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Dec 5, 2018




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Comments 919
Feriha Rauf
Feriha Rauf 18 hours ago
Iridescent paper kha se mile ga
Cara Xing
Cara Xing 2 days ago
Whats wrong with the first one?Im blind when seeing the clock
Czarina Castillo
Czarina Castillo 6 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue , by her fake thumb nail I gave her a view😬
Luna Mariangel Villamil Ortiz
Whenas hay algún colombiano por acá sumercé
Ftceghion Owam
Ftceghion Owam 10 days ago
Would’ve been better if you used your voice to explain it😡
InfinityHvTM 11 days ago
Thanks for watching 🤗🤗☺️😁😁😁🤗🤗😊
Porrnesian Parrapio
disliked for the ads
Truly Trinity TV
Truly Trinity TV 14 days ago
My next 10 subscribers will get a shoutout on my first video
autumnspring 15 days ago
Be careful with e6000, she will get your fingers stuck together if you aren't careful
GirlBetweenLight&Darkness 98
I would appreciate if you would list the materials you use in the beginning of each diy would make it easier
Hi it’s Me
Hi it’s Me 20 days ago
You can’t see the time on the clock ⏰
ElleSilk 21 day ago
Great idea!
bro we aint have dat money for a crystal ->-
Jessie Babe
Jessie Babe 23 days ago
Omg the click bait is triggering 😓
IMA' DIY 23 days ago
Hi friends , plz subscribe to my channel , thanks
Sarah Stoor
Sarah Stoor 24 days ago
hmm? let me just be creative and fix up this clock
Stella Avila
Stella Avila 24 days ago
Tenkyu ticher
Random _thingz_111
Random _thingz_111 25 days ago
It’s just a clock guys
Key Dachine
Key Dachine 26 days ago
Wtf with the clock? lmao
Alaina Barber
Alaina Barber 26 days ago
My room looks so good now!!
Maddie and Siba
Maddie and Siba 28 days ago
Going through the comments and everyone is hating on the clock like get over it y’all!!
Cream Bear
Cream Bear 28 days ago
Why do all these mostly have spray paint!
Cream Bear
Cream Bear 28 days ago
You can’t even see the time on the clock there’s no point in making it
Sheyla Brito
Sheyla Brito 29 days ago
Omg the gird thing was so fake if you look it’s out made out of wood
Victoria D
Victoria D Month ago
First to reply is grey
Victoria D
Victoria D Month ago
Victoria D
Victoria D Month ago
this is bad
Myriam Berrahal
Myriam Berrahal Month ago
Je suis la seule française ici ou quoi 😂
molliya Month ago
its called *ikea*
Nina !¡
Nina !¡ Month ago
Me watching this at 1am thinking i am gonna do this
Claudia Costa
Claudia Costa Month ago
Your cocker is bad😑it's So hate
Jeon W
Jeon W Month ago
-"¿Qué hora es?"- Me: -Ehhhh... -*mira el reloj* Fíjate en tu celular
s murf
s murf Month ago
Clock looked sick dunno what everyone's going on about lol
Song Haki K:L
Song Haki K:L Month ago
the clock wouldn't even work because the paper is creased which the clock handles wouldn't be able to move over it... please don't destroy perfectly working objects for these bad substitutes.
Yoana G
Yoana G Month ago
When you’re bored: diy a clock that ruins the whole point of a clock
Mr. Stars
Mr. Stars Month ago
This is iridescent clock ⏰ It is being bullied for its looks. Make it feel better | \/
Anekah Botha
Anekah Botha Month ago
Triggered by the Sims music playing in this videos 😂🕺🏼
SweetnessXox Month ago
Why make a clock aesthetic if you can’t see the time
GachaCloud Month ago
Biste dumm?
KRSTN4 Month ago
The clock, what about it?
YangYang杨洋 Month ago
First video that scammed me because of the thumbnail. Don't even watch till the end
Thành Long
Thành Long Month ago
That’s amazing😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Almudena Marbandl
like when buying the things that they show in the video or some similar ones would be cheaper than buying the materials to make them ... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Nicole Byrne
Nicole Byrne Month ago
That clock is unique. We can’t even tell time WOW
Nicole Byrne
Nicole Byrne Month ago
What was wrong with the clock
sorie conmigo shaira
Like si no entendiste la primera
Leila Saleh
Leila Saleh Month ago
Well I am not hating but the forst one isn't very good looking
christine Month ago
yall so good at makeing stuff omg
turuncu biri
turuncu biri Month ago
i have just pencil lol
Daiane Rodrigues
Eu fiz um video DIY tbm, quem puder passa lá pra assistir!
Erica Stanley
Erica Stanley 2 months ago
who has the materials to do this stuff tho...?
Glamours Rosha
Glamours Rosha 2 months ago
Hey check my last vid & subscribe i did my room
evoticx 2 months ago
This is good for bloxburg
Flamingo Cat
Flamingo Cat 2 months ago
*Good* _I_ _like_ _it_
ADELA HUNTSMAN 2 months ago
Ya'll are so negative about that clock!
Hasmawati Malik
Hasmawati Malik 2 months ago
Ugh! U guys dont understand bout the clock!!! Its just 4 deco!
Елена Логинова
Haha, not bad, I like 🖤
Waffle 101
Waffle 101 2 months ago
No offense but the clock isn’t my style,I’m more of a modern person and I WANNA SEE THE TIME 😔
Cool girl vs cute girls Safana and misk
the first one is stupid 🤷‍♀️
Katia Lucia Cordeiro Meira
I love this video OMH
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