Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt

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Things escalate quickly when Jimmy bumps into Brad Pitt at a restaurant, and they begin to send complimentary food and drinks each other's way.
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Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt


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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 1 265
Foued Skandar
Foued Skandar 14 hours ago
Brad Pitt is cool and nice
E Bza
E Bza 19 hours ago
Yoooo a RED M&M
Denis Day ago
Поржал от души🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👏👏
Mr. Bounce!
Mr. Bounce! Day ago
545 dislikes from Angelina Jolie
Gopinath Shanthachar
What's the name of that music playing in the background?
Kennon Green
Kennon Green Day ago
Get a new band those guys those guys suck balls
TrinityRiver 2 days ago
Mumtaz Shaikh
Mumtaz Shaikh 2 days ago
Anosh Aibara
Anosh Aibara 2 days ago
Ah.. Brad Pitt and Food!!!
Marcus Venegas
Marcus Venegas 2 days ago
Cliff fuckin boothe
Chiquita Duchesse
🤣 🤣 😂 🤣 🤣
Aleksandra Stevic
I-Vee Rose
I-Vee Rose 3 days ago
My Hollywood Boyfriend is the greatest ! Love the attitude .
Miss Maureen
Miss Maureen 3 days ago
So funny
Abir El Moukaddem
Juliana VGuimaraes
Brad Pitt wow😍
sanesrox 5 days ago
🤣🤣 funnyy! 😂 And Brad Pitt is still looking good 🥰
Keh keh
Keh keh 5 days ago
Baftagirl London
Baftagirl London 6 days ago
The waiter is a great straight man. His deadpan face is everything.. I don’t know how he didn’t crack up.. 😂😂 x
Cintia Luna Di Muro
más bueno no puede estar Brad
Klausen 7 days ago
OMG Brad Pitt 😍😍😍😍😍
Michael Měšťák
Dennis McEvoy
Dennis McEvoy 10 days ago
Swing and a miss.
Michele Burns
Michele Burns 11 days ago
I thought that was great 😂
Cécilia 11 days ago
Jacqueline Lang
Jacqueline Lang 12 days ago
Here in Colorado, there is a bbq stand that always parks near the King Sooper grocery store that is called "Brad's Pitt". The food is yummy!
Whiskey Gordon
Whiskey Gordon 12 days ago
Got em
Sheila McDaniel
Sheila McDaniel 13 days ago
Moozy Mathers
Moozy Mathers 13 days ago
1:32 red _eminem_
George Georgiou
George Georgiou 14 days ago
Erman Er
Erman Er 14 days ago
Andrey Chashkov
Andrey Chashkov 14 days ago
YoU n"°T €@T'" $°™s vVerRi Y^÷°A•My¢π
Andrey Chashkov
Andrey Chashkov 14 days ago
rizzorco 14 days ago
ha funzionato!
rizzorco 14 days ago
lo guardo per la quarta volta e mi appresto a ridere!!!
Roman Romanovsky
Roman Romanovsky 15 days ago
Да нее, Бред какой то 😁
Sofía Jimenez
Sofía Jimenez 15 days ago
Hahahajaj fantástico 👏👏👏
H of The Stage
H of The Stage 17 days ago
That tower of Ferero roshe though...mmm
Phyllisha Hart
Phyllisha Hart 17 days ago
Still fine
Dmitry Temnikov
Dmitry Temnikov 17 days ago
Octavio HC
Octavio HC 18 days ago
chris k.
chris k. 18 days ago
How about to do a movie with Brad Pitt with his younger clone Chris Hemsworth.
Amanda  Amy
Amanda Amy 18 days ago
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC 18 days ago
ooo brad back)) from space)) & drink chololate shake ahahaah actioly in space always wonna NOT FUN!!! 1:37 WTF> is this Blendamed+juse whos think this sheet can eat? 2:01 ahah im need to go to space)) LAMO
Raivis I
Raivis I 18 days ago
Cracked me up! lol
uday semlali
uday semlali 18 days ago
Awesome,love it
Mayerlin Morales
Mayerlin Morales 19 days ago
Soheil Asefi
Soheil Asefi 19 days ago
Wilton Romero
Wilton Romero 19 days ago
Daggiqueeni D.
Daggiqueeni D. 19 days ago
Paolo Grella
Paolo Grella 19 days ago
Ted mosby is changed a lot
Kirill Zheronkin
Kirill Zheronkin 19 days ago
What is the song from the end, where the jimmy poster appears?
Gul. 100 mill
Gul. 100 mill 19 days ago
This was *tooooo gooood*
Ian Wyatt
Ian Wyatt 20 days ago
Funny. Glad Brad didn't wear that stupid looking hat.
Megan Herrera
Megan Herrera 20 days ago
Can anyone tell what Brad is reading?
Šimon Šebela
Šimon Šebela 20 days ago
Regina NUKE
Regina NUKE 20 days ago
Reminded me of Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dowhat Iwant
Dowhat Iwant 20 days ago
I don't get it...
Daniel Braaten
Daniel Braaten 20 days ago
Respect for him reading 2001
Jay Man
Jay Man 20 days ago
Way to funny❤❤❤❤
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