Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Aug 13, 2019




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Comments 12 473
Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers 4 days ago
Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.
Pricilla Herbert
Pricilla Herbert 2 hours ago
Thanks for having respect to Cameron Boyce who sadly past away respect my brother cuz I’m black
Drexel Joseph aka Drex868
Word there may be a 4th installment, what's an your take
Yohanna Almonte
Yohanna Almonte 5 hours ago
you forgot the part where they in higchool LMAOAO
Mackenzie Wichman
Mackenzie Wichman 6 hours ago
Best video ever 😂
Ena Hankušić
Ena Hankušić 6 hours ago
Hi ugly frog(a joke before u kill me with hate)
Amaya Heartfilia
Im 12 but i still want a 4th movie but we cant get it and i started this at 8 and now i feel like a wierdo because everyone at school hates this series
lyraified υωυ
is it me or does the set look like it's made outta cardboard
Mari Ortega
Mari Ortega Hour ago
2004Amber Hour ago
Appparently they were planning on making 3 more movies but with entirely different characters and the originals were only gonna be in the first of the next 3 as side characters
Ko_Toriii Hour ago
2 million views? that quick? holy tea.
Trianglegodlord Dev
I'm guessing you didn't watch the part where Jane calls her mum or mom to get the wand but oh wait the fairy god mother got turned into Stone and if Jane and the others tried to get the wand Audrey would go after them as she can spy.
Dario Costa
Dario Costa Hour ago
Alex: Disney Channel movies and shows don't make sense. Also Alex: almost every single photo on his Instagram is his dog. Yeah, wathever, Alex..
Alison O'Shea
Alison O'Shea Hour ago
Why is this best the thing ever
CatToonz Hour ago
There's already 3 Descendants movies?! Wow I feel old.
Ally The Filipina
The Enchanted Lake water technically a potion rather than a spell.
ツabbie Hour ago
so it’s just fine that these kids are what, seniors in high school? and getting engaged?
Ella Morris
Ella Morris Hour ago
I’m just going to say shut up
Acadia Lynch-Raymond
Descendants Books by Melissa De La Cruz: Maleficent: Mal, you are as worthless as your *human* dad Descendants Movies: Mal: Hey guys, my dad is a god, so uh...
norma mabubu
norma mabubu Hour ago
The reason why I Why I watched this Is because I want to See parts of the movie Because I want to see The movie badly
Jojo Circus
Jojo Circus Hour ago
Here are some movies to do Lemonade Mouth Adventures in Babysitting Zapped And well idk
Fiona Hour ago
Please someone mention how BAD doug looks with long hair!!!
Tea Hour ago
You think everything doesn’t make sense 😂
stef !
stef ! Hour ago
how can dude talk if magic doesn’t work on the isle??
Ashlyn Wolf
Ashlyn Wolf Hour ago
Me: yay! I watched the 3rd movie… xp
Brianna Alanis
8:18 that wasn't audrey since his dad doesn't control pain good neither does he
• Palette Chan •
Your drawings make no sense;D
phaenouk Hour ago
I hate the fact that Audrey doesn't get punished at all.
SWERVE Hour ago
Why does Carlos look like he's about to travel thru the quantum realm
Katherine Goggin
You make it funnier
kim with luv
kim with luv Hour ago
I’ve never watched any of these movies, but your animations are hilarious 😂
Lorena Walters
Has anyone else noticed that the set in this movie is so fake!
Mr Manikins
Mr Manikins Hour ago
Wait there’s a third one?
Jacob Petrie
Jacob Petrie Hour ago
When u pause the video how do u do that filter pls tell me
Alyssa L.
Alyssa L. Hour ago
Did this whole video happen without acknowledging GORGEOUS FACE???
Kelli Swanner
Kelli Swanner 2 hours ago
guys i love dis not dont make fun of d3 ):
Gabrielle Williams
Gabrielle Williams 2 hours ago
Don't forget the underlying politics, can't forget those.
Emily Little
Emily Little 2 hours ago
Wait Mal is a demigod. *_MAL IS NICO'S SISTER?!_*
Brianna Webb-Harris
The funny thing is you’re saying this was for kids but yet it actually was about the crap going on in the real world, they already confirmed it lol. Aka the barrier (the wall) they only cared about Audrey because she was one of them but yet they banned Hades. You skipped all the political parts lol
Mystic Studio
Mystic Studio 2 hours ago
9:19 I love how her voice changes tone in this scene
Afia Oteng
Afia Oteng 2 hours ago
just when i thought the second one was bad descendants 3 comes out . i had high hopes for it too 😭 okay but let’s not forget the first one was probably in the top ten for greatest disney original movies of all time that one actually made sense
PA TR 2 hours ago
Not to be rude or anything but they don’t except some grown a$$ men to watch this and they wouldn’t expect kids to notice this🤨
Danielle senpai
Danielle senpai 2 hours ago
What if Mel’s moms a whatever that how did it not Back to her mom
Jayleen Rae Goco
Jayleen Rae Goco 2 hours ago
If I ranked the movies it would be D2 D1 and then D3; I really did expect like a big finale for the trilogy like VKs vs the Villains (their parents) and hoped for more Villain kids. Even get involved with other kingdoms like Wonderland or Atlantis etc. I do like Audrey turning Evil but it was a bit much to make her the main Antagonist; she could have been an accomplice to assist the Villains. I also wished that Maleficent made a return but should she did turn over a new leaf. She’s still evil to an extent but not as much as the first movie. Overall the movie for D3 was good and the actors were amazing as usual, especially Hades. But wished it went out in a Bigger bang instead of a “Tiny Boom”. Just my opinion.
Power Pandas
Power Pandas 2 hours ago
Please react to the other Halloween town movies!!!!
Grace 2 hours ago
Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the person who plays Belle is the same person who plays the blue fairy in Once upon a time
diamond dyam
diamond dyam 2 hours ago
You always say EVERYTHING doesn't make sense
Santino Granada
Santino Granada 2 hours ago
Please react to wolf bloods
The Iza Show
The Iza Show 2 hours ago
what go back to maleficents movie made in 2014 malefincents falls in love with a men when she was 16 but he betrays her rips the wings off her back but the stroy never said she had found another love she just turned evil so hades was never brougth into the true sleeping beauty and maleficent's story so how is hades mal's dad
Faisal Islam
Faisal Islam 2 hours ago
Watching the movie while knowing that Cameron Boyce is dead actually makes it darker YKWIM?
Disney ROBLOX gacha Man/I’m silly
You don’t make sence :) Now stop trying to be funny with your cartoon cringe man
Xena Earnest
Xena Earnest 2 hours ago
you are not ok because ALL THREE of the Descendants movies are AMAZING!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!??!?!!?!??!?!!?
Isbah Fatima
Isbah Fatima 2 hours ago
Thnx for making me watch the whole movie for free and in only like 20 minutes
Ricey Wolf
Ricey Wolf 2 hours ago
5:14 and 7:37 Are my favorite part XD
Kali H
Kali H 2 hours ago
This movie looks so BAD!
The Screenslaver
The Screenslaver 2 hours ago
I couldn’t watch Descendants 3 without thinking about Cameron Boyce.
Kendra Hunter
Kendra Hunter 2 hours ago
has anyone else noticed that giggle thing dove cameron does when she's being serious I think she does it like 2 or three or 4 times in all 3 movies.
Bernice Tang
Bernice Tang 2 hours ago
It is not evil Queens crown it was Belle's crown Audrey took
PFI_Dragon YT
PFI_Dragon YT 2 hours ago
Ayy Alex Cameron passed be nice to the show they're still getting over it
i V o N V a S Q u E z
React to Spider-Man far from home😁 its a good movie 😁
Michael J
Michael J 2 hours ago
Also, unfortunately, Cameron Boyce, the kid who played Carlos DeVille, passed away from a seizure in his sleep back in July. Poor kid. 😢
Pricilla Herbert
Pricilla Herbert 2 hours ago
Doctor phacilia I don’t know how to spell it tho look it up
Denise Martinez
Denise Martinez 2 hours ago
They could not coutinue cuz of carlos aka Cameron boyce He died... so they cant make longer
-FriesChip- 2 hours ago
OKAY. . . TELL ME Something that makes sence!
Gacha _Wolf
Gacha _Wolf 2 hours ago
Wait Why Did You Watch It When You Know Its Boring :-:
Kevin Schiebler
Kevin Schiebler 2 hours ago
XXEthan ReubenXX
XXEthan ReubenXX 2 hours ago
We just gonna ignore the fact that cameron Died
Robert Hosford
Robert Hosford 2 hours ago
Opening the barrier is stupid yes we want to give people a second chance but it is a prison for the most evil people in the entire kingdom
Darcy Conchie
Darcy Conchie 2 hours ago
“We’re gonna do what riverdale did for abs but with songs” is so accurate istg 🤣🤣
Jeryl Juarez
Jeryl Juarez 2 hours ago
R.I.P my boy Cameron
Breaker Pwsbad
Breaker Pwsbad 2 hours ago
No one mentioning the scene where Audrey turned everyone BUT MAL into stone, (YES, SHE TURNED EVERYONE TO STONE EXCEPT ONE OF HER BIGGEST THREATS AT THAT MOMENT)
Kylie’s Kove
Kylie’s Kove 2 hours ago
Things that should have happened Hades should have seen malificent as the lizard Evie,Carlos,and jay deserved a happily ever after to Audrey should have been a side villain not the main villain They shouldn’t have made that short story it was unneeded That trailer of Audrey should have been mals half sister I mean ☕️ If they were gonna use the people from the isle they should have been bigger
ANNABELLE K 2 hours ago
can u at least make the characters normal
Adrian 2 hours ago
I lived for a couple of Hades and Persephone, I'm so confused now
Master Wilds
Master Wilds 2 hours ago
Wait if hades exists in this world so does the other gods but that also means that the underworld has no god
the Adventures of Hera
Ben Just give her da Dick.Dats all she want is the d
Kayla Dawson
Kayla Dawson 2 hours ago
Honestly. This is the best review of the movie I've heard because I thought the same thing. The storyline really could've been better
JackieR 30
JackieR 30 2 hours ago
I was never a fan of The Descendants franchise, but I knew family and the kids I used to babysit loved the franchise, so I would constantly play their music until it was engraved into my skull. Then, I found out about Cameron Boyce’s passing, and for some reason I felt absolutely terrible for never actually watching any of the Descendants movies, especially knowing the people mentioned above basically grew up watching it. So I decided to watch the third movie when it came out. I didn’t really have to watch the other two movies because I already knew most of what was going on, and I went into this third movie expecting it to be weird and knowing I wasn’t the targeted demographic. I gotta say, besides those two points, I did enjoy the movie, and it gave me nostalgia to when I used to watch movies like Camp Rock and High School Musical as a kid. But nonetheless I’m glad The Descendants franchise was able to influence the people around me and make them happy. RIP Cameron ❤️
Haley Lindsay
Haley Lindsay 2 hours ago
I LOVE your videos 💕
The Griffin
The Griffin 2 hours ago
I wonder if Mail realized that opening the barrier would also allow all of the dangerous adult criminals that probably wanted to exact revenge upon the people in Auradon.
Every Other Person
Every Other Person 2 hours ago
I’m still really happy that u still made this even after the tragic death of Cameron May he Rest In Peace x
Ame_ Zing
Ame_ Zing 2 hours ago
haahaha LOVE that Trogdor reference!
Amy Wooten
Amy Wooten 3 hours ago
Do my babysitter a vampire
Mcroy Lim
Mcroy Lim 3 hours ago
Finally... My reaction when i saw this vid: *OH MAI GOD YEESS*
Kendra Steele
Kendra Steele 3 hours ago
Tbh I was sad this whole movie I miss Cameron
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