Deontay Wilder 'got exposed' in Tyson Fury draw - Teddy Atlas | First Take

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Teddy Atlas joins First Take to discuss the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight that ended in a draw. Atlas says its too late in his career for Wilder to develop his technique but his power will always give him a chance in fights.
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Published on


Dec 7, 2018

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Comments 4 938
Jordan Blackburn
Jordan Blackburn 7 hours ago
Teddy backed Wilder all the way and pretty much guaranteed him to win, quickly changed his tune. Clueless
Moses Narayan
Moses Narayan 15 hours ago
Teddy useless creature on planet
John Llewellyn-Jones
Who the hell is Teddy Atlas?
Drikus Diamond
Send Max Kellerman for some basic reporting training or transfer him to the drama section
DJ MBOI Day ago
As far as technique, pretty bad lol Teddy keeping it 💯.
br acey
br acey Day ago
Wilder is a bum. If he wasn't American he'd have half the hype. English fighters never get the credit. Anyway, over half of Wilder's fights are bums and nobodies. Hes a joke. He only fought Fury because (whilst Fury was credible) he thought Fury was out after his 3 years of drug abuse and depression, and he would beat him with ease and yet still get credit because of what Fury did. Simples. Hes running from Fury now. He knows he lost. And he knows Fury is only getting better whilst hes staying the same
chadpainter1k 2 days ago
is he undefeated max ?????
Tony England
Tony England 2 days ago
Thumbs up if you think Tyson Fury was robbed.
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown 3 days ago
But he got massively beat to fury. Your points completely invalid
Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees
Lomachenko Takes their hope away . Wilder got his hope taken away by not beating Fury . And Fury got his taken away . Rematch.
Humanforfreedom 95
So happy their are Americans keeping it real such as teddy. I’m British but admit that Joshua got completely exposed against Ruiz. Forget the countries we are from, we have to just go on evidence and judge a fight without bias like teddy does. I think fury wilder whyte Ruiz and Joshua are the top 5 heavyweights at the moment, in that order.
tercha76 4 days ago
Why is the broad even there? Her clothes need to be tighter if she can't contribute to the dialogue.
Ttuu Maton
Ttuu Maton 4 days ago
What about salido🤔🤭😂😂😂
Somali Pirate
Somali Pirate 4 days ago
It's a lose los if u become a defensive fighter like Floyd the will say ur a coward and and if u say fuck technique and knock out everybody then you have no technique.
Khan Saab
Khan Saab 5 days ago
Why does Teddy constantly look like he's drugged out? I mean, I've literally never seen this guy smile
James Duke
James Duke 2 days ago
Ex Mafioso
Khan Saab
Khan Saab 5 days ago
Why is the guy on the left always screaming?! It's so obnoxious
Khan Saab
Khan Saab 5 days ago
You can't knock out what you can't hit
mrRufffnTumble 5 days ago
I think all boxing judges should be thrown out and replaced with retired boxers who respect the sport, know the sacrifices made by the fighters and also have a clear understanding of what is going on. Then you wouldn't have these types of fiascos. It's clear to anyone watching Fury dominated that fight, but yet Wilder still has his undefeated record and both promoters still have their cash cows. A respectable retired fighter who knows what the fighters go through wouldn't have the heart to rob a fighter of a win for political or monetary bribes. Their needs to be more accountability in the judges.
baileyjr314 5 days ago
If he can beat the best boxers in the world without being technical he is a bad mad. I'd rather be the one thats gifted with power whooping that tail than the have most technique.
Fabesey 4 days ago
That's the thing though: he isn't beating the best, not yet anyway. He's been mostly knocking out fringe contenders and european level fighters since he got the belt. He's only had elite competition in the Ortiz and Fury fights, and he struggled greatly in both.
Dennis Bank
Dennis Bank 5 days ago
How did wilder get expose When hes always getting outboxed🤔 so what did Tyson Fury do to wilder any differently than any of his opponents, I'll tell you this "fury got exposed!!! wilder took fury best shots, fury got dropped! everytime by wilder best shots.
BPRA DBMA 6 days ago
Why is teddy comparing fighters from 6o years ago the hate is real ....
BPRA DBMA 6 days ago
Teddy always his putting foot in mouth,
BPRA DBMA 6 days ago
His style works ,
BPRA DBMA 6 days ago
What ever ,Well he went to the Olympics with the boxing.... people will say anything for ratings ...
Brandon S
Brandon S 6 days ago
Anyone notice Molly keeping her mouth shut the whole time and how much better the show is?
leeiceman1 6 days ago
He was exposed in the Ortiz fight, what are you kidding? If it hadn't been for the bell, Ortiz would have knocked him down.
Thomss Noctor
Thomss Noctor 6 days ago
Wilder didn't get exposed, how about giving Fury credit. He tried to fight Fury and was saved by the judges.
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 6 days ago
Respect to warriors all races and creeds👍❤
Brown Clown
Brown Clown 6 days ago
Teddy and Max Should have their own show . I love these guys talking boxing.
Wilder has been protected his whole career fury is the only real boxer wilder has fought and the refs were in wilders pockets the wbc is an embarrassment to boxing but the rematch fury will be match fight as well as a good chance Tyson knocks wilder out within 5-6 rounds
Uroš Raca
Uroš Raca 7 days ago
Deontay's BUMSQUAD here to support their fallen windmill!
Mango The juice
Mango The juice 7 days ago
He has 12 rounds to land one good punch so I think he has a fair chance of beating some of the best boxers
HendrixRipoff 7 days ago
This dude looks related to the guy who tries to get to Larry Nassau in the courtroom
Glen Ross
Glen Ross 7 days ago
Fury and wilder are both crap end of ... lol
dbreiden83080 7 days ago
1:25 he does not know how long he has been pro? LOL!! SMH.. Lame Teddy..
William Rios
William Rios 8 days ago
Wilder takes AJ... (Wilder KO's Joshua), Fury takes Ruiz (wins by decision dancing and the tap tap)... Then, Fury has most of the belts, has his American following, and has the rematch with Wilder in Vegas for the Undiputed Heavyweight Championship... of the world! (Bruce Buffer). Wilder only wins with a knock out no matter what he does in the ring... Mid 2020!
William Rios
William Rios 8 days ago
Expertise? Wilder is undefeated he doesn't need Ted Atlas... Tedd, you fucked up MIKE TYSON! You're lucky he didn't kill you. I think you're (Ted) a little touched with a drug problem. You're a shitty trainer that fucked up Tyson's demeanor. I know people like you Teddy. Watch the interview of Mike Tyson talking about his Champion Belts. He said, "I suffered for garbage". Lol then he had to back track and say no it was great. I know people like them... like you.
Stuart Menzies Farrant
Don't the mics work in this studio? Everyone be shoutin!!
Jonathan Rayne
Jonathan Rayne 8 days ago
Wow, that brunette is gorgeous!
Jair Carriedo
Jair Carriedo 8 days ago
Wilder fans have zero knowledge of the Art of boxing 🥊.
Jair Carriedo
Jair Carriedo 8 days ago
William Rios undefeated record means dickkkk!!. Mohamed Ali wasn’t undefeated & he’s a thousand times a Better Boxer than Wilder will ever be!. Wilder is just a brawler with tremendous power. His boxing skills are below average.
William Rios
William Rios 8 days ago
I dont think you do either... hence his record. You have nothing valuable to say.
Billy Boy
Billy Boy 9 days ago
Wilder will only take a boxer on if he thinks he’s too old or he already lost his fire.
X88B88 9 days ago
Stop shouting max u twat, talk like a normal person
GodAmongst M
GodAmongst M 9 days ago
Everybody all ready knows wilder has know skill
William Davidson
William Davidson 10 days ago
Wilder might not use good boxing technique but this is great MMA technique....and he wins
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer 9 days ago
So you support that? Jackass
Thomas Edgington
Thomas Edgington 10 days ago
He is a giant Tommy Hurns
1rumplestiltskin1 10 days ago
Kellerman is so bad. He is like fingernails on a chalkboard. He is so awful. All show, no knowledge.
Arturo Garza
Arturo Garza 11 days ago
Smith doesn't know shit about boxing.
Sam 11 days ago
Stephen A Smith is such a fuckwitt
nopurpose withoutfamily
Of course
Omar Brown
Omar Brown 12 days ago
Teddy Atlas is a bum, he wasn’t good enough to be an elite boxer so he hates on all black fighters. he’s still harboring resentment from the Tyson days. How come every fighter wilder fought was a bum but Lomenchenko was fighting champions GTFO..... teddy atlas has been exposed
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 12 days ago
Who is more technical than Ortiz and fury no one and they didn’t beat him
Submarine Films
Submarine Films 12 days ago
Fury beat him tho
Anthony Curtis
Anthony Curtis 13 days ago
Who gives a fuck about form if he wins fourty one fights and half of them are knocked out in the first round
RAPTURE RTR 13 days ago
Jonathan Randolph
Jonathan Randolph 13 days ago
How the hell Steven A gone Change the subject like that!!!what the HELL is teddy talking about. He fighting the best out there
Mark J
Mark J 13 days ago
Shallow pool compared to the greats of the 80s and 90s
The one typing this
I think it's hilarious that they never mentioned fury got robbed, teddy atlas is a joke, they're all avoiding the elephant in the room cuz wilder's american
George Tate
George Tate 13 days ago
Man am i a fighter? cuz i want to try him at 47
Jay Faulks
Jay Faulks 13 days ago
Who didnt know he wasnt a technical boxer he is a brawler. But when he hits you clean you are sleepy. AJ was mr technical and now he is the ex champ.
aaron pryor
aaron pryor 13 days ago
Exposed? Crakkas need a white hope big time LMAOOO
Sherri G
Sherri G 13 days ago
aaron pryor Wow! You are a Racist scumbag! Fury won that fight and everyone knows it!
Ethan Stewart
Ethan Stewart 13 days ago
Teddy Atlas is the best.
graveydavey 14 days ago
Exposed? I don’t think so🤔🤔🤔🤔. More like hate for Wilder!!
SinCityMadman 13 days ago
It’s not really exposed....when it’s something everybody already knows....that Wilder is very technically flawed.
Toni Blackstone
Toni Blackstone 14 days ago
Can you pleas shut the fuck up teddy.
markshaq1991 14 days ago
come on man f*** Rocky Marciano all the Black fighter he fought were threatened with their lives from the mob tot take a dive you can't credit that shit racism won him his fights
markshaq1991 14 days ago
some of you making comments about him being wild being a brawler or Street fighter ain't that what you want you hated Floyd Mayweather for being a defense of technician a pure boxer,what the fuck do you want
CutDat Shit
CutDat Shit 14 days ago
Furry didn’t just get up he got a second chance of living
Amir Sadik
Amir Sadik 14 days ago
Why is everyone shouting?
2 SUSS 14 days ago
Tyson just off a 3-4 year break people don't no that
Comrade ANTHRAX 14 days ago
Why is steven even here??? Go back to covering basket ball
Cristhian Vallejo
Cristhian Vallejo 14 days ago
Knocked out twice. Wilder clearly won shit was like Castillo Mayweather fight
gangstalking simulation
Fury had the boxing skills but wilder packed the Power.....🥋🥊🥊🥊
khafier France
khafier France 14 days ago
gangstalking simulation Furu also can Punch
Red 14 days ago
Teddy atlas no fucks given everything on the table top analysts
Midlands 88
Midlands 88 15 days ago
What the f does that women in the middle of teddy and Stephen do? just sit there being beautiful?
James Doe
James Doe 15 days ago
Teddy is full of shit. Tyson fury is trash. White ppl always root for their own. They hated Tyson, holyfield, ALI , etc. All the African American boxers were the greatest way back to Jack Johnson.
Midlands 88
Midlands 88 15 days ago
Stephen A smith needs to learn from Teddy Atlas
Helen Johnson
Helen Johnson 15 days ago
Exposed as a punk. And a cheap piece of shit.
OZ Henry Jr
OZ Henry Jr 16 days ago
How is he hiding when has has challenged all the top guys in the HW. He went after AJ, Fury rematch and etc... Yet AJ wanted none and now it seems Fury didn’t want that rematch
Fabesey 4 days ago
It's not a question of if he's hiding or not, although anyone can act big in public. It's a question of his level of opposition and his performances, and his level of opposition for most of his title run has been pretty poor. He's had 2 fights against the type of guys he should be facing and was fortunate not to have lost his belt both times.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 16 days ago
Bullshit..we know Wilder is a knock out king and barely a boxer. We just enjoy him putting people to sleep. Expose my ass we been knew.
calebvasquez1 16 days ago
Ruiz will walk Wilder down like he did AJ
markshaq1991 6 days ago
@calebvasquez1 and I don't think he was robbed in the parker fight but I do think he won it was just so damn close
markshaq1991 6 days ago
@calebvasquez1 never, I live in the United States I only root for American fighters never rooted for a foreign boxer never Lennox Lewis none of them I'm not saying I didn't like them I just would not root for them when I have a fighter to root for from my own country don't matter what his ethnicity is . they boost these European fighters up when they fight nobody and then they come over here and get their asses kicked. Lomachenko is next he's on deck to get his ass whooped.
calebvasquez1 14 days ago
@markshaq1991 You are the type of guy that was out there saying Ruiz is going to get knocked out when he fought AJ 😂😂😂 Wilder doesn't have stamina to stand toe-to-toe for what is going to come if he fights Ruiz Ruiz only loss came when he fought Parker. if you watch the fight you would have to agree that Ruiz was robbed. other than that, he should be undefeated.
markshaq1991 14 days ago
Laughing sit down lame
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin 16 days ago
There goes Atlas again typical company man don't get me wrong lomachenko is good but he over hypes him who was only really accomplished as an amateur and somewhat accomplished as a am pro but disses is deontay Wilder every chance he gets he's such a phony company man I don't care how much boxing he knows his bias shows
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante 17 days ago
Mikey will put to sleep Lamachenko
Ernesto james
Ernesto james 11 days ago
Jose Bustamante no seas mamon🤪
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante 17 days ago
Really watch the fight wilder cannot box doesn’t have style no class he’s garbage he only fought taxi drivers until he got Tyson
Jay Con
Jay Con 18 days ago
White people always with Rocky Marciano. But if you were around that time they called him all kinds of racial epithets. But let’s face it they can’t compete with blacks
HDS mack
HDS mack 18 days ago
Donald Trump's cousin
MimiMella3 18 days ago
Wilder doesnt move his head ( but he gets in and out of the pocket), Wilder has a real good jab, he is agile. He has skills just not textbook. Wilder was not exposed. He simply fought the Fury fight impatiently and stupid. Wilder may not look pretty technical wise but what he does works for him.
Wasee Rahman
Wasee Rahman 17 days ago
MimiMella3 against low level opponents, the moment he fought top ten heavyweights, Ortiz and Fury, he got clipped and he got outboxed. Wilder can barely last at elite level
the business handler
I mean you have to have good skill to find a way to land it every fight.
ccwright24 19 days ago
Like Jay Z said “I’m not a rapper” and he’s the best rapper alive. Wilder: I’m not a boxer, and is knocking muthafukers out!!!?
Deadmanlyndon 19 days ago
man the day i saw Wilder knock down a man that was blocking, i changed my mind on the kind of power he has. Some people just have their own way, it's up to you to beat it.
That fight is done and dusted. It’s a draw and WILDer nor Fury took the win from each other. Make a rematch where ever on earth and sort it out. Crying again and talking again doesn’t fix anything
Ham Ham
Ham Ham 19 days ago
Wilder doesn't have a brain for fighting, he's lucky he has the heaviest hands.
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott 19 days ago
Teddy atlas is an idiot!
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 20 days ago
How was Wilder exposed?.... Wilder is not going to win on points. Seek & distroy you that's what he do. Atlas is punchy.... get out of here.
YEHUDI ABIYAH 20 days ago
Teddy talks that good sh*t, HOWEVER Deontay Wilder still knocks people OUT and is UNBEATEN . . . .
Mo S
Mo S 19 days ago
unbeaten on paper, but he lost vs fury to me. But yea, big punchers are always dangerous.
Mario Bojorquez
Mario Bojorquez 20 days ago
Max is this eras Teddy Atlas
Josef Darwich
Josef Darwich 21 day ago
Ortiz is gonna knock him out in the rematch!
Luis Alvarado
Luis Alvarado 20 days ago
Josef Darwich that will be good to see that I hope your right bro
JayRey Live
JayRey Live 21 day ago
Why this short man talking about heavy weights? Folks trying to stay relative
Mike T
Mike T 21 day ago
Respect to Teddy but he’s fkn outta his mind if he thinks that Deontay’s lack of technique is doing him a disservice. His lack of technique *IS* his technique. Ever heard of different fighting styles Teddy? My description of his technique is it’s like if Cus D’Amato only taught Mike Tyson the drunken master technique. Lethal unpredictability I like to to call it. To everyone else his fighting style is down right reckless but to Deontay there’s a rhythm and frequency that only he himself can tap into. There’s a method to his madness that only he can decipher. So for Teddy to say that Deontay is doing it all wrong and he should change before he gets exposed by a better fighter is either very ignorant or absurdly arrogant. This coming from a Fury fan.
Kyle Austin
Kyle Austin 22 days ago
I wish I could see some of these boxing analyst and fans get in the ring with these guys
WorldIsFilledB 21 day ago
What would that even prove retard
WorldIsFilledB 21 day ago
Kyle Austin someone sounds salty
Monk$hood 22 days ago
Slime ball Teddy
Alvin York
Alvin York 22 days ago
Anybody here watch the anime Hajime no Ippo that man Wilder a cheese champion. I'm a Wilder fan but my nigga you got exposed vs fury and if not that second knockdown theyd be saying "And the New!!!" to Fury.
Tayeeb Hussain
Tayeeb Hussain 23 days ago
He can punch like heck lol
ICEYPRISON 23 days ago
Tyson was slapping him... Slapping.... Thats why he got knocked the fuck out
guitar man
guitar man 23 days ago
Why's everyone shouting
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