolol I see Jenna is doing that e-girl blush up on the apples of her cheeks.
Cat T
Cat T 17 hours ago
Peachy could pay you back if she could just hold down a job. :(
TwilightIsLIfe4493 17 hours ago
Kermit's body is... so oddly shaped...
molly howell
molly howell 17 hours ago
It actually looks really good
R Mog
R Mog 17 hours ago
Peach looks like the dog from the Simpsons
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