Customizing 11 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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Sep 30, 2019




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Comments 184 475
ZHC Month ago
We hit 1 million likes! In the process of ordering 20+ iPhone 11s to giveaway 😂 Giving away 11 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway! Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first :) 1 million likes and I will give 20 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol Btw do not click on zhc giveaway. Don't get scammed please! Giveaways are only on this channel! First Comment: Cloud Bait109
rustem Cicek
rustem Cicek 4 days ago
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman Month ago
ryan tiempo
ryan tiempo Month ago
Nice artwork i like it much so cute.!
Diogo vilarinho
Diogo vilarinho Month ago
HI ZHC!! Love your USvid videos! I would love to win a new phone!
nate bishop
nate bishop Month ago
Cloud bait109 i have followed you on bothand subscribed and turned on post notification
gacha gülçin
gacha gülçin 11 minutes ago
Iphone x -iphone xr-iphone 11pro- i love you
shehab kaadan
shehab kaadan 13 minutes ago
I subscribed to you ZHC so please could you shout out me?
zatul 374
zatul 374 22 minutes ago
It's so beautiful and yah... I really want it 😭
Mehmet Ali Kömeli
Mehmet Ali Kömeli 25 minutes ago
Adınız: Mehmet Ali Kömeli Telefon Numarası: 05338812893 Sorunuz: Abiii senin hayranınımm heryerden seni takip ediyorum videolarının hepsini izledim. Ama Türkiye’deyim. 🥺 Bana telefon gönderirmisin anneme hediye almam gerek. Ve sana ihtiyacım var. Abi. Lütfen bana en kısa sürede dönüş yap. OLUMLU olumsuz. Seni çok seviyorum. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Pikachu ો Free Fire
Pikachu ો Free Fire 35 minutes ago
Hope To Win ZHC Can u see This Cmnt? HAHA
107g吳世騰 46 minutes ago
I want iphone11
Y O L O !!
Y O L O !! Hour ago
I really want, because i didnt have one
Dorina Costiniuc
I have iph 4s :(😢
Ind Ahgase S.N
I really want this. i never get an iPhone in my life. Too bad i am from Indonesia it's impossible to get this. They are so lucky.
Easin Ali
Easin Ali Hour ago
I want the gold watch
Joyson K
Joyson K Hour ago
I love customised iphone 🥰
amelia lia
amelia lia Hour ago
Omg.. Wanna
Kuralsız Berke
Anny Soul
Anny Soul Hour ago
No Brasil não tem essas coisas 😂😂😂😂😭
Yudi Anggara
Yudi Anggara Hour ago
Baik banget lu bang , bagi" iPhone 11 ? Indonesia 🇲🇨
Kwon Ji-Yong
Kwon Ji-Yong Hour ago
I also want an iphone😢😢😢😭
Emmm Angeles
Emmm Angeles Hour ago
Choose me please 🙏🏻 I want to experience how to win. And btw thank you for the giveaways ❤ Ig: eyyminemm
Man you are my number 1 yutuber 1 see only tour videos 😆😆😅😅 i love you broo👌👌👐👐
Paudel Indra
Paudel Indra Hour ago
You are very big fool
Benny OneJr
Benny OneJr 2 hours ago
Damn I’m not gonna win I don’t have a Twitter 😔 nice art work btw keep up the good work and I’m following you on Instagram
indra 1146
indra 1146 2 hours ago
Hi i'm from bali
сэзмщы 0903
сэзмщы 0903 2 hours ago
Give mee.. I want it. Lol
maro sarcon
maro sarcon 2 hours ago
Princess Cesscess
Princess Cesscess 2 hours ago
Who thinks zhc is a nice guy
Happy Sonatar
Happy Sonatar 2 hours ago
Cool man
Ryzi Yazid
Ryzi Yazid 2 hours ago
And I live in Singapore
Ryzi Yazid
Ryzi Yazid 2 hours ago
Please give me an iPhone 11 because I watch a video every single day and subscribe to all your videos please give me the iPhone 11 the Moon
Gabriel SÁNCHEZ 2 hours ago
Pls vive me an iPhone 11 I live in Costa Rica but the 25 of diciembre I am gringa to Los Ángeles
Shellon Tappin
Shellon Tappin 2 hours ago
Wow this is incredible! What do I have to do to win one😩 I want one...😩😩
Fatin Nadhirah
Fatin Nadhirah 2 hours ago
iam hoping to get one , but I know , I will never get it , however your painting look cool😍👍🏻👍🏻
Prashant Machhi
Prashant Machhi 2 hours ago
Give me the iPhone
Minu Mansurova
Minu Mansurova 2 hours ago
i will olso iPhone 11s
plushvidsforfun 19
plushvidsforfun 19 2 hours ago
I sub you
Pink Unicorn
Pink Unicorn 3 hours ago
Hüü türkiyede de olsa keşke
lary the gamer
lary the gamer 3 hours ago
I wanted an iPhone but I'm not the same country😔
Mihail Jovevski
Mihail Jovevski 3 hours ago
ramavath kishan
ramavath kishan 3 hours ago
This bro is giving iPhone please like share subscribe to ZHC is my favourite channel wont miss his video please guys please 1 million likes guys
Cristiano Tavares
Cristiano Tavares 4 hours ago
I want one
Khein Lee
Khein Lee 4 hours ago
I wish I can have some,But I can't. Im far away.Hello,From Philippines😪
Bruno Rojas Claure
Bruno Rojas Claure 4 hours ago
Yo quiero un IPhone 😠😫
athena anoos
athena anoos 4 hours ago
👋 Hello can i get iphone??? 😥 omg thats my dream phone😢
Chow Chow
Chow Chow 4 hours ago
Pleases I want too
The Slayer
The Slayer 4 hours ago
Sana all ma bigyan
Reyver World
Reyver World 4 hours ago
I don’t have one
Reyver World
Reyver World 4 hours ago
Reyver World
Reyver World 4 hours ago
I’m begging
Reyver World
Reyver World 4 hours ago
Can you give me iPhone 11 pls pls I Poor pls pls what app I text you I’m a boy I’m 11 young
one anime amine
one anime amine 4 hours ago
I draw I would draw in the phone and take it you could
khun sorida
khun sorida 4 hours ago
give me one bro
Suneel Chinchanikar
I want one but I don't have an account please if like hit like
ain syafiqah
ain syafiqah 4 hours ago
Hi from Malaysia
ReX Gamer
ReX Gamer 5 hours ago
Gift me ?
Semen Kim
Semen Kim 5 hours ago
Ты классный мне нравиться то что ты делаешь ,👍
Cosplay ?
Cosplay ? 5 hours ago
Galaxy Boy
Galaxy Boy 5 hours ago
I want one
yyianka Anzano
yyianka Anzano 5 hours ago
Can I have that? I pls
Creeper Guy75
Creeper Guy75 5 hours ago
im broke......ahahahaha
Divine Isibor
Divine Isibor 5 hours ago
Best iphone for 2019
Angelo Tasic
Angelo Tasic 5 hours ago
Amazing😇😇🤘❤️ From Philippines
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