Demo: Minecraft Earth at Microsoft Inspire 2019

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Connecting the real world to Minecraft using Azure Spatial Anchors. With Minecraft Earth there will be living, breathing experiences anchored all over your neighborhood. When you and your friends play together, everyone can see the worlds you’ve built. The team from Minecraft Earth has an adventure on stage at Microsoft Inspire 2019, welcoming one very special guest.
Check out the Minecraft Earth beta at Minecraft.net.
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Jul 18, 2019

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Comments 54
Alex Purcell
Alex Purcell 22 days ago
Flexiste 26 days ago
memes incoming
Aron Noa
Aron Noa 27 days ago
I cant wait for release in Croatia
Aron Noa
Aron Noa 6 days ago
@alexpalex448 to kralju
alexpalex448 7 days ago
Me too!
Caleb Flores
Caleb Flores 28 days ago
When will it be released to California (closed beta)
OmenCraft - Minecraft
I'm in CA
Badongkoy 29 days ago
I can't wait to play this in philippines
alan black
alan black 29 days ago
Great! I can't wait to play it in China😃
Dr iMarzateD
Dr iMarzateD 29 days ago
Pokemon Go can just poke-fuck up against this new lvl of mobile augmented reality games. Nice work with Minecraft Earth, I barely can wait for it
Pentest Rabbit
Pentest Rabbit 29 days ago
I can't wait for the release in Australia!
King Newton The Ruler of the Land
I'm still waiting for android!
Netty Herawati
Netty Herawati 24 days ago
Same as me bro!🖐️
ArmPixelMC 29 days ago
ว้าวววววววว อยากเล่นใจจะขาดแล้ววว
Andrew Griesel
Andrew Griesel 29 days ago
Could the crowd even see this tho? It might have been cringy for them lol
Woulfgang Houbric III
How many days will you release the minecraft earth?? Im so excited
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
Minecraft Earth should release in the next month or so, the closed beta already came out, (and if you didn't know) betas usually symbolize a game close to reaching full development.
DgDragonGaming 123
I should get Xbox ultimate for free for 24th comment
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
Why did you delete your absolutely poorly structured insult of a message?
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
You should take your headphones off, I'm pretty sure mom said the chicky nuggies are ready
cyracks geins
cyracks geins Month ago
Ojalá que Minecraft earth llegue a la Argentina antes del 2020
Ctriple0 0
Ctriple0 0 Month ago
I’m hype r u
Brandon Month ago
"everybody and in every place" ....That is except anyone that is using Windows.... Way to go Microsoft: We can't use Microsoft software on our Microsoft Surface ~:(
Panchito Month ago
El primer comentario en español soy mejor que ustedes D A B
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
folla a tu madre
Abcdif Month ago
I'm waiting.
Mayank R.
Mayank R. Month ago
This is seriously amazing!! On a totally new level than Pokémon Go. Could be the "next big thing"
AULIS A.O.T Month ago
3:24 I can see floating seed
Honey Beee
Honey Beee Month ago
Centaurus X
Centaurus X Month ago
Where's the full video @Microsoft??? Since there are a lot of new learnings from Satya's and Brad's corenote...
Миронов Владислав
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 28 days ago
@Илья Карышев Я не верю, что ваше утверждение верно, у вас есть какие-то конкретные доказательства?
Илья Карышев
@Jeffery Stalin а ты знаешь что mojang и есть microsoft
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
Вы понимаете, что Microsoft и Mojang пытаются создать игру, которая включает в себя всю Землю, верно?
Миронов Владислав
Reg3e Month ago
I know this is obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway... O uO Minecraft Earth + Microsoft Hololens
Mighty mas
Mighty mas 29 days ago
This project was originally going to be on hololens but Mojang wanted it to be more accessible to more people rather than just on hololens
Ryan Mantha
Ryan Mantha Month ago
They basically showed a demo like this with the first version of hololens.
Marc F
Marc F Month ago
Wow, pretty awesome!
яночка Гордиенко
Классно но почему русские играть не могут, нам же обидно мы тоже хотим поиграть, а так игра супер!!!
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
Вы понимаете, что Microsoft и Mojang пытаются создать игру, которая включает в себя всю Землю, верно?
Aditya Tondwalkar
good for pewds
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
@Aditya Tondwalkar I have, I just don't understand the joke you are trying to make.
Aditya Tondwalkar
Aditya Tondwalkar 29 days ago
@Jeffery Stalin u never played tuber simulator??
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
яночка Гордиенко
Классно, но почему русские играть не могут. Нам же обидно!!!
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
@Миронов Владислав What?
Миронов Владислав
яночка Гордиенко угу
BENE Month ago
Para cuando en Android?
AgixPlays Month ago
Dude my youtube channel is epic
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
Your mic isn't
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker Month ago
Very cool! My kids are all Minecraft junkies and this will take it to the next level. And inspire their futures.
Social Gamer
Social Gamer Month ago
That was so cool... and this is just the beginning. I can't wait until this technology matures and expands on the future HOLO-DECK that we are all waiting for.
Jeffery Stalin
Jeffery Stalin 29 days ago
What are you attempting to say Social Gamer?
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