DENTZILLA. 1979 F263 Monster truck wheel mock up

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JUST A MOCK UP. This truck isn’t actually getting built but the MONSTERMAX is. Not sure why the truck is an F263 but that’s what the title says soo that’s what it is 😂 Follow the insta @whistlindiesel

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Feb 24, 2019




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Adam Martin
Adam Martin 4 days ago
Anyone know what song he uses for the intro video? @WhistlinDiesel Love the content by the way man! Watching all the older videos from the beginning.
LaterBoi123 4
LaterBoi123 4 27 days ago
Lol - 17 it’s -30 here in Vancouver 😂
Jorge Barker
Jorge Barker Month ago
Some shit I'd do 🤣🙃✌
Jr ALEXANDER Month ago
Gay cowboys sure do some stupid stuff
Melvin cash
Melvin cash Month ago
I had a truck just like that ford once, except it was red. And an 85 model ,and a Chevy.
Raymond Coggins
Raymond Coggins 2 months ago
Would love to have the Ford
We da Ones
We da Ones 3 months ago
You should do a house tower
Dumbskitz 89
Dumbskitz 89 3 months ago
Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez 3 months ago
Do a engine swap put the 6.6 in that 79 🌚
Big50 Garage
Big50 Garage 3 months ago
What part of Indiana are you from
Nando’s PROJECT 3 months ago
What’s the color on that Ford 🥵 looks amazing 😍
Iain Maclean
Iain Maclean 3 months ago
You should actually put those wheels on the dent side At least try it 👌
Dave Wolf
Dave Wolf 3 months ago
"Yes, I have a 79 Dentside"
Drayton Fielding
Drayton Fielding 3 months ago
Im from S.C
Brayden Walker
Brayden Walker 4 months ago
I thought you said you wood not reck that truck
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 4 months ago
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 4 months ago
Luke’s garage
Luke’s garage 4 months ago
That old ford sounds good! Hey any updates on the monster max?
Tom Cross
Tom Cross 5 months ago
Can I have the 79 Ford please
Mooney’s Outdoors
Mooney’s Outdoors 5 months ago
Love your channel
Peyton Mccosco
Peyton Mccosco 5 months ago
Wait is that Carl
David Summerall
David Summerall 5 months ago
Sharp trucks
Jacob Lorick
Jacob Lorick 6 months ago
Woah the ford is from one of my neighbors
Steveo's Garage
Steveo's Garage 6 months ago
your getting better at editing man good job bro
kyle ruble
kyle ruble 6 months ago
Die hard Chevy fan hate ford but damn looks big tires look way better and natural on that
Haydon Sickles
Haydon Sickles 6 months ago
You should buy a semi and delete and tune it, chip it then put a hood stack on it. That would be AMAZING
Fluffy Toast
Fluffy Toast 6 months ago
I thought this was a quadricers intro at 4:30
Myolc 6 months ago
break everything
Gavin Lockwood
Gavin Lockwood 6 months ago
Like the ford
Damian McCurry
Damian McCurry 6 months ago
I got the same model truck just with a shorter bed it has a 8 inch lift on it my grandpa built it his self out of 7 different little ford rangers and made one big one it looks the same as your just mine little higher I think
Milosz M.
Milosz M. 6 months ago
1967 Shelby
1967 Shelby 6 months ago
What a beast
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez 6 months ago
Fords are my favorite 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Ryder Van Camp
Ryder Van Camp 6 months ago
he must hate his truck
Donnie Vest
Donnie Vest 6 months ago
I go to South Carolina for what
Heather Dixon
Heather Dixon 7 months ago
I'd buy that Ford from ya
David Hager
David Hager 7 months ago
damn he should build the monster 79 ford if he hasnt already.. that thing looks like a beast with huge tires and the engine sounds good as hell too.
Nick james
Nick james 7 months ago
Its your truck to do as you please with but man oh man i cant believe your that fucking retarded to do this kind of shit to that sexy af ole Ford.
Lane Miller
Lane Miller 7 months ago
Why do you have to fuck every truck you get
Tripp Howard
Tripp Howard 7 months ago
Can you have more fords on the Channel Please
Dalton Braddy
Dalton Braddy 7 months ago
I have those same headlights
Pat Mchugh
Pat Mchugh 7 months ago
Ford is pretty sweet though
Ashleigh Blevins
Ashleigh Blevins 7 months ago
I fell bar for the duramax
Goldpenguin 8479
Goldpenguin 8479 7 months ago
That’s a mad as ford but I’m Aussie so I got a gq Nissan patrol with 4 inch lift and 35 miki Thompson’s so yer
Don Vito
Don Vito 7 months ago
Is he 12 or 42
John Thomas Dorosky
John Thomas Dorosky 7 months ago
Tires look like they are allergic to something.
Matthew Cordrey
Matthew Cordrey 7 months ago
That 79 is finominal my all time favorite bodystyle ford truck
Sawyer Hoyle
Sawyer Hoyle 7 months ago
R Poe
R Poe 7 months ago
Nothing looks better than a 79 Ford
SirtubalotTX 8 months ago
Now that's what I call some good selective dumbell mauling. Lol.
Light Roast Coffee
Light Roast Coffee 8 months ago
Dylan Wolfe
Dylan Wolfe 8 months ago
What part of Indiana are you in we’re up by Angola!
Life of Aedan
Life of Aedan 8 months ago
3:40 aliens in the background imitating him
Brad Durham
Brad Durham 9 months ago
The rims and tires look sweet on the ford
Matt Middleton
Matt Middleton 9 months ago
One badass dmax you got there buddy and damn good looking truck
Tanner Carr
Tanner Carr 9 months ago
The more stupid shit you say, the better lol. I love this
Xander_B 9 months ago
What part of Indiana you from?
John Powell
John Powell 9 months ago
Whistlin diesel what part of Indiana are you from?
Bradley Lowry
Bradley Lowry 9 months ago
Yeah im an indianaian too!!!
F.A.C.T Studios
F.A.C.T Studios 9 months ago
Everyone dont let him drive your truck
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