Doctor Reacts to RIDICULOUS Medical Memes #8

Doctor Mike
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Check me out in the hospital: usvid.net/video/video-LzpCldPiT0c.html
Medical memes or Doctor Memes are a great way to get a laugh whether or not you are part of the medical community. I think that they are incredibly relatable as you can catch the humor even as a patient. I will say that some of the memes can be dark and if taken out of context can even seem offensive BUT we need to understand that this is medical satire. Being able to laugh at ourselves and our troubles is a healthy habit to practice.
I really enjoy reacting to these memes and I know that there are millions more out there that are as funny. Please if you enjoy this series let me know by liking, commenting, and sharing this video with your friends/family. If I see that you enjoyed it I will put out another post on my IG to send me the best doctor memes and nursing memes so that we can all share a laugh. #DoctorMikeMedicalMemeReview
As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so let's laugh away together!
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 12 063
Jessica Donohoe
Jessica Donohoe 35 seconds ago
I am always told to hold my phone far away
Daren Pop
Daren Pop Hour ago
Mikes mom:son im s-o proud of u!!! *Mike starts a yt Chanel Mikes mom: ...
steamworksdragon 5 hours ago
*1800's Doctors when they see someone coughing:* 7:39
steam dota2
steam dota2 10 hours ago
Dr. Mike.... U do have chest hair right? And larger scrub suits right? Labyah
Emily Kelly
Emily Kelly 10 hours ago
All the antivaxers are called Karen
Alexis P Blake
Alexis P Blake 11 hours ago
Dr. Mike : sitting is unhealthy School: awwe that’s cute.
Danny 420oof
Danny 420oof 12 hours ago
2:40 = Dr. Strange’s alternate way of crashing his car
Natasha Underwood
Natasha Underwood 12 hours ago
The parents that are against vaccines have had vaccines.
Hudson Brown
Hudson Brown 15 hours ago
7:00 Someone needs to make a 24 hour video of him just rubbing his shirt like that
Andrews - Verse
Andrews - Verse 15 hours ago
Dr Mike uses fancy words and expects me to understand like I don't study the dictonary or go to med school
Véronique & Charlie
Kawii Slime
Kawii Slime 16 hours ago
Wowoowowowo the two grade 8 that were sitting next to me were vaping in class. I only notice because there was smoke and no, it wasn’t science it was French class.
Baberaham Lincoln
Baberaham Lincoln 18 hours ago
“I grew up in Brooklyn” Me (A broadway kid): Where you a Newsboy?
sunsh1ne_ rxses
sunsh1ne_ rxses 18 hours ago
I’m scared bcs my brothers gf vapes and I’m scared she’s gonna die
Jordan C :D
Jordan C :D 23 hours ago
Your immune system: *in Billy Joe Armstrong voice* I've heard it all before
Savannah Gann
Left handed people know the struggled 😂
My IRL initials are legit D.M
Woofster Ididjje
3:51 no it’s from drinking a lot of water
james harney14
I vaped 1 time and realized that the was nicotine
Xchicken X
Xchicken X Day ago
How does he have enough time to make USvid videos if he is a doctor
Marie Salibay
Dr. Mike: sitting is bad for you Me: School???
Humburgeraa Day ago
I’m left handed yay Btw: i know my life is hard so don’t think you’re smart ok
Nathan Connolly
Says he's a doctor and sits cross legged
Satan’s music
Mike: as you get older you’ve lived for more years Everyone watching this video: you don’t say?!
7:54 doctors can be amputees anger
Merumya Day ago
"15$ for a checkup turn into an argument." *laughs in german healthcare*
Shubham Pawar
Me :- I didn't understand some of the jokes. People in comments :- Allow us to introduce ourselves.
Lucy Kreutzer
the golfer is doing a move called 'the spider'. It is when you get down as flat as possible while maintaining as few points of contact on the ground as possible (which lessens the bumps you cause on the course) in order to accurately put the ball into the hole.
kangroo22 Day ago
NHS is epic
Jenn Granados
I say B cuz it’s a baby...😂
Terezi Pyrope
Meme person: *stabs self trying to get rid of spider* Doctor Mike: *crashes car after seeing spider* Me: *injects spider with radiation and lets it bite me* spider me spider I'm gonna do spider me stuff
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen Day ago
Oh I thought the child was the poo 6:20
Eduardo Guzman
Laughing of the left handed joke and then realizing I'm left handed :|
body: gets vaccinated also body: gets attacked by same virus body: *DEJA VU*
Really Doctor? At 7:10 or so, are you really whining about people complaining about their $15 co-pay while they are perfectly happy to go broke for their dog at the vet? I am a veterinarian. You have clearly not spent any time in a vet clinic. Pet owners are are incredibly savvy people, acutely aware of the cost of veterinary medicine. In fact, most clinics present an itemized estimate for a procedure before hand to try to make sure there are no mis-understandings or surprises. Even so, veterinarians are frequently accused of being money grubbing scoundrels online and in person. When was the last time your office had to call the police because someone was threatening violence in your lobby over that $15 co-pay? That scene is not at all uncommon for veterinarians. So before you casually assume that everyone is willing to go broke over their dog, take a look at the people who lose everything over a medical bill even if they have insurance.
WD40 is a low viscosity corrosion prevention compound. The WD in the name stands for Water Displacement.
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen 2 days ago
Doc mike: oh my shirts are decently priced about 50 or 40 dollars Me: oh fifty dollars are my weeks salary
KrekerInGaming ITA
*laughs in wants to eat banana chips*
TonalDesigns 2 days ago
For a guy that really dislikes misinformation, you sure like misinforming people on the statistics involving vaping...
oranje4thewin 2 days ago
Have always loved your videos but the comment in regards to veterinarians really was off putting. I invite you to reach out to your local veterinarian and ask to job shadow for a day.... then you will realize how false your “hand over $1,000. Anything for my baby” comment is so so wrong. If only it were that simple to provide gold standard care. Considering most of your videos focus on client education and narrowing the divide between health care professionals and their patients... clearly out of touch with other medical fields. Best to reach out to some veterinarians to further educate yourself!
Tiffany Umlauf
Tiffany Umlauf 2 days ago
I would greatly appreciate you sending these clients who just hand money over to my veterinary clinic. I sincerely doubt you've ever had to argue with someone about why the charge for their nail trim went up by $1. Or if we really need to charge for a a WHOLE exam because he's just a very small dog. Or that anyone has ever said, "Well, we're not going to pay for the $15 copay because you know, Gramma's 65, that's probably about the end of her life span, and we just don't want to put the money in to her. How much will it cost to just put her down?" So. You know. Bask in the glory that is insurance and mandated care.
Bethan 2 days ago
*I too , develop an arm to take shots*
MattSwitch 2 days ago
Can we see your body
Shelley Pasternak
Hey Mike, come and spend a day at a veterinary hospital. Me and 50,000 other veterinarians are waiting.
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin 2 days ago
That Audi TT story got me hella emotional. One of the things I hate most (spiders) destroying my second favorite thing in the world (cars).
Juanjo Tur
Juanjo Tur 2 days ago
Auch, that spanish... The why was good, but I dont need it, and take your vaccines can go better. Duolingo my boy, says if you want to see your family you have to polish your spanish. If not, they are going to vanish
EXPERT GAMER 2 days ago
Is it just me or does dr.Mike really look a lot like captain America?
SoSpice1625 2 days ago
I wish most of my veterinary clients would pay that easily. Veterinarians and human doctors are pretty much all in the same boat with getting our clients/patients to agree to pay for things. Very rarely do I get an owner that doesn't try to negotiate prices. If they don't then it is usually because they have pet insurance.
Kane Landes
Kane Landes 2 days ago
Me being left handed on workman's because right handed people hurt
Ruth Jacob
Ruth Jacob 2 days ago
So... When you hump your shirt buttons are strained?
Squirtle 2 days ago
What vet do you go to? Cause I've NEVER had a client just be like oh $1000 cool no problem.
Angel Viera
Angel Viera 2 days ago
9:58 though 10:08 nice spanish dude
Melting Stars
Melting Stars 2 days ago
I’m a lefty
scon lord
scon lord 2 days ago
Doctor Mike:looking at medical memes Me: half way out my mum slowly dying Boi👏👏👏
Anonymous Beholder
Cassiel Kenshi
Cassiel Kenshi 2 days ago
lol Are you italian?
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago
0:57 contortionist?
Adam Hunter
Adam Hunter 2 days ago
Wait is this guy gonna get thrown out a window like a *cough* certain mechanical Mike of another profession
Dzety 3 days ago
My parents: we got back pain when we served in the military. Me: I got back pain cause I slept with too many pillows.
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