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Deontay Wilder Knocks Down Tyson Fury in Round 12 | SHOWTIME PPV

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WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder lands a right hand and left hook combination that sent the 6-foot-9 Tyson Fury down for the second time in the fight, hitting his head on the canvas, but manages to miraculously get up.
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Dec 2, 2018




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Comments 10 582
michael reader
michael reader 2 days ago
DW choked, should've focused on landing after the knockdown
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard 4 days ago
Commentator saod "DEONTAY WILDER HAS DONE IT, KNOCKING OUT FURY IN ROUND 12" Then you hear the other commentator cut him off, "he's up" lmao
1:37 I feel bad for that dude walking in the background lol he missed the whole knock down lmao
Sevillista Guru
Sevillista Guru 5 days ago
wilder looks very small compared to fury....but man o man the power...he's 40 pounds lighter but still knocks him out
The Black Schwab
The Black Schwab 6 days ago
Its funny how the same fans that said GGG deserved the win vs Daniel Jacobs when GGG was thouroughly outboxed by Jacobs but was able to score a knockdown are the ones now saying that Wilder deserves to lose his belt even though he knocked is opponent down not once but TWICE! What happened to you dont win Title fights by outboxing? Backwards logic only applies to Black fighters. I hate to bring up Race, but it is the only way to explain the disparity in he GGG/Jacobs vs the Wilder/Fury fight.
J J 6 days ago
1:57 this kid reaction time is so fast in the background
Samuel Salgado
Samuel Salgado 6 days ago
Wilder needs to polish up his punches. That left hook should have finished him but he grazed him with the inside of his glove instead of with his knuckles. He should have stepped back a bit so he could get full extension on that hook. Even with that, his power is so great most fighters wouldn’t have survived those shots, especially Joshua who got hurt by Klitschko who was past his prime.
matt thomas
matt thomas 6 days ago
Wilder was exposed in this fight
Dr Anxiety
Dr Anxiety 9 days ago
These two great heavyweights gave us a show people!! Don't hate the result!! Be happy we were alive to see it!!
Kerry Lemay
Kerry Lemay 9 days ago
Dad bod energy at its finest!
Ole Son
Ole Son 10 days ago
This man is beating bums lmfao
boonchouy 11 days ago
Tyson fury really built like Gru
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 12 days ago
Fury got stopped 🤣🤣🤣
Tate Hamilton
Tate Hamilton 13 days ago
The power of Christ
Art T
Art T 13 days ago
These two wouldn't have even been contenders in any other era when boxing was legitimate.
Robert Hayden
Robert Hayden 14 days ago
🛑 the 🐎 💩The ref gave all that time for him 2 recover. Like it or not that’s not protocol! Ask Meldrick Taylor if Richard Steele does that 4 him!🤔🐖💩
PolySigh 14 days ago
i guess we always hope the black guy wins now
Olen Moss
Olen Moss 14 days ago
Never seen so many wild, energy draining punches in my life from a "boxer". Wilder was hitting the air, the ropes and hitting where Fury was at 2 seconds ago. He telegraphs his only hope for winning so badly he might as well send his opponents an email. "Hey dude, I'm fixing to throw you a windmill" lol. "You've got mail" hahaha
Lil Shekel
Lil Shekel 15 days ago
Fury won. Wilder was gifted a draw. Crooks
Baghuul 16 days ago
the way he woke up is like when you pop out of bed thinking your alarm isn't on only to be up 1 minute before the alarm would go off.
Koby Owen
Koby Owen 16 days ago
"Deontay wilder has done it!! ...Knocking down fury in round 12!" He wanted to say wilder has finished him but then he got up lol
Le Dickson
Le Dickson 16 days ago
Out to the 6 count like baby on a school night
jeg3301 16 days ago
at .16 seconds, that punch sounded like he dropped a bag of groceries or something heavy.
Jesse James
Jesse James 17 days ago
Fake !!! They set this up for a rematch !!! Hundreds of millions of dollars !!!
Just Business
Just Business 17 days ago
Tyson fury looks like bald bull from mike tyson's punch out lol
James Stewart
James Stewart 18 days ago
Months later I’m still wondering how the hell he get back up ?
J McClain
J McClain 18 days ago
Deontay will not have the same luck if he ever fights Joshua.
J McClain
J McClain 14 days ago
+CHRISTIANNWO Wilder does have those crazy looping punches and unique points of attack. Point is, I want to see this fight happen.
CHRISTIANNWO 14 days ago
+J McClain; Joshua has a much different style than Fury; he won't be able to box on the outside like Fury; he's going to have to engage Wilder.
J McClain
J McClain 15 days ago
+CHRISTIANNWO Don't get me wrong, I like Deontay. However, when it comes to mechanics, like we saw with Fury, Wilder can get out boxed and that's probably what would happen against Joshua.
CHRISTIANNWO 16 days ago
Joshua doesn't have the guts to face these warriors.
the don
the don 18 days ago
deontay "chicken legs" wilder got his face punched in
Habitual line stepper
First punch not quite flush and the second was as he was falling back. Fury is one cagey cat. Better to take the knock down than get knocked out. Hard to believe he had the presence of mind to think that through but after watching the replay a dozen times in slow mo I just can’t see any other explanation. Not to say it didn’t take heart to get up but He overcame that barrage primarily with his wit and experience. Absolutely brilliant.
Don DaDee
Don DaDee 19 days ago
Did you see the ref actions..smh they even slowed it up sad..Wilder won that.
Wilder was robbed of a KO in that 12th
+Bryan F Nascimento ref had a long count for fury
Bryan F Nascimento
Bryan F Nascimento 19 days ago
DoinLifeProductions how so?
Sucky Gamer
Sucky Gamer 20 days ago
At #1:42 the ref hesitates the count he counted 1 looked back and counted 1 again wow 😮
burnin briddges
burnin briddges 20 days ago
Shit looks staged
Spartan Z
Spartan Z 20 days ago
Wilder is a bum but his fights are what you see in movies lol what has AJ done that his fights will go down in history?!!!!!!
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 19 days ago
+Spartan Z the hate is real 🤣🤣🤣 it's actually starting to getting on my nerves all the reverse psychology it's a joke
Spartan Z
Spartan Z 19 days ago
Keith Beal exactly a bum giving these mf hard time lol
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 19 days ago
If is a bum why he knocking everyone out including fury
Spartan Z
Spartan Z 20 days ago
Wee Lyve read it again this fight was the best fight in years these are facts. even other boxers said it
Wee Lyve
Wee Lyve 20 days ago
This goofy azzz statement made absolutely "NO" fukkin' sense at all!!!Where in the fukk do you casuals come from.?! O_0
larry hoover
larry hoover 21 day ago
Tyson fury that's definitely a lion he has so much respect from us Americans besides him ducking rematch but kudos to this man for getting up off the canvas like that that's nothing but heart and determination right there and that is what us Americans appreciate hard determination
darius brown
darius brown 21 day ago
The ref def woke that man up and counted slow asf take a pause between every count
KRoyal1st 21 day ago
The look on he women’s face tho, she looked worried for that man lol and the count was long.
big D
big D 21 day ago
Tyson fury knew wilder was gonna box his crackhead ass the next time that's why he duck
Ruben Bell
Ruben Bell 22 days ago
I bet you deontay Wilder will never assume anybody else we'll get up like that ever again,,,,,,,,,,,,,, next time he'll finish him
Nico Pettiford-Topaz
Fury got up like the undertaker
Corey Raye
Corey Raye 22 days ago
TheCzar OfGnar
TheCzar OfGnar 22 days ago
Street fighter doesn't have combos like that goddamn. Fury slipped up once and ducked into that right, then it was left hook from hell/power nap time.
ozark 89
ozark 89 22 days ago
Tyson Fury tough jaw
Bun Bear
Bun Bear 23 days ago
Wilder needs teddy atlas or floyd mayweather sr. Even freddie roach would be good
Ambition is Everything
Bun Bear teddy atlas 🤣🤣🤣 teddy atlas ain’t shit as a boxing trainer!!!
209chevymon 23 days ago
Credit goes to ref for not stopping it 100% most idiot refs would've stopped it and piss everyone off fighters, fans, announcers etc
209chevymon 19 days ago
+tre hell naw i dont give a f!@# what no say tyson beat him period that was no draw fury beat him every round of the whole fight one knockdown shouldn't have equalized the entire score wild was way to far behind and the ref counted as soon as he hit the floor you can see it clearly with his 1 finger out starting the count
tre 20 days ago
How long before ref started counting. Go back and look again. He was layed out sleeping alone. After Wilder walks off and does the undertaker throat slit thing that ref starts the count. I could be wrong though. Just my observation from not very clear video
James Souza
James Souza 23 days ago
This is why Fury doesnt want the rematch...wilder beat him and he knows it.
James Souza
James Souza 21 day ago
+jacekvo jace lol lol at these bitch ass hearnz sheep and their fu3kas up narrative. Wilder is fighting his mandatory kid. Fury ducked wilder in 2019..they were supposed to fight next and Fury ducked. Joshua ducking Wilder in 2017 and 2018...let's hope he doesnt continue to duck him in 2019 and he makes the fight after big baby and brazealle.
jacekvo jace
jacekvo jace 22 days ago
James Souza fury offered wilder the fight on espn with more money . He duck . AJ offer wilder $100 millions dollars instead he picked AJ left over Dominic punching bag breazeal. Wilder is a coward
James Souza
James Souza 22 days ago
+skank hunt cool story ..in the meantime fury ducked the rematch...having an opinion that it was a robbery doesnt change the fact it was a draw casual
skank hunt
skank hunt 22 days ago
Fury got robbed and wilder has been outboxed by other fights that's why he only depends on ko
carman thomas
carman thomas 23 days ago
The ref did a slow count .The fight was over.
jacekvo jace
jacekvo jace 22 days ago
😂😂😂😂 the ref counted too loud so fury wakes up . 😂😂😂😂 bum wilder took a boxing learning for a fat man . AJ will blow these bums away under 6 rounds.
yessir ri
yessir ri 23 days ago
This made Wilder better. I can see him beating Tyson clear as day next time.
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 11 days ago
+Bobby Lou 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bobby Lou
Bobby Lou 11 days ago
Keith Beal go pause it at 2 11 he is literally standing up lmaoo and if you want to get really technical the rule clearly says “Before the number “one” is counted, an interval of one second must have elapsed from the time when the boxer is knocked down.” So yeah you’re wrong bud lol
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 12 days ago
+Bobby Lou actually up at 2 10 that's eleven seconds by the way the ref was off a second exactly at five please don't try that reverse psychology bullshit either lol no casual I box and that was a robbery of a knockout I have seen fights live stopped for way less punishment 😂😂😂 stop playing
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 12 days ago
+Wee Lyve right 🤣🤣🤣
Bobby Lou
Bobby Lou 12 days ago
Wee Lyve where did you see a 15 count? He hit the canvas at 2:21 and was on his feet by 2:11. And for the record it goes by 10 COUNTS by the ref, not 10 SECONDS. you must be a super casual boxing ‘fan’ lol
Dewey Cox
Dewey Cox 24 days ago
Fury only got up because the Undertaker’s theme went off in his brain
Team SMSD 24 days ago
tene tafuna
tene tafuna 24 days ago
Fake as shit. Boxing bout that money
SouthSide Deucie
SouthSide Deucie 24 days ago
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 11 days ago
+Sucky Gamer 🤣🤣🤣 true I'll admit don't mind a draw because both fighters did do exactly what they said they were going to do fury outboxed Wilder for a few rounds and Wilder stopped him🤣🤣
Sucky Gamer
Sucky Gamer 11 days ago
Keith Beal yeah bro he hesitates lol if wilders team had the judges then fury had the ref so a draw was a good call for me 😭
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 11 days ago
+Sucky Gamer I see exactly what you talking about I'm just glad I'm not the only one who is like wtf?
Sucky Gamer
Sucky Gamer 12 days ago
Keith Beal deontay going back to the basics in training camp thank god he could be so much better as a boxer I don’t think he could win at a high level with those wind mills lol he needs to keep them shots straight and short like how he hit fury on this reel.
Sucky Gamer
Sucky Gamer 12 days ago
Keith Beal #0:51
Razzy Biggboss
Razzy Biggboss 24 days ago
fuck that referee if y'all can't see how he looked away as he counted you're stupid as him
bratpak baby
bratpak baby 25 days ago
Wilder won @223 u see the ref look back at the corner giving him a extra second which he only gt up at the 9 count
skank hunt
skank hunt 22 days ago
Excuses, excuses. You know wilder got beat for 10 rounds, that's why you wilder dick riders were depending on a ko
Kogs blu
Kogs blu 25 days ago
When you have weak legs
Kang Falcon
Kang Falcon 25 days ago
I got a lot of money cause I knew he was gonna take a fall during the 12th. $$$$$$ gotta know the right people. Roma for life fuckers
Bernard Fletcher
Bernard Fletcher 25 days ago
It was really a 25 sec knock down ref waited all day to count
Damon Lawrence
Damon Lawrence 25 days ago
Two knockdowns. Deontay won the fight.
The Black Schwab
The Black Schwab 6 days ago
+Lil Shekel Explain how GGG beat Jacobs while getting outboxed by him. He only had his one knockdown. You dont win Title fights by outboxing your opponent. You have to dominate the fight and TAKE the belt.
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 12 days ago
I agree 💯 but not on points fury got knocked out they robbed Wilder of a KO
Michael Semmens
Michael Semmens 14 days ago
Lil Shekel
Lil Shekel 15 days ago
You dont win a fight from 2 knock downs. Youre a casual. Learn how boxing is scored before you comment. Imbecile.
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 25 days ago
Been watching boxing for 45 years and have seen hundreds of bouts from the "old days." I cannot think of a single other example of a HW fighter getting off the canvas after a combo like that to not only finish the round, but WIN the rest of that round. It's absolutely CRAZY! The problem for Fury in a rematch, though, is he lacks the power to finish early, and if you give a man like Wilder 12 rounds every time to find your button, he WILL find it. That's why this decision was so pathetically unfortunate. Fury won and no one should even be discussing rematch.
CHRISTIANNWO 22 days ago
+Jake Mitchell; I thought Fury won, but I still wanted to see the rematch. I was excited for it, but got disappointed that it didn't happen. I disliked how AJ avoided Wilder; I hope AJ losses his belts soon so we don't have to talk about him anymore.
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 22 days ago
+CHRISTIANNWO You think so? Maybe, but I'm not so sure. Why would they want a rematch if he won? I'd think everyone would be DEMANDING Joshua fight Fury if he won without any controversy. But who knows? I dont.
CHRISTIANNWO 22 days ago
Even if Fury won, everyone would want the rematch.
mr. ram
mr. ram 27 days ago
Showtime should also do highlight video of Tyson fury beating Wilder in those 10 rounds
Darnell Penix
Darnell Penix 27 days ago
Damn when do they start the count ?? After the money almost get knocked out on a flook? That was 11 sec or better!!! But us dumb Americans Na bro it's from the time the reff casually walks over to the Fighter! LOOKING ASS!
Bernard Fletcher
Bernard Fletcher 25 days ago
Took all fucking day to count he made sure he was ok 1st that was more 10 secs
1BrotherMack 27 days ago
Wilder needs more boxing skills, he's to wild, he may get beat by a lucky punch because of his lack of ringmenship. If I were Wilder I'd train with TMT to increase my ring awareness and focus on finishing opponents faster then I have been. March 2019
CHRISTIANNWO 22 days ago
Wilder too real for TMT
Al Jackson
Al Jackson 28 days ago
Wilder is great..!! More precision & he would be unstoppable. # Alabama
jacekvo jace
jacekvo jace 22 days ago
Al Jackson 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Chavez
Andrew Chavez 28 days ago
I agree with Teddy atlas don't ever let the fight go to judges if you can knock them out do it
Complete Boxing
Complete Boxing 28 days ago
Fury don’t want it again 🤔🤣
aaron hines
aaron hines 29 days ago
Wilder needs to work on his accuracy. I keep hearing that the ref didn’t start counting but made sure he was ok....I don’t see it
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 29 days ago
We need more refs like this one. That referee gave him a fair chance to get up. Nowadays all you see are referees stopping fights waaaay too early,not giving a fighter a chance to come back like fury did.
P S 29 days ago
I counted 3 times, it was 9 seconds at best
Dirk Diggla
Dirk Diggla 29 days ago
If wilder stops with the damn windmills dude gets knocked out
1BrotherMack 27 days ago
I was thinking the same, Wilder needs more discipline in the ring, he's to wild !
Zach .H
Zach .H 29 days ago
Watch the clock from the moment he hit the ground till he got up.
Bryan Whelan
Bryan Whelan 29 days ago
It’s exactly 10 second. But the count is always more that 10 actual seconds. He beat the count.
purple stuff
purple stuff 29 days ago
Wilder afraid of AJ
CHRISTIANNWO 22 days ago
AJ isn't gonna get in the ring with Wilder or Fury.
Butter Nuggets12
Fury lost that fight
Butter Nuggets12
Butter Nuggets12 28 days ago
+Trump 2016 no u
Trump 2016
Trump 2016 28 days ago
Lol keep dreaming
bundles Porsche
bundles Porsche Month ago
fury had an outer body experience
Justin Holtman
Justin Holtman Month ago
Look at his eyes he was out
Justin Holtman
Justin Holtman Month ago
He knocked him out not down. He just pulled some undertaker shit
paser pase
paser pase Month ago
Head hittin the canvas woke fury up, if someone get knocked out and still being punched in the head they gonna wake up,
Connor Wallace
Connor Wallace Month ago
0:23 fury's soul left heaven and came back
kassaiscool Month ago
I timed the second fury got knocked down to the time he started fighting again, the ref gave him a 20 count which included time to get his wits about him by walking around. I have never seen a ref allow a fighter that much time after being knocked down
Holden Ruppert
Holden Ruppert Month ago
Did he just get knocked out? It’d be a lot cooler if he did.. - deontay wilder.
hatuxka Month ago
Better line than said below: “Maybe his head hitting the canvas woke him back up” LOL
Isaac Diakité
Isaac Diakité 23 days ago
+hatuxka He's a commentator and a spectator, so for him not to notice this is eh.
hatuxka 23 days ago
Isaac Diakité good line-didn’t say accurate and good line
Isaac Diakité
Isaac Diakité 23 days ago
Actually his head barely hit the canvas, hence why he wasn't knocked out. You could see his left arm/whole left side break his fall.
Zach B
Zach B Month ago
Fury got up like he just found out Aliens are real
Ryan h
Ryan h Month ago
0:15 the commentator: "WHYYY G'YOW GOUT WUT BURY MY MOTHAYAA" ??? LOL
Speedy Gonzalez
Speedy Gonzalez Month ago
pause right at 0:28 he showing off his ass
itchy AIDS
itchy AIDS Month ago
If you look close, his shoulder breaks the fall and the head never 'hit' the canvas
Christopher Maze
That count was so slow. Wow i guess we all see the ref stand there for 5 seconds.
Todd McFerren
Todd McFerren Month ago
The count was fast actually. Count it out in real time (not slow mo)
Jerome Nowak
Jerome Nowak Month ago
Charm301 Month ago
The Ref asks Fury are you okay? Fury : not sure let me lean on your shoulders? then ref says j: that would make it seems too abvious jog a little bit instead until you re alright lol
U.K Are Cowards
U.K Are Cowards Month ago
Fury said never again
Donnie Harden
Donnie Harden Month ago
Okay before anybody says "Wilder wasn't in a neutral corner" or "it's not 10 actual seconds, it's a 10 count" look at the ref when he counts from 7 to 8. What the hell was that delay about?
Keith Beal
Keith Beal 19 days ago
Wilder was robbed
XIV Words
XIV Words Month ago
Fury won the rest of the round
D Caraway
D Caraway Month ago
I cant believe fury got up man damn lol
Justin Hottle
Justin Hottle Month ago
Fury won that fight. I know you have to take the belt away from the champ. But he clearly out classed wilder. Out boxed him by far. If furys punches had some more steam on them, and he could've really rocked wilder with some of the punches that fury landed, I think it wouldve been an easy decision win for fury. The fact that his punches don't have a lot of power and he didn't ever really hurt wilder, along with the 2 knockdowns, that's why i think this was called a draw. I'm a fury fan, but I'm a realist too. He never hurt wilder much.
H R Month ago
So nobody gonna talk about the fact that wilders left ain't shit
Angel De Leon
Angel De Leon Month ago
Dion Fowlkes
Dion Fowlkes Month ago
Leon Barnett
Leon Barnett Month ago
Fury looks like a big dosser diaper booty baby
Keven Duane
Keven Duane Month ago
He didn’t even land flush (the right hand) but I agree with the announcer that left hand knocked him out and hitting his head on the canvas woke him up, but he was out cold for the first few seconds, every time I see this I get chills. That was a hell of a knock down.
Chocolate Daddi
Chocolate Daddi Month ago
This fight was rigged. Fury was down 10 sec
boxing4 life
boxing4 life Month ago
I dont no how wilder didnt hit him with that all night..fury would duck so slow nd wilder missed every time i think if they faught again he puts fury really to bed but then again fury gonna be in better shape
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