Conan Thanks Writer Brian McCann On His Last Day - CONAN on TBS

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17 years and countless stupid characters later, the legendary Brian McCann is movin' on. More CONAN @ teamcoco.com/video


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Aug 31, 2012




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Comments 347
tritan74 5 days ago
seven 5 days ago
One of the funniest people on the planet
paul mc
paul mc 16 days ago
That first one, looks like a guest ( Mccann's ears) on fox.
BansheeMilk 21 day ago
Dude is so funny
Benjamin Leavitt
Bring back the Slash!!!
LaGuerre19 Month ago
Eyeballs O'Shaughnessy was the greatest. Friggin *_LOVE_* McCann!
Aleksandar Ivano
Aaaaaaah I finally know who was the buttpants guy!!!
Jimothy Dr Strange
Love how Conan gives every working member of his show a chance to be featured in one way or another
mickinoz2005 Month ago
Does side show Bob actually do anything or is it the easiest job in the world.
JungHunt Month ago
Pale Guy at the Beach.
chaosawaits Month ago
Haha America FCC is so dumb sometimes. They let him walk out with a beer but it has to be unopened? Smh
None of Your business
Why'd he leave?
pitsburg11 Month ago
This dude is a legend!
Man0fMeans Month ago
So, writers are actors too?
Cloppy? Isn't that just a stolen Secretariat?
Torben Otten
Torben Otten 2 months ago
Brian McCann was Conan's Chris Elliott.
M 3 months ago
Does anyone have the clip of brian mccann dancing/singing with the lyrics "the grammies have a lot of razamatazz!" ? It was hilarious
Zetsuke4 5 months ago
Holder Bee
Holder Bee 7 months ago
the /McCann page is now a list of broken thumbnails :(
Jeremy C
Jeremy C Month ago
Those are thumbnails of our hearts after he left.
eno c aquaowo
eno c aquaowo 7 months ago
Like to see a Conan show where Conan interviews his show writers.
Nurlinda F Sihotang
Nurlinda F Sihotang 8 months ago
Ah....Brian McCann and Brian Stack..... May the lives of Brians bless us all!!!! Where's MY KAYAKKKKK!?!??
TheVoiceOfTruth 8 months ago
Bye bye FedEx Pope
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 8 months ago
His appearance in the TBS HQ was hilarious.
Isuru Maddumage
Isuru Maddumage 8 months ago
usvid.net/video/video-nIcvnU9t7S0.html this is his best one
peppyluscious 9 months ago
...and his last character on Conan, guy who retires in epic fashion by drinking beer 😂😂
snake plissken
snake plissken 11 months ago
help me please he had a character that was a teenage singer but was now old and sang about his rump and stump,i forgot the name of the character and i'll probably never see it ,but that was my favorite character of his
ANG Belgium
ANG Belgium 11 months ago
Good Luck Brian McCann.
sandham_music Official
Check out my latest song :) usvid.net/video/video-AUl0WFx57Ho.html
Bradley Paul Valentine
I’m surprised Conan didn’t mention Loser at the Beach, which they used to use endlessly, it seemed, during the 90s.
Jason Ibrahim
Jason Ibrahim Year ago
And now that dubious guy Back Stage Larry is gone too!
FL1PN0S1S Year ago
i always wondered what happened to Preperation H Raymond. thought maybe he was a character they couldn't use from NBC. also haven't seen the Masturbating Bear in forever either. hell, does Triumph still make appearances?!!
Bryan steynis
Bryan steynis Year ago
I better be 40 and this show is still going please!! Team coco!
Bruno Macedo
Bruno Macedo Year ago
the 2 brians left. No reason to watch conan anymore.
Aditya aditya
Aditya aditya Year ago
So that's how Lincoln died😅
Kris B
Kris B Year ago
Maybe he'll pull an Andy and come back after awhile.
somarriba333 Year ago
This is terrible!
Spooks McGhie
Spooks McGhie Year ago
What about the in- The interrupter?
Classic Light
Classic Light Year ago
Brian McCann is a legend. He and Brian Stack helped make Conan what he is today. One of the funniest individuals ever! There's no reason to live!
Aaeon Karma
Aaeon Karma Year ago
Fun hole
TheAnanaki Year ago
Didn't he do Pimpbot 5000 too?
Doug Carruthers
They Forgot Fun Hole Guy lol
deinse82 Year ago
I think he also played a baseball catcher who gets uptight every time someone watches their home run.
onjoFilms Year ago
Did he go?
Enid Coleslaw
Enid Coleslaw Year ago
im high and was like why is there a picture of slash in the website haha
Sam Abramson
Sam Abramson Year ago
off to a new baseball team
Sharphet P. Hornblower
nice commercials.
Bill H.
Bill H. Year ago
McCann is my fav...like the prime minister of Kenya...I think?
Adam Madrid
Adam Madrid Year ago
Dear Conan. Must I where stilts, so that I am over 6'4", to be a writer on your show?
Benjamin Sheridan
I got teary
The guy with the kayak was a great bit!
Noah Hurley-Abelew
NO!! 6 years late...
fedexpope223 Year ago
Brian's FedEx Pope character was, by far, my favorite Conan character. I was lucky enough to see Brian (as himself, not in character) do an audience warmup before a taping of "Late Night" in 2004. He was hilarious!
Janco van der Westhuizen
Apparently this show is older than me :D
Pampeloni Year ago
Man Conan has had the best characters on his show :‘D
George Hamilton
McCann keeps holding out his hand to shake, but the hosts bring him in for hugs.
DamageIncM Year ago
Official review: "So stupid!" - Conan o'Brien
ro luna
ro luna Year ago
Wow i didn't know he was a writer. This tribute is more than appropriate, this man is part of the fabric of the show. I'll miss you and wish you luck mr. Brian.
Aaron Cathcart
Is he drinking a beer
Jeremiah Bernard
Jeremiah Bernard 2 years ago
What about the gaseous weiner
putsome basilonit
putsome basilonit 2 years ago
Is that robot also sex robot from wkuk?
putsome basilonit
putsome basilonit 2 years ago
It's not, but they must be related
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