Doctor discusses David Johnson's back injury

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Sports Medicine Dr. Jesse Morse discusses Arizona Cardinals' David Johnson's back injury


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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 29
Julian Salas
Julian Salas 4 months ago
Hey Doc or anybody. I have both DJ and Edmonds. If DJ does decide to play who would you play?
Tamoz Dudley
Tamoz Dudley 4 months ago
Play david or carlos Hyde for houston?
Evan H.
Evan H. 4 months ago
Has your opinion changed at all since him saying he's feeling good and being "likely to play" I made room on my bench via trade and am trying to decide on holding R Penny or snagging Edmonds for that potentially huge upside. I kind of fear Penny would share with Prosise a lot if Carson went down anyways.. And that lingering hamstring prob. Love your opinion doc; can always rely on a Floridian!
Humble Rumble
Humble Rumble 4 months ago
David johnson didn't practice today but it looks like he will still play, it seems like it'll be limited since his back obviously is still bothering him. Probably won't be great for fantasy this week.
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts 4 months ago
I don’t know anyone that “used” to have a bad back. Back pains and injuries are no joke. Hopefully DJ is done for the season soon and Edmonds becomes the lead back for my fantasy team.
Tyreek Jones
Tyreek Jones 4 months ago
Trading Tyler lockett for a runningback would u go with David Johnson or mark Ingram? I have concerns about his injury so not sure
Tyreek Jones
Tyreek Jones 4 months ago
@Evan H. yup already got em was thinking the same thing lol, appreciate it
Evan H.
Evan H. 4 months ago
if u snag edmonds then trade for DJ you're good
Tyreek Jones
Tyreek Jones 4 months ago
@The Fantasy Doctors ok thanks only trading lockett because I have amari Cooper, Julio Jones, and tyreek hill jus a little weak at RB
The Fantasy Doctors
The Fantasy Doctors 4 months ago
I wouldn't trade Lockett....Johnson
Roswell Satterwhite
Roswell Satterwhite 4 months ago
sounds like a multi-week issue to me...yikes. get chase edmonds guys
iamonthecan12 4 months ago
Can't be a top 5 back with a broke back.
Taylor Strickland
Taylor Strickland 4 months ago
Spinal deconpression?
Jordan c
Jordan c 4 months ago
Why would az risk DJ when Edmonds can clearly fill the role vs Atlanta and that putrid defense
Lisa Knight
Lisa Knight 4 months ago
Thanks doctor.
Efren Gramajo
Efren Gramajo 4 months ago
Doc, is Edmonds your #1 waiver wire priority this week?
The Fantasy Doctors
The Fantasy Doctors 4 months ago
Efren Gramajo Depends on team needs
Wes Grosso
Wes Grosso 4 months ago
Appreciate the info.
G Heaven
G Heaven 4 months ago
So if you had to choose, spend youre waiver pick on edmonds or henry?
The Fantasy Doctors
The Fantasy Doctors 4 months ago
G Heaven Edmonds
Chris Torrez
Chris Torrez 4 months ago
Thanks, do you think Hunter Henry has a shot to play within 2 weeks, I mean it’s a good sign he is working out?
The Fantasy Doctors
The Fantasy Doctors 4 months ago
Chris Torrez Maybe bur I wouldn’t hold my breath
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law 4 months ago
Awesome info. It’s the analysis we’ve always needed but didn’t have access to. Thank you!
Luke 4 months ago
Liberal idiot!
Cody 4 months ago
Thanks doc.
Bubba G
Bubba G 4 months ago
What's the deal with Sammy Watkins? Do you this he leaving the game was precautionary??
The Fantasy Doctors
The Fantasy Doctors 4 months ago
Nope, I think he reinjured his hamstring. He only gave it 1.5 days to heal. Not enough time. Don’t be surprised if he’s out Week 6 too...
rudess269 4 months ago
It was cloudy. He couldn't reenergize
toddfrench600 4 months ago
Thanks doc, I appreciate it. You always keep me grounded😊
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