Conan & Sona Become Armenian Sheepherders - CONAN on TBS

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Conan's foolproof strategy to herd sheep: have Sona talk about the upcoming season of "The Bachelor."
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Dec 29, 2016




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Comments 539
James Ortiz
James Ortiz 17 days ago
More Sona and Jordan
Katherine Z
Katherine Z 18 days ago
Pretty hot with that hat
abdul malik
abdul malik 18 days ago
Can we have a video with jordan and sona lol
de chenmo
de chenmo Month ago
"interns" This man is quick.
Valayar Checkpost
Sona's game for whatever!!! Love her!!! 😍
No Name
No Name Month ago
911 Americans
Kiran Singh
Kiran Singh Month ago
Sona is so beautiful. Can i marry her instead of those Armenian guys?
RebelBelle Month ago
I love how passionate Conan is about different cultures lol
Mark Foti
Mark Foti Month ago
I love Sona!!
Jay Month ago
What if I told you it's a (Shepherd).... Not " "sheep herder"? ,😏
Les Krapps
Les Krapps Month ago
she needs a boob job
Mick Funny
Mick Funny 26 days ago
Les Krapps nah she thicc af
Row Ree Ro
Row Ree Ro Month ago
The way she kind of stumbled down the hill at like 1:15 made my little heart jump a bit It was adorable
Matt W Cheese
Matt W Cheese Month ago
Yes! This needed to happen!
roguishpaladin 2 months ago
The sheep are clearly Survivor fans.
Mick Funny
Mick Funny 26 days ago
roguishpaladin Nah they like Big Brother
Vivek Anand J
Vivek Anand J 2 months ago
Did he buy her a good new car or not?
Mick Funny
Mick Funny 26 days ago
Vivek Anand J no he didn’t, he even said on his podcast it wasn’t an expensive car
Blu Peppers
Blu Peppers 2 months ago
Omg she called it with Ben H
Shri Shri Kajan Lakhan
Hi team coco ☺. Thank-you for your show - just found out sona got married. Congrats... But I searched alot and didn't see papa Conon scrutinise the "son-in-law" . Would love the team to do that skit. Thank-you for your show. 🌸
Kuan-Yu Lin
Kuan-Yu Lin 2 months ago
2:09 what does Conan mean? "I were not for bout the Bachelor"?
asdf 2 months ago
He says, "Oh, enough about The Bachelor." Meaning stop talking about it so much.
रवि अग्रवाल
Growingoldnot sogracefully
Travels with Conan and Sona. I'd watch that.
Superchuyito 1195
Superchuyito 1195 2 months ago
Jordan shlansky counting sheep imagine how that will go
Superchuyito 1195
Superchuyito 1195 2 months ago
Sona the barbarian
Rex Henderson
Rex Henderson 2 months ago
I love Sona
Cory Falde
Cory Falde 2 months ago
Hey you, stop lollygaggin
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu 2 months ago
Krono Zoid
Krono Zoid 2 months ago
“Hey you, Stop Lolligagging!”
cocahunter 420
cocahunter 420 3 months ago
Slav people just love Adidas
Priyangshu Goswami
Priyangshu Goswami 3 months ago
Sona Kitna Sona hai soney jaisa tera tan😍 I wish Sona knew what I am saying 😅
Gilbert R
Gilbert R 3 months ago
Thank you Sona for making Conan bearable. You are tops
the extream g.o.a.t TV
Sona is a babe.
Evan A
Evan A 3 months ago
Why did they play, “Sovetakan Hayastan” when they talked about traditional Armenian clothes? The old, communist anthem is not representative of anything Armenian whether traditionally or in modern times.
Zack Mon
Zack Mon 3 months ago
Conan go to Greece bitch!! Armenia our orthodox brothers love y'all
D. Johnson
D. Johnson 4 months ago
Okay, how many of these can there possibly be? I'll just watch one more, it's not like I'm watching videos from three years ago... I don't know how many of these I've watched already, I only meant to watch one...Uhmmm...I clicked on that video on or around 0700 this morning! This is Saturday, I have chores to do and a child to feed!!!...This is my last video for today, I mean it! I have things to do damn it!
maximus 4 months ago
Jordan Schlansky would talk with the sheeps like 24 hours LOL
Atoool K
Atoool K 4 months ago
ordinary guy
ordinary guy 4 months ago
Hey you! Lmao
Sachiwaru Bizu
Sachiwaru Bizu 4 months ago
Sona is so beautiful
Ryan Juster
Ryan Juster 5 months ago
awe Sona youre such a good sport
Scott Whatever
Scott Whatever 5 months ago
Honestly, I think Conan and Sona make a great comedy team. I hope he does lots more of this sort of thing. I don't laugh so much when Conan is paired up with Jordan, or anyone else, but I love the exchange between Conan and Sona.
Alla Gulkanian
Alla Gulkanian 5 months ago
Conan is hilarious! 💥🎊👏🏻
AztraL 6 months ago
Sona is just so cute in this outfit
Derese Perkins-Lucien
Uh oh! 😂😂
mk 6 months ago
I love the Conan and Sona chemistry more than Conan and Schlansky
benjamin 6 months ago
the sheep at 1:58 kills me
Israel Alpizar
Israel Alpizar 6 months ago
Sona, marry me.
kiandita 6 months ago
When it comes to talk about TV show, Sona is the real life Kelly Kapoor.
Devon Beharry
Devon Beharry 6 months ago
Sona and conan makes the show interesting.
MoreAmerican 7 months ago
She’s hot in that.
John Kingston
John Kingston 7 months ago
More Sona and Conan adventures
Kurt Johnson
Kurt Johnson 7 months ago
have you never heard the word shepherd?
G S 8 months ago
Sona you're absolutely beautiful in every way. So classy, hilarious and gorgeous!
Wolfsky9 8 months ago
I LOVE SONA !! She's my kind of woman !!! -------I know, I know : she's " spoken for " ------WTF!! -------------WolfSky9
Johnny Ace
Johnny Ace 8 months ago
They have a closer relationship than Conan and his wife.
Raymond Krawiec
Raymond Krawiec 8 months ago
These two should have their own travel show
Bob TheScienceGuy
Bob TheScienceGuy 8 months ago
Who ships Conan and Sona? ♥♥
Bulldozer 8 months ago
blah blah
blah blah 8 months ago
2:31 lmao
neiljuice 8 months ago
hmm wonder if you could shrink the word sheepherders...
Yangus Khan
Yangus Khan 8 months ago
i have been binge watching conan vids mixed with 8 out of ten cats does countdown, and big fat quiz of the year. conan on either one of those shows would be the best.... only a pipe dream though.
Sean 8 months ago
Sons either has the best boss in the world, or she is one tolerant human...
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