Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019

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What if neither distance nor language mattered? What if technology could help you be anywhere you need to be and speak any language? Using AI technology and holographic experiences this is possible, and it is revolutionary.
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Jul 18, 2019

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Comments 217
jinjerxnuggets jr
Ready. player. one. Thats all imma say
ايمن ابن الكراويه Adam
Here goes my job.
AL Balushi
AL Balushi 3 days ago
Indeed the future is here!
AL Balushi
AL Balushi 3 days ago
Would you please remind me what year are we in??😱OMG
May the Science be with You
I don't know man, most people make me believe that we are stuck in the 50s, many others make me feel like we are still in the middle ages, and then we get to see people like this make you feel like we are jumping ahead to the 22nd century.
Donovan Bryan
Donovan Bryan 6 days ago
Power of Nil
Power of Nil 6 days ago
She is Tony Stark's Daughter! Hello Morgan! Good to See you!
IngrownMink4 7 days ago
D Hansel
D Hansel 7 days ago
Bring back Elvis, Selena or any other artist !
P V 8 days ago
M. I.
M. I. 9 days ago
I Love This Presentation! I request that please come out some of event at Tokyo DisneyLand’s Attractions, it supposed to be this is it I hope so, we will do like by ourself experiences and a lot of fun. Peaceful ;)) May faith be the guiding Light of our life
Henry Wang
Henry Wang 9 days ago
I believe the VR/AI technology is able to deliver nearly real-time (simultaneous) interpreting in foreigner language now, and might do better job than a blood-flesh trained professional (linguistics expert/bilingual-interpreter).
Olugbemiro Sodeinde
Learning and mastering a language or languages will always be of very great value. Language is a fundamental tool of all learning - its acquisition or the transmission of learning. The real value of this technology is the opportunity and mechanism for the rapid and extensive dissemination/exchange of information in multiple languages and places - all at once! But it cannot obviate the requirement for properly calibrated nuance in self-expression, debate and negotiation....in politics, social interaction or business. Many countries, including USA, still organise Spelling Bees (Competitions) for school children despite the availability of spelling- and grammar-checking software...for good reasons! In short, the old statement remains true regarding computers..."Garbage in, garbage out". Meanwhile, how FAITHFULLY does the hologram generate and synchronise the hand gesticulations and facial expressions with the what is being said across languages and cultures? In summary, these technologies are very welcome and are to be celebrated. But they cannot replace learning and hard work.
check this A.I. talking (google colab notebook included) usvid.net/video/video-ly2iLmz3ncA.html
Todd White
Todd White 10 days ago
I once thought a mobile phone in a car was fake because it didn't have a cord attached to it. This can only become more realistic in time.
Todd White
Todd White 10 days ago
I don't speak Japanese so I can't verify what was being said, but I'd like to hear this in Pidgin English.
DMTestela π
DMTestela π 12 days ago
I just listened: Naruto do you genjutsu kokorono orochimaru. 🀄
Axel Santiago Flores MartinezVEVO
No mames la inteligencia artificial más cerca en humanos
JesseRoxII 14 days ago
Somebody call Captain Disillusion!
Сергей Петрович
It's a lie and a cartoon
ra ***
ra *** 16 days ago
413 Felix Ortiz
413 Felix Ortiz 16 days ago
Awesome NiCeLy dOnE🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖🚀
Talal Wasif
Talal Wasif 16 days ago
Wow...really appreciated👏👏👏👏
GregoriusMagnus 17 days ago
I am quite surprised to see the ignorance in the comments. I guess it shows the broadening of the audience of Microsoft events by time.
田島美登理 17 days ago
凄いけど。 違和感しかない。 やっぱり、日本人が日本語を喋っているようにはならないんですね。
mourn-a-lisa 17 days ago
This is so goddamn stupid
Oliver Li
Oliver Li 18 days ago
there's a whole big population that both Google and Microsoft ignore, which Apple takes over gladly, --- the Cantonese people lol
Hank Kao
Hank Kao 18 days ago
It is just a demo, not for real world.
Tia miy Desenhos
Tia miy Desenhos 19 days ago
Fake d+++++
Habib Khodakarami
Habib Khodakarami 20 days ago
There's something fake about all this!!! Imagine stopping people on street to ask questions, by the time you pull out the lens to put it on the local will be running like hell...😂😂😂
AZI THE MLG PRO 20 days ago
"Wtf just happened?"-peter parker
2547 год
2547 год 21 day ago
чо то не впечатляет!
3jw 21 day ago
I guess it doesnt support hair yet
Mir Mohammad Jaber
They never showed the demonstrator and the audience in the same frame. I will say it's fake.
John Murphy
John Murphy 19 days ago
You missed what she said at the beginning. The camera was showing what she was seeing in the Hololens. I've used the Hololens with out product and watched our CEO do something very similar. It's not fake.
Paolo Fiaschi
Paolo Fiaschi 21 day ago
real time?, I lost something.
Rajiv Rathinavelu
Rajiv Rathinavelu 24 days ago
Congratulations #Microsoft
Gph90dwr e50
Gph90dwr e50 24 days ago
This is not amusing. It is pointless when fundamental needs are becoming challenges and becoming bigger problems. Future generation needs a gift of basic problems being addressed like, water scarcity, food, health, climate change, CO2 emission, forest green cover, dipleating natural resources, terrorism, animal and human rights violations and many more.
Clement Ang
Clement Ang 24 days ago
She said it was "rendered here in real time" ?? 03:16
Meisam 24 days ago
Its a post produced VFX not a realtime hologram even not VR.
Alex Hein
Alex Hein 22 days ago
Suraj Raut yeah give it another 10 or 20 years
Suraj Raut
Suraj Raut 23 days ago
I agree this is no way a real time hologram.We are some years away from this still
Alex Hein
Alex Hein 23 days ago
Meisam I know. these people get paid to clap. 3D holograms aren’t really here yet. In 2030 they’ll be ready
Space Mog
Space Mog 24 days ago
Soo cool!
rasu84 24 days ago
I don't want to be that guy but the hologram did not sound even remotely like her.
Resieri Marcato
Resieri Marcato 25 days ago
What a great time to be here!
Skandar 25 days ago
🛑Tip: This is CGI people You can’t see the hologram objects without the glasses.
KJ Sudarshan
KJ Sudarshan 25 days ago
Why does the stage look so graphical?
Amir Bukan
Amir Bukan 19 days ago
the stage is also a screen
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 25 days ago
So in "reality", you rotoscope a foreground, instead of a background which Hollywood has been doing for decades, and call it AI
Arjunan S
Arjunan S 25 days ago
Is that real??
inceptional 25 days ago
Yeah, I'm calling that was fake--as in you almost certainly prerecorded all of that and it has little to nothing to do with anything than can happen now in real-time on the Hololens as it actually exists. I doubt there was any direct translation going on there at all, and I actually think this was just some Japanese-speaking chick saying the stuff directly reading from some transcript and then you guys pretending that was actually some computer-based speech to translation to speech magic going on. Just like those initial bullshots of Hololens when it was first shown off, I''m calling bullsh*t here again. Also, it honestly really didn't sound like you at all when it was in Japanese. :-o
Todd White
Todd White 10 days ago
Well, you can't deny that the hologram was real :o)
evliya çelebi
evliya çelebi 25 days ago
Orijinal life, natural life please...
L. Oliveira
L. Oliveira 25 days ago
I like how negative everybody in the comments is about this. 15 years ago this would have been considered magic...
Barry 25 days ago
I would say the same. But in some ways, it could have a dangerous outcomes.
Christiana OJO
Christiana OJO 25 days ago
I hope criminally minded people will not use this to impersonate innocent persons or create an alibi while they accually commit crimes... Travails of technology
Varun Mathur
Varun Mathur 26 days ago
Promoting amazing technology with a bad audio video 🙏
Aniket Sharma
Aniket Sharma 26 days ago
it was not realtime... and it definitely did NOT sound like her
May the Science be with You
Have you ever heard an Asian switch to perfect English? They often don't sound exactly the same after doing so.
Shodai.Thox 22 days ago
it definitely not sounds like her yet 'cause it's new and just been released and yet need a lot of works and train process in order to achieve that level, but that's still promising
Malika Ali
Malika Ali 22 days ago
Pradip Paul
Pradip Paul 24 days ago
they said it was pre recorded but the speech stuff needs work😀
Youandi de Blooy
Youandi de Blooy 26 days ago
Next step is to match movement (mouth, body and hand movements) with the Japanese text and culture. They recorded the English keynote presentation and therefore mismatching the timing of hand-movements in Japanese. Also, her lips are not in sync with the Japanese text. Impact of a presentation is in the details. Sounds great, but for the looks it needs more work to exactly match all the small nuances' which are so important in communication.
Barry 25 days ago
Sure, but this just came out. I'm sure they're working on all that as we speak.
笹木さささ 26 days ago
Kavi Creations
Kavi Creations 26 days ago
Tunsel Ozten
Tunsel Ozten 26 days ago
It is amazing but not surprising,we thought technology makes our life easy, are you sure ???If Brain doesn,t work imagine what will happen to humans in future ....🤔🧐🤗
Fabio F Godoy
Fabio F Godoy 23 days ago
Maybe we could expend more time with our beloved ones.
Dagmar B.
Dagmar B. 26 days ago
All of this technology only harms the whole of humanity. My opinion here too? Well, the allegedly modern man of the 21st century, should first mature himself mentally and develop mentally to social people before he gets into the hands of technology that he can neither handle nor use this for the benefit of all of humanity on this planet , Any form of technology was and will continue to be used primarily for the destruction of human beings / surveillance ... and that is exactly what will always remain so, as long as humanity is mentally at the level of barbaric primeval human beings. I do not oppose the technology, on the contrary ... but as long as you have this wonderful technology, not just for the benefit of all People instead of suffering, misery and the associated extermination (wars) sets in, I can not express myself positive about modern technology and consider it in the first place always as well as in principle, as misanthropic. As long as the destruction of humans, the only starting point for the development of high-quality technology is the driving force, ... the human being is not up to his mental maturity to deal with it or to handle it correctly.
Dagmar B.
Dagmar B. 25 days ago
@Barry Thank you
Barry 25 days ago
Absolutely agree with your statement.
R 26 days ago
I hope someone with hologram only can see mixed reality object not the audience otherwise it will be a disaster.
ITBOOST Australia
ITBOOST Australia 26 days ago
I wish one Japanese person could confirm that this lady's holograph is actually speaking Japanese properly?! 😏 (itboost.com.au)
Barry 25 days ago
@daguenot lmao. Wow
daguenot 26 days ago
the japanese she's used its correct. but don't have colloquial structure. Sound like a japanese lesson for beginner. I can say this because i have 3 years of studying japanese and this is worst that my first studying book.
Anand Venkataraman
Anand Venkataraman 26 days ago
If this is not magic, then what is? अगर यह माया नहीं है, तो क्या है? இது மாயம் இல்லேன்னா அப்போ எதுதான் மாயம்? ❤️ Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing. &
Daniela Rocha Dias
Daniela Rocha Dias 26 days ago
Amazing 😉
Ana Beatriz Martinez
The future is here indeed
Joe Ching
Joe Ching 26 days ago
my CI, or computer intelligence, is not so fun and easy, but it would do away with most of these irrelevant advances in technology. CI goes directly to automation of everything desirable, so the humans can create the paradise thru cultural pursuits. technology has about 50 years of more life span, the minute CI is launched.
AI might be able to perform certain, limited tasks better than a person can, but there is no logical, philosophical, or biblical reason to think it can be “better” in a meaningful sense. AI might emulate the patterns human beings use when we think, but it can never replace the prowess, dexterity, and creativity of the human mind. Despite fears and speculations, the weight of science, observation, and Scripture refutes the possibility of true artificial intelligence or a technological singularity. In short, the concept of AI makes for entertaining fiction, but not much else.
adam pizurny
adam pizurny 26 days ago
Nag 27 days ago
Rachon Mokus
Rachon Mokus 27 days ago
not extra just illusion
Akash Joseph
Akash Joseph 27 days ago
future is here, imagine book of Acts , Chapter 2:1-11, has the same feeling " When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven. And when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language. Then they were all amazed and marveled, saying to one another, “Look, are not all these who speak Galileans? And how is it that we hear, each in our own language in which we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites, those dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya adjoining Cyrene, visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs - we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.”
Emil Ordog
Emil Ordog 27 days ago
he is the first HYBRID on Earth. Stop him by ANY MEANS. a lion in musk. GOD by the HOLY SPIRIT is way more Powerful and Effective. DON'T EVEN TRY to manipulate U S .
crazyincars 27 days ago
It will be definitely needed in India for election campaigns 😅😅 remembering campaigns in Tamil Nadu and Kerala
Igor Boldysh
Igor Boldysh 27 days ago
Ok, so they recorded speaker, they made a script, vfx team created this 3d model, they used TTS to create this speech. Remind me where it becomes microsoft's technology? And why do we need hololens except for seeing a hologram.
Pradip Paul
Pradip Paul 24 days ago
except vfx team did not, it was made by hololens, the speech was recorded and then translated using azure speech, the script part was real time, again using microsoft translate
ctrl2k 27 days ago
The Black Mirror reality just got closer
Aurobindo Nayak
Aurobindo Nayak 27 days ago
How the hell did they project without a screen? Am i missing something?
elif cakmak
elif cakmak 27 days ago
Aurobindo Nayak rendered real time she says, but it was more like it was prerecorded. Hologram was not mirroring her so how was it “real-time”?
Cristian Erices
Cristian Erices 27 days ago
I was in first year of english-japanese translation. I think I will quit.
shruti singh
shruti singh 26 days ago
🤓 Stop.learning just enjoy life these things will do everything now for us
Akash Joseph
Akash Joseph 27 days ago
LOL , just do it, future is here, imagine book of Acts , Chapter 2:1-11, has the same feeling
n 27 days ago
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 27 days ago
So beautiful and tech improved
Soham Das
Soham Das 27 days ago
This is amazing. Saw this technology live in Microsoft Ready and its spectacular ❤️
Alex Alegre
Alex Alegre 27 days ago
Ahmad Darwiche
Ahmad Darwiche 27 days ago
Amazing technology ... but let's not forget this might have a really serious security impact !
Nonso Mokwuah
Nonso Mokwuah 27 days ago
At this point, every new tech is a security risk
Rajeev Mahadevan
Rajeev Mahadevan 27 days ago
Fighting Vipers
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