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Today I'm Testing out a product that is supposed to be the fix all for ronda. Seafoam. We are going to find out if it really works.
Seafoam - amzn.to/2KM1FYn
- amzn.to/2OdM4Tv

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Aug 1, 2018




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Comments 46
John Holms
John Holms 7 days ago
Seafoam works AWESOME, I found a site that has great prices and they also have free shipping, glovesnall.com and the thing I like the most about those guys is they give a part of every sale to saint jude children’s hospital. Hope this helps 😉
Jorge Posadas
Jorge Posadas 12 days ago
Funny as hell
MomanSLM 13 days ago
Sea foam is great but you didn't actually get a like until you said "birch beer." Like button smashed!
dahanks1 18 days ago
I couldn't get the effing straw to stay on and then couldn't get it back in, because it's shaped to fit one way. Only got about a third of the can in there.
Lucky Underwood
Lucky Underwood Month ago
3:55 Yeah, that's what I am talking about keeping it real but I would have used Moonshine in that carburetor LOL! This vintage style truck everything is manual including your window roll it down getter done! She thinks your truck is sexy it turns her on LMAO!
Lucky Underwood
Lucky Underwood Month ago
0:58 his eyes went WTF? LOL!
EgyptianDragon Month ago
Wow! Braun Stroman knows his stuff LOL
d 416
d 416 Month ago
It's better when you just spray the can into the car drive right away I found it works better that way
David Blood
David Blood 2 months ago
Excellent video and commentary. I also appreciated the pleasant background music as it wasn’t distracting.
Mohamed Moustaghfir
Mohamed Moustaghfir 2 months ago
Now, come on dude... ha
Stanley Brittingham, Jr.
Thanks for the info!
Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart 4 months ago
I recommend seafoam..my 88 Chevy improved a lot..engine light would come on periodically..now more horsepower and no light.
Mike BoneMusic
Mike BoneMusic 4 months ago
I can always feel the difference after adding Sea Foam 👍🏽 If you need some New Music checkout World Famous, Best Selling Indie Artists LIL MIKE & FUNNYBONE as seen on America's Got Talent! Get Free Music, Concert Updates, Videos, Artist info, Merch & more at: MikeBoneNation.com
Jim McCarley
Jim McCarley 6 months ago
I like your video. Have to say though, I am from east Texas and that music........where did that come from? Have a great day bud.
Josh Harris Vlogs
Josh Harris Vlogs 6 months ago
Pretty sure I got it from a channel called bass rebels.
Andrew Woody
Andrew Woody 6 months ago
Dude, you're in Concord area?
Andrew Woody
Andrew Woody 6 months ago
I use Seafoam every oil change. When I bought my 2002 Chevy Silverado a few months back shortly there after my check engine light came on. It was catalytic converter code. I wasn't sure Seafoam would help with this but I knew it couldn't hurt so I added a bottle of seafoam to the fuel when the fuel light was close to coming on. When the light came on I added 2 gallons and ran it till light came on again and did it again, 2 gallons. After doing this 4 times the light went off :-) It hasn't come back on and truck is running great.For basic maintainence I add it to fuel and oil every 4k miles. I also get the spray can and run it through engine. GREAT stuff.
Stefanos Makris
Stefanos Makris 6 months ago
i did a soak on the pistons with the normal seafoam not the spray. it was smoking like hell. my whole neighborhood was covered with smoke... thank god they didn't call the police. it took 40 minutes of agressive driving to stop the smoke.
Steven Phelps
Steven Phelps 7 months ago
My mini van didnt smoke either just a few tiny puffs and thst was it.
VenomStryker 9 months ago
You really were driving it aggressively! You came up on that car so fast when it was making a turn that you squealed the tires! :-)
Josh Harris Vlogs
Josh Harris Vlogs 9 months ago
Scared the crap out of me lol
Mike Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez 9 months ago
My Jeep jku didn't smoke either. But it does run slot smoother now
Hawerd Barbee
Hawerd Barbee 9 months ago
That was helpful sea fog is positive... Yay..
usa flag
usa flag 10 months ago
Wow truck still run pretty damn smooth. W/out seafoam
Josh Harris Vlogs
Josh Harris Vlogs 9 months ago
It was a great truck. I miss it some days
bkurtz8770 10 months ago
Gumout works better put 1oz per quart of oil in crankcase then drive 100 miles do an oil change. Also in your gas tank
Mike Kollin Conscious Power
My mechanic sooooooo does "NOT" want me to put this or anything like this in my car... I already did a bottle of Techron in the Gas Tank. No I want to use SeaFoam in the crank case... but he's afraid it may cause a problem by loosening some stuff up, etc.. it's a 95 Del Sol. But the entire engine was Rebuilt 5 years ago and approximately 45,000 to 50,000 miles ago. Rebuilt Engine head, bored out pistons, new piston rings, etc. I always keep my oil changed on a regular basis. Maybe 1 time since then It went over 4,000 miles before I did the oil change... I just want to do it to keep up the maintenance so sludge n stuff, clean out sludge it may have so it doesn't build up... I figure if I do it now, it will prevent build up...
Jim McCarley
Jim McCarley 6 months ago
I wont bad mouth your mechanic but there is nothing in sea foam that will hurt your car. If you already have something in there itwill show up sooner or later whether you use sea foam or not. Good luck whatever you decide!
Mike Kollin Conscious Power
@Michel Linschoten Ok, Thanks!!
Michel Linschoten
Michel Linschoten 10 months ago
@Mike Kollin Conscious Power not a problem ! Stuff has been proven itself for decades keep in mind. Mechanics want one thing of you....money. Check the video of chrisfix , type in chrisfix seafoam he tests it and puts a camera in there to inspect the cylinders afterwards (proof enough i would think) it makes a difference!
Mike Kollin Conscious Power
@Michel Linschoten P.s. what about the SeaFoam Spray you put into the Throttle body? Is that safe too? Thanks!
Mike Kollin Conscious Power
@Michel Linschoten Cool, Thanks Brother!! Appreciate it!
Abdul Tate
Abdul Tate Year ago
What is name of that song?
Abdul Tate
Abdul Tate Year ago
@Josh Harris Vlogs I don't see the info in the description.
Josh Harris Vlogs
It’s David cutter. There’s info in the description. I got it from bass rebels on youtube
Acceptable Channel
david cutter has some good tunes. found the music what you use :) btw did the seafoam kill the truck its been 2 weeks already :O hope everything is ok :)
Abdul Tate
Abdul Tate Year ago
What's the name of that song?
n0ughp Year ago
I have no clue what just happened but I'm excited to see that truck in real life
The Michael Vortex
Sweet! So glad that helped Rhonda! I hope the effect holds up for a while to save you that engine swap til she *really* needs it. Great video Josh! Thank you!🤘🏼👍🏼
Anthony's Misadventures
Crazy elephant!
Anthony's Misadventures
Joshua Harris Vlogs 😂😂😂
Josh Harris Vlogs
He soundes pissed. Might be a South pole elephant.
Acceptable Channel
i dont think seafoam is meant to add or gain hp back. maybe gain little back. its to help mainly clean out gunk and carbon build up from over the years to make it run better. what year is ronda i forget? nice vid :)
Acceptable Channel
115 hp (86 kW) 2.8 L Cologne V6. the stock engine specs if you didnt know them. strange for it to have 115 hp it should have a little more pep to it then it does. i wonder if your losing compression some where or the rings are going bad or the carb needs rebuilding. hmm. i remember back in college the automotive school had a 1989 ford ranger 4 cyl and it was a pos but it seemed faster and more pep. heck my 2000 vw beetle gls 2.0L 4cyl has 115 hp. hmm idk. whats shocking on ebay you can buy a decent 84 ranger for around $200. did you know the ford ranger started in 1982 and went till 2011 when ford ceased production but according to wiki ford has brought it back in 2018 for the 2019 year.
Josh Harris Vlogs
I know I was joking lol. Ronda is an 84. She is 34 years old
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