Customize Your Gaming Mouse with 7 Cheap Mods!

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Got some cool mouse mods you can do to make yours better!
Paracablemods: paracablemods.co.uk
Silicone Bands: amzn.to/35LTD9S
Lizard Skins: amzn.to/2OWx8Z8
Topographic Mousepad: novelkeys.xyz/products/randomfrankp-x-nk_-deskpad
Amp500: amzn.to/2OYsqtJ
Mad Catz Glide 38: amzn.to/2XYzoTA
Electric Screwdriver: amzn.to/2qMbj6f
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Nov 30, 2019




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Comments 558
Vexiety Day ago
My mom: why are you buying wedding ring bands? Your legit single for life Me: it’s complicated...
SkyCore11 Day ago
What size wedding band for the ultra light 2
GreekishKid 2 days ago
Or, just buy a mouse with another colour if you didn't like it...
Avi.25 4 days ago
Which size did you buy silicone bands?
Hyntyx Marou
Hyntyx Marou 4 days ago
I was going to try this but when i saw a lighter....
TheGamingChair 14
When are the mousepads going to be in stock again?
Jose Forester
Jose Forester 8 days ago
Wanna give me a final mouse? Would mean a lot
Dauragin 9 days ago
definitely doing that ziptie bungee thing lol.
Ducky bros
Ducky bros 15 days ago
ohh boi you rly need all those monitors
Eco 16 days ago
can u make about glorious model o pls
Mizore Shirayuki
Mizore Shirayuki 16 days ago
hextuple it
Jamoisy Peligro
Jamoisy Peligro 16 days ago
was that a destiny 2 logo?
V GAMING 17 days ago
I break my mouse because of you
Connor Jordan
Connor Jordan 17 days ago
someone @ me for how long it took for you paracord to come in
frostyworm097 19 days ago
in my honest opinion the mouse looks better without the mods :C
Blo0m 21 day ago
I used the zip tie mod it worked but after 1 month my viper died :C
TDM Minions
TDM Minions 23 days ago
you sound like popularmmos
Saflo NL
Saflo NL 24 days ago
I am doing a challenge to get 200 subs this year i dont like to ask for subs but if you want to sub i would appreachiate it oh yeah i dont care if you don’t put on notifications👍
Revolution 24 days ago
i like how you say p
Bleaky 25 days ago
Can you use the paracord of model o to paracord razer viper?
ShirtyLemon 25 days ago
When he took the mouse apart I was blown away by how little is in there. Is the Logitech g502 like this
smockfn 28 days ago
0:50 i don't think professional fortnite and cs:go pros care about the orange color
Kane boughen
Kane boughen 28 days ago
Роман 28 days ago
Teflon is a DuPont-s commercial name of PTFE. So you can't have aTeflon and PTFE blend :)
Hedit Month ago
time to get crafty, and put sandpaper with the hardest fucking grit, and slap that bitch on my 5$ mouse
ZenRyoku Month ago
um... ptfe IS TETHLON...
ZenRyoku Month ago
lizard skins are the shit... ive been using bat grip for decades.... the only way to game.. 💯
FullEq Month ago
Vid time 13:37 Sub count 1,37
mlb shark
mlb shark Month ago
the grips looks pretty bad . theyre way too large for the mouse , doesnt look oem , the rest of the mouse looks great
Dionis Krasniqi
Dionis Krasniqi Month ago
Zayclom Month ago
i have logitech g102 but i'm too scared to remove the feet of the mouse are they there?
Rajesh Rajee
Rajesh Rajee Month ago
this seems really unnecessary !
Shawn Page
Shawn Page Month ago
Does his viper not have the RGB Razer logo on it?
Logano McGee
Logano McGee Month ago
what is that screwdriver? That is really cool lol
eurosonly Month ago
No anti slip coating?
humam Hassoo
humam Hassoo Month ago
he has bluue lips
SanttuX Month ago
Thanks i did the zip tie mod I love it!
BrydeyyBoyYT Month ago
It just looks ulgy when he added the bat grip. It didnt make it look clean.
Paste Gatelock
Paste Gatelock Month ago
13:37 really?
Jyle Jknes
Jyle Jknes Month ago
Paste Gatelock really what
LauritzPete Molderup
sorry to say but its ugly cause the sides are so wide
JB Bailey
JB Bailey Month ago
i want more (that's what she said) diys
MuggleCake Month ago
do u know where I could get that little mouse part in the middle, cause how cool would it be to 3d print ur own mouse shell and sell ur own mouse
Allo3D Month ago
Kinda want to try the paint too, did it ended up being good or does it peels of?
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz Month ago
you couldve just plasti dipped the final mouse instead of spray painting it..no?
Headscientist Month ago
I currently own a cougar Minos X5 and i need some life hacks for it
Sayakvids Month ago
Nice thanks
Mr CuCumber
Mr CuCumber Month ago
Bro I spent 120 pounds on that thing and you expect to open the hell out of it and customize it with this way...? Wtf
jake_ the_snake209
What is the mouspad in the background? also is there an inverted version
Haris_the_ Bosniak
lol I use a drawing tablet as my mousepad
Flake Month ago
bruh the mousepad is sold out
Alex Month ago
basic office mouse are better designed than gaming mouse, whats up wid dat
Cxde Month ago
Paying $150 for a mouse for its light weight then adding 50 grams to it. Nice
Sam Sutherland Productions
Where do I get the mouse feet? Great vid btw!!
Xavier Month ago
Max gaming
ChickenNUGGS23 Month ago
Dude I like my grip THICK
Kryotico Month ago
when you realize the video is 13:37 long
shaz ✔️
shaz ✔️ 2 hours ago
Kryotico whats so special about it being that long
Oranged Playz
Oranged Playz Month ago
I used the lighter and moved it and it messed up MY WHOLE MOUSE!
Pockets Month ago
Oranged Playz
Oranged Playz Month ago
oh yeah yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Month ago
bro at 5:54 to 5:57 he sounds like ninja
Frethixツ Month ago
CallMeAmari Month ago
Vju Month ago
whats the point of putting the extra weight on a mouse you buy for its low weight lmao
1000 subscribers no video challange
what sise on the rings???? @randomfrankp ?
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