Desk Setup Tour 2014 (MKBHD Setup Tour Project)

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Just wanted to let you guys see my submission to MKBHD's Setup Tour Project. My submission was already emailed so this isn't late lol.
My Ultimate Office/Room Tour 2013: usvid.net/video/video-54FX-bkK1Yg.html
MKBHD Setup Tour 2014: TBA
Links to all items can be found here: www.uacreviews.com/post/2013/my-ultimate-officeroom-tour
Check out my camera gear here: goo.gl/CuaAJt
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Feb 15, 2014




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Comments 133
Felicia Thomas
Felicia Thomas 4 years ago
What is your desk called, I have been looking all over for it.
Charlie Jakubowski
Charlie Jakubowski 5 years ago
when r u gonna do a wii unboxing
Ajay Tej
Ajay Tej 5 years ago
I have Subscribed 4 months ago and now i'm going to Unsubsribe . YOU LOOSE !!!
Ajay Tej
Ajay Tej 5 years ago
just get out guy that's my reply you later !!!
Samuel kings
Samuel kings 5 years ago
Bye bye
ElRules45 5 years ago
What is your headset stand ^^ ? Please respond me, it's very important :D !
edwin green
edwin green 5 years ago
That floating display with your consoles is amazing!!! Brilliant idea 👍
eric lim
eric lim 5 years ago
They sell it at ikea, but it's 250 bucks.
Latifo JJ
Latifo JJ 5 years ago
can you show more pleese Because I think that's a minus
john emmanuel gerona
What kind of relation do you have with MKBHD?,is he your buddy or is he a relative... I mean what's up withyou two,you both make great unboxing and reviews...
FleeForce 5 years ago
so sad using mac
Joshi Oyabun
Joshi Oyabun 5 years ago
nice setyup i like it!
Armando Bustos
Armando Bustos 5 years ago
@UrAvgConsumer I found your video on mkbhd's channel at 37:07. Yours is the best set up man :)
jashai roots-cromartie
more vlogggssss pleeeeeese
Aarif karoliwala
Aarif karoliwala 6 years ago
What do u do with all ur headphones once u review and unboxing of them
Hockeytown Rules
Hockeytown Rules 6 years ago
That is an awesome setup. I first wondered where ur PS4 was lol
AMAZINGJIBSTER713 6 years ago
Thats freaking awesome
Tom Wiegman
Tom Wiegman 6 years ago
I got a bonor of tour headphone collection
Nima_nn 6 years ago
i saw the sync by 50 on the top of ur table... I HAVE THE SAME ONE!!!! can you please do a review on that??
Kong Tech
Kong Tech 6 years ago
Nice setup ! Check out mines !
BanditMoto 6 years ago
that gundam thoughhh
Trey Jairles
Trey Jairles 6 years ago
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 6 years ago
what do you do when your music unlimited trial ends on ps4?
darren spence
darren spence 6 years ago
How much are you selling the PS vita for i need one
Anti 6 years ago
I like his headphones/headsets setup
DansTube.TV 6 years ago
Awesome setup dude!
EJ Aquino
EJ Aquino 6 years ago
I like the gundam figure. Used to build those when I was a kid. :)
Saif Al Najaf
Saif Al Najaf 6 years ago
TheBox 6 years ago
Dat wall paper tho !
rkoviper04 6 years ago
Aye @uravgconsumer where do you get the headphone stands at ? Plz reply back
Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa 6 years ago
Pleas review the gaems g155 cuz i haven't seen any good reviews on it yet and it is a really nice and good quality system :)
Will Quoikapor
Will Quoikapor 6 years ago
Does anyone know how i can get that swimming fish background that's in his computer?
Steven Medrano
Steven Medrano 6 years ago
That seven sword gundam tough
Gunnar Oddur
Gunnar Oddur 6 years ago
Can you review the new Soul By Ludacris Jet elite noise cancelling headphones ?
h20786 6 years ago
You should reveiw the Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ Style Headphones. They are a cheaper alternative to bass and I saw them on amazon for 60$. (I paid 80$ for them at Walmart in July.)
Jaret Bottoms
Jaret Bottoms 6 years ago
Why doesn't he review less mainstream things lol jk ikw
Sahil Rustami
Sahil Rustami 6 years ago
Can you please review the afterglow wireless headset?!
Pref_915 6 years ago
I'm disappointed it's not the Lancelot Albion
SilverPresence 6 years ago
Code Geass reference...!
axel mendoza
axel mendoza 6 years ago
When are you going to do a giveaway
Goyomojo Tech
Goyomojo Tech 6 years ago
nice setup man! plz go check out my setup too at the channel goyomojo tech.
Philipp Dannemann-Freitag
Lovin gour vids they are really well made
kento 6 years ago
I see a mg 1/100 00 raiser! Do u build gunpla?
MrAmezey 6 years ago
@masterkent1 he watches anime and i guess he builds gunpla
CarBoLiX VFirst
CarBoLiX VFirst 6 years ago
I'm a french man and I understand what you say (but i am bad at school in english). When i want buy an object I look on your channel. I think what you do is very good. :)
RoyBiscuit 6 years ago
gundam !!, nice :D
Erdene-ochir uranmunkh
Can you do unboxing in bingle please
Wus poppin Jimbo
Wus poppin Jimbo 6 years ago
Plz do a unboxing of the beats pill xl
Tyler Dunbar
Tyler Dunbar 6 years ago
What's the best tv to use for a ps4
Troy Guenther
Troy Guenther 6 years ago
know where i can buy that playstation 3d display?
wbpbrian 6 years ago
UAC u need have a review of the PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset as soon as they come out. Then u should compare them to the pulse elites also.
Your set up is kinda like mine great minds think alike! :)
Taran Sahota
Taran Sahota 6 years ago
Taran Sahota
Taran Sahota 6 years ago
Sup, so I have been woundering if you can do dna monster headphones review and vs the beast solo hd
abhay purba
abhay purba 6 years ago
Hey uac i would really like to see a unboxing and a review of the house of marley chant portable speaker there is not a lot of good videos on this product so i hope you make a good video and i know u will like u always
Sam Morici
Sam Morici 6 years ago
Hey dude! Love the videos! In your office tour, I was curious about how you were able to drag something from the iMac to the Playstation Monitor? Was it an app or a cable or something else? Thanks.
Julian Tonche
Julian Tonche 6 years ago
I like the set up
John Lemon
John Lemon 6 years ago
All dem headsets Damn
Kamal DaSilva
Kamal DaSilva 6 years ago
I like the setup is has everything connected and displayed very neatly....BUT did anyone else notice that 00 Raiser Gundam model on his desk
Chicken Wing Boy
Chicken Wing Boy 6 years ago
Uravgconsumer there is a newer pulse headset! It's called the gold wireless headset
Maurice Medina
Maurice Medina 6 years ago
F@#K Yeah, I also have a 1/144 Gundam 00 Seven Sword model on my desk ^_^ (I know yours is the Raiser, but still... *Fist Bump*)
Jillett566 6 years ago
Where do you get your money for all this stuff? That's at least 5-7 thousand dollars right there!!! It's insane man super jealous!
junebudz1 6 years ago
Can you provide the link to the headphone stands?
John Davenport
John Davenport 6 years ago
Great job! just finished watching the complete Ultimate room setup.
how do you get the imac to see the 3d display?
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