Do seven teams have a legit shot at the 2019-20 NBA title? | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Nick Friedell and Tim MacMahon debate how many teams can actually winning the title. Tim MacMahon has a list of seven teams while Nick Friedell is a little shorter due to some rosters getting older or losing players.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 647
setokaiba991 4 months ago
Out of all the teams listed the Clippers deserves the Championship the most. After going through hell during the Donald Sterling era and surviving it they deserve to win the Championship this season. The Clippers needs this championship more than anyone else.
Alex Turner
Alex Turner 4 months ago
Somebody please explain how the sixes are favourites over the warriors... Steph >>>>> Embiid Klay >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Simmons Dlo >>>Harris Draymond = Horford Cauley stein is also pretty good. Klay will be back for the playoffs, embiid is never fully healthy in the playoffs and can’t play consistently well.
fogg 4 months ago
Nets should be on the list
KEITH GRIM 4 months ago
Just 2 we all know whoever coming out the East is not beating Clips or Lakers in a 7 game series. Whoever wins the WCF’s is taking it that team is going to be too hot and it is going to be Clips vs Lakers come on now. Still going to be an entertaining year though to say the least.
bicep bro
bicep bro 4 months ago
8 if you count the nets
bicep bro
bicep bro 4 months ago
9 if you count the nuggets
Big TREV 4 months ago
Clippers, Lakers, bucks, 76ers, rockets, warriors, jazz, nuggets and blazers.
AC Games
AC Games 4 months ago
Blazers could too. A team that was in the WCF last year, got a steal in Nassir Little and upgraded at big man with Hassan Whiteside over Enes Kanter
Alexander Sandoval
Alexander Sandoval 4 months ago
Why is every one forgetting about the Warriors just because LeBron and Davis are on the same team and George and Kawhi? Lmao they got Russel and Dailey-Stein.
sowishful 4 months ago
Cauley* and the warriors got deeper and they swept the blazers without kd. lol idk why everyone just counting them out
ndiogou niang
ndiogou niang 4 months ago
2:03 I'm sorry but the only team that challenged the Warriors was the Clippers, not the damn Rockets. We did more talk about how we blew a 31pts lead on our floor thant them Coming back from a 31 pts deficit on the road
Consistency English
Consistency English 4 months ago
Come on, don't forget about Denver and Portland, respect those teams, they deserve it
Toddy Kwest
Toddy Kwest 4 months ago
Him an idiot: rockets where the one team in the last few years to challenge the warriors. Me: do you forget the clippers who did so good that it made people wonder if they'll get outta 1st round
Toddy Kwest
Toddy Kwest 4 months ago
No, Klay = no playoffs
Tejan Singh Deol
Tejan Singh Deol 4 months ago
How tf are the jazz higher than the spurs tell me please?
JHaz 4 months ago
They now have Conley and Bogdonavic and improved their bench a lot. That's why. Their starting lineup now has two excellent three point shooters with Ingles and Bogdonavic and two good three point shooters in Conley and Mitchell. Favors was a terrible three point shooter and Rubio subpar. Also Rubio couldn't create his own shot, Mitchell had to do everything. Floor will be spaced more this year, easier to drive and finish or dish to open good or great shooters. They're going to be much better this year than last year.
gor9027 4 months ago
I’d say 8 can win the title. Bucks, 76ers, Lakers, Clippers, Rockets, Warriors, Nuggets, and Blazers.
Au Ninjamuffin
Au Ninjamuffin 4 months ago
2:02 that travel holy
Samantha Llewellyn
Samantha Llewellyn 4 months ago
Honestly I dunno, but I'm still giving all my loyalty to the Celtics. 76ers however post a serious threat defensively to Bucks and Lakers with all those big men.
Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson 4 months ago
Would be funny if none of these teams won 😆
packers fan
packers fan 4 months ago
If lebron plays like 2016 lebron than they will probably pull it off
S E2333
S E2333 4 months ago
Lakers and clippers. Everyone else is under them. Giannis needs help, rockets wont gel, philly 2stars got major issues. Gsw has no klay or kd. Nets have no KD. Jazz ain’t ready.
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell 4 months ago
The exact sound of Rachel when she tries to swallow my dick
Cameron Weaver
Cameron Weaver 4 months ago
TeZa IceCapGaming
TeZa IceCapGaming 4 months ago
Put the Jazz and Warriors above the Rockets and that list would be gold
Paquette Stephen Brett
What is so special about Utah ??
fried IT
fried IT 4 months ago
it seems fair now, but wait and you will see how unfair the clippers really are.
Jadon Waters
Jadon Waters 4 months ago
No one will ever respect the nuggets man. The most underrated team for sure.
Habeev07 4 months ago
Habeev07 4 months ago
Christian Bryant
Christian Bryant 4 months ago
Wizards with wall Beal and Hachimura
Christian Bryant
Christian Bryant 4 months ago
1. Clippers 2. Lakers 3. Rockets 4. 76ers 5. Bucks 6. Celtics 7. Pacers To be honest the only teams I think can win it all are lakers clippers and rockets that’s it
Christian Bryant
Christian Bryant 4 months ago
West contenders: lakers clippers and rockets East contenders: bucks, Celtics, pacers, 76ers. Nobody in the east can win the finals tho zero chance so it’s just the rockets lakers clippers in my opinion
Christian Bryant
Christian Bryant 4 months ago
Rockets lakers and clippers are the only team I think can win
Arcanus 4 months ago
The Warriors? Really?
Punit Modi
Punit Modi 4 months ago
Everybody is sleeping on Denver I’m telling you
Nando G
Nando G 4 months ago
That nick guy is butt ugly and annoying
Chris Allen Villanueva
that Nick guy is trying to sound smart. much to no avail
Jeff Hoftyzer
Jeff Hoftyzer 4 months ago
2 of the 4 great combos in the west (Steph and Klay, Kawhi and pg, LeBron and AD, and Russ and Harden) will be knocked out in the second round
Big Boom
Big Boom 4 months ago
So Boston has no shot huh? Aight bet
jhudiel999 4 months ago
Disrespecting gsw when they played most of their playoff games without kd last year
Jesper Petersson
Jesper Petersson 4 months ago
Why are everyone sleeping on Dame and the Blazers?
John Le
John Le 4 months ago
Kyrie and DeAndre are good as it is. Wait until KD comes back. The Nets are SO overlooked just because media trashes on kyrie and KD.
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