Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...

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Thirty days of going vegan is in the books and I have to say this one was a bit more difficult than keto for me as it took me out of my comfort zone. This Vegan 30 day challenge certainly surprised me in several ways and at the end of the day, I think it is a reasonable diet to follow as long as it's planned adequately.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Jun 9, 2019

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Comments 9 144
Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike 2 months ago
I'm Answering comments on here since the premier ended!
Emma H.
Emma H. Month ago
Always Smile yes
ssell87 Month ago
@Madeline Fleming both, take your body weight and times it by 12 that is the calorie intake to maintain your weight. To gain more weight increase that number to loose weight decrease that number. Be proactive in following your food groups and portions. Avoid fast food, they tend to make your diet more protein dependant. Try to remember too much of a good thing is bad for you; If your use to 6 or 7 cups of coffee try to cut back to 1 or 2. It's the same with alcohol if you go out occasionally, energy drinks, sugar and salt. This is just basic advice I've learned, diffinatly consult a nutritionist or dietitian for more in depth meal plans, because if you find that something is not working out as expected they will help you adjust it to fit you because everyone is different.
BrothersInTheCreed 2 months ago
Why is red meat bad?
MattGaming201 2 months ago
can you please do it video on enhancing your jawline and if that’s even possible. usvid.net/video/video-t9M6lOhKsdE.html in this video he claims that it’s all fake and now i’m confuses. like this so Doctor Mike can see this. :) thanks as always
Golden Lioness
Golden Lioness 2 months ago
*Doctor Mike!!!!* This might be off topic BUT.... What do you think of chiropractors? I have heard they are harmful but also really good for you and now I’m a little confused 😅 EDIT: also...this is slightly awkward but wth XD what causes gassiness? XD
Nolan Valerio
Nolan Valerio 3 hours ago
is everyone just going to disregard that pretty girl next to him at dinner , don’t @ me
Koeke Zoet
Koeke Zoet 3 hours ago
Cauliflower wings are one of the best vegan things. CHANGE MY MIND
Phyllis Dicks
Phyllis Dicks 4 hours ago
No disrespect, but why go vegan if you're gonna eat fake meat? That seems counterproductive to me.
Shannon 5 hours ago
will never do this
caliv0608 7 hours ago
My family was vegan when I was growing up. This was in the 80s and there wasn't a plethora of videos and grocery store options to help us along. Not only were we vegan, but also anti-processed food and organic. My mom bought bags of wheat and ground her own flour. We made our own condiments. Point is, being vegan even now is a big change and can be very time-consuming. Cooking takes longer when you make everything from scratch. For someone who has a busy work schedule doing it for 30 days only, it makes sense to use packaged products. It's not necessary to consult a vegan professional, at least we never did.
Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma 8 hours ago
That sound that u made I died laughing...
Pam and Pasha
Pam and Pasha 10 hours ago
this whole video can not be credited since it was a sponsorship. do a video about eating a plant-based diet and actually, do some research about how to start a diet like this without being paid by a company to eat their products... this video should have been called "living off one companies processed foods for 30 days while being paid to advertise their products, while not doing any proper research"... also how can you go VEGAN for 30 days... What, you started caring about factory farms and how animals are treated while doing everything to help the environment. Then after the 30 days, you go back to not giving a shit... Sorry dude, I'm not buying it. Someone with your type of influence and you make a sponsored video about the fastest growing global movement in history and you make little to no effort to actually try something new... shame bro, big shame. change my mind... 😉
abdi 18 hours ago
Do 30 day intermittent fasting
j shae
j shae 19 hours ago
You have to wash your beans properly or the gas won't stop haha. In the vegan community we call it fart juice
Chimera 22 hours ago
Wait, I eat more meat than vegetables, and those cauliflower bites looked gooood. I think the gas was cause you can´t really digest veggies that well, most animals that only eat plants actually ferment them to be able to take in the nutrients.
Sofia O
Sofia O Day ago
Like if you’re gonna try this too!
Nigora Raufova
Thank you for partaking in the challenge! I enjoyed listening to your experience. I think you were in a major calorie /nutrition deficit (obviously since you lost weight and even got sick!) Your 4 week vegan challenge was not disqualified because of the honey. Honest mistake! For those trying a vegan diet and need quick snacks- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, nuts, dried fruits, pre-packaged veggies and hummus and/or guacamole( the single serving portions sold in some stores are convenient), sushi, dark chocolate, apple sauce, seeds, etc. I hope that helps. =)
Elaina Martushev
Umm I’m orthodoxy. I do this multiple times a year. Including Wednesday and Friday. So suck it up buttercup!
Inacio Fernandes
Also important is to be careful of the vit b12 deficiency in those on prolonged strict vegan diets
Andrew Emmanuel
Andrew Emmanuel 2 days ago
You poor thing you didn't eat roadkill . You're such a moron. You should have your licence taken off you.
It means Indians have healthy diet
Suz T
Suz T 2 days ago
I did vegan for three months and I had the exact same side effects
Suz T
Suz T 2 days ago
This man is doing sponsorships and USvid as a doctor how on earth does he have time
al astair
al astair 2 days ago
if you have trouble with vegies + rice/pasta + beans then you may have trouble as a vegan long term, that's where i get most of my calories. Also honey production would be worse for the environment than egg production because BEES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ANIMAL TO THE ECOSYSTEM and stealing their honey does not help them.
Inacio Fernandes
Inacio Fernandes 2 days ago
You should be on JRE
Levy Lunges
Levy Lunges 3 days ago
8:50 "I went to see the doctor" Mate you are a doctor
Mar Dain
Mar Dain 3 days ago
I've had it explained to me before that plant-based and vegan are different. They are same at face value, but the purpose is different. Veganism means you do it to minimize harm to living creatures as much as is possible for the individual's situation. I went plant-based to learn recipes for my daughter because even though I grew up on meat, eggs, and dairy and remained this way into adulthood (though I toyed with veganism for acne issues), I realized this is an ethical choice that should be hers, so she would abstain from these until she is old enough to comprehend what it takes to get them on her plate. I followed blogs for recipes and they shared a video of the treatment of farm animals. I couldn't go back to eating like that. It was eye-opening to see there is no humane way to kill an animal, especially since they are being tortured up until their slaughter. I learned facts about things I blindly consumed that made me feel sick to my stomach. I had never questioned where these came from and it allowed me to enjoy without guilt. So, I went from plant-based to vegan, even though I didn't eat differently. My reasons were just different. So, not everyone does it to be healthier. I mean, many vegans eat ramen and junk food (guilty over here sometimes). It's about not unnecessarily harming others to feed ourselves. Here and in many places, supplements and alternatives are readily available and affordable. Veganism is just doing the least harm possible. The benefit is, more fruits and veggies if you actually care to aim for a balanced diet. But yes, veganism being healthier than thou is not true. Everything is a balance. While, I don't believe dairy milk falls into this, eggs, fish, and other animal meats are healthy in very small amounts. They have benefits that outway the cons. The cons outway the benefits when it's done American style. The American diet just consumes too much of these. These should be consumed in more moderation than, say, vegetables. Animal meat and dairy milk are very hard pushed in American households and that's what needs to change. Veganism is great, but if more omnivore households do what Doctor Mike is doing and just heavily minimize animals and their byproducts, there would be less animal suffering plus, factory farms would be less overcrowded (less breeding) and we could shift toward the old farming ways, where animals were free to roam, got milked to relieve mastitis, etc. This an acceptable future. This is the middle ground between heavy meat omnivores and hard pushing vegans (no offense, there's just some people who would rather eat all the bacon and no veggies than go vegan). Veganism/plant-based is a learning curve. I made so many mistakes so many times. I kept missing non-vegan ingredients. I discovered things I thought were vegan, but were just cloaked names for animal products and by-products. I found when I went vegan, I eventually started bloating. My mom swore gluten knocked her bloating out. I gave it try. I had less gas and no constant bloating (ladies, it's gonna happen regardless, right?)! I love beans and lentils are alright, but they give me gas baaaaaad, but this was no different vegan and omnivore for me. I have to limit them and eat tofu and other stuff for protein, though. I did have gas a the beginning, but it actually just went away. I don't know if that was my gut adjusting. It 's a big change to stop eating certain foods. You have to adjust and so does your body. 30 days vegan isn't really enough to know if you could really do it or not, but you have to want to do it or you won't stick with it anyway. Also, I don't understand tempeh. I read so many places that tempeh is basically a food goddess, but I found it unbearable. I've been vegan over a year and a half. I am learning every day, but challenges are fun! I just need to keep moving away from processed foods and get into just straight up cooking my owe meals from single ingredients! And make my owe nut milks and tofu!
Castiel Null
Castiel Null 3 days ago
The vegans can have their diet
Jason Ostrove
Jason Ostrove 3 days ago
Re: the health issue - I was actually prescribed a vegan diet for mild to moderate early onset Crohn's about 10 years ago. I've followed it religiously ever since, and I haven't had symptoms. As my GI explained to me, there's a ton of research suggesting that Crohn's symptoms develop as an autoimmune reaction to certain bacterial flora that break down meat, eggs, and dairy, so cutting these things out changes your gut flora in such a way to kill the harmful bacteria off. Obviously this isn't medical advice and I understand that Dr. Mike can't give medical advice on this channel, but when he discussed veganism from a health perspective, it seemed like a pretty big oversight. The positive effects of veganism on Crohn's and other GI issues are pretty well known at this point.
SimplyAWitch 4 days ago
I had the same problem with gas and bowels. Really embarrasing as a gay men when you're in the mood but you just cant go there because its gross
Harmon Tedesco
Harmon Tedesco 4 days ago
My body adjusted to vegan diet after 3 months. Before that I had a lot of gas and bloating. Your body needs some time to get used to increased fiber consumption.
Mariya Dimitrova
Mariya Dimitrova 4 days ago
"what is unchicken" ~Dr Mike, 2019
xore 3 days ago
sandhya pathare
sandhya pathare 4 days ago
If you are eating vegan u can try some Indian food...
thedrumfreak 5 days ago
Check out a real authority when it comes to recommending a diet. Dr. Michael Greger: usvid.net/video/video-JhQrCnOoEjQ.html He has dedicated his life to this issue unlike most pseudo doctors who test all kinds of stuff just to get clicks. You're a doctor so you have got to be extremely careful with the advice you provide.
Dawson McSpadden
Dawson McSpadden 5 days ago
Being vegan can be hard but it’s so worth it!
Dawson McSpadden
Dawson McSpadden 5 days ago
Vegan is the healthiest diet
LightningHaski 5 days ago
some vegans don’t consider honey as being non-vegan, bees make it because that’s what they were made to do they can’t help it, we don’t force them to do it
Abel Abel
Abel Abel 5 days ago
I don't think so. If that was the logic, then eggs would be the same. The point is exploiting the bees, stealing the honey from them, cutting the wings of queens, etc...
Brianne P
Brianne P 6 days ago
It sounds like you were deficient in something.
Brianne P
Brianne P 6 days ago
Also you probably got the gaseous gut issues from all of the synthetic meat. It's so processed, it fucks me up too even though I was raised on some of it. It's because you're not used to it.
Hannah Ganske
Hannah Ganske 6 days ago
Oh my goodness. So much stupid from this. Nothing is healthier than a whole food plant based diet. And no vegan diets is not restrictive at all
Brianne P
Brianne P 6 days ago
Haha dude you don't know how to eat vegan properly. I was raised vegan from infancy 28 years ago long before all this vegan supplementary shit was a thing in mainstream culture. The trick is to stop trying to substitute for real meat because it will almost never measure up, leaving you disappointed. You have to just eat different things (like a bowl of quinoa with chopped tomato, sauteed spinach and flax seed oil and s&p, GREAT breakfast.) The combination of nutrients helps improve absorbency, you get your complete proteins with quinoa, and then flax seed oil for your omegas (frequently missing from vegan diets). The only supplement I take is B12. My dad is a 6'1 220 pound beast of a Ukrainian man, solid muscle at 58 years old and he doesn't even really work out much. Been strictly vegan for 30 years. If I cooked for you, I know it would have changed your mind with one meal. =P Another example of hearty filling usually vegan food: Indian food, and you can definitely eat yourself into a coma with that.
B 6 days ago
I wonder if your stomach was loudly complaining because you went from one diet to another to another. Maybe next time space out your transitions more to allow your body to gradually get used to the diets you've tried. Or just go back to your normal diet for a while before the transition to the next diet. Both of those diets can strain your body's adjustment to change, if that makes sense. I know for me, if I change my diet slowly over years and even decades, like removing large sugar content items like candy bars and high fructose corn syrup rather than focus on removing the individual items, my body doesn't complain as much as when it's a quick change.
Mommy E
Mommy E 6 days ago
What do they say? Vegan's don't eat anything with eyeballs? Well, I'd gladly poke the eyes out of a chicken and have myself a "real" sandwich than I would have to fly on a plain for hours holding farts until you blow up!
Abel Abel
Abel Abel 5 days ago
Who says that? Why do think that your sensory pleasure justifies these acts?
Salem Andreus
Salem Andreus 6 days ago
I really want to see a video on health concerns for transgender and intersex people to be aware of. The reasons: 1) trans people often DO NOT visit the doctor due to dysphoria, fear of transphobia and lack of doctor awareness about trans people. 2) Many doctors (even specialists) don't know how how to deal with trans people and the unique (or just not considered) issues they may have. For example, an endocrynologist told me a story of a gyneacologist who was anxious about a trans masculine patient's risk of bone density loss if they were to remove his ovaries, not realising that him being on testosterone injections mitigated that risk. Trans men wanting to go onto birth control might be afraid to do so in case the hormones interfere with their own hormone levels. There is a misconception that being on testosterone prevents pregnancy. www.teenvogue.com/story/things-to-know-about-birth-control-trans-non-binary And shockingly, many doctors will not prescribe hormones unless the person has first had a hysterectomy or other forms of sterilisation, due to apparently unfounded claims that testosterone will cause ovarian cancer. Or is it not unfounded? Are there more medical factors we're not considering with this? Too often trans people are dismissed by medical professionals and told that their HRT must be what is causing the problem (it's become known as "trans broken arm syndrome"). Maybe you could tell people what type of concerns to raise with their doctor or call attention to in particular if they are on HRT or have had certain surgeries etc? Sadly many medical professionals refuse to help a trans person due to "religious reasons" as well facebook.com/ForGreaterJustice/posts/1115155298676478?__tn__=K-R So basically, a video informing trans people and professionals who may encounter them would be awesome! I am happy to send you a bunch of links to trans activists, researchers on trans people's experiences with doctors, and details of doctors and specialists who work particularly with trans patients.
Salem Andreus
Salem Andreus 6 days ago
Thank you Dr Mike for all your awesome educational videos! So many things I've been meaning to read up on but I don't, because I'm severely ADHD. I really appreciate how engaging and informative your content is, particularly as you get me to actually learn about health stuff I've been meaning to! Video idea: Talk about first aid courses: how useful they are and whether they leave anything out that one should particularly know in an emergency, things people do wrong or you wish people knew about first aid and when to apply it, how easy or difficult it is to get first aid qualifications or a basic paramedic course, maybe things people can learn if they want to be able to assist in an emergency when there's no medical facilities available (eg on a camping trip). Oh and, it would be super interesting if you could do teach us about how to deal with medical emergencies in the wilderness, or how to survive from a medical standpoint ... maybe do a mock Bear Grylls type scenario and pretend you're a sole survivor out in the wilderness to talk about it. :D And maybe a video on how to deal with the kind of emergencies that could happen every day like how to help in a siezure or what to do in a diabetic emergency, etc. Particularly the ones not covered in first aid. But also the ones covered in first aid because people are more likely to watch an engaging youtube video than book a first aid course. Thanks again for all the rad work you do! You're inspiring me to get healthy!
Antonella Brito
Antonella Brito 6 days ago
Los veganos somos veganos porque hicimos un clic con los animales y establecimos una conexión entre el pedazo de un animal y “algo sabroso”. Ningún vegano que hace este cambio a conciencia va a ver un animal en un plato y va a sentir ganas de comerlo. Cuando salimos con amigos que comen animales (😢) sentimos impotencia y angustia porque sabemos que esa « carne » corresponde a un pedazo de un animal, quien quería vivir y ser feliz igual que nosotros. El vegano considera al animal con los mismos derechos que un ser humano, por eso no estamos de acuerdo con la explotación animal. Te faltó mucha información Mike y sobre todo ver documentales que te expliquen el sufrimiento que hay detrás de la industria animal. Saludos.
Bunnyface Bunno
Bunnyface Bunno 7 days ago
Bunnyface Bunno
Bunnyface Bunno 7 days ago
Antoine Ceron
Antoine Ceron 7 days ago
The loss of motivation to go to the gym is probably due to ego depletion.
I'm actually really surprised about the choice fatigue thing. It makes stuff make much better sense to me. I always have trouble picking out what to eat or what to do in terms of free time because I have to constantly make other decisions in my life
Zumba Mixes
Zumba Mixes 7 days ago
It is so interesting that you say that you had gas. I have chronic IBS-D. When I went vegan, I had flair ups every day for 3-4 hours a day! I had to quit because I was tired of running to the bathroom and the pregnancy like cramps.
Leah Rast
Leah Rast 7 days ago
ok why is it that whenever i have bacon, sausage, and ham i always get sick. And when i have curtain candies like Oreos, Snickers, Chocolate, and Carmel.
Mirelle Petersdotter
Your stomach’s probably just messed up because you’re doing a detox, I quit sugar this winter and at firs I had 2 massive colds and my stomach was crazy but then my body got used to not getting white sugar any more and it passed by (the probs w/ my stomach)
Jake Shaw
Jake Shaw 7 days ago
I'm addicted to sugar. I'm fit and athletic, eat well, and been off pop since I moved out of my parents, but I can't get off sweets (Chocolate bars, Oreos, & Haribo). It's a really bad habit :(
Erick-Emil Szelitzky
vanilla has no calories
vegan facts the only best way to end global warming is vegan they licked salt off slaves cheeks for long journeys that is why we see more salt in inner cities....and obese it is like a high without drugs when i do eat raw vegan on some days it makes your eyes pretty and bright
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado 8 days ago
@Doctor Mike I like how you pointed out that even people can still eat junk food while being "Vegan" that's Why when I'm asked for from other's if I'm "Vegan" I say "Plant Based Whole Foods" because I choose to eat Real Food but yes every now and then I do eat snack every now and then.
Ajia Rae
Ajia Rae 8 days ago
Can you please make a video suggesting REALISTIC diet tips for type 1 diabetics. We can’t always stay away from complex carbs for example in a lot of root vegetables and grains. Higher protein and fat content is generally what we like to go for.
Mary J. Jones
Mary J. Jones 8 days ago
I think people usually get over the fartiness after they get used to the extra fiber
sOn1N3feS 8 days ago
Mcdreamy 😍
Aeden Lising
Aeden Lising 8 days ago
Honey is not made out of bees honey is made Out of flowers nectar
xKarandash 9 days ago
Was this sponsored? He kept talking about thrive but dont know if sponsored or not.
Sarah Groleau
Sarah Groleau 9 days ago
This is an immense amount of processed food instead of fresh ingredients, if eating more fresh ingredients, the diet would be much more pleasant and enjoyable. Check out some you tube vegan recipes, there is some really good stuff out there. However, Im glad you mentioned the processed food at the end of the video, needing to be cut down. Veganism is also more plant based than processed based, if done right. All I saw was you eating box after box lol... Also, for long term vegan patients, you failed to mention the Vitamin B12 deficiency (neurological deficits) and the problem with Homocyteinuria (atherosclerosis). The pros and cons of this diet came from your personal experience, nevertheless, it was an interesting video, I myself am not a vegan, however, I think this video needs more information in regards to these aspects not mentioned. As usual though, thank you for your awesome videos, definitely a big fan, great respect for you.
Megan Eastwood
Megan Eastwood 9 days ago
My problem with vegan food is the meat substitute. Why call it chicken, beef or vegan cheese. Just call it what it is.
Elle Why
Elle Why 8 days ago
Why does it bother you what vegans call substitutes? Some vegans miss animal products but don't want to eat it for ethical reasons. They're not forcing you to eat vegan food.
Suzana Lima
Suzana Lima 9 days ago
Where are the veggies in the openning??? Only stuff with plastic package
Irritable Ava
Irritable Ava 9 days ago
Do intermittent fasting!
Madison Parker
Madison Parker 9 days ago
Vegans experience gas and bloating because it is not suited for human digestion.
Abel Abel
Abel Abel 5 days ago
Bullshit. Just a small fraction experiences that and it is mostly related to the gut flora that is not yet adapted to the new dietary habits.
Lilly Erwin
Lilly Erwin 10 days ago
Is a plant based diet ok for kids????
Drew Reilly
Drew Reilly 10 days ago
Plant Based Diet, Veganism isn’t a diet, just to clarify 😂 where is your actual food though? So much processed crap!
Random person
Random person 10 days ago
Cody Michael
Cody Michael 10 days ago
I dare you to try gluten free
Neutral Soap
Neutral Soap 10 days ago
people lose weight with such diet coz they decrease their intake of calcium ( which u have when u are eating a standard diet) which kinda blocks thyroid hormones .
Diana Timofte
Diana Timofte 10 days ago
About the green tea and honey, is it suitable for a not yet 2yo? I'm worried about the caffeine in the green tea.
V - Dawg
V - Dawg 10 days ago
i feel guilty for having a steak right after this
Carla Hanson
Carla Hanson 10 days ago
The picture in my head of tiny bees being milked had me rolling.....hahaha
Eren Escence
Eren Escence 10 days ago
The funny part is, the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch says vitamin D right on it xD Most cereals are fortified with vitamin D3, which usually comes from sheep wool.
Shanky Abbs
Shanky Abbs 11 days ago
The flatuence was caused by the beans. It happens a lot, Dr. Mike.
Sam 11 days ago
Natumbu 4
Natumbu 4 11 days ago
Filip Arizanov-Bebic
You tried everything from food on you, like Bruce Lee tried exercises and marshal arts; although human body isn't men't to evolve; but if i was in your place i would try exercises now, once i finish that something else etc., just remember to never-ever quit and call me OK, we both have these things in common!!!
BrotherBargain1 11 days ago
Hey Mike, I heard your Jewish. Can you try the Kosher diet for 30 days?
Alexander Vashchuk
Alexander Vashchuk 12 days ago
Next do 30 days carnivour diet
teanatheart 12 days ago
So ive been really fatigued recently and i know it's because i have a crappy diet but i dont really know how to fix it. Can you give me tips? I have absolute zero energy for anything more tiring than sleeping.
Mango Tango
Mango Tango 13 days ago
Lol cinnamon toast crunch isn't vegan
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