Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?

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Content featured:
Sailor Moon
Johnny Bravo
Magic School Bus
Pepper Ann
Rolie Polie Olie
2 Stupid Dogs
PB&J Otter
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Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?


Published on


Jan 12, 2020




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Comments 3 566
REACT 8 days ago
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Jennifer Buchanan
You should do an episod on collage cartoons like undergrads, mission hill, the oblongs and clone high!
Devin Giles
Devin Giles 2 days ago
Hey, REACT. For the next React Gaming, have the College Kids play Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. It will be a good exercise routine for them to play as the game is both an RPG and a exercise game.
F-zero91maru 3 days ago
I’m a millennial & I know all these cartoons more than these dummies no offense
LittleCutie ABDL
LittleCutie ABDL 4 days ago
Coming up to react to cartoons, sign me up! I always confused Cardcaptor Sakura with Sailor Moon...ooops loved the 2 shows as a kid and to now still (idea: could get the elders to react to cartoons from their time and as bonus with their kids (now adults) and other grandchildren - if they have) Much love, (a small YT both ways trying to make it by helping others) - Mila
Andrew Morrice
Andrew Morrice 7 hours ago
I'd hardly call Johnny Bravo 'forgotten.'
Arielle Janae
Arielle Janae 8 hours ago
I guessed all of them right and I was born in '99. Rolie Polie Olie made me tear up a little bit.
Oh nobody told me theirs a new bee movie
Hara Qosja
Hara Qosja 12 hours ago
I saw sailor moon I clicked
Charmynox 14 hours ago
Y'all.... I knew it was Johnny Bravo before Johnny was even shown... Like, all these old cartoons had their own style of animation kind of so that's how I knew xD
Charmynox 14 hours ago
Before I start this, I already know y'all gonna make me feel real fuckin old EDIT: Nvm. These beautiful children are making me feel young with the fact they know these cartoons. Thank the lawd.
KAT Rodrigez
KAT Rodrigez 14 hours ago
You have to be like 20 something to get these 💁‍♀️
juldor93 8 hours ago
I'm 26 and knew only 4. They chose some really whacky shows
Kalia Huber
Kalia Huber 16 hours ago
I almost cried Rollie Pollie Ollie to this day is my absolute favourite
Lando Polaroid
Lando Polaroid 16 hours ago
Only people in their 20s guessed all of these right.
jemSnaps 18 hours ago
kinda upset no one got Pepper Ann
J Simon
J Simon 19 hours ago
I loved One Saturday Morning. Pepperann!
Alex_b Dumb
Alex_b Dumb 20 hours ago
Im kind of offended that they called sailor moon a cartoon
Andrew Morrice
Andrew Morrice 7 hours ago
But it is a cartoon.
Da'Quan Robinson
Da'Quan Robinson 20 hours ago
I love all of these shows growing up
TheTradge 20 hours ago
I grew up in the 90s and got all of these right, I used to love 2 Stupid Dogs and PB&J, also Johnny Bravo what a show! XD the only one of these I never really watched was Sailor Moon
Matthew Guel
Matthew Guel 21 hour ago
The thing is the parents were adults when these shows aired regularly and the kids weren't born yet. Some of the shows may have rerun, but for the most part, it didn't seem to be either of the contestants childhood/parenthood
LadyAmaKitten 21 hour ago
i knew all but 2 stupid dogs, tbh very disappointed in thise parents lol
Nat Dang
Nat Dang 21 hour ago
Sailor Moon is ICONIC! How they not know?
Andrew Morrice
Andrew Morrice 7 hours ago
@Mitch Even I've heard of it and I have no interest in it.
Mitch 7 hours ago
orc at war 98 uh. No. Not at all. It’s still ongoing.
orc at war 98
orc at war 98 18 hours ago
Well not many people knows about it
Alyssa Ballesteros
Alyssa Ballesteros 22 hours ago
With their age I can understand the teens not getting most of these but you have to live under a rock to not know Sailor Moon. Like how
Phoebe G
Phoebe G 22 hours ago
I feel offended for pepper ann
Claw Heart
Claw Heart 22 hours ago
No one knew 2 Stupid Dogs. Me: Well isn't that cute..... But it's WRONG!!!!!
Melvin Alvarez
Melvin Alvarez 22 hours ago
How did the parents not know Johnny Bravo. I thought that was a famous show
Sonia Sagastizado
Sonia Sagastizado 22 hours ago
Rollie Pollie Ollie and Madeline 🤧😭My childhood waking up extra early.
Cupcakelover 26
Cupcakelover 26 22 hours ago
Nicos mom is such a Sweet heart ❤️
Tdogmaster 23 hours ago
I find it awesome that I remember every last one of these.
Luis X. Rivas
Lady wearing the orange cardigan is beautiful
Nerd Large
Nerd Large Day ago
The Black Family must have never had cable.
Amber Palmer
Amber Palmer Day ago
The black family is really letting me down. What cartoons did you even watch?!
Don was on A&E 60 days in
Fullmoon Phantom1412
I got 4/8. I almost didn’t get Rolie Polie Olie, but I vaguely remembered the name rolie polie being relevant to me as a kid and luckily that’s what it was called so I said I got it. Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo, Magic School Bus, and Rolie Polie Olie were the ones I got correct. I never knew about the rest. I’m almost 24 years old currently.
NessOnett8 Day ago
What's with writing the answers down? Was it too hard to keep track of when they just said them? Made things way smoother imo.
Keith Watson
Keith Watson Day ago
I got 5/8 but reconsider all of them just could not rember the titles for "Madeline," "Rolie Polie Olie" or "PB&J Otter." I am just over the moon that I got the two that scored 0 lol
Jennifer Almodovar
Man, I watched all of these cartoons. Pretty sure my 12 year old also knows most of these shows. These people knew nothing.
Jay Kaizen
Jay Kaizen Day ago
2 stupid dogs was the flick back then. Hilarious cartoon 😂
Aaron Conner
Aaron Conner Day ago
I HATE that I couldn't remember 2 stupid dogs. Awesome show.
Thehard Geeker
nobody knows anything lollll
TheHaiku Official channel
Cynder Jackson
I got every single last one right. I grew up right . . . Thanks mom thanks dad
Gabrielle Stone
I only didn’t know 1 the “ 2 stupid dogs “. Not bad :)
Vanillastump Day ago
Johnny Bravo. The first animated sex offender.
Andrew Morrice
Andrew Morrice 7 hours ago
That'd be Pepe Le Pew.
Samantha chadwick
I’m 36, I have four kids ages 1-15. I remember all but Pepper Ann and Madeline. The cartoon it’s self I remember watching with my kids but the names escaped my head
Jon Keiser
Jon Keiser Day ago
Who could forget Sailor Moon?
loverochelle Day ago
i cant believe they didnt know PepperAnn smh
Gabrielle Stone
loverochelle totally agree who could forget pepper Ann .
kurosakii89 Day ago
You watch alot of internet stuff, thats why. :) 1:44.
Salvador M
Salvador M Day ago
Okay when my science teachers didn’t wanna teach we watched Bill Nye 😀😂
Joy B
Joy B Day ago
No one gets points because nobody said “is this the magic sckoo bus”
How do y’all not know what Pepper Ann is?!?
Natanel Vilchez
DOPEITSALEX Literally you are one of the only people who do know what it is lol
Rhonda Alexander
Don Sr sucks at these. Lol.
db_nerd Day ago
Did they just call sailer moon a cartoon?💀
Andrew Morrice
Andrew Morrice 7 hours ago
It IS a cartoon. It's an animated cartoon that happens to be Japanese.
Yeeep 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ
CataYO 7700
CataYO 7700 Day ago
Anna Forever
Anna Forever Day ago
Lol I only got 2 because I’m from Australia and most of these weren’t in Australia obviously but at least I got 2
0:32 well that didn't age well.
Elissa Solignac
Lmao your profile pic... long live Matilda
zac warmkessel
Don could be a Wayne brother his voice sounds like their
zac warmkessel
Did that girl really said Danny phantom was Johnny bravo and one of the moms said Jimmy neutron
zac warmkessel
Jayka at :49 😍
Quinton Janurary
This black family is making my head hurt . 😑😑😑🥴🥴
Rebecca Gilliam
i was a little old for most of them but i did daycare for a long time after i turned 18 and had my daughter at 19 so i knew all of them until 2 stupid dogs and forgot otter at the end of pb and j
Daniel Gonzalez
I knew all of these guess I was in the right age range and lucky enough to have younger siblings for the other shows my little sister watched rolie polie olie and it might've been some younger cousins that watched the pbj otter show
Taylor Playz
Taylor Playz Day ago
Mary Harrison
Ok what the actual HELL! How do you not know what or who Sailor Moon is? She is a Pop Culture Icon for Gosh sake. That hurt so much
Joseph Cinquegrana
How do none of these people know 2 stupid dogs?
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