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This is a recap on the Rodriguez vs Stephens fight. This has to go down as the most disappointing main event in recent memory between Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez. Let me know your thoughts on the fight. Love you all. Ricky
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Sep 22, 2019




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ModestReptile 27 days ago
You sound like Tony Hinchcliffe
Ricky J Sports
Ricky J Sports 26 days ago
@ModestReptile dude that comment was the best comment of all time... thank you so much for this brotha!!
Pantagruelian 27 days ago
@Miles Davidson fr? 😂
Notorious1503 27 days ago
What a diss
ModestReptile 27 days ago
closinginonclosure Tony is higher pitched and more nasally, I agree with both those points. I still maintain that the differences are minuscule enough that the comparison is more than warranted. The areas in which they are extremely similar are in the pacing and timing of their speech. So obviously I’m looking at elements like the speed at which they talk, typical length of sentences, amount of pauses they take and the length, frequency and placement of those pauses. Rhythmically, they sit in a VERY similar pocket. Those tendencies in their speech combined with them having fairly similar tone is more than enough for me (and several others) to assert that it’s an apt comparison. Especially within the given context of this being a humorous comment on a USvid video. If your intention was to get me to admit that their voices do not perfectly align then go ahead and take the W on this one. No, they don’t sound exactly alike and I was definitely exaggerating for comedic purposes. Somehow, “you sound pretty similar to Tony Hinchcliffe, except that you have a slightly lower pitched voice and speak more in the back of your throat he does and your inflection at the end of your sentences is a lot like Tony’s in that you both tend to upturn at the end of your sentences, although only some of the time and other times you have a tendency to dip slightly lower than he does in the middle of your sentences and something you both do is smile and pause before a punchline, and the transparent grin you both have when delivering something that is intended to be funny creates a similar inflection although precisely the same just more similar than most people sound to one another...”, did not quite have the same ring to it, ya know? Listen man, if you start nitpicking every single statement to the degree we have if this discussion, nothing interesting or entertaining will ever be said. There are a lot of words to describe this interaction we’ve had: trivial, sad, petty, tedious are some that come to mind,(and don’t think I’m putting that all on you, I’m just as responsible in all of this), interesting, entertaining or funny are perhaps the least appropriate adjectives to describe what has happened here. We just collectively wrote a fucking college thesis about an offhand comment made on a video of two shirtless men punching each other in the face that has almost nothing to do with the actual content of the video. I sincerely apologize to anyone who actually read this pathetic wall of text. Good luck with your music, closinginonclosure. Excellent video, Ricky. I’m definitely going to subscribe. I’m getting the fuck out of here.
closinginonclosure 27 days ago
@ModestReptile What a coincidence. I'm also a musician, producer, and audio engineer. I'm 34 years old and have been playing music since elementary school and producing an mixing for nearly a decade. I also own several high end headphones and earbuds. Also I listened to this thorough air pods. Regardless, the quality of headphones isn't all that necessary and background in music and audio isn't very relevant either aside from tone and pitch. Which, both of those are very different from Tony. So is his inflection and overall enunciation. Tony is much more nasally, and his voice is more of a head voice. He's also higher pitched, different tone, and completely different enunciation on vouls. If you really are so well versed in audio, you'd realize those things. But I guess just because some people claim to do things, doesn't mean they're actually good at them. I run into horrible musicians, engineers, audio techs, and everything in between all the time. Go find some good Hinchcliff audio. Try JRE, he uses good equipment. Listen to that really closely. Then listen to this guy again. Aside from one or 2 EXTREMELY SUBTLE similarities. They sound completely different. It's like saying a zebra looks just like a horse.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 16 hours ago
You don't know shit about fights buddy
Fernando FT
Fernando FT Day ago
Good video! Rewatching after yair beat Jeremy 2-1 rounds
412josh z
412josh z Day ago
If the Mexicans throw shit in the ring then they deserve a main event aka sex lips narrator
MMAFRoO 3 days ago
A fly or som got in my eye while i was riding my bike in the city the other day. It kept tearing up and i couldn't look properly for the rest of the day.
Malik Bagais
Malik Bagais 15 days ago
Who the foooooook is that guy?
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 17 days ago
He didn't got close to the eye check the replay
Adam M
Adam M 18 days ago
1st fine any fighter for eye pokes. 2nd a sad day for mexico to have yair fight for them. 3rd get this cry baby out of the ufc.
carlos cruz
carlos cruz 23 days ago
Both lil BITCHES
Zari O'henry
Zari O'henry 23 days ago
The mexican fans acted like total shit. I've always thought American fans are the worst. We really are. This was dispicable. You're fucking gross.
happy00kain 24 days ago
in the video it is observed that the friction was on Stephens's right cheek, he puts his hand at first to his right eye, then his left is checked and he continues to pretend. in the altercation at the hotel, Yair approaches Stephens to apologize and then tells him to show him what happened to his eye, because Stephens was wearing glasses, seeing that he could be discovered that he did not have an injury to the eye, Stephens pushes Yair and the people who came with Yair stop him as well as Stephens.
Pine Fresh
Pine Fresh 24 days ago
This whole debacle is separating the reasonable people from the irrational and ignorant.
jaguarpawz 24 days ago
The leg kicks hurt stephens and the rub down the eyes was the escape goat
Gzup505 505
Gzup505 505 4 days ago
That's exactly right
Patricia de Benito
Patricia de Benito 17 days ago
escape goat?
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 24 days ago
That was eye it happend to me, and it developed in to glaucoma from and lost a lot of my vision on my left eye. Fuck Yair
Jürgen Klopp
Jürgen Klopp 24 days ago
How about new gloves? Eyepoke problem solved.
Joel B.
Joel B. 25 days ago
Jeremy is a coward. Fuck up Jeremy when he comes back to Mexico.
armada2390 25 days ago
Why open your hands? You a tai-chi master? Or is this a fist fight?
Ricky J Sports
Ricky J Sports 25 days ago
U r so right. Respect!
H 25 days ago
Rodriguez mums balls.
Benjamin Vague
Benjamin Vague 25 days ago
And I poke-
Jeff bill
Jeff bill 25 days ago
Not even a eye pokes lol
Skydrawn 26 days ago
Last fight he got kicked in the balls - fuck this guy has the worst luck
Orang3 Monkey
Orang3 Monkey 26 days ago
It was disappointing to say the least. Stephens is a beast. Would've been a really good fight. Yair's last win was a fluke. It was an accidental elbow at the very last second. There's no way he planned that. That was pure luck. And for him to get upset after the intentional eye poke was dumb. And the Mexican fans being you know, mexicans acted like Mexicans act.
Anthony Long
Anthony Long 23 days ago
Dana himself wouldn’t give Khabib his belt in Nevada because people would start throwing stuff into the ring. Nevada. And if they did the media would just say it was bad and move on and for sure all these racist people wouldn’t be talking shit about a whole nation of people. The same thing happened in Canada recently when they cheered KD’s injury. I feel like that was worse.
Green Dust
Green Dust 26 days ago
Yair Dirty ass bum and cries like a little bitch that Stevens couldn’t continue the fight. don’t poke him in the eye asshole! I mean it’s such bullshit that goes on in the Welterweight division. Jorge Masvidal VS Nate Diaz It’s not a title fight so they have to make it up with the stupid fucking BMF title fucking joke Ridiculous!!
Rafael Miguel Mallillin
He opened his eye after declared as the winner.. He is just faking it,.like NBA player flops..
Shawn Tuma
Shawn Tuma 26 days ago
Only way you couldn’t pry it open is if he was forcibly closing it
Shawn Tuma
Shawn Tuma 26 days ago
Stephens faked that shit, can’t open his eye?? Never has an eye poke make you not open your eye, maybe not see? It wasn’t swole. And didn’t look bad on helwani show, not scratch or blood or swollen so he must’ve forced it shut! Common sense right?
Gzup505 505
Gzup505 505 4 days ago
Jeremy Stephens got hurt with those legs kicks and he didn't want to fight after that they found a way out
Rick Rascon
Rick Rascon 26 days ago
Eye poker
Afghan 600
Afghan 600 26 days ago
13 seconds? What about Masvidal vs Ben Askren
MultiBearsfan54 26 days ago
Pride type gloves would solve the problem
Jonny hyyd
Jonny hyyd 26 days ago
Came here from MOJAHED
Jonny hyyd
Jonny hyyd 25 days ago
@Ricky J Sports when Tony vs khabib happen be the 1st one to upload it
Ricky J Sports
Ricky J Sports 26 days ago
That's awesome he is a legend and I am not lol
TAWHVS LIVE 26 days ago
Eye pokes happen all the time. This Mexican dude does it and it’s illegal as fuck? Yeah he shouldn’t have done that.. but this type of shit happens A LOT, so do groin shots... it happens. I personally think he was faking it. Because when Yair threw that slap, Stephen rubbed his left eye.. for the rest of the “match” he was rubbing the right eye... Also I’ve been poked in the eye before and you tear a lot, your nose also gets runny. That whole area turns red. This seemed like he just wanted the excuse to not fight and that miracle happened for him. Unfortunate...
Dmac 740
Dmac 740 26 days ago
Back in the day ild school that malice at the palace wasn't long ago and those are just pos fans throwing 💩 like that Ufc will make it right.
Jarvis McDoogle
Jarvis McDoogle 26 days ago
Shout out to herb dean he gave him 5 full minutes and told the doc to give him his time he gave him every chance to fight, but eye pokes are bad man #feelsbad
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 26 days ago
I could see the poke happening but there is no way yair hurt him if that was a punch instead.
Marcel Joel
Marcel Joel 26 days ago
But he got poked the right eye and held his left. Wtf
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas 26 days ago
Why have it in the octagon. Yair and jeremy got paid. They should have a street fight. In the center of Mexico. So everyone could see it. For free. Just in case jeremy decides to poke yair. To get even.
Jason Li
Jason Li 26 days ago
Ricky! Post the wordlife fight please
Test Tickle
Test Tickle 26 days ago
tiny gloves wtf u on about
FrequencyOo 27 days ago
Yair Rodriguez is a loser for doing that shit
Gui Silva
Gui Silva 27 days ago
Jean Claude Van Damme fight Blind...
New Era #LAMAR4MVP 27 days ago
I absolutely hate all of these people bashing Yair or Stephens... Ik it’s frustrating but it s no ones fault. It’s easy to blame Yair but cmon this is a mma right and accidental stuff like that happens. PS: Alexa Grasso got robbed 😖
jacob crowhurst
jacob crowhurst 27 days ago
What a ballbag
luis holguin
luis holguin 27 days ago
IT wasn't an eye poke to me honestly we had real bad eye pokes in a different fights and they had continued fighting, I think he just want to get away...
nunya 27 days ago
Third world antics. Build The Wall
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio 18 days ago
nunya sissy boy
Vinnie Cassello
Vinnie Cassello 27 days ago
That Guy Luis
That Guy Luis 27 days ago
Just lost all respect for Yair. Guy is fuckin afraid. Hope UFC wont go back to Mexico too
Vladimir Nieves
Vladimir Nieves 27 days ago
Yair pocked the right eye and then Stephens was having problems on his left eye, wtf?
Jossue Ríos Martinez
Was the kick to the face, you are right, he pocked the right eye
Louigi Mantooth
Louigi Mantooth 27 days ago
The best part of the event was the Masterful Performance by Joe Martinez. He is a combat sports Legend!
Steve D
Steve D 27 days ago
Play it back in Mexico? I'm sorry but that was disgusting behavior for a city, they truly embarrassed themselves and their country... I get it was a shitty way to end the night, but assaulting an injured fighter and the staff is too much. They should be banned for any event in the foreseeable future, and the UFC could find somewhere else in the country if they choose to do more in Mexico.
jesusbonnie 27 days ago
And the Nickelodeon award for the best "He did this, he did that" story goes to......Ricky J Sports.
jesusbonnie 27 days ago
@Ricky J Sports LOL!!!
Ricky J Sports
Ricky J Sports 27 days ago
Hahaha thanks brother lol
Zac Hoard
Zac Hoard 27 days ago
Why all the dislikes??
Shablé 27 days ago
Cant fuck w eyeballs
YACIN AZ 27 days ago
paul bish
paul bish 27 days ago
Why talk all the way through it
ABC FX 27 days ago
Tony is the type of guy to poke his eyes to give his opponents 5 min rest.
Ninja scroll
Ninja scroll 27 days ago
Ufc is crap period 💯💯💯💯
JC Carjar
JC Carjar 27 days ago
luv the nwo reference 🤘
Phil D Grave
Phil D Grave 27 days ago
666 Mexicans are mad
Dio 27 days ago
If only Jon Jones was called out on his constant eye poking and other cheating/failed drug tests.
Dio 26 days ago
@C0NDEV1L No he isn't lol. Not by anyone with power over him. He gets off Scott fucking free nigh every time.
C0NDEV1L 26 days ago
Dio he is called out for those things literally all the time.
Ivo Zeppelin
Ivo Zeppelin 27 days ago
This shit eye poke starts to be popular because in the DC vs Miocic fight the referee "Dana" allowed DC to poke, multiple times. This shit has to stop. One thing, I got my eye scratched ones (work no fight) couldn't open it for a week. Felt like somebody is sticking a finger in your eye but not taking it out anymore. You literally need to open your eye with fingers to get the water out.... Really bad feeling...
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