Cure for Loneliness | Stories From Our Future

Rudy Mancuso
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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 9 226
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 14 days ago
Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here usvid.net/video/video-gCwEJiQpaXc.html
Steffie Johr
Steffie Johr 11 hours ago
Ss sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ali khan
ali khan 2 days ago
Boom Rudy Boom 😍😍😍
Mel Orr
Mel Orr 3 days ago
Rudy Mancuso I love you as a friendboy
Athena Kilia
Athena Kilia 3 days ago
i love youuuuuuuu
Alexandra Hernandez
Alexandra Hernandez 16 minutes ago
So their all robots
Feuertrash Hour ago
Stop that illuminati shit
Antek pl
Antek pl 2 hours ago
Ah shit that's deep
Sid 2 hours ago
💯 human
Tino Maruta
Tino Maruta 2 hours ago
omg but that plot twist
AJ890098 3 hours ago
Hey rudy know anything about the Rim of The World.
EpicGamer Vlogs 2000
Get a dog
Fabio 3 hours ago
That was an amazing video
Tariq Mamood
Tariq Mamood 3 hours ago
All I learned was that Hannah has a hairy neck.😄
Steve M
Steve M 3 hours ago
Loved this video, no words necessary. Who is the other actress (not Hannah)?
*Gacha• Mallory*
*Gacha• Mallory* 4 hours ago
Deep it was beautiful 🥺
MHD ALAREDHA 4 hours ago
i like it...
Mark Manabat
Mark Manabat 4 hours ago
Oh no Hannah...
Chenel McEchron
Chenel McEchron 4 hours ago
Priyam Banerjee
Priyam Banerjee 5 hours ago
This is talent. This is creativity. This is on some other level. Hats off to all of them and specially Anwar 👏🏻❣ And we all know Rudy is a genius ❤
Riman Riman
Riman Riman 6 hours ago
اكو عرب بالفيديو
Marcella Barclay
Marcella Barclay 7 hours ago
I kinda got scarred at the end but I never knew Anwar could rock makeup so well dang
Lili pearl Love
Lili pearl Love 7 hours ago
I don’t get it
malakhai marrero
malakhai marrero 7 hours ago
I'm gonna cry
Junior Guzman
Junior Guzman 8 hours ago
Rudy I saw you in the movie. was it rim of the world
AMIR Sj The movie producers
What the two robot died
Dopz 8 hours ago
ALl of rudy's vvideos are relateable
Catalina Rae
Catalina Rae 10 hours ago
Anyone notice lele
Ace Crazy
Ace Crazy 11 hours ago
That’s was by far the best 10 minutest I have watched but I really need a full episode
Jet Bruce
Jet Bruce 12 hours ago
That ending 😳👏👏👏
Zainab Ashrafi
Zainab Ashrafi 13 hours ago
Awesome acting by Ruby and Hanna.
Zainab Ashrafi
Zainab Ashrafi 13 hours ago
Hit the like button for anwar Jibawi's acting;)
football fever
football fever 13 hours ago
I didnt exactly get what the ending meant like robots took over the world or what
football fever
football fever 13 hours ago
God Rudy is crazy good like shit man his ideas and effort god and then Anwars acting shit too good I actually love Rudy's vids. The co concepts are crazy
Marah Alhouri
Marah Alhouri 15 hours ago
I'm confuseddd
Maiya Zafira
Maiya Zafira 15 hours ago
Rudy you are so cute
Cookies Gacha
Cookies Gacha 16 hours ago
Da best
BALLOONS with GUNS 16 hours ago
The ending is.. is indescribable
Ece Umay Bayramoğlu
Went to bandersnatch
Radhika Choudhary
Radhika Choudhary 16 hours ago
Best video till date...👍👍 Lot's of love from India🇮🇳
Hy Hy
Hy Hy 17 hours ago
Omg amazing
Juliana Kunst
Juliana Kunst 18 hours ago
Can this actually be a movie
Ella Ostrin
Ella Ostrin 19 hours ago
Well that escalated quickly
khali dibba
khali dibba 19 hours ago
Well the ending is.....
Mean Machine200
Mean Machine200 19 hours ago
Anwar, Rudy and Hannah ..... amazing trio
Anthony Carreto
Anthony Carreto 20 hours ago
Music gets annoying
Az Frozen
Az Frozen 20 hours ago
The plot twist at the end.... Wow!
Aylmer Perdana
Aylmer Perdana 20 hours ago
That reminds me of detroit becomes human
Jesus 22 hours ago
Go TroniX
Go TroniX 22 hours ago
Circle of love vibes
Andrew Hardin
Andrew Hardin 23 hours ago
Jaeden Rains
Jaeden Rains 23 hours ago
holly cow, all of the stories from our future are sup messed up. not gonna lie, i am traumatized in a good way
Joe McGuigan
Joe McGuigan Day ago
Rudy's content is so mature and always involves a real world problem. I love his. Ideos so much.
Ahmed Abdallah
Adam El khlifi
The robot becoming human the plot of Detroit become human
Edward Madrigal
Way better than some of the garbage coming out of Hollywood. 🔥
Wonder Wonderwoman
Robot also need someone company they have a life too
Wonder Wonderwoman
That's my life I know what's going to happen it reapeat
Wonder Wonderwoman
I mean the beginning
Junaid Asif Tube
Speechless 😱😘😘👌
Me22226 AJam
Me22226 AJam Day ago
What the heckkkk
Shanna Goodlow
Its so awesome how this video has no words or stuff like it in it, but it’s still so good!
علي رياض
wow Rudy you are awesome
H_ i_
Mob boyz
Mob boyz Day ago
How many times has he made this same mf video
Lana Day ago
Absolutely amazing 🔥👏🏽
J&H Creates
J&H Creates Day ago
Aren’t you in rim of the world?
suleman Ahmed
Am i the only one who clicks the like button before actually watching his music videos?
R3aLizE Sideris
Screw the dislikes.Rudy is the best USvidr😘😘.keep up the good work!!!
army- Bts
army- Bts Day ago
7:51 hahahahha omg the height gap lol that’s cute
Drawing Everything
Anwar is perfect for the robot cause he can do robot dances
Jude Hashane
Jude Hashane Day ago
Damn that’s deep
myketlg Day ago
man Anwar should do movies like ffs his acting is so good and Rudy is already such a badass director like damnnnn
HakaBubu Day ago
Woah LOL
Deez Notz
Deez Notz Day ago
it looks like anwar but with 2000 lbs of makeup on
Abo_Qaqour Day ago
i am lonley >:
Patrick Sellers
Kinda sad
Berci Dezseri
mood spx
mood spx Day ago
All of this in 9 minutes damn keep up the good work Rudy :)
Idahlia Sosa
Idahlia Sosa Day ago
wow wow wow. it’s really good
Rose Mary Subash
ive watched this more than 10 times already
DARK WIZ Day ago
David Quiroga
Anyone else saw Lele at 0:38??
Ibukun Daniel
This was so good, also Rudy wears heels
MuTe Day ago
At the firt three minutes. Ive already thinking about black mirror
Sharvile Rasikus
If you liked this, I'd suggest you play Detroit: Become Human. Really delves into the whole achieving consciousness and the dilemma of then what really differentiates a living human organism from an android.
Wolf Eminent
Wolf Eminent Day ago
what the fuck a wonderful Video
Wolf Eminent
Wolf Eminent Day ago
I’m a hamster , hamsters are cool
At the end I was like” jumps back and screams wtf parents come in and gets belt and now writes this comment” Edit: omg this should be a movie and also I never knew that this would be highlighted Edit number 2: it says cure for loneliness and 1 bot commits suicide lol Also he became 13% human because
Lae - Gacha
Lae - Gacha Day ago
Omg that went dark..
- chon
- chon Day ago
this is so good
I want that Edit: Poor robot, also what the duck was that ending?
Briannah Arseneau
Soo confused
Joana Lm
Joana Lm Day ago
Wait what?
DJ DZA Day ago
Was That Part 2 From *Circle of life?*
Elisabeta Voci
Why should her fit with his daily routine Like i mean always
Gabriela Martinez
I think I spoke too soon 😟😨😨😨😨
Gabriela Martinez
That’s literally so cute
Lucas Trader
Lucas Trader Day ago
Anwar and hannah
The Prince of Football Swagz
Yo this video just started my day
Sorbicasa Day ago
I like how it’s the future and he still has a ordinary clothes hanger and coffee machine
Diyazmen Day ago
This should be put on BlackMirror, Right?
John Stamos
John Stamos Day ago
Well shit I like the new content
McAllen Q
McAllen Q Day ago
3rd party
April Ason
April Ason Day ago
Anyone else notice at the start that he always hit it exactly when it turned 630? Very realistic lol. Really good still.
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