Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019

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What if neither distance nor language mattered? What if technology could help you be anywhere you need to be and speak any language? Using AI technology and holographic experiences this is possible, and it is revolutionary.
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Jul 18, 2019




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Comments 274
Papaya Tasty
Papaya Tasty 3 days ago
she is someone's waifu.
Best Buy
Best Buy 7 days ago
wow, Amazing Demo, the magic of al neural TTS and holograms at microsoft inspire, thank you
Joel Lowenghard
Joel Lowenghard 26 days ago
Nancy Pelosi like this.
Amro Wazzan
Amro Wazzan Month ago
this isnt real.... not going aggressive but this might become true any year later haven't noticed that she has no shadow? while her AI has?
Nelson Simões Junior
I am a really Microsoft's fan and this show how powerfull its tecnology is. Amazing
Throg Warhammer
Throg Warhammer Month ago
Fake news! She claimed that we would see "exactly" what she sees. She then proceeded to put on her googles and stare at the back of the hologram for the entirety of the presentation. What did we see? We saw only the front of the hologram (and the original speaker interacting with it). Nice try, Microsoft.
Eric Paroissien
Eric Paroissien Month ago
Dream on. Virtual technology means they make money simply because you believe their lies.
RANDY Marsh Month ago
Porns about to get a lot better
itsmebryang Month ago
Thank Iron man Microsoft
gbeatsmacedonia Month ago
well this is how new world order begins babies
Nguyễn Trần Duy
This is more scary than exciting
Yvette Month ago
Revelation ch 13..prophesied this technology 2000 yrs ago, the Bible is truly inspired by God. God is real. It does not end well for those who reject God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Please read the Bible (Revelation Ch 13 is clear). Turn to God, he loves you. Repent and believe the gospel.
Arash Ansari
Arash Ansari Month ago
Still looks and sounds just not real!
Binayak Chakraborty
the hologram looks so CG, i wonder why the audience is clapping.
xaviarsly Month ago
expecting new tech to have HD graphics before day one is like expecting a random stranger to give you a million dollars for no reason. its stupid and unrealistic EVERYthing has a prototype phase and its never supposed to look pretty!
Ailin Javadi
Ailin Javadi 2 months ago
It's amazing!... The future is here💎 But where is the board of real area and virtual area? It sounds dangerous!
dava4444 2 months ago
the lips should sync with the voice in translate.. but overall +1.. this is the future of AR.
Petr Dvořák
Petr Dvořák 2 months ago
And yet, some of my Word documents still have a bug where list bullets are rendered as black squares...
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 18 days ago
That's not Microsoft Word, that's your laptop and Word settings lol
Ruby 2 months ago
This technology could frame an innocent person by making it look like they are guilty of saying and doing something they never did. You can't believe what you see on the news.
Maddie Hicks
Maddie Hicks 21 day ago
but I do agree
Maddie Hicks
Maddie Hicks 21 day ago
yes but that is more deep fakes not necessarily holograms.
Cybernetic Butterfly
Depends on wether its news or 'news' since 'real' news outlets have an editorial staff that goes through a process of fact checking and confirmations with the needed skill and due dilligence.
jo mitri
jo mitri 2 months ago
Sounds like they can do anything now even bring in the end times
Yelisa 2 months ago
or the rapture ? !
I'm masculinist
I'm masculinist 2 months ago
Shut up Apple
Alex Fontes
Alex Fontes 2 months ago
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 2 months ago
great ...….
M. Zirak
M. Zirak 2 months ago
It scares the shit out of me!!!
Paulino Nganga
Paulino Nganga 3 months ago
Ozymandias ➊
Ozymandias ➊ 3 months ago
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 3 months ago
If it was a hologram I would be impressed but it's not. It's just AR. Been out for a while. A true hologram you wouldn't need the glasses.
Ray Bush
Ray Bush 2 months ago
I was thinking the same thing. This is unimpressive compared to what I was expecting.
Minah Saka
Minah Saka 3 months ago
Hi please I would like to lean about hologram and be your student
Sergio Ruiz
Sergio Ruiz 3 months ago
Just so amazing!
Grace Chan
Grace Chan 3 months ago
The gestures of the model are preanimated. She didn’t actually move like the model did.
J.A.Y 3 months ago
These technologies "are here today" but ive never seen one working outside a controlled space or see anyone that isnt part of the crew use one and tell us it works. Long story short I'm sceptical
Rajbir Singh
Rajbir Singh 3 months ago
can i able to send hologram to office ? lol...
ArtificialGamer 3 months ago
i cant wait to make a trap
ؘ 3 months ago
That neural TTS voice makes me more uncomfortable than normal robot-like one.
Ranjeet Menon
Ranjeet Menon 3 months ago
This is where humanity is failing, by becoming over dependent on technological devices and ignoring our innate abilities. Shreya Goshal, the well known Indian playback singer who predominantly sings Hindi songs has also been singing in South Indian languages for at least a decade now and she sings in Malayalam (the most difficult mainstream Indian language to master) better than local singers without understanding a word of the language. We do not need telescopes and satellites to view the cosmos. There is a human ability called remote viewing which the US intelligence has been actively experimenting with since the 1950s. There are people who have the ability to view distant objects when they go into a trance state. One of Saturn's rings was supposedly first discovered in this manner. This is the same ability that Dhritarashtra's charioteer Sanjaya used to narrate the Mahabharata war to the king sitting far away inside the palace.
Michael Jae
Michael Jae 3 months ago
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh 3 months ago
what danger they have created!!!!!!!! by this they can GET every data of a person like body porture , voice tone etc. They just need to give a speech to AI and it will do the work of person. IT WILL hughly effect the human employment. HUMANS do hard work on their anchoring , expressions etc. BUT THIS DEVICE JUST NEEDS TO COPY THE PERSON AND DONE.
fontanot 3 months ago
What a big fraud!.... 1.- that’s not even close to her own voice 2.- is easy to video record anyone on a blue screen 3D 3.- pre-recorded sketch with edited voice translation. 4.- not even interactive.
Devo So
Devo So 3 months ago
Just glad to see this "star trek" technology happening in my last years of this life. I have great faith in humans and we have gone ahead in leaps and bounds. Within 100yrs there will be no need for phones as a form of communication,it will be somehow more neural,Don't be scared of A.I. but embrace it. Human Machine Interface is our next step of Evolution.The future will be even more amazing and much more to come. Bye..
John Cena
John Cena 2 months ago
*Yo dawg it's rewind time*
Bernd Langner
Bernd Langner 3 months ago
Farbe , Farbe , Farbe ...
Afik Mafik
Afik Mafik 3 months ago
You can't fool me. This is the PhotoShop. 😛 😜
Belal Hossen Sumon
Belal Hossen Sumon 3 months ago
Fentastic excited toncolige next life , love i♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Moudi Pueyo
Moudi Pueyo 3 months ago
why does the audience are clapping if they didn't see anything?
Moudi Pueyo
Moudi Pueyo 3 months ago
@Iurie Ceban life will be crazy if we discover that we are ai
Iurie Ceban
Iurie Ceban 3 months ago
because the clapping was added later by AI
jinjerxnuggets jr
jinjerxnuggets jr 3 months ago
Ready. player. one. Thats all imma say
ايمن ابن الكراويه Adam
Here goes my job.
AL Balushi
AL Balushi 4 months ago
Indeed the future is here!
AL Balushi
AL Balushi 4 months ago
Would you please remind me what year are we in??😱OMG
May the Science be with You
I don't know man, most people make me believe that we are stuck in the 50s, many others make me feel like we are still in the middle ages, and then we get to see people like this make you feel like we are jumping ahead to the 22nd century.
Donovan Bryan
Donovan Bryan 4 months ago
Power of Nil
Power of Nil 4 months ago
She is Tony Stark's Daughter! Hello Morgan! Good to See you!
IngrownMink4 4 months ago
D Hansel
D Hansel 4 months ago
Bring back Elvis, Selena or any other artist !
P V 4 months ago
M. I.
M. I. 4 months ago
I Love This Presentation! I request that please come out some of event at Tokyo DisneyLand’s Attractions, it supposed to be this is it I hope so, we will do like by ourself experiences and a lot of fun. Peaceful ;)) May faith be the guiding Light of our life
Henry Wang
Henry Wang 4 months ago
I believe the VR/AI technology is able to deliver nearly real-time (simultaneous) interpreting in foreigner language now, and might do better job than a blood-flesh trained professional (linguistics expert/bilingual-interpreter).
Olugbemiro Sodeinde
Olugbemiro Sodeinde 4 months ago
Learning and mastering a language or languages will always be of very great value. Language is a fundamental tool of all learning - its acquisition or the transmission of learning. The real value of this technology is the opportunity and mechanism for the rapid and extensive dissemination/exchange of information in multiple languages and places - all at once! But it cannot obviate the requirement for properly calibrated nuance in self-expression, debate and negotiation....in politics, social interaction or business. Many countries, including USA, still organise Spelling Bees (Competitions) for school children despite the availability of spelling- and grammar-checking software...for good reasons! In short, the old statement remains true regarding computers..."Garbage in, garbage out". Meanwhile, how FAITHFULLY does the hologram generate and synchronise the hand gesticulations and facial expressions with the what is being said across languages and cultures? In summary, these technologies are very welcome and are to be celebrated. But they cannot replace learning and hard work.
check this A.I. talking (google colab notebook included) usvid.net/video/video-ly2iLmz3ncA.html
Todd White
Todd White 4 months ago
I once thought a mobile phone in a car was fake because it didn't have a cord attached to it. This can only become more realistic in time.
Todd White
Todd White 4 months ago
I don't speak Japanese so I can't verify what was being said, but I'd like to hear this in Pidgin English.
DMTestela π
DMTestela π 4 months ago
I just listened: Naruto do you genjutsu kokorono orochimaru. 🀄
Axel Santiago Flores MartinezVEVO
No mames la inteligencia artificial más cerca en humanos
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