Deontay Wilder 'got exposed' in Tyson Fury draw - Teddy Atlas | First Take

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Teddy Atlas joins First Take to discuss the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight that ended in a draw. Atlas says its too late in his career for Wilder to develop his technique but his power will always give him a chance in fights.
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Published on


Dec 7, 2018




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Comments 4 531
Ashraful Alam
Ashraful Alam Hour ago
Teddy atlas was Mike tysons trainer
makadeni123 3 hours ago
In america, the louder you shout means the more intelligent you are.
Derrick Connor
Derrick Connor 23 hours ago
Wilder clearly lost this fight against Fury
Twisted Soul
Twisted Soul 3 days ago
Wilder robbed fury
Jordan spencer
Jordan spencer 3 days ago
Tyson fury was ROBBED in that fight it’s clear to all that Tyson won. I wanna see Tyson take Joshua off the top,he’s hardly defended his title since getting it with hand picked opponents
Take the Red Pill
I can't fault Teddy here...he spoke facts.
todd lecher
todd lecher 4 days ago
if Tyson could have controlled his demons, kept from leeches like don king he could have been the greatest
Take the Red Pill
and Robin Givens...dnt forget that bitch.
Cash Boxing
Cash Boxing 4 days ago
Wilder has a great 1 2. And his 2 will erase u. Wilder has a lot of critics aka haters. Guarantee if he was white no one would care about his technique. Everyone said floyd was boring, n they still complain. Is he winning...? Period. Stfu
A Bair
A Bair 5 days ago
Teddy Atlas you piece of s*** just one thing you forgot about Wilder he's always out outweighed by his opponent
Forr Marques
Forr Marques 6 days ago
What power he's knocked out a bunch of nobodies have him fight Klitschko see what happens
Thomas Mikrut
Thomas Mikrut 9 days ago
Tyson was out for 3 years and maybe 60% of his max potential.Wilders management thought an easy way to improve Wilders international profile by beating Tyson but they underestimated the quality of Tysons boxing skills.If Tyson is 100% in 6 months time woe be tide Wilder.
chieftech714 9 days ago
that man is a giant. Who the fk can punch fury's lights out? He is a skilled and strong big man.
Hammock Sports
Hammock Sports 11 days ago
Wilder knocked fury out cold for about 5 seconds. Tyson is lucky he got up and that's why he wont get in there for the rematch.
Mixed Man
Mixed Man 16 days ago
Teddy wants to see fighters die before they quit.
Ron Shillingford
Ron Shillingford 17 days ago
The Great Teddy Atlas. Genius thinker.
Tony A
Tony A 17 days ago
Mr Teddy Atlas i want to ask you a question sir.On November 5th 1994 when you told 19 years younger than George Foreman. Michael Moorer who was controlling the fight,and in the ninth round he lost concern.And you pulled out your cell phone in the ninth round and told him his son said he wanted to speak to Michael because he wasn't performing right. I think you did a great job trying to motivate him like the great Angelo Dundee would do Ali and Sugar ray Leonard.In round 10 at 2 minutes and 2 or 3 seconds 45 year old George Foreman put him to sleep with that right hand.Did Michael Moorer get exposed ?
Srijan Agrawal
Srijan Agrawal 20 days ago
That Loma rant at the end was amazing ooft
BasicTruth1109 21 day ago
Although I love My Boy Teddy, He is wrong on this point. Deontay did not get exposed, this was already known that he didn't have the highest ring IQ. Mark Breland is a shittty trainer!! HE has not taught Deontay basic skills such as hiding behind the jab, moving his head, and not throwing wide punches, leaving himself open.. But then again, Mark Breland was a great amateur, but a shitty pro, because he too, didn't use his length and was done in by that undisciplined nature
Romaine James
Romaine James 22 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 atlas never disappoints when it comes to lomo ... Lomo needs to step up too rigo was never suppose to be in there smh
Jasmine Tonga
Jasmine Tonga 23 days ago
I only knew wilder cause I saw a clip of charly zelenof an him fight i was like whos this black guy fighting zelenof whos not all there in the head. so yeah guys not being sad but its the truth
Jasmine Tonga
Jasmine Tonga 23 days ago
max looks like a pencil up hes own ass
mark thorley
mark thorley 24 days ago
Fury totally outboxed wilder with pity patty punches Joshua will outbox wilder with power punches you can see why his team are keeping him as far away from Joshua as possible it wouldn't last 5 rounds .
Zelensky Noel
Zelensky Noel 21 day ago
+mark thorley aj simply keeps his guard high that does not mean he has a great defense because a good defense is rolls mixed with footwork and counters watch Floyd watch Fury to a lesser degree watch Canelo and mind youself that Wilder specialty is to destroy his opponent guard. It will be an interesting matchup.
mark thorley
mark thorley 21 day ago
+Zelensky Noel if you think Joshua has no defence you havnt got a clue about boxing your simply a casual repeating what you heard from some hater smh
Zelensky Noel
Zelensky Noel 21 day ago
AJ has no defense
Stopendfrisk Mcforeign 1480
Boxing comes down to who hit the hardest. Wilder is the biggest puncher in the heavyweight division.
D Davis
D Davis 26 days ago
Lmao. Who ever said he was a great boxer. Ain't no mayweather here. Just a old school George foreman scary killer. All y'all boxers can score points against him but please don't cry when he knock your ass out😵
Elvis Mengisto
Elvis Mengisto 26 days ago
He throws his punches like an old lady throwing a bag over a thief
Milton Thornton
Milton Thornton 26 days ago
Bullshit marciano fought guys when they was old joe louis, ezzard charles and jersey joe walcott. Respect to him but he couldn't beat Ali are Frazier are liston for that matter.
John Roberts
John Roberts 27 days ago
If Tyson had just a little bit more power Wilder would be a former champion!
Shafo 28 days ago
Wilder is entertaining but in most other eras he gets knocked out cold with technique like that. You shouldn't get away with being that wild. Looks like a club fighter at times and the fact that he isn't paying for it makes the division look bad.
Watcher 28 days ago
Talks crap
Jason Chatto
Jason Chatto 28 days ago
AJ, Wilder or Fury? Please vote here. IMO AJ but any of them could beat each other. If they all faced each other 5 times there would be losses on all of their resumes
Siege Rook127
Siege Rook127 27 days ago
halim dawdi
halim dawdi Month ago
Wrong a 100 percent, wilder can fight. Wilder is a respected champ .
Ragimund VonWallat
Ragimund VonWallat 14 days ago
+John Roberts outside the boxing fans no one know about him...if he would not disguise himself as a clown he could go in a jam packed mall just before christmas and no one would notice him
John Roberts
John Roberts 27 days ago
The large majority of American's don't even know who Wilder is. So just who is respecting him?
RL M Month ago
Teddy is full of shit. Wilder was not EXPOSED! We already knew he had bad technique. But we also know he has that one hitter quitter!
M B Month ago
Oleksandr Usyk has speed, skills, power & a chin all the ingredients to challenge Wilder once he moves up to HW🥊
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley Month ago
Munaj Robinson
Munaj Robinson Month ago
punch stats say other wise and the fact that fury only landed 13 more punches than wilder yet wilder Dropped Fury twice which means Wilder landed the hardest punches. I don’t remember at any point throughout that fight that Wilder looked hurt by anything fury landed. To say this fight was draw isn’t outlandish at all actually with two 10-8 knock down rounds all wilder has to do is win 3 additional 10-9 rounds to make it 113-113 even fight, that’s a total of 5 rounds wilder has to win but fury has to 7 rounds to win the fight because he didn’t score any knock downs. So robbery not at all ! Just a close competitive fight that has to have a sequel.
Albit Capinigro
Albit Capinigro Month ago
Think that girl sitting there knows what the hell these guys are talking about?
Barry Slaven
Barry Slaven Month ago
My respect for max kellerman continues to disappear as he insists on crediting wilder with a draw. Fury was robbed and the world knows it, so just accept that the referee saved wilder.
Barry Slaven
Barry Slaven Month ago
+Munaj Robinson there are three other scoring criteria, all of which were dominated by fury. If you score fights based purely on punches thrown, you're going to get many results wrong. Like this one.
Munaj Robinson
Munaj Robinson Month ago
Barry Slaven punch stats say other wise and the fact that fury only landed 13 more punches than wilder yet wilder Dropped Fury twice which means Wilder landed the hardest punches. I don’t remember at any point throughout that fight that Wilder looked hurt by anything fury landed. To say this fight was draw isn’t outlandish at all actually with two 10-8 knock down rounds all wilder has to do is win 3 additional 10-9 rounds to make it 113-113 even fight, that’s a total of 5 rounds wilder has to win but fury has to 7 rounds to win the fight because he didn’t score any knock downs. So robbery not at all ! Just a close competitive fight that has to have a sequel.
Pan Afrikanism Strikes Back!!! Unoqbile
Marciano was trash. Teddy Atlas still mad cause tyson smashed his neice or some shit.
Piwe Tshombe
Piwe Tshombe Month ago
Wilder is not a boxer. The fact that he's a champion in this era shows how low the level of fighters is like in this era. An overhead right hand doesn't make a fighter. There've probably been dozens of fighters in history who've been able to hit like Wilder and they've not seen the light of day. And here this joker is, getting air time in this era. Eras this bad have always been dominated by one superstar who had the skill. For the last decade or two, it's been the Klitchkos. For all their unpopularity, these two guys were boxers. Fighters of the highest calibre. Even though they fought in a weak era, you could tell that they're good fighters/boxers. In the era before Mike Tyson, it was Larry Holmes. A very good fighter - objectively - even though he fought during a weak era. The problem in this era is that everyone is fundamentally quite weak and there's isn't that one or two superstars holding up the standard. The only thing that sets them apart is the relative weakness. In an era of weak fighters, with no isolated super-stars holding things up, is where something as lame and one-dimensional as an over-hand right (with NO defensive or other offensive or mobility skills) can get and keep a world title. Nonetheless, he's not gonna keep it long. Against a decent (relatively) opponent in Ortiz, Wilder was wobbled and nearly dropped. Wilder ducked Klitchko because he knew he'd never make the grade. Against Fury, he lost straight up - no question! I don't even think Wilder would beat Big Baby Miller - let alone an Anthony Joshua or Fury. But watch this space for Daniel duBois. I really think this kid is gonna shake things up in a big way! Hopefully Alexander Usyk is also interesting too. He'll need to bulk up though. And guys from lower divisions bulking up to compete in heavyweights really sacrifice a lot of speed. Holyfield is a case in point. But Wilder...in all honesty, he probably should have been an American Football Player - one of those guys who throw the balls to the receivers. He's got the arm for it and probably even had the leg speed, looking at his fairly athletic build.
Ashton Blackmon
Ashton Blackmon 26 days ago
Not overhand right but straight right.
Savage 401
Savage 401 Month ago
A lot of guys back then we’re 6’5 and lower wilders 6’7 height don’t mean but some times it does you don’t know how wilder would of done to those guys back then he probably would of beat them you may never know
Razr sliQ
Razr sliQ Month ago
Tbh Anthony Joshua will beat Wilder and Fury mercilessly If they do fight.
Walter Martinez
Walter Martinez Month ago
Sloppy Wilder
RCHDVNN M Month ago
🙄🤦🏽‍♂️This Guy Said Expose🤣😭😭😭
Barkadleh Miguil
Bla bla bla, Tyson is a joke and Wilder is fun to watch. ATLAS KNOWS NOTHING.
SykoChiipmunK Month ago
Max looks like that squirrel from Ice Age chasing that nut.
WorldIsFilledB 3 days ago
Razr sliQ
Razr sliQ Month ago
Tristanto Pambudi
Don't worry Teddy mate The whole world knew it
melangkoh Month ago
the facial profila of the black commentator is just ridicolous
kenneth joseph
kenneth joseph Month ago
I really can't see how Wilder got exposed. Anybody who has seen him fight knows his skill set is limited. Fury is a far better boxer, but Wilder for all his limitations, and there's alot! Is dangerous in the first, as he is in the last round.
Keddy Peeps
Keddy Peeps Month ago
Man fuck teddy!! BOMB SQUAD
Amin Yousuf
Amin Yousuf Month ago
May be Wilder was exposed but Fury was k,od in the 11th round.
Bill Neal
Bill Neal Month ago
The only one who is not swinging on wilder's nuts because he's America's heavyweight champion keeps it real
Bill Neal
Bill Neal Month ago
The only one who is not swinging on wilder's nuts because he's America's heavyweight champion keeps it real
oak mitchell
oak mitchell Month ago
He barely made it out of the ortiz fight and he clearly lost that fury fight. Shit still rigged
Emmy Whiten
Emmy Whiten Month ago
Fury also didnt make the 10 count... 🤷🤷🤷
Henri M.A
Henri M.A Month ago
I enjoyed watching Teddy Atlas take these clowns to school.
David McCormick
David McCormick Month ago
Teddy Atlas should retire. He's mad at everyone and life in general. Deontay Wilder did not even start fighting till he was 18 or 19 years old to support his family. He improves each and every fight. He is bringing his arms in much more now than in the past and has beat Luis Ortiz, who many thought would rule the division. Who has Joshua fought besides an old Vlad. Dylan White, lol, really. With that said I am a huge Tyson Fury fan and an Irishman myself. I did not think he was gonna get up from the Wilder punch. Teddy, there are two ways to win a fight and Wilder wins in the most dramatic way, the KO. Seems like there are a lot of people in here sucking Teddy's balls (maybe he will send you a Christmas card). Looking forward to the rematch much more than the Joshua fight in NY city and I bet most of you are too! Go Fury.
Rafee Hammons
Rafee Hammons Month ago
For sure, will be interesting to see him in with another big puncher. I think ortiz hits hard but clearly not the same without the peds lol
LandJ Mack
LandJ Mack Month ago
every great minority, especially black.....will receive some kind of hate for being great
David McCormick
David McCormick Month ago
Listen bro, nobody is getting it worse than white males these days. Universally hated. Sorry my long forgotten relative that I did not know done some shit to you. Here please have my money.
Don Seib
Don Seib Month ago
Fury dominated that fight. The tie was a sham, Fury was robbed and everyone knows it. Tyson, Ali, Lewis, Foreman and Frazier would have destroyed Wilder.
ruggedtobby Month ago
They don't like it when you speak the fact lol look at their faces when Teddy was speaking the truths about wilder
Eifion Davies
Eifion Davies Month ago
wilder could not box himself out of a cereal box.wilder look after fury belt.
C Phillps
C Phillps Month ago
It should be noted that Teddy Atlas is unemployed and doesn’t have a boxing commentator job right now . With Fury getting signed to ESPN Teddy Atlas is trying like crazy to be commentator job and and work Fury’s fights. Theirs an Angle in everything
Graziella Politi
Graziella Politi 19 days ago
He is the trainer of Alex Gvodzyk, the Wbc lightheaviweight champion the man that ko Stevenson. Stop whit this.
baan58adam Month ago
Open ur friggin' eyes. Watch the fight
baan58adam Month ago
C Phillps
C Phillps Month ago
Fury landed 84 punches in 12 rounds and never had Wilder hurt for one second in that fight . Wilder landed 72 punches in 12 rounds, Knocked Fury down two times and concussed his overrated ass twice. Fury got saved by the ref and was knocked out cold. These British Heavyweights (AJ and Fury) are both cowards for DUCKING Wilder and I can see why Lennox Lewis has no respect for them.
shy land
shy land Month ago
tell em Teddy
BK Forever
BK Forever Month ago
If that's the case then Wilder is exposed every fight lol Ortiz outboxed him as well, but what's special about Wilder is his knockout power. And again he almost slept Fury, he actually did until Fury miraculously got up
Desmond Atkinson
Wilder has one punch and zero skill...You put a man in front of him with just a little skill and discipline, and Wilder is history...AJ should fight him ASAP before Wilder wakes up and gets a real trainer/coach...AJ will very easily dismantle Wilder....I don't understand his obvious fear...You circle away from Wilder's right hand, and YOU CANNOT LOSE! Its that simple...The guy can't overcome anyone with a brain, because its obvious how he acts and how he dresses and how he talks that he doesn't have one.
smokeyvelvet42 Month ago
The only one exposed was Tyson Fury, with all his showboating & grandstanding was dropped not once but twice by Wilder, showing that he is one dimensional as was to be expected a hype job, who was floored by a cruiserweight Cunningham in the 1st round, then Fury only won the fight by literally riding Cunningham's back until he was exhausted. Those aren't attributes of a good fighter, on the contrary, he had to resort to circus antics in the ring to avoid being KO'd !! Wilder performed exactly like he should have in the ring with Fury, who was once exposed for the lousy fighter he is.
John Weldon
John Weldon Month ago
Teddy atlas is the best in the game,Tyson should of never left atlas and Rooney
phil driver
phil driver Month ago
beyonce wilder is a bum with a knockout punch
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Month ago
Loma couldn't ko a fly
Datsun510zen Month ago
Wilder came to boxing late in his life and never developed solid technical skill before he started winning. Often, this kind of fighter is called "unorthodox", or "a bit clumsy", but that's being kind. One thing that Wilder does that makes me cringe is when his opponent comes in with a quick combination, Deontay leans back with his hands outstretched above him. He's a tall man so this feels like an effective defense, but in reality leaves him vulnerable to a ducking undercut. A skilled fighter can set that up for a lights out punch with a clear open path and no way to counter it. Come in with a flurry, throw a crouched right looper, and step in with a lift uppercut. That was one of Mike Tyson's most effective weapons was getting below his opponents gloves and coming straight up with a rocket to the chin. Lights out.
Savon X
Savon X Month ago
Teddy is spiked punch drunk, until you defeat the man STFU!
Photo Tutorialz
Photo Tutorialz Month ago
Every boxer develops Thier own style . Wether good or bad I think the main point is both wilder and Joshua can knock you out. Now wilder as teddy said he swings far out wide from iether side and from the top a technique commonly known as a windmill. Windmill wilder . As he swings round with those wider windmills they catch his opponents on the temple that's where the knock-downs come from . However fury & AJ have similar techniques they stand in Thier front foot close you down high guard and use combos to wear Thier opponents out . AJ,s combos are incredibly powerful. Wilder does not match him in the physique department his legs are very skinny fury wore him out you could see that . AJ is also an excellent counter puncher he can hit you with an uppercut before you even realise you've been hit . It's going to be an interesting fight but count on one thing if the AJ v wilder fight does come off . You will see a different AJ fighting Miller but your going to see another side of AJ against Wilder I think the likes of which we ain't seen before . The true Anthony Joshua has come out at last against Miller . And guys I can tell you now AJ will absolutely demolish Miller no question regardless of him being 300lbs it don't matter to AJ . Were starting to see a different side to AJ and it's one that Wilder needs to be frightened of even more so than he is now . Wilders time is running out . His poor technique will be his downfall against AJ .
Cubes Anthony
Cubes Anthony Month ago
Listen Up ) DTW is Anointed , psalms 144.... Dont mess The gods own. Back him up & you will see
Ragimund VonWallat
Ragimund VonWallat 14 days ago
take your meds
Enricom23 Month ago
Ali fought more bums than anyone...
King Kong
King Kong Month ago
Max got a point.
dominique danyel
He’s correct. Anthony Joshua would win pretty decidedly with the performance Wilder put on against Fury. Wilder would literally have to get lucky.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Month ago
Thats what hes does lucky shots cant see joshua avoiding them tbh wilder will atleast drop him even if he loses
Dzoni Bravo
Dzoni Bravo Month ago
What's wrong with this guys screamung like that? Are they crazy or something? Who wants to listen that?
sisophous Month ago
When it comes to heavyweights they hit so hard that the fights are unpredictable. Keep in mind the highly skilled Lennox Lewis got KOd twice by inferior competition. Just a moment of carelessness and you can get put to sleep. I would favor Anthony Joshua should Wilder bout takes place but Joshua has been hurt before so it is another toss up. Teddy Atlas did say Wilder has punching power and great heart, so I take his criticism of Wilder seriously.
Russell Newton
Russell Newton Month ago
If usyk an put on the weight and perform the same, the heavyweight division suddenly becomes really really interesting.
philbio66 Month ago
When's the AJ/Wilder fight?
philbio66 Month ago
+Ernie Knuckles Too much ducking going on outside the ring.
Ernie Knuckles
Ernie Knuckles Month ago
AJ will fight Miller, June 1 and it looks like Fury might be ducking WIlder for a rematch. Who knows?
Eric Joseph
Eric Joseph Month ago
what the fuck is Molly Qerim doing on that show ??
Ron Month ago
Come on Teddy. Rocky fought guys who were forced back into the ring after they retired just so they could say he beat former champs. Those men weren't training anymore when they were forced to fight Rocky and he never fought a quality opponent. On Wilder you are right. Wilder has no interest in learning how to box because he has never had too. Setting himself up for a big fall because he is going to get knocked out due to his lack of skills.
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones Month ago
Deontay Wilder needs to add new trainers
Ron Month ago
He needs to take his sport seriously. He has never learned to box. He has been able to last because he hits hard and he is awkward. Now he is fighting big men who can box and Fury or Johnson will beat him. Hell Fury still really won that fight. One knock down shouldn't give him a draw.
Aderian Beal
Aderian Beal Month ago
Im tired of teddy atlas, its time for a new voice, this is the new millilumen.
Christian Castro
Teddy is fax! But I disagree with saying wilders opposition has been to weak , Ortiz and Tyson! High quality opponents... credit where credit is due
ismail adam
ismail adam Month ago
That's the only two he fought!
Germaine Johnson
Fight was a draw though
SLIM2LOUIE Month ago
Exposed how??????? Everyone been knew b4 the fight about how wilder fights so wtf dude talking about
CaptainMaakasu Month ago
Vasyl "the soul reaper" Lomachenko
r213ify Month ago
Deontay knocks fury twice yet they say its split ...its OK ! i accept that! now this big mouth come out & says Deontay Wilder 'got exposed' horseshit!!!
C Phillps
C Phillps Month ago
Teddy Atlas doing what the white American boxing media always does , which is tear down their black American fighters (Ward, Bud Crawford ) and build up their great European white hopes For the record, Fury landed 84 punches in 12 rounds and never hurt Wilder one second in that fight . Wilder landed 72 punches and Knocked Fury down twice and if it weren’t for a slow count knocked him out close in round 12 Get this old bullshit windbag off TV he’s spreading fake news
Eric Osman
Eric Osman Month ago
+C Phillps usvid.net/video/video-ahx17hT5dn4.html Take a look at this for punches (landed) you Mr deluded Philips. As for AJ I could not agree more..
C Phillps
C Phillps Month ago
Eric Osman Yea I agree . Just like those unbiased British judges from Britain GIFTED AJ a gold medal in London in 2012. Go to USvid and blind Man can see that AJ lost the first and third fight in the Olympics. As far as the Wilder Fury fight, Wilder Concussed Fury Twice in the last 3 rounds, outboxed him and landed 25 punches to Fury’s 24. Your entitled to your own opinions asshole, but not to to your own facts
Eric Osman
Eric Osman Month ago
+C Phillps What fight were you watching? However you'd make a good boxing judge in America based on the decision that was reached by those corrupt judges on that night. It's because of corrupt observers like you, that boxing is no longer the noble sport. Calling me by abusive names does not make your point right, and shows your upbringing is also from the gutter. If you try and answer with abusive language again you will be reported for abusive behaviour. You have been warned..
C Phillps
C Phillps Month ago
Eric Osman Hey asshole what fight were you watching ? In the last 3 rounds Wilder hit his stride, he knocked Fury down twice (something Klitschko couldn’t do once in 12 rounds ) and outstruck him 25 punches to 24. It’s amazing how in 36 minutes Fury NEVER landed one meaningful punch, NEVER rocked Wilder, NEVER hurt him and NEVER threatened him yet idiots like Teddy “out of work” Atlas and you are trying to give Fury a moral fucking victory. Tyson Fury is a boring decision fighter. He talks a lot of shit to hide the fact that unlike AJ Wilder , Ortiz and Whyte , he never knocks out anybody EVER
Eric Osman
Eric Osman Month ago
Wilder was exhausted from rounds 9 to 12, and went for broke in those rounds. The quality of his punching is down right hit and miss, and he failed to finish off Fury in rounds 9 and 12 respectively, because he did not know how to do it. He is a one trick pony, and can't fight with a plan B when it is required against the very best.
Anthony Webster
Anthony Webster Month ago
Wilder can punch,but his boxing ability is so so.
Triz ENY
Triz ENY Month ago
Wilder isn't a boxer that's why he will never look like one. He's a brawler a street fighter.
Fuck All Yall
Fuck All Yall Month ago
How did he get exposed when we all already know how he fights.
James Hoad
James Hoad Month ago
I'd love to see wilder take on the English channel challenge he'd probably beat the ferry to France! That's if he can swim cos he can't box!
Dave Partner
Dave Partner Month ago
Wilder has always been exposed, the only thing is, can you get right back up when he exposes you back?
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast Month ago
I've wondered more than once how Tyson's career would have turned out if he didn't cut ties with this guy.
Common Sense
Common Sense Month ago
Max is a genius when it comes to boxing and he uses his IQ with reverse psychology, by making facts from one whom made a statement, it's like what SAS says all the time" I'm great, because I listen to folks whom are ."
DeadlyBeast205 Month ago
Teddy Atlas speaking facts
Blame Game Master Blame Game Master
Teddy jealous pussy
Malcolm Patterson
Love My Israel Brother..Joshuashua!!! Hell with What A son of Japeth says!
Ragimund VonWallat
Ragimund VonWallat 14 days ago
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez Month ago
Wilder would kill Marciano in 3 rounds if that
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