Did I Lie About Having a Twin?

Moriah Elizabeth
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FINALLY revealing the TRUTH about the mystery!!!
-Even though this whole thing came out SUCH a long time ago (I WAS 17 AT THE TIME), I felt like I needed to address it due to the large number of comments that I have continued to receive about Hannah. People have messaged me so many times specifically asking about Hannah. Here's the answer!
ME AND MY TWIN: usvid.net/video/video-UOJstveN82A.html
MY EVIL TWIN RETURNS: usvid.net/video/video-1QB03FQk44Q.html
HANNAH'S GUEST APPEARANCE: usvid.net/video/video-gelC2w7YOLQ.html
ME AND SAM: usvid.net/video/video-xI2fiLI5kzI.html

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Mar 26, 2018




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Comments 13 284
Ash Wøłfïę
Ash Wøłfïę 10 minutes ago
I still love you :3
sweet apple
sweet apple 3 hours ago
It'll be cooler if Hannah is real
Tracy Irvin
Tracy Irvin 4 hours ago
Do you have a sibling
Totally Twins
Totally Twins 17 hours ago
2020 anyone?
Littleartic17 21 hour ago
I never doubted you, or didn't believe you, but I still had a nagging feeling on the inside so.. * Sips Coffee * I guess I'm just weird.
NooNoo3000 21 hour ago
2020 anyone? 😂😂
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols 21 hour ago
Hey, can you add Hannah to more videos?
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols 21 hour ago
I actually though Hannah was real... why did you lie about her?
Molly Guest
Molly Guest 23 hours ago
Watching the vid at 0:36 and looked at the comments and it said -don’t need to worry still the same person whether Hannah is real or not - RUINED IT #lovetheparenttrap
Jody Brenner
Jody Brenner Day ago
i am mad at Moriah
Rachel Ford
Rachel Ford Day ago
i didn't even know you made a video about a fake twin!
Luis Berrios
Luis Berrios Day ago
Dantdm did that
Penelope Mbedha
i just liked the videos with hannah plz give me a shout out
Penelope Mbedha
i don't care if hannah is fake we still love you
Ashley L
Ashley L Day ago
We all still love you And people agree
Sadie Gilvear
its fine yall
Chicken nuggets
I don't care that you lied :D
Wolf Twins
Wolf Twins Day ago
I love you omg I am a twin I watched them
Jon Muchow
Jon Muchow Day ago
100 P E R S E N T FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!
DIY Tiktok Jellyfruit
I think that is cool
Julia Chiotti
I know it!!!!!! you have no sister!!!
princess flyingunicorn
No matter what I love moriah Elizabeth
Jane delaney
Jane delaney 2 days ago
2020 anyone 👇Everyone who loves moriah
Jane delaney
Jane delaney 2 days ago
Well I only like her u all boomers
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan 2 days ago
Hey its fine! We still like you! It happens, even Wengie does it! Its fine! Dont worry!
Makenna Ingram
Makenna Ingram 2 days ago
I knew that she looks to identical
Bobbi Giesen
Bobbi Giesen 2 days ago
Ha I now it
Romaissa El Moudarrib
You know what moriah I just saw your channel and I saw your very first vidéos de this what I think about your channel..........AMAZING,CREATIVE,FUNNY,and very very TALENTED......I wish I can be just like you in art and attitude and by the way I like your attitude so much.And either way I don’t care we all still love you ....right any body????? This is how much kind and loving supporters you have!👇🏻(including me of course)❤️❤️❤️❤️
icel ahmed
icel ahmed 2 days ago
HANAH is so cuteeeee but she is fake
Mallen Moore
Mallen Moore 2 days ago
I love youuuuuuu
Gnat Reyez
Gnat Reyez 2 days ago
I thought she was real for a sec
Gnat Reyez
Gnat Reyez 2 days ago
It’s ok we still love you!!!!!
Hamza Alkhatib
Hamza Alkhatib 2 days ago
this video was made in 2018 and im watching this in 2020 who else was watching this in 2020
jesusafr 2 days ago
how is Hannah
Olivia Burden
Olivia Burden 2 days ago
We still love u moriah
sushicatlrj 2 days ago
what 80000 isnt a lot to you
Abigayle Akinpelumi
You betrayed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rob richards
rob richards 4 days ago
Katherine A.
Katherine A. 4 days ago
We still luv u!😍
Kerrie Thomasson
Kerrie Thomasson 4 days ago
I will never stop loving you ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💓💕💗❤
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez 4 days ago
Hahahahah i still love you
Sadie Reagan
Sadie Reagan 5 days ago
She is so pretty any one agree
Danielle Wang
Danielle Wang 5 days ago
i'm totally confused......
Jaela The person
Jaela The person 5 days ago
We don’t care if you have a twin we still will watch your videos ❤️
Dua and Zamzam shahani
Sister or not we still love you! This is how many people agree 👇🏻💗💜🦄💓🌈💗💜🦄💓🌈💗💜🦄💓🌈💗💜🦄💓🌈
Gabija Jasudaviciute
I hate you Just kidding we LOVE YOU
Courtney Roberts
Courtney Roberts 6 days ago
What!?! So Hannah isn’t realllllllll!!!!!! Well that’s ok we still Love you anyway Moriah!
Hi Man
Hi Man 6 days ago
I got your create this book
MyHeroAcademiaFan !
I didn't know about her lying about having a twin...I don't care though. I still think your cool, Moriah. ❤
Maya-Lynne Bedell
I know this is an old video but I just wanted to tell you that I’m like you I have a weird hairline and my initials are me too also you are the best ever thank you 😊
Gabija Jasudaviciute
No mater what we still love uuuu😍😙😘☺
The Gacha Woolfie Gamer
OH MAH GaAWd u lIE I hAtE YoU Jk
Budi Winarso Tasripin
moriah:time to tell them the truth Hannah Hannah: i am FAKE Moriah:what!..but Me:LOL
watisoni waqa
watisoni waqa 7 days ago
Hmmmmph, Still has 4 million subs that 4 million more than me so that pretty much means that we love you even more for telling the truth]
April Warren
April Warren 7 days ago
I don’t like you now
Lilly Yeaman
Lilly Yeaman 7 days ago
What if Hannah is pretending to be Moriah and adopted her channel and is lying that there is no Hannah so there is only her
eliও 7 days ago
i will never be mad at you
Bøi I always need føød
Oh... but Sam is he fake?
A b
A b 8 days ago
A b
A b 8 days ago
Hannah is real!!!!!
A b
A b 8 days ago
Hannah is real!!!!!
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