Do All Cheaters Think The Same?

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Published on


Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 8 245
LovelyJ 4 hours ago
When he said “once a cheater always a cheater” they all went to the wrong line Lmaoo
Melissa Gutierrez
Melissa Gutierrez 5 hours ago
so gross to hear some of these people almost sound proud that they cheated. 7:40 "What if that person you're in a relationship is like toxic..." THEN YOU BREAK UP WITH THEM AND FIND SOMEONE BETTER!! why stay in a relationship where you're not happy and go out to cheat just to feel happy (or whatever the excuse) have some self value.
Toni Shoga
Toni Shoga 5 hours ago
Someone said middle ground w cheaters and ppl who got cheated on!!!! I’m here for itt!!!!
Slytherin Witch
Slytherin Witch 5 hours ago
I personally have no tolerance towards cheaters
Hannah Pentecost
Hannah Pentecost 5 hours ago
This is one of the only groups that I don't care to hear their side lol frick this
Lisette Pagan
Lisette Pagan 5 hours ago
Does anyone else notice how the plaid shirt is referring to these relationships for her own person gain? “But that relationship still has benefits, I still get benefits out of them” “I was like damn if I didn’t cheat I could have the life I wanted by now” girl what
First Surname
First Surname 5 hours ago
Leah looks like she doesn't belong there idk
luv abel
luv abel 5 hours ago
that ain't it
Alyssa 5 hours ago
this is so sad lol their heads are so fucked up they all need therapy
Victor Aguilar
Victor Aguilar 5 hours ago
Can’t believe the guy is marrying someone who cheated on him
Naomi Darling
Naomi Darling 5 hours ago
The girl in the flannel seems like she just says yeah ok to everything
Shibal Seki
Shibal Seki 6 hours ago
scumbags acting like they victims lol "it was a defense mechanism"
Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez 6 hours ago
They pissed me off they want to cheat but if they get cheated on it’s the end of the world.
Duolingo OwO
Duolingo OwO 6 hours ago
Oh damn I did not expect this topic
sfczd sdvsv
sfczd sdvsv 6 hours ago
Chelsea Cobb
Chelsea Cobb 6 hours ago
Of all the anger-inducing statements these people have made, the worst was when the guy laughed at the two girls who hadn’t forgiven themselves. As if still feeling guilt for cheating is laughable.
Martin Lindhe
Martin Lindhe 6 hours ago
How does this video have so many likes compared to dislikes, that makes me more sick.
driftking4 6 hours ago
Narcissistic people who don't give af about hurting some1 😑😑
aurora !
aurora ! 6 hours ago
yuck that’s unfortunate. these people suck
Ayveh 7 hours ago
"He is a jerk to me so I can now go cheat" WTF is wrong with these people. Uh no if someone treats you like crap then you should go break up with them however it shows these people LOVE cheating and just make excuses for themselves in order to feel better about themselves. There are different types of cheaters, and some of these show that they did it because they feel sooo insecure meanwhile the other half just are pieces of dirt that don't care for others time, feelings, emotions and instead enjoy toying with them.
Ayveh 7 hours ago
People say I have trust issues..um no I just know better.
Zakia Bibi
Zakia Bibi 7 hours ago
These pple are selfish
mariel morone
mariel morone 7 hours ago
LOL these people are SO selfish, hearing them made my blood boil. Imma pray for em.
Lennart Joustra
Lennart Joustra 8 hours ago
It’s funny how they try and justify cheating. I’ve been cheated on 3 times in 3 different relationships. I can never imagine any situation where cheating is correct. You don’t understand the pain. Luckily, I can proudly say I have never cheated and never will.
Nehemiah Richardson
If you cheat you have to expect to be accused of cheating if your partner does forgive you
Monica Leigh
Monica Leigh 8 hours ago
Having been cheated on, this made me sick to watch.
Monica Leigh
Monica Leigh 8 hours ago
"You can be in love and still cheat" These people do not know what love is. If you truly love someone, when you are doing the act you do not want to do it. You feel sick to your stomach because you put their needs above yours and never want to inflict pain onto them. These people do not know what love is.
Black Lanner
Black Lanner 9 hours ago
What is the range of represented sexual orientations?
alasmychicken 9 hours ago
Ok not all cheaters are necessarily bad people, sometimes things lead to another and you just mess up and that's understandable, for me at least. But just doing it over and over because you're bored or sum and not feeling any regret for that person is just cruel. Especially lava girl over here, I jus wanna wipe that smirk off of her face.
Balsam Mohammed
Balsam Mohammed 10 hours ago
Omg people in the comments need to chill like “omg these people t hearteless” most people that r here have went through a lot and not all of them have a reason but each one of the felt that they needed to escape at that time
Sheila Fitzgerald
Sheila Fitzgerald 10 hours ago
Saw the title *instantly click*
ollie bee
ollie bee 10 hours ago
the cast this time was a whole dumpster fire.........i had no empathy for any of them
Tara 10 hours ago
It honestly seems like they’re bragging.
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 10 hours ago
Ermmm ok I hope they get cheated on by someone they love
Iroc Life
Iroc Life 10 hours ago
😂 cheaters get pissed because you don’t trust them
Natt Lalal
Natt Lalal 11 hours ago
ugh i hate this episode, these people are heartless
zyxlio 11 hours ago
this is not okay
Jade Davis
Jade Davis 12 hours ago
Fuck, I’ve been there. I have never cheated, but I was presented with a situation where I could’ve and almost did. I only considered it because that person didn’t make me feel like a sexual object like my partner at the time did, and it felt refreshing. I thought because I was feeling that, it meant that I liked them. However, I’ve since learned that that wasn’t the case. I know now that if I’m considering cheating or feel like I’m crushing on someone else, I need to step back from everything and think about my relationship and my own mental health. I don’t believe you could cheat and be mentally sound.
zookie 12 hours ago
I'm sorry but I won't forgive people once they cheated on me.. if they love you enough they'll never cheat.. I don't want to destroy my mental health for someone that doesn't love at all
l order66
l order66 12 hours ago
🤷🏿‍♂️ It's human
chris 12 hours ago
this was frustrating to watch
Avery.S 12 hours ago
A secure person doesn't cheat.
Norman Prima Sagah
Norman Prima Sagah 13 hours ago
Do All Cheaters Think The Same? Yes - They all want their cheating to be justified.
Alex Mehregan
Alex Mehregan 13 hours ago
awful people
KeeptheFaith 13 hours ago
7:50 Damn
gabrie-L 13 hours ago
the spectrum room got smaller/lines are closer and i don’t know i feel
GODLOVEME12345 14 hours ago
Cheater almost like series killer but not physical way, physical hurt at least recover within month. Emotional torturing it torment hurt u every possible way dmg yours heart. That took a long many years to heal up or not, value of person change when engage to next relationship. To cheater out there one fine day trust me KARMA fk u up. Everything u done always a consequences God is fair :)
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters 14 hours ago
Yeah no. Yall dont make me feel bad for y'all. Unless i cheat then i cant say nothing......but yall gross. Hella brave tho for letting everyone know tho.
Mack Be Wellin
Mack Be Wellin 14 hours ago
Sounds like a group of adults making conscious decisions to cheat then feeling bad about it afterwards. If you felt bad then clearly you knew you were wrong. Then use reasons to justify cheating instead of just leaving.
AprilFools 14 hours ago
Wtf guys. If you don't like the person break up with them. What is the logic in cheating? =(
T 15 hours ago
Can Jubilee not normalize and glorify this? This is disgusting idc about giving these selfish people a platform lmao.
Moises Palacios
Moises Palacios 15 hours ago
💀this video wack
papa razzi
papa razzi 15 hours ago
of course the pink girl hair has forgiven herself 😬
papa razzi
papa razzi 15 hours ago
these people need help
papa razzi
papa razzi 15 hours ago
how can someone not agree that cheating is always wrong????
papa razzi
papa razzi 15 hours ago
cheater doesn’t sound like a word
Norma Pacheco
Norma Pacheco 15 hours ago
Prompt: Once a cheater always a cheater Everyone: Disagree Me: y’all are goddamn liars 🤣
Alexander Roman
Alexander Roman 15 hours ago
These people are gross
GalaxyGal4286 15 hours ago
I think that the girl with the red tight skirt and purple bangs was actually ok, and regretted it. The guy was ok at times but he also tried to cover for himself tho he admitted he was weong
Narcynical 15 hours ago
People should not feel guilty for something that’s natural, I think it’s toxic to think you yourself can fulfill and be enough for someone in every way otherwise your partner is a bad person? If getting cheated on is your worst case scenario or end of the world, that sounds like codependency. Monogamy is odd and unhealthy
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