David Johnson - The Humble Rumble

Joseph Vincent
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Dec 17, 2016




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Mistatommy Hernandez
Sucks he doesn’t run hard anymore his Jukes dont have the same speed and he doesn’t have the same burst anymore
Chef 3 days ago
crazy how quickly we’re seeing RBs rise and fall, 2-3 years ago people were praising david johnson as the best back in the league
Chef Day ago
Islam is peace i disagree. nobody is taking an older, previously injured DJ over saquon, dalvin cook, or CMC
Islam is peace
Chef ya and they are again this year😂
No Feeling
No Feeling 22 days ago
I need to call Kliff and TELL HIM TO USE DAVID JOHNSON
J Dolo
J Dolo 23 days ago
BUST LIKE I PREDICTED!!!! his 1 fluke season. And a half. David Johnson is who we thought he was!!!!! Fake ass forte! Another promising BUST!!!! 👋🎤 BEARDOWN
Turkey ?
Turkey ? 4 days ago
stfu, nobody loves you
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
Who’s here for having Johnson in fantasy 2019
Islam is peace
The Truth me
Spencer32466 2 months ago
RUDY MIRANDA 2 months ago
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 3 months ago
Another great running backs prime wasted by a bad organization
Terrence Kepa
Terrence Kepa 3 months ago
I like number 11s blocking
Amish Jebediah
Amish Jebediah 5 months ago
Says a lot there hasn't even been a comment on this video in 2 years. He got hurt and hasn't been the same. I really really hope he can bring it back for 2019. We need him if we are gonna be a serious contender again, otherwise he will go down in history as one of the shortest lived flashes of brilliance out there...
ArizonaCardinals RiseUpRedSea
David Johnson 🔥🐤
Elia Harzer
Elia Harzer 9 months ago
poor David
Sarah Nollola
Sarah Nollola 10 months ago
Ay it’s David I’m a cardinals fan Edit: **sees Arizona’s stats this season** I guess I’m not a fan anymore XD LOL 😂
Matthew Caldwell
Matthew Caldwell 11 months ago
This makes me sad because he was absolutely amazing all through his first 2 years then in week 16 of the 2016 season he sprained his mcl and while he did have time to recover it was questionable if he’d preform the same then in the first game of 2017 he broke his wrist and has never been the same
Travis Ghiloni jr
Travis Ghiloni jr 10 months ago
I know and hes shown little effort
Griff 11 months ago
Ladainian Tomlinson?
Cicero 219
Cicero 219 11 months ago
Then they have Palmer retire, Bradford start and oh look! He's not doing as good anymore, maybe that's because of the whole being out a year last season. But I don't know
Sw1tch 11 months ago
His high school team sucks now beat em 42-21 with no pass attempts
Vincent Castellana
Vincent Castellana 11 months ago
Every David Johnson owner re-watching this with new hope after the OC got fired
Alllan Muc
Alllan Muc Year ago
Do james connor
Kaycee Coty
Kaycee Coty Year ago
Some of the best players come out of little colleges or less know ones. Like mentioned earlier, David Johnson came from University of Northern Iowa and Tyler Lockett came from Kansas State University( my college team, I was rooting for Lockett long before most of you had even heard of him). #31 #16 Arizona Cardinals rock! Kansas State Wildcats sucks this year, but they still rock!
Charles Beers
Charles Beers Year ago
Glad to have this fellow Iowa boy playing for the Cardinals.
MrSh4des Year ago
Ok that run against the patriots was some cartoon style shit haha swung around with 4 guys reaching on him.
Wait WhO?
Wait WhO? Year ago
I absolutely love this!
Oh Jetty
Oh Jetty Year ago
Dude, David Johnson runs a 4.3 really.
Rad Raad
Rad Raad Year ago
I miss watching david johnson go off every week
Vlad Gordeyev
Vlad Gordeyev Year ago
Your intros are SO long and dramatic. Chill and show some good footage, dude.
Joseph Vincent
I mean...418k subs. But yea, I'll do it your way going forward.
Skyler Rezentes
0:44 What song did you use?
Mitch Jacobs
Mitch Jacobs Year ago
"After You" Louise Dowd
Mitch Jacobs
Mitch Jacobs Year ago
I was wondering the same!
Recognize Real
Guys a beast
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Year ago
He’s like AP with hands. Think about that for a minute... the league should be terrified
iFaTeM YT Year ago
What is the first song played?
He's coming Back!!!
Abraham Rizvi
Abraham Rizvi Year ago
When he is healthy he is the best All round player in the NFL
Buffalo Fan716
If David Johnson stays healthy for the 2018 season he'll definitely break 1,400 rushing yards
Walter O Brien
Do Michael Strahan or John Randle
Jeff Karnell
Jeff Karnell Year ago
he can change directions so fast. reminds me of barry sanders split step
John Carter
John Carter Year ago
Comeback player of the year this season!
Jimba Year ago
Matt Forte did this with the Bears and he gets no love
Green wall Tree
David Johnson should desvere a super bowl ring. And me being a cards fan, i think the cards are ruining his career. But if Rosen and sam Bradford can get it down they might have a chance getting a super bowl. THIS GOES WITH LARRY FITZGERALD TO
Lil LostCause
Lil LostCause Year ago
I live in AZ and I am glad we did not draft Ameer Abdullah
Adam Van Seters
Who made a bigger splash, David Johnson or Alvin kamara
Mik D
Mik D Year ago
Do you have a video of frank the tank ( the inconvenient truth)?
A faster Chuck Foreman
Mike SNOWMAN Tyson
L_P1mp1N Year ago
Aaaaaaaallllllrrrrrrighty then
Devin Miller
Devin Miller Year ago
Joeseph Vincent, please do a terrell pryor story
Devin Miller
Devin Miller Year ago
Terrelle Pryor***
The Big Man
The Big Man Year ago
Where was he this year
재커리 Year ago
Bigg B Out the full season w/ a wrist injury
Wolverine 54239
Joseph Vincent do Aaron Donald, the best defensive tackle
That Guy
That Guy Year ago
Adam Thielen “from undrafted to unstoppable “
Football Bro’s
Do chandler jones
AZ-CHiLL Year ago
A marshawn lynch levon bell hybrid
Raiderfan916 74
Still don't know y zeke is considered a top 3 rb that's like saying emmitt smith is on the same level as Barry sanders or Walter Payton
vax 308
vax 308 Year ago
You guys have to remember Zeke is only getting better yards because of his o-line and David does it with a shi**y o-line and still is one of the top rushers in the league
Cuatro Smart
Cuatro Smart Year ago
CJ2K was a beast
Dawson Luciano
Why the vid so short?
Dawson Luciano
The only RB that i can compare to marshawn's strength and durability
YFN Steio
YFN Steio Year ago
Emerson Fruehling
NFL Barkley
brandon yaeger
My dude.
YoBoy Goat
YoBoy Goat Year ago
B S Year ago
Do shady
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