David Johnson || 2018-2019 Season Highlights ᴴᴰ

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Dec 18, 2018




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Comments 48
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Month ago
Future buccaneer
Oh Jetty
Oh Jetty 5 months ago
I want him to leave so bad, he deserves a better team.
William Kreiss
William Kreiss 2 months ago
Love to see him in Philly
mrslapside 5 months ago
Who else here cause you drafted him
Jo Jo32
Jo Jo32 7 months ago
I fucking hated Mike McCoy. Like you have all of 2016 tape of DJ, knowing he's an all purpose and he was like "Let's just run up the middle everytime". We were so predictable man it was really a wasted year. Kliff...please don't fuck up
The Rise
The Rise 7 months ago
Dude didn’t have one impressive run last year. Where is his lateral quickness or acceleration. Literally looks clumsy and not that fast. Idk I just don’t think he’s shown he’s a talented rb anymore
The Rise
The Rise 5 months ago
alldaygrind ya he’s still good. But has lost his breakaway talent. His fast twitch electric jump cuts seem to be gone. He went from being a electric power back with good hands to just a power back with good hands. Which is still good but not elite
gangster 5 months ago
@The Rise he had a huge leg injury and a broken wrist and i think that effected him. I think he will do fine this year but not as good as 2016. Just plays like 2:57 KYLER IS OVERRATED
The Rise
The Rise 5 months ago
alldaygrind we will see how this season goes. I’m rooting for him. It’s just a intriguing situation because he literally was so good his first couple years and it’s confusing
gangster 5 months ago
@The Rise I'm a fan of him and I agree. His runs against the Redskins were the only runs that impressed me, because of the jump cutting But Kyler sucks and F the cardinals
The Rise
The Rise 5 months ago
Hector Rivera that’s a fine opinion on. But I’m more educated than you on the matter and am actually stating facts.
The Rise
The Rise 7 months ago
Was one of the worst rated rbs in the league last year taking even when you remove the oline and offense from the equation. I just don’t know if he is still even good. Such a hard call this year. Volume will be there but idk how good he still is
David Caron
David Caron 7 months ago
Ahh geez 3 years in a row i'm gonna pick DJ in fantasy, got a good feeling this time though!
David Caron
David Caron 5 months ago
Full disclosure, i went D. Adams in one and conner in another. I'm a coward lol
Zachary Schuler
Zachary Schuler 5 months ago
I got him
Adam Wicks
Adam Wicks 5 months ago
I got him too bro
Visionary C
Visionary C 8 months ago
He still fast but he’s missing that sudden burst
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta 8 months ago
Some of the worst playcalling ive ever seen
Max kaliber
Max kaliber 9 months ago
He dosent get the respect he deserves, been a beast since day ONE. Definitely one of the top players in the league. I hope these past few seasons of poor offense doesn’t define his legacy
KOTJ412 9 months ago
Still a beast & will get back to his old form this year w/Murray feeding him. Should be fun to watch.
Miller Productions
Miller Productions 9 months ago
1:35 was a delay of game
youso91 7 months ago
Be respectful they was a trash team let em have that one
Larry Legend GOAT
Larry Legend GOAT 10 months ago
Had a horrible year by his standards but still had a solid year that will get him in the top 100. Shows how good of a player he is
Enoch Escalera
Enoch Escalera 10 months ago
This was fucking PAINFUL! You can tell he's just waiting to kick it into 3rd gear but he never got the damn chance !
Sam Cocherl
Sam Cocherl 10 months ago
He had no chance with poor quarterback play and god awful offensive coordinator before leftwich. This year he will bounce back hard and if your a fantasy person, you can be happy knowing you will get him later first early second
Adam Van Seters
Adam Van Seters 10 months ago
I don’t see how everyone saying he fell off. The talent is still there. You can see in these highlights. The skill, the catching, the running, it’s all still there. The offense was just so bad
M 11 months ago
So we got david johnson? Let's run him up the middle the whole year!
Cambo Rambo
Cambo Rambo 11 months ago
Howie, bring this guy to philly!
Dion & Nate TV
Dion & Nate TV 11 months ago
David Montgomery Runs Like David Johnson💯 Eagles Get This Man
J Dolo
J Dolo 6 months ago
Please dont ever disrespect Montgomery like that. He run like howard and forte
youso91 11 months ago
The threat of Kyler Murray Speed will benefit DJ
J Dolo
J Dolo 6 months ago
No it wont. Only one player has the ball at a time.
Tha 2K Prodigy
Tha 2K Prodigy 8 months ago
DIon X Nate Tv I wont be all negative Dion x Nate. Does he run similar to DJ ? Yes. However, even if he is as good of a rusher as DJ which is very questionable, Johnson is 3 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier and basically just as fast. Johnson also can receive a-lot better than Montgomery because DJ played WR at northern Iowa in college. The last time DJ was used properly (2016) he almost had 900 receiving yards. DJ isa different beast
Tha 2K Prodigy
Tha 2K Prodigy 8 months ago
DIon X Nate Tv your point? Lol attacking my profile name cause you have nothing meaningful to back up your ludicrous and disrespectful statement. After this season if both players stay healthy...Johnson will completely show you just how big of a gap there is from him and Montgomery
Dion & Nate TV
Dion & Nate TV 8 months ago
Tha 2K Prodigy niggah your name is 2k prodigy stick to playing video games kid
Tha 2K Prodigy
Tha 2K Prodigy 8 months ago
Excuse me? David Montgomery does not play exactly like DJ. No one plays like DJ except DJ. And Montgomery is good but trust me.....just cause DJ was stuck with a terrible Offensive coordinator and play calling does not mean he cant reproduce his historic 2016 year. Foh saying he might be better the disrespect my lord
Dion & Nate TV
Dion & Nate TV 11 months ago
No David Montgomery he’s plays exactly like Johnson but he’s younger and might be better
Allison Nielsen
Hey 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
Gridiron Films
3 Vargas
3 Vargas Year ago
great job dude. like the video.
Gridiron Films
Thanks man
JuJu Gak
JuJu Gak Year ago
Hard year, especially with terrible OC, terrible QB, and terrible OL
ambi ven
ambi ven 6 months ago
And still finished top 10...says a lot about his talent
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Year ago
Thank you for your work in putting this together. 👍👍 great vid. As for DJ. Rest up son!!
Gridiron Films
Thank you💯
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