Crossing the Border | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi & Jeff Wittek

Rudy Mancuso
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Jul 14, 2016




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Comments 15 190
Thebossk11er Day ago
Jeff wasnent even doing anything
Bea Serrano
Bea Serrano Day ago
amy Tercero
amy Tercero 2 days ago
I thought in nana was Indian or something I didn’t know she was a latina
Nathalie Piedra
Nathalie Piedra 2 days ago
hahah l like you😅😅😅
LEO DAN SANTOS 2 days ago
i didnt get the end was he already at america or was he still at mexico?? someone explain to me
A Dog
A Dog 2 days ago
You guys can claim that you're "Latino" or whatever, but to everyone else, you will always be racist, spoiled, white people. All of you are 100% whitewashed americans, and don't try to act any different.
shalini kabilan
shalini kabilan 2 days ago
It's really hard to watch
Mohammed Riaz K
Mohammed Riaz K 3 days ago
Did Anwar drink?
Anitoli Yepthomi
Anitoli Yepthomi 3 days ago
Your good at hide n seek I couldn't find you for 2 weeks Fook man
18withwinsome 4 days ago
this is probs the millionth time i’ve watched this and i can’t help look at Rudy’s abs ;-; ooops
at one point, i thought it was cool
Wtf is up the ad before the video talking about him breaking up with her and she’s at his best friends neils house AND HIS PARENTS ARENT HOME how old are these characters supposed to be. What are they doing if his parents aren’t home if he’s underage. This is gross. They even gave me an option to get revenge or cry I guess I didn’t see the other option but that’s what I’d do I’d cry
Rsc 007
Rsc 007 4 days ago
In el gringo sun glasses there are people there
Reese's Puffs Jiraiya
We gotta put Hannah in here..
Thespeedingsnail 5 days ago
Rudy: we show we show Donald Trump that we mean business Oscar: ... business
Michael Hidalgo
Michael Hidalgo 5 days ago
How do we know you actually crossed the border? Also, if you don’t intend to get caught it is advisable to not post images of you committing a federal offense. It is illegal for anyone, even a U.S. citizen to cross the border through a non border crossing.
ALX 5 days ago
Now climb the new wall
Rron da epic Gamer
*Donald Trump quisiera saber tu ubicación*
CHOO Choo 6 days ago
The fastest one died first LMAO ಠ_ʖಠ
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez 6 days ago
I swear u literally pause the video and go to any point in this video and it looks straight out of an actual music video
Ben Pattipawaey
Ben Pattipawaey 6 days ago
Why innana sarkis been deleted on the title??
Charles Mccarty
Charles Mccarty 6 days ago
illegal go back home bill the wall America we get law illegal go back home to mexican
Anastasio Catalan
America is the whole continent you fucks.😝😂😝. Se dice the United States.
andrica strom
andrica strom 6 days ago
tell lele I said hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Harold Baldrr
Harold Baldrr 6 days ago
In need help pls I need money I sell sex ring me +447525440637
Chris X
Chris X 6 days ago
i couldn't stop laughing at Lele running taking selfies XD just before she got shot
Walk Alone
Walk Alone 6 days ago
Innana is so beautiful 😍😍😍
mikeydaplayer 6 days ago
Lele:I am tired of not having WiFi lmao 🤣 that’s defiantly me/ 2:when everyone goes like yeaaaaa lmao
Jamaican Patriot
Jamaican Patriot 7 days ago
That Hispanic Girl is fiiinnnneeee!!
Envy_Fear -_-
Envy_Fear -_- 7 days ago
Couldnt you go more to the right side
Faze Theory
Faze Theory 7 days ago
1:53 look at the glasses you see the cámara man!
Hector Maciel
Hector Maciel 7 days ago
He made it he made it
Just me Betty
Just me Betty 7 days ago
I didn’t even know that was jeff
Draw And stuff
Draw And stuff 8 days ago
Rudy sounds like Speedy Gonzales
Aidan Maurer
Aidan Maurer 8 days ago
How come rudy is so cool and awesome but smokes tho
Frijolitø Rebelde
mexico tambiém es america. daa.
Tristan Mason
Tristan Mason 8 days ago
Innana:I’m making drinks for everybody fuck off Me:Yas Queen priorities
anoop gec
anoop gec 8 days ago
I love this skit. I watched it 4 times
BlackGrumpyCat 8 days ago
Rudy Mancuso sounds like the person who voices Awkward puppets
Pantera 8 days ago
Did anybody get the message of this video? He makes it to America but doing shitty job as a cleaner 😂
mayokurrrtt ttt
mayokurrrtt ttt 9 days ago
That is not jeff wittek ,that is raydiaz
i will die for ALLAH
0:36 best part in this video
Dinuvi Fernando
Dinuvi Fernando 9 days ago
3.12 inanna 😍
Usama Wizard
Usama Wizard 10 days ago
La casa de papel
G a c h a S u k I
G a c h a S u k I 11 days ago
“I wanna watch the kardashians”
Luc02as Sotillo
Luc02as Sotillo 11 days ago
0:35 Jason 😂😂
thedarkmystery location
El cringo is basically the wall.
Squad So fuck u
Squad So fuck u 12 days ago
2:46 that guy got shot but he’s right there
Yurenah De Leon
Yurenah De Leon 12 days ago
The ending 🤣🤣🤣
hanadi alragab
hanadi alragab 12 days ago
Answer isn’t even Mexico
Daniel Mariscal
Daniel Mariscal 12 days ago
They ain't Hispanic they are chicanos
Nima Nima
Nima Nima 13 days ago
This is sooo funny
md masum
md masum 13 days ago
anwar best one
Phantom 13 days ago
Twist: Oscar didnt die. He hides
Ghujjar Haini
Ghujjar Haini 13 days ago
Why they have not mentioned the Inana's name
L1GHT # 13 days ago
The music when they cross is in creed 2
argelis hernandez
argelis hernandez 13 days ago
Del Fajardo
Del Fajardo 13 days ago
Home of the expensive hahaha
Lucas Chen
Lucas Chen 13 days ago
AfroGum 13 days ago
Can’t believe it’s been 3 years
mike wily
mike wily 13 days ago
The girls in the vid are fucking sexy
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