Conan & Sona Visit An Armenian Marketplace - CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Conan & his assistant Sona drop by a Yerevan market to pick up everything from dried apricots to "Armenian Viagra."
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Nov 17, 2015




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Comments 1 305
Andy Wolf
Andy Wolf 2 days ago
Sona is bae
Luis Luna
Luis Luna 2 days ago
1:40 Nicco from Gta4 🤣
John Rogan
John Rogan 7 days ago
Luckily Conan moves on before the locals knock him silly!
SARIB ARIF 7 days ago
Sona on the other side, "Please stop embarrassing me!". 😁😁😁😁
Morteza Hesam Zadeh
Sona is thinking: "I can't come home anymore!" XD
Reanbrant Pacaldo
Reanbrant Pacaldo 10 days ago
I have such a big crush with Sona.
Sharp 12 days ago
Only real Armenians can like this comment
Ali X
Ali X 16 days ago
You were so close to Iran but you didn't come!!!??? ghghgrreeee! scared of prison or something pu...y?
Rita Roork
Rita Roork 20 days ago
Will C.
Will C. 23 days ago
Conan is even a hit with the kids! Despite the fact that he's been around a while. He will have a devoted fanbase of millions for the rest of his life.
Ignas 25 days ago
30 years ago this was the soviet union and now some fat irish american man is walking shouting words in english
Jose Dolores
Jose Dolores 28 days ago
sona is so beautiful!
O L I V R 28 days ago
i need a girl like sona in my life :)
NadEr Month ago
Armenia is a beautiful country, I wanna visit it one day.
Anonymous Month ago
The twigs are licorice! She's too far removed smh! 😁
G Straight
G Straight Month ago
Ali Moradi
Ali Moradi Month ago
The Armenian people are so beautiful ❤
Ludmilla Gutomo
Ludmilla Gutomo Month ago
"in an hour, i won't be able to hug you" 😂😂😂
4stringz Month ago
White Simurgh
White Simurgh Month ago
Julio Orantes
Julio Orantes Month ago
I love these Sona videos.
t i
t i Month ago
That Armenian phrases in other languages hears funny and so meaningless ..but in our country those hears so nice ..and that something that comes from your heart that is why we can't explain that phrases))))
James Dunton
James Dunton Month ago
Love Conan and Sona!
Azerbaijan Azerbaycan 2019
February 26, 1992. The Khojaly Genocide was committed by the Armenian Armed Forces
sushi roll
sushi roll 2 months ago
conan us persians use that phrase too, but we say "gigareto ghordam", just giving u some geography lesson my mans
!emmithedummi! 2 months ago
as an actual Armenian, I feel offended
Wdng LA
Wdng LA 2 months ago
He prbly fucked sona after he took the viagra
Dee 2 months ago
Those guys in the back looked scared when Conan was shouting, "Potato!" Hilarious!
Tauseef Asad
Tauseef Asad 2 months ago
Camera guys are real savages 😂😂
Hideyo Kusano
Hideyo Kusano 3 months ago
“All we’re getting is the apricot” lol
ashok chary
ashok chary 3 months ago
come to India !
Gyul Gin
Gyul Gin 3 months ago
You love armenia bro xD
miro d
miro d 3 months ago
Sona is cute though
ankush akash
ankush akash 3 months ago
ilhan Omar not voted for genocide
Find Me
Find Me 3 months ago
MrStrokerace80 4 months ago
Sona is hot!
Chel DaBlue
Chel DaBlue 4 months ago
I'm supposed to be cleaning my house right now.
Sudharshan narasimhan
I wish I had a father like Conan
It's Candy Time Boys and Girls
I'm surprised all people in Armenia aren't wearing System Of A Down t-shirts.
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 5 months ago
armenian dudes are creepy af!!
Randall Raines
Randall Raines 5 months ago
Sona, can we go out for dinner?
Rochelle n/a
Rochelle n/a 5 months ago
What an "ANGEL" to put up with Conan!
Ken Isabelo Leones
Ken Isabelo Leones 5 months ago
Man, I wish Conan would visit the Philippines someday and I just so happen to be where he's at, be part of the remote skit and everything.
Mdb 5 months ago
A down day go visit a Conan skit! Back on top again!
TheCheery101 5 months ago
Sona is me with my dad in public when he tries to be “hip” and “cool” with strangers
;: 6 months ago
Only chuck norris can watch one conan clip per day
Darth Desec
Darth Desec 6 months ago
She’s hot.
Grievingbow 6 months ago
Who else thought it said An American marketplace at first?
Dylan Kim
Dylan Kim 6 months ago
Who else read Amerikan marketplace
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 6 months ago
Sona is so hot.
Shree 6 months ago
Hey Conan, come to India
s f
s f 6 months ago
"Jigeroot khoram"? That sounds similar to Persian's "Jigareto bokhoram". Same meaning 😂
Mick Funny
Mick Funny 5 months ago
s f same in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, even Hindi.
s f
s f 6 months ago
@Simply channel thanks for correcting me. Still very similar in pronunciation and meaning
Simply channel
Simply channel 6 months ago
jigyart utem, not Jigeroot khoram
Daniella C
Daniella C 6 months ago
i love watching conan and his staff more than any other late night show host interviewing celebrities
Just A Guy Production
I can stop watching Conan videos any time I want... I've only watched 12 hours today!
Sonny N.
Sonny N. 6 months ago
Conan is genuinely funny unlike Jimmy Falcons
Indoorsman 6 months ago
Eastern Europe is waiting for you, Conan
Old king cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he
I’m beginning to think Conan can only do remotes and not interviews 😂
Glenn Matthews
Glenn Matthews 6 months ago
I have the feeling that the men are a bit more dangerous to the women in Armenia than they are here in the US.
Water sheep
Water sheep 6 months ago
It would be so hilarious if theres a video of jordan and sona in one video!
diego arguello
diego arguello 6 months ago
Conan and sona are gold hes at his best in awkward situations
Kessang la
Kessang la 6 months ago
Next videos