Conan & Nick Kroll Teach A Sex Ed Class

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CONAN Highlight: Who better to educate young people about puberty and safe sex than Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll?
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 2 150
Danielle esparza
Danielle esparza 13 hours ago
Socks on light off 🥺🥺
Knight Armor
Knight Armor 7 days ago
There is alot of forehead in just one video
veggiesaremurder 10 days ago
When the kid said his name was Conor! HAHAHA!!!
Satsou Noah
Satsou Noah 10 days ago
Nick rolled 😎
کیهان 11 days ago
I can't even imagine a class like this Iran, boys and girls sitting next to each other and a comedian talks about sex with them. For any American teen how doesn't like America and its schools I should say you are so ungrateful
کیهان 10 days ago
@jakesully another example, ilhan Omar literally denied 9/11. She said thousands of americans who died doesn't matter. Imagine her to climb up posts and become more powerful in system.
کیهان 10 days ago
@jakesully just look at Germany for example
jakesully 10 days ago
@کیهان u make no sense at all. Liberal ideals is what makes this country great. U keep enjoying forced women in hijabs over there, thanks.
کیهان 10 days ago
@jakesully just to mention, never let frickin liberals become president. Otherwise the same thing will happen to your country.
jakesully 10 days ago
Iran is a sad country. U gotta thank islam for that.
Asian215op -
Asian215op - 13 days ago
Replace the “N” in nick with an R What do you get, Rick Kroll
Rayray 15 days ago
girl in sweatshirt is cute.
league of thresh
league of thresh 16 days ago
if i was girl i would die of cringe and shame😂😂😂
Rob Halford
Rob Halford 16 days ago
tbh if conan came in my class to talk about sex at that age i'd have a sexual awakening
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 19 days ago
Perhaps you are one of his children 🙃
They should at least have learned a bit about how comedy is made, just saying.
uni is crying
uni is crying 22 days ago
ngl they talked about stuff better than my sex ed class
Haley Robinson
Haley Robinson 23 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel could NEVER
Cường Đỗ
Cường Đỗ 24 days ago
The green sweater girl reminds me of 16 yo Chloe Grace Moretz in Kick ass 2
Tatiana Marissa R
Tatiana Marissa R 24 days ago
Girl: You should only do it if the other person is totally into it 🤦‍♀️Good God the immaturity in this girls voice lol haha!! How about you girls find the right man who will be your husband & than have sex with the after Marriage? Also wow. Yes you should only do it if the other person consents to having sex with you but wow.
Uvi 28 days ago
Anyone got any idea who Nick Kroll is?
Steven Ray Warren
Steven Ray Warren 28 days ago
Bald little cashew bruh I’m never eating cashews the same way again
SweetPete SweetPete
Super funny stuff, A+. And A++ plus plus to Nick lol. I knew him in h.S.!
Microwave Burritos
Why is the chair blocking the door?
-Gemberkoekje- Month ago
I do think Conor did learn something
Mateo Month ago
Can you imagine being a producer or whatever and calling saying your "celebrity" wants to talk about sex in a random Spanish class with underage kids.
RC jr.
RC jr. Month ago
They know everything.... i gurantee that most of them had done the dingling.....👿
poptartkif Month ago
i would love it if conan taught my sex ed class
Lexx Denise
Lexx Denise Month ago
Okay. Didn’t know Conan was that tall.
GreatMCGamer Month ago
Tbh.... There's almost nothing a 15y old doesn't know about sex unless they were raised by a cult in closed campuss.
S-tel Mn
S-tel Mn Month ago
WHAT!!!! I typed Conan high on the youtube search bar and This video was the first suggested one
Fernando Month ago
I wanna go to a sex Ed class now
maddie breate
maddie breate Month ago
this made me uncomfortable
Hi ho hi ho
Hi ho hi ho Month ago
Conan looks nervous a bit than usual haha
kumar01234 Month ago
Only possible in California school system. In the south, where I'm from they'd probably never even a minute of this segment happen
dandygirl6 Month ago
you don't want me sharing masturbation stories it's freaky I literally stared when I was a baby wth hahahhahahaha
Mr Irrational
Mr Irrational Month ago
Dang I wish Conan would’ve come when i was on high school ☹️
God is my fortress Acts2:38
This is the most perverse disgusting thing I’ve ever seen . THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND MANY MANY LINES WERE CROSSEDHERE ! they belong in jail this is disgusting....
PURPLEFISH 2 months ago
Not funny at all. Kind of scary actually. I would never have signed that permission slip.
Sweet Johnson
Sweet Johnson 2 months ago
How About " Masturbation"
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu 2 months ago
beats by Dr Dre ovaries lmfao *died*
Mike Oxsbig
Mike Oxsbig 2 months ago
“I’m standing here with my good pal, Nick Kroll hey Nick” “I’m good thanks hi Conan”😂😂😂
Feng 2 months ago
in my sex ed class, they pretty much just went over anatomy and nothing else.
Mordecai 38
Mordecai 38 2 months ago
The sense of humor of these kids is horrible if it was me there i’d be laughing my ass off 😂
A N/A 2 months ago
Nick Kroll and Conan are so funny together holy heck. Didnt expect Nick to be funny as well. But I mean, you do have to be funny to diffuse tension talking about sex to teenagers lol
disastrous duck
disastrous duck 2 months ago
Nick krill is just rick roll
Johnny Shido
Johnny Shido 2 months ago
I need to experiment and explore the female body...any volunteers?
OatmealBoi 2 months ago
I think I can officially say that nick kroll is my favorite person
Oscar Castelot
Oscar Castelot 2 months ago
The only thing I hear coming out of Nick Kroll's mouth is, “OH MY GWOAAAAAAAD!!!”
NoobMaster69 •
NoobMaster69 • 2 months ago
They are all virgins
Lochlan Laing
Lochlan Laing 2 months ago
Teacher “Did you learn anything today?” Me “yeah! Conan and nick are funny”
Rokito 19
Rokito 19 2 months ago
Uncle drew
TheHauntedMist 2 months ago
I can't believe that his name was actually Conor! What are the chances 😂😂
OatmealBoi 2 months ago
“Hey Nick.” “What I’m good thanks.” *speech 100*
Jack Meadows
Jack Meadows 2 months ago
isn't it cute that nick kroll called himself a comedian? he thinks he makes humor
Deq Jai
Deq Jai 2 months ago
Sex education for the kid.u doing great job american
The year is 1985
The year is 1985 2 months ago
The girl in the green is cute
Guardianfan 2 months ago
Whats with this class? I see like 4-5 People wearing VanS :D
imong mama
imong mama 2 months ago
this remote deserves at least another 10 mins. come on!
Karamjit Singh
Karamjit Singh 2 months ago
Best reaction of Conan... 02:13 🤣🤣
KingDavidMark 80
KingDavidMark 80 2 months ago
Inappropriate to have strangers talk to any girls of that age about sex of any kind even if it’s supposed to be joking. Thx no thx. This is perverse joking. It’s easy to tell this short man is a pervert. No reason to pretend porn is a healthy habit.
Jtrix Alpha
Jtrix Alpha 2 months ago
“Beats by Dr. Dre Ovaries” bro 😂
dirtkills 2 months ago
Wanna practice abstinence? Look at nick kroll
shoobadoo123 2 months ago
There were some baddies in that classroom ngl bruh
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