Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! EXPERIMENT: FISH VS CAR

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WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: FISH VS CAR
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 3 218
Jackson Berkley
This is the third clickbait fish video I’ve seen by you and there is probably going to be more
Pato Lpz
Pato Lpz 14 days ago
X X Month ago
dic like and no sb
Anchal Goyal
Anchal Goyal Month ago
This video is bloody wastage of food and things 😡😡😡😡😡
Mathieu Tassera
Mathieu Tassera Month ago
Quelle gaspillage
dualshock Month ago
This man ClickBaited a fish...Showed the fish FROM THE THUMBNAIL, ONLY TO CLICKBAIT US....BRUH
Karla Yesel Sanches Vazquez
Tgscash Sinple Sandbox gamer
You are so a mo*****cker only clickbait fu
Rudresh Vn
Rudresh Vn 2 months ago
Nim iyin
Romina Kalyn
Romina Kalyn 2 months ago
No digan lo que no van a cumplir hicieron creer que ivan a aplastar el pescado
Astro Boi
Astro Boi 2 months ago
I wish he broke his tire
Nancy Anderson
Nancy Anderson 2 months ago
Everyone in the comments over here like "clickbait!!!", and "how is this trending?!", but can we PLS discuss: a.) HOW?, and b.) WHYYYY?!?!?!.... this channel has OVER 7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS?!?!? I just don't get it...🤔🤔🤔
Luca R
Luca R 2 months ago
Fish no but iphone 11 pro yes meeeean
Luca R
Luca R 2 months ago
Fuck you men!!!!
Diviertete con cami Feliz
Es mala educacion pisar la comida las cosas que tenemos le cuesta a dios darnolas👎👎👎
Mr John
Mr John 2 months ago
This is how you lose subs
Siraj Ahmed
Siraj Ahmed 2 months ago
I dont like your videos bcoz u west eating thing u can share this food to the poor mr...
ViCiOUs_ ADI 2 months ago
Christian are always telling lie! 🤬 and a dishonest person, we always fuxck Christian
Entre por el pescado
Franchesca Jaimes
Franchesca Jaimes 2 months ago
This is liberal media FAKE NEWS SEND HER BACK
Crazy Nunukiya
Crazy Nunukiya 2 months ago
0:48 What a unbreakable plate 🤺
joh n
joh n 2 months ago
Sokkor Fokir
Sokkor Fokir 2 months ago
Love u bro
Sokkor Fokir
Sokkor Fokir 2 months ago
Heard 😲
Lucas Games é Israel games os visiadod
Manax fel he by thai
슬혬シ 2 months ago
이사람이 조회수 늘릴려고 이러는거봨 ㅋㅋ
rani malla
rani malla 2 months ago
Fake video¡
محمد القرني
احس صاحب القناة مريض وش ذا المحتوى 🖕🏻
Itz Panda
Itz Panda 2 months ago
That’s not okay to animals
Itz Chocolate Hannah
You better give that food and lollipops to childeren!🍭 Rude people in 2019!🙄
Jayson J
Jayson J 2 months ago
MD AWEAS 2 months ago
Plate doesnt dreak
MD AWEAS 2 months ago
Pyro_ Graves
Pyro_ Graves 2 months ago
shadow 12
shadow 12 2 months ago
anil kumar
anil kumar 2 months ago
Dud. Don't waste food....
brian blaze
brian blaze 2 months ago
Clickbate frick you
Nyan Kitty
Nyan Kitty 2 months ago
Aww come on you always say don’t run over animals
Mi-Suk Kim
Mi-Suk Kim 2 months ago
minute 1:27 rest in peace ducky WHAT THE POOR PATITO DID NOT MAKE YOU !!!
Andi Nurul
Andi Nurul 2 months ago
Titan Banana comedy
Titan Banana comedy 2 months ago
Chepna ka bhoot sok haa
Xx Gamer Feliz xX
Xx Gamer Feliz xX 2 months ago
Que desperdicio de supromentos
Florentin Lachapelle
Les video trop inutiles mdrrr sa oue la merde😂😂😂
Edoardo Mariucci
Edoardo Mariucci 2 months ago
Anti Greta Thunberg
Anti Greta Thunberg 2 months ago
Phil Raymond Ignacio
Its just too wasteful...
FunnyGirl Laser
FunnyGirl Laser 2 months ago
That's not cool people need foot!!!!? Dont do this boy
rana androud jamali
rana androud jamali 2 months ago
Hay puliss dont fish kile ok your crazy but your lol land i am fuck you ok i am fuck mader
gaming master android
Fuck you bro you are crazy
Rockstar Miami
Rockstar Miami 2 months ago
1:22 The JDM Community is not happy...
Corrupted Warriors
Corrupted Warriors 2 months ago
Lol this video has more dislikes then likes😂😂
Anthony deadnote
Anthony deadnote 2 months ago
Es metira del pescado
・Blue Mintz・
・Blue Mintz・ 2 months ago
All that delicious food 🤤🥺
Aureliano Rodrigues
Aureliano Rodrigues 2 months ago
eu não gostei desse canal
77 go
77 go 2 months ago
Arsenio Cayabyab
Arsenio Cayabyab 2 months ago
You are so very expensive
ritayahomie 2 months ago
りあこちゃん 2 months ago
NihalnManorma Beniwal
U moderfucker udont respect food u crush it? Then how will god give u money don't make such vids
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