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Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL releases in U.S. theaters on August 9, 2019!
Directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on the beloved book by Eoin Colfer, ARTEMIS FOWL follows 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl, a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, as he finds himself in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful, hidden race of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance.

The film stars Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Tamara Smart, Nonzo Anozie, with Josh Gad, and Judi Dench. Judy Hofflund and Kenneth Branagh are producing with Angus More Gordon and Matthew Jenkins serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Conor McPherson.

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Nov 27, 2018




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Comments 17 413
Abdel Haadi Lallmahamood
y'all couldn't even cast Conan Gray as Butler.. smh
Iron Smith
Iron Smith 11 hours ago
Grew up reading these books, and this trailer has me concerned that it may be another Percy Jackson situation
pablo roberto loaiza estevez
Se ve buana
naka Chukhu
naka Chukhu 16 hours ago
I always imagined artemis fowl would b look like the black butlers master... Wearing shorts with a British cap
Alexandra Mabel
I haven't read the books or anything but why does this look like a fancy Spy Kids/Men in Black movie?
Sphinx Day ago
....No! ...just... no... please... no, Disney, no...
nicol umanzor
I'M only half way through the book and even I'm cringing. I hoped it would be like maleficent and not Kim possible live action. But that is no fault on the actors... Yet they could make or break this that and however Disney changes the story. Also the voice is that a kid.
raman shukla
raman shukla Day ago
I m waiting with heart
Chris Visser-Fee
Chris Visser-Fee 2 days ago
Radiohead in a Disney trailer... A surprise, but a pleasant one.
The Sexy Skywalker
The books were actually pretty good... they should be adapted for an adult maybe older family audience. Series could made into intense sci fi fantasy action film. This trailer looks so stupid.
meiku 2 days ago
Would have loved good movies for this series, they even had comics, and yet this looks terrible D'arvit
Mia Sahboub
Mia Sahboub 2 days ago
Please God no It’s getting the Percy Jackson treatment😭
Ramnus Kölsä
Ramnus Kölsä 2 days ago
bluemonkey223 2 days ago
No no no no no no! Why is it a Disney film?!? SThhhhhaaaaaap!
Gamer3427 3 days ago
I'll watch it purely because I've been a fan of the books for a long time. I don't have high hopes though, knowing Disney. It seems like their motto is to butcher adaptations and ruin good concepts. It'll be disappointing when it fails, but hopefully at the very least it'll inspire a lot of people to pick up the book series. I mean, if the terrible Eragon movie was able to introduce me to that book series, surely this will be able to introduce a new generation to the Artemis Fowl series......
Not a deal breaker, but I am not sure why Butler is black and has white hair when he is described in EVERY BOOK as Eurasian and Bald. I have NOTHING against African American representation in film but I wish people would stick to character descriptions when they are ADAPTING a book, because I don't know about anyone else but I go to movies about my favourite books to see the CHARACTERS I LOVED, part of that is how they are described in the book, by the author. Again not a deal breaker, I am sure the movie will still be good crosses Fingers But it is a little bit of a pet peeve of mine. Original films are one thing, but when you change the characters of a beloved book series you are sort of alienating your core audience.
Mewtata 3 days ago
Please be good. PLEASE be good. Because otherwise I doubt we’ll get another shot.
Harry Bond
Harry Bond 3 days ago
Oh fuck, prepare for Dutch angles
Christian Cody
Christian Cody 3 days ago
jonalyn baldoza
jonalyn baldoza 4 days ago
Look at Malfoys character disney!!! Artemis and Malfoy had similar personalities... he should look like a boy you cant mess with. Not someone who looks like oliver twist!
Ohagi 4 days ago
Oh god, is this based on a book? If that’s the case Imma read them and run as far away as i can from this movie because adaptations tend to suck so...
lord latalis
lord latalis 4 days ago
Some how he remind me of young Tom riddle.
Canadian Food
Canadian Food 5 days ago
I love the books. I hope they don't ruin it like Percy Jackson.
henry swenson
henry swenson 5 days ago
shit is going down on august 9
Bashkov B
Bashkov B 5 days ago
Isn't it amazing how you can read a series of books since being a child, love them to pieces and then after all that time see a movie trailer ruin the whole lot in 1:37. Oh, actually, don't worry I just won't go to watch it. ;)
The Shovel Master
Why the fuck is Domovoi black, i thought he was Eur-Asian, he even was white on the cover of the second book! Also Captain Root is now a fucking woman, all in the name of inclusivity, this shit is ruining my childhood! D'arvit!
Alia Ali
Alia Ali 5 days ago
Asa Butterfield with jet black hair and a lil better acting skills was always ideal for me as Artemis Fowl :/
SeerOfTime 5 days ago
Even if the movie is bad... You bet I’m still gonna cry and freak out in the theater. XD D’arvit
MissCagedDemons 5 days ago
Sssss....mmmm.....ouch. OK. Unpacking all of that, Butler isn't bald, minor but annoying, Artemis's eyes aren't blue kind of minor but still annoying, Root, or maybe that's supposed to be Grub/Trouble Kelp are now possibly female, which is a MAJOR PROBLEM. That would mean Holly isnt the first Female LEP Captain anymore, hence Julius wouldn't be sexist to her anymore. She wouldn't be the example female fairies could look up to anymore. Also what's all this nonsense about the People kidnapping Artemis Fowl Senior?! No! Why on/under the earth would they do that?!! I know it was mentioned in one of the books the AF Senior captured a dwarf in his youth, but I doubt the People would kidnap him for that!! Plus that invalidates the deal in the Arctic Incident! Now there's no setup for Opal Koboi and the Bwa'Kel!! D'Arvit Disney you Cowpogs!!
Tsuki 5 days ago
Lol I literally laughed throughout the whole trailer cause it was so bad already.
Marlin Miou
Marlin Miou 5 days ago
not American
Marlin Miou
Marlin Miou 5 days ago
why Disney man why it is Lers
Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe 5 days ago
I really enjoyed the books as a kid, but this movie looks like shit. I've had enough of this kiked-out bullshit. Yeah, let's make as many characters non-white as we can get away with. And make Root a wahman cos...... why?
Matthew Longstaff
"A hundred years of alcohol leaving a body by any means possible is not apretty sight." 1:01 .........
Curtis Whitehead
Curtis Whitehead 6 days ago
I've been looking forward to this movie for a very long time Artemis fowl. Ever since I noticed the books we're being published originally by miramax publishing stateside I was confident its popularity would have lead 2 an amazing film this looks promising
Lillianna McIntosh
D'ARVIT That is NOT right...
brett larsen
brett larsen 6 days ago
Should have been Asa Butterfield and Dave Bautista.
CxeByTheOcean 6 days ago
Only thing good about the trailer is the music tbh
Ida Immelman
Ida Immelman 6 days ago
Release The Full Trailer
Coline Fajarillo
Coline Fajarillo 7 days ago
Matthew0606X1999 7 days ago
Calling a bomb now and a big one as well.
Flipside Gacha
Flipside Gacha 7 days ago
Artemis looks like the average well-fed richie... He is described as looking like a vampire. Wth somethings not right
Julian Montgomery
I urge everyone not to go in with a closed mind just because it’s different from the books. A movie can successfully honor its source material whilst doing it’s own thing... (Edit) I just read the description and what the frick is Artemis gonna be a hero?????? no.... that’s not....
Kit_Kat 7 days ago
If there is anything I learned from Inkheart and waiting a long time for film adaptions is that this movie is going to be terrible.
viraltang 7 days ago
I mean the books do not hold up soo.....Maybe this will be fine.
Chiara Elvendork
Chiara Elvendork 7 days ago
come on guys, give it a chance it's only the trailer. Besides, all book to movie adaptations make changes. Let's give them a chance to not screw it up. If they do, you can be outraged all you want. I'll even join you.
Logan Easley
Logan Easley 7 days ago
They are finally releasing it!!!
ThatguyAubrey 7 days ago
never read the book or shit even heard of it until recently 🤷🏽‍♂️ and this looks interesting. ion have any material to compare it to, unbiased. so anybody complain about a “book” or it not looking accurate, stop.
Abi Conger
Abi Conger 7 days ago
Just don’t screw it up to bad plz
pink apple
pink apple 8 days ago
I was excited and now the excitements gone. I read the first book when I was 7. Something is v e r y off about this plot.
Dr. Axel 1510
Dr. Axel 1510 8 days ago
Oh no disney what have you done...
winwin supremacist
Artemis Fowl is always three steps ahead against his enemies and that's what makes him an intimidating character.... but the child actor looked otherwise, and probably can't outsmart his own ill mother.
TrueLiesLost 8 days ago
I saw the trailer in theaters and didn't pay much attention to it then, just being really excited to see there would be an Artemis Fowl movie. I haven't read much more than the first book but I remember the plot and crying toward the end. Looking up the trailer and seeing it again I'm lost at what it is you think you're doing and every new piece of information I've found has chipped that excitement down to nothing.
Huanxun B
Huanxun B 8 days ago
Im already disgusted
Huanxun B
Huanxun B 8 days ago
P sure they only heard the plot secondhand from someone who had skimmed through it several years ago
Holly Rosendale
Holly Rosendale 8 days ago
J b
J b 8 days ago
Ew who the fuck is this jimmy Carr lookin ass Artemis fowl
Alex Guerrero
Alex Guerrero 9 days ago
Do the official trailer pls
Chase H.
Chase H. 9 days ago
I knew they were gonna Disney the shit out of this. Looks like milktoast crap as always, thanks Disney...
Gacha Moonlight
Gacha Moonlight 9 days ago
OH HELL YESSS!!!! I LOVE THE ARTEMIS FOWL BOOKS! But honestly it doesn't look that good. D'Arvit.
The Last Outcast
The Last Outcast 10 days ago
Why would they make Butler look so ugly. WHY WOULD THEY MAKE ARTEMIS LOOK LIKE A CHILD. DARVIT
Jorgen Von Strangle
D'arvit. Looks like Percy Jackson and The Last Airbender had a baby and that baby mates with Eragon and created this piece of garbage
YourDisneyNews 10 days ago
No one on this floating rock in space cares about Artemis Fowl.
SPYDER music
SPYDER music 10 days ago
So mad that they ruined it so bad and we won't get any other good adaptation.
VisiBle 10 days ago
Book : Butler is a big muscular man, clean shaved Disney : Let's bring a big fat McDonald's dumpster regular
Ted Walter
Ted Walter 8 days ago
A P 10 days ago
Why is the butler some random fat guy in a suit?
Elijah Saucier
Elijah Saucier 10 days ago
D'Arvit! D'Arvit D'Arvit D'Arvit *D'ARVIT!!* IT LOOKS LIKE GARBAGE!!!!!!! Why isn't butler bald?! why isn't butler shooting a sig sauer, or at least a dart gun?! why does artemis look short netflix light yagami?!
Logan Randall
Logan Randall 10 days ago
Good musical choice, love Decks Dark
space 11 days ago
irish harry potter except not gay
Bryce Nelson
Bryce Nelson 11 days ago
I really want to see this movie
Zéphyrine Etienne
Zéphyrine Etienne 11 days ago
Here comes another Percy Jackson and Ender's Game. I can already hear fans moaning in grief in theater. What the hell is this childish kiddies' film?
Pleasure_Is_Yours 11 days ago
that looks ... bad
Ben Zombie
Ben Zombie 11 days ago
Disney, you don't need to make your logo so big.
BlackHeart 12 days ago
I remember loving the book series growing up. Though, I'll admit its been so long now I have fully forgotten majority of everything. Specifically though, I am not sure what i think of the cast choice yet. Can't wait for this movie to suffer the Eragon syndrome.
KanraCho 12 days ago
Artemis fowl is a villain, his story is about changing from hero to villain, dont make this into a fucking sparkly lukewarm fairy tale disney
Ted Walter
Ted Walter 8 days ago
Isn't it villain to hero? He made friends with the elves, and apon total memory recall in book 4, he agreed to defeat Opal WITH NO PRICE OF GOLD, which is what he would've done at the beginning.
Ash Archer
Ash Archer 12 days ago
Bit nervous about the whole spy kids meets Percy Jackson look... plus the insinuation that the fairies might have kidnapped his dad, changing the plot heaps. D’arvit
Ben Magnez
Ben Magnez 12 days ago
This is the last straw. If you fuck this up you'll never see the end of it. Do it right
Wayne Jamel
Wayne Jamel 12 days ago
What did I just watch?... A kid version of men in black
Irawan Rana Dipura
Irawan Rana Dipura 12 days ago
I done read this novel. Fantastic.
Satsujin Sakana
Satsujin Sakana 12 days ago
Why's butler black? Doesn't Holly have her hair cut? Why does Artemis look like he's gonna act like a kid from spy kids? Fuck's going on disney? D'arvit...
Shital Priyadarshini
I'm still hoping the movie doesn't turn out to be trash like Percy Jackson. DON'T TEST ME
Hydrogen Films
Hydrogen Films 13 days ago
Damn Butler really got Netflix adapted huh
James Demichele
James Demichele 13 days ago
Oh can’t wait this was my favorite book as teenager
Alan Wadrzyk
Alan Wadrzyk 14 days ago
Why he look so young tho?
Peculiar Person4680
What song is is the background music?
Peyton Grace
Peyton Grace 14 days ago
Let’s start a riot... who’s with me
strickland channel
strickland channel 15 days ago
Snigdha Gaglani
Snigdha Gaglani 15 days ago
Um, why? Why would you ruin such good books? So disappointed. Thanks Disney.
Fariha Javed
Fariha Javed 15 days ago
Year 7 English where you at 😭😭😭👏👏👏😭
AsianPotatoGamez 15 days ago
but butlers asian not black
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen 15 days ago
Huh wait there must be something wrong. This... Actually looks good? The heck?
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 16 days ago
1:04 cocaine is hell of a drug
oscar harrison
oscar harrison 16 days ago
oscar harrison
oscar harrison 16 days ago
Elita Lewis
Elita Lewis 17 days ago
I don't know what this is or how i got here, it looks like $hi+
Sang Woody
Sang Woody 17 days ago
the kid look like lucius :D
Alexandros Christodoulou
Men In Black ???
Syed 17 days ago
D’arvit disney. D’arvit. 🖕🏾
Syed 17 days ago
Trash. We wait for 8 years and they give us this shit. Literally everything is wrong.
Xavier Ramind Day
Xavier Ramind Day 17 days ago
Is that goblin talking?
Aaron Qian
Aaron Qian 17 days ago
Lost me at black butler, what the fuck?
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