Discussing the Idea of Murdering Each Other but It's Just a Joke and Definitely Not Serious Haha

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It's perfectly normal to discuss the possibility of how you would murder your friends with those friends and converse in great detail about how you would get away with said murder. We call this the Murder Your Friend Tag haha.
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Unus Annus.


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Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 8 342
Zoe Afton
Zoe Afton 7 hours ago
Dark, Blank... CALM DOWN
Sxlent Edxtor
Sxlent Edxtor 7 hours ago
The room in this vid reminds me of how Dexter does his activities
Excuse me, what?
Excuse me, what? 7 hours ago
*o h?*
kaikalai 7 hours ago
they just gave two meanings to “I can’t wait till i get my hands on you.”
kiwi games
kiwi games 8 hours ago
Can i be strapped down? (If u know what i mean 😉) (lol)
Gorey just Gorey what do you want, my adress?
Discussing the plans for the end of unus annus
Minikarma 8 hours ago
honestly if I were not infected with Cowardice this would be what I’d do
The Wonder World Of Kane
When Darkiplier or Wilford comes out secretly in this video😂
Tsunami Games
Tsunami Games 8 hours ago
I’m in comfortable
Edgiest Fall
Edgiest Fall 9 hours ago
mark and ethan- talk about brutal murder and torture the editor- 8:12
Pancakes Pancakes
Pancakes Pancakes 9 hours ago
Aha .... ha
Mystery Gamer
Mystery Gamer 10 hours ago
M Rod
M Rod 11 hours ago
Where did mark get that knife? I want one. Not for murder.
Harley Lewis
Harley Lewis 12 hours ago
im honestly contemplating if their gunna kill each other in a few months XD
Amzz 12 hours ago
Why did I actually watch this?
unable_to_game 12 hours ago
mark just seemed not okay in this
scoobysnax 13 hours ago
this is... weirdly psychosexual.
Antisepticeye 15 hours ago
Markimoo don't tuch my Heapass
Maddie Sig.
Maddie Sig. 15 hours ago
When Ethan really just wanted to eat the watermelon
Deadpoolinne 15 hours ago
I thought this would be funny but I’m honestly creeped out
John Juliot
John Juliot 15 hours ago
One of those melons starred in the Nutball thumbnail Now he’s dead
SunshineHobi TxT
SunshineHobi TxT 15 hours ago
Omg all I'm getting is sexual tension. Goddamn...wow
Musa Fahad
Musa Fahad 16 hours ago
Lots of watermelons were harmed in the making of this video...
Jimmie POPYUGG 16 hours ago
Next video: Ethan has sadly disappeared
Heaven Alexis
Heaven Alexis 16 hours ago
Getting Cupcakes vibes from this... *Shudder*
Gaming Luxray
Gaming Luxray 17 hours ago
Just a joke. Yes tis only a joke. Definitely not behind you. Ready to spring and take you down. Tis only a joke.😉😉
Gideon Williams
Gideon Williams 17 hours ago
Princess Crystal
Princess Crystal 17 hours ago
one of my favorite videos from this channel
Moose 666
Moose 666 18 hours ago
These two are the reason we have those "so and so bought 56 watermelons" math problems bro. Like..."Mark bout 27 watermelons and gave Ethan 12. Ethan stabs 6 of his and Mark hammers 7 of his. How many of the original 27 are left?"
Emmi Goes Rawr
Emmi Goes Rawr 18 hours ago
Luckily in a year detectives cant use this as evidence in case anything happens😅...
Emmi Goes Rawr
Emmi Goes Rawr 18 hours ago
Dont forget the bleach and fire😊
John Kid
John Kid 18 hours ago
When you have a weird roommate Objective: escape
Rocket With A Smile
Rocket With A Smile 18 hours ago
11:35 again, i'm not giving context XDD
Rocket With A Smile
Rocket With A Smile 18 hours ago
9:50 i'm not giving context XDD
Brian Owings
Brian Owings 18 hours ago
Hello everyone and welcome back to Outlast...
Laura Kramer
Laura Kramer 19 hours ago
What if we murdered each other in a suicide pact in a final act of devotion.... Haha just kidding...... Unless?
Jude The Undead Fry
Jude The Undead Fry 19 hours ago
what did i just watch :)
William Spaulding
William Spaulding 19 hours ago
Ok Dexter lets calm down
Pylonial Waffles
Pylonial Waffles 19 hours ago
It’s Nyyxi Love
It’s Nyyxi Love 19 hours ago
Ethan’s screams are too good
Joey Sokoloski
Joey Sokoloski 19 hours ago
This was so much better at x2 speed XD
MerpDaDerp830 19 hours ago
Hahaha... ha... ya... yup heh... not serious at ALLLLL. Ha.
IcE Eternal
IcE Eternal 19 hours ago
I wouldn’t be tidy about it
Iron Bars Jack
Iron Bars Jack 20 hours ago
Mark: *smashes open Ethan’s watermelons and CONSUMES them
Jonpon 20 hours ago
*i don't know who these egos are but i'm scared someone come pick me up*
Lujane Ghweir
Lujane Ghweir 20 hours ago
Can't wait for part 2 when they actually kill each other haha
Andrea H
Andrea H 20 hours ago
This video exudes pseudo chaotic voodoo and cannibalism vibes and it’s fucking me up bro
Andrea H
Andrea H 20 hours ago
Why did hearing Ethan describe how he’d murder/torture someone slowly and painfully give me ASMR tingles????? Am I okay?????
Andrea H
Andrea H 20 hours ago
This just looks like two average forensics students musing how to commit the perfect murder to me.
Andrea H
Andrea H 20 hours ago
Is this kind of what I sound like to my friends when I describe to them in detail all the different ways I know how to kill myself? (In case you’re wondering, I’m fine and I won’t actually kms. But depression and the internet can lead to some weird shit.)
Hunter Lasiak
Hunter Lasiak 21 hour ago
Mark and Ethan are slowly plummeting into insanity
Phoenix Borealis
Phoenix Borealis 21 hour ago
It's a bad season for fake flesh, but I suppose it serves the purpose.
Mckinlea Poland
Mckinlea Poland 21 hour ago
i wonder what amy thinks while all of this is happening
1967 Chevy Impala
1967 Chevy Impala 21 hour ago
ehehhehehehhh *mark ate ethans metaphorical balls*
Missouri Spartan
Missouri Spartan 21 hour ago
That one Smol Pizza roll
5:00 I agree with Ethan- I feel like if I was gonna murder someone his way would be how I would do it-
dysfunctional cucumber
9:58 Someone will die. Of fun!
A Slιму Ɗяαgση •Laυяєη•
Five watermelons were harmed in the making of this production.
Lily Coss
Lily Coss Day ago
Alt title: Mark and Ethan's cock and ball torture chamber
Danny DoritoTM
what if we... 😳😳talked about killing each other... 🙀in a "craft room" that was soundproof and covered with plastic sheets to prevent mess from spraying fluids that definitely won't be blood???😂😂😳🙈🙈🙊 jk 😂 jk... 👀 unless???
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