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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 951
Cdog527 3 months ago
For a dlo fan and a nets fan I wish he can stay
ツLenvon 4 months ago
oof he went to the warriors -_-
Thelifeofkhasim Yt
Thelifeofkhasim Yt 4 months ago
He is on the warriors actually
Zavaye Figaro
Zavaye Figaro 4 months ago
So y druss wanna go back
Mr. Koston
Mr. Koston 4 months ago
Bro he hot traded
Lorby Castelly
Lorby Castelly 4 months ago
Hi your the best USvidr u like everybody comments can u like mine plz
Players Voice
Players Voice 4 months ago
Gotcha thanks for showing support🙏🏾
ZB Z 4 months ago
Golden state btw :D
Well sorry to ruin it for you... But ummmmm HE FINNA GO TO THE WARRIORS
Alex Maytum
Alex Maytum 4 months ago
Anyone else here after he was signed to the warriors
albey ll
albey ll 4 months ago
Who’s here after KD and Kyrie signed to nets and d’lo went to lakers
Romeopaolo Tolentino
Nuh he on the warrior men
Ethan Lawrence Samonte
Welp, Warriors got him tho
BD2DK 4 months ago
Dlo ain't crying no more now that he's a Warrior. Good move for them while Klay is out.
Yrn Kevo
Yrn Kevo 4 months ago
He's on the warriors
MsMitzi Page
MsMitzi Page 4 months ago
You mean “he want to join Curry and the warriors?”
Dayami Diaz
Dayami Diaz 4 months ago
Welp da nigga is going to California now so FUCK
king obinochivader
king obinochivader 4 months ago
But he goes to the warriors
Ice ZTG 4 months ago
Now he’s on the warriors😂
Qveen_zii _2fyee
Qveen_zii _2fyee 4 months ago
Cury mine as well go to the lakers and kd
Rad Raad
Rad Raad 4 months ago
When he goes to the lakers everyone gonna be playing that meme with the nets and playboicarti🤣🤣🤣
Cracker Barrel
Cracker Barrel 4 months ago
Hell yeah he’s gonna fit
T.Y Fly
T.Y Fly 4 months ago
I want him to go to the suns
Gerardo Zamora
Gerardo Zamora 4 months ago
Yes please come to LA
MORE RAGE 4 months ago
Maya Paz
Maya Paz 4 months ago
Hell ya we need a pg
Okayy Houdiiiniii
Okayy Houdiiiniii 4 months ago
I used to play with dlo and LeBron on my fantasy draft on 2k and it was a fuckin glitch ! If he goes, it's a wrap!
Meatball hunter
Meatball hunter 4 months ago
DLO carried them to the playoffs what did kyrie and KD do on a great team?
TOP:internet 4 months ago
Breggs HD
Breggs HD 4 months ago
why cant they just have a back-court duo of Kyrie and D'angelo??
Learning with Adrian
And also marijuana
Ja Morant
Ja Morant 4 months ago
If my team tried to get someone better than me I wouldn’t sign shit for them
LONE RIDER 4 months ago
Of course he does
38 BABY 4 months ago
I hope he comes to phoenix 🙏🏼
MjDagoatx 4 months ago
Come back home DLo the nets don’t deserve him
Boss 4 months ago
Shit like this is the reason why i don’t entirely blame kd for joining my warriors, although i wish he hadn’t
Cecil Munshin
Cecil Munshin 4 months ago
Any smart franchise would do the same. I love dlo but I want what’s best for the nets as a fan of the team I will be disappointed if we have to let him go but I’ll be happy if it’s for the better of the team. Lonzo ball wasn’t involved in the dlo trade btw and there was no way the nets would’ve know that such a bad late first round pick would’ve ended up as kuzma.
Modesto the gamer
Modesto the gamer 4 months ago
Join the suns
zack games
zack games 4 months ago
DLOADING 4 months ago
Dlo rlly played with the goat, kobe, and then he also bout to play with Bron 🤯 👑
Carlito Cool
Carlito Cool 4 months ago
DLOADING 4 months ago
As a Laker fan I miss dlo hefty
King Dre
King Dre 4 months ago
Shit don't matter he a all around good player he gonna put up points
David Matthews
David Matthews 4 months ago
This isn’t like IT4, we traded him because it was just better for the team, or so we thought. The nets signing kyrie would be stupid looking at what he did to Boston, he acts like a two year old and D’Angelo is younger
Frosty Sniper
Frosty Sniper 4 months ago
Brooklyn gonna let DLO walk and kyrie isn’t gonna sign with them and they are then they will suck again because they gave up their young star
Ritche Relampagos
Ritche Relampagos 4 months ago
Lakers getting both kuzma ang russel after all trades they did.This lakers is the team to beat next season.
Crimson Steel
Crimson Steel 4 months ago
Russels a RESTRICTED free agent which means the nets can match the best deal a team gives him and sign him so the nets are waiting till free agency STARTS on Sunday...yeah there’s offers going around but that’s for unrestricted free agents...I don’t think d’Angelo would want to go to LA after how they did him when he was there
soicystaxx 4 months ago
Dlo should have won most improved player award
thebull Devoe
thebull Devoe 4 months ago
The Nba not fun no more all the good players teaming up making it so obvious who's goin to win the championship even though it's rigged already
Truly Buildz
Truly Buildz 4 months ago
He look like prettyboyfredo
Jacob Is my name
Jacob Is my name 4 months ago
Zach Young
Zach Young 4 months ago
I’m a nets fan, and I would rather resign dlo instead of kyrie because he’s to ball dominant and he needs the ball in his hand if he wants to shine. That’s just me. Kyrie is a good player, I’d want dlo. Unless the nets sing a mother max free agent, I’d want dlo over kyrie.
Alice phang
Alice phang 4 months ago
The nets is gonna regret with their decision
lim ling chen
lim ling chen 4 months ago
Welcome back La dlo
Tuda Cunningham
Tuda Cunningham 4 months ago
Don't do it your really good and n the nets
Be Ro
Be Ro 4 months ago
Wtf... Dangelo is way more better then lonzo
urBopped-_- yt
urBopped-_- yt 4 months ago
Please come to LA
D T A M 4 months ago
The lakers don t have any money if they sign russel the lakers would have 7,8 players
Yuh isa Boston
Yuh isa Boston 4 months ago
Yea and they can get d league players
Gheezy 4 months ago
D T A M luxury tax buddy they dnt talk abt it but yeah
JUN JUN 4 months ago
I feel bad for him too
HeatMix 4 months ago
SETSUNA IGNACIO I feel bad for your Celtics even tho they never deserved kyrie 😂😂
Zoro Uchiha
Zoro Uchiha 4 months ago
He would fit in
Ching Chong
Ching Chong 4 months ago
You can go back in LA!❣️We want you!💛💜We need a Shooter hehe.🤗
mosabil 4 months ago
black news 1999
black news 1999 4 months ago
Hes james harden but can play of ball
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