Conan & Jordan Share A Kaiseki Meal

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Conan enjoys a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner with Jordan - with a little help from Ralph Macchio.
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Nov 29, 2018




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Comments 7 207
silkavenger 8 hours ago
Don’t point with your chopsticks Jordan!
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 12 hours ago
Woowwhat a jerk
Jordan Schlansky
Jordan Schlansky 14 hours ago
Meanwhile in a parallel universe: Jordan is Batman And Conan is joker
Jackbro82 Day ago
And Jordan is married!!!! How did he get a woman to fall for him ?? You know he aint laying the pipe like a boss ! For real though...how??🤯
Poopy Pantz
Poopy Pantz Day ago
wow!!! Cant believe nobody noticed the ghost in the bkgrnd at 3:13. People have seen a ghost there for awhile but as far as I know theres never been proof such as a pic or video. I think you caught proof and didnt even know it. If you'll look carefully you'll see that it just appeared then walked behind the falls. I actually read about a family seeing the ghost awhile back and they said who they think it is but I cant rem who they did say. This was pretty wild to say the least...lol
Misaoshi Khun
Aww I feeeeeellll for you, Jordan. Ughhh. *patpatpat*
Marga Gonzales
My heart broke for Jordan im crying 😭😭😭
Jarvis Sensei
slurping is meant to be polite in Japan right?
SqaZ Whit3
SqaZ Whit3 19 hours ago
Not sure about polite. But it isn't seen as impolite, and it's the way people finish the soups. But to go as far as to say it is polite I can't help you
tarren terran
tarren terran 2 days ago
It's sooooooooooo obvious he's acting
J. Hoffa
J. Hoffa 2 days ago
Jordan must have some autism spectrum
Robert Hambrook
Robert Hambrook 2 days ago
Classic straight man funny man.
Aidan Gallagher
Aidan Gallagher 2 days ago
Real life Goofus and Gallant.
Shakthi Arun K
Shakthi Arun K 3 days ago
Jordan is real knowledge power house !!
Lina Inv
Lina Inv 3 days ago
.... This Jordan guy is soooo annoying... he talks too much without even knowing what hes talking about and he doesnt know alot about japanese culture ! AND SNIFFING FOOD IS DISRESPECTFUL !!!
Dj iBreeze
Dj iBreeze 3 days ago
This was hard to watch lololol
ObesePuppies 3 days ago
Conan roasting jordan reminds me of my parents when i brought my first girlfriend home.
Peter Elijah
Peter Elijah 4 days ago
These two are real funny...........
Kenneth Terrell
Kenneth Terrell 4 days ago
Such a great dynamic between the two.
Max Kim Izak
Max Kim Izak 4 days ago
It was hawaii!!!! Lol
Jack The Concrete Cowboy
Conan is a bad guy 😂
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob 5 days ago
Sad to see Jordan lose his hair ...
T-Bone 5 days ago
I’m pretty sure they actually hate each other
Rouben 4 days ago
It's an act.
Tremendous Bloke
Tremendous Bloke 5 days ago
"Just sit...." "You work for me."
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 5 days ago
Sin Archer
Sin Archer 6 days ago
I hope Jordan gets paid a lot.
Sin Archer
Sin Archer 2 days ago
@Sara Rostenkowski That is so cool. Wish I had a job like that!
Sara Rostenkowski
Sin Archer he gets paid to go to Italy over 25 times! 😂
Curse Heart
Curse Heart 6 days ago
In Korean thay word means bitch.
VRT Spectrum
VRT Spectrum 6 days ago
Conan is a douchebag that's jealous of how intelligent Jordan Schlanskee actually is, so he bullies him for it.
Rock4Life 6 days ago
Those two remind me of the office Jordan is Toby and Conan is Michael
Christian Westling
Jordan is into the axis powers.
Black J0ker
Black J0ker 7 days ago
A weeb with extra steps
Leon Holdermann
Leon Holdermann 7 days ago
Por Jordan man he was near to cry
RealCoolGuy 7 days ago
Wow...this one got kind of dark
Derek Jay
Derek Jay 7 days ago
Jordan: "Dom oregato" Conan: "Mr. Roboto" 😂😂😂
Sean Murray
Sean Murray Day ago
Domo arigato
John Doe
John Doe 8 days ago
I know it's a skit but people who act stupid in places like this really really get on my nerves.
Anthony Pensero
Anthony Pensero 8 days ago
Out of all the Conan clips I've seen, and after just seeing this one, this is my now my favorite. So brilliant.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 8 days ago
If this was the office the Conan is Michael and Jordan is Toby
Ross Barmache
Ross Barmache 8 days ago
pooorrr jordannnn!
Oak Tree
Oak Tree 8 days ago
Still can’t tell if Jordan is a character or not.
Dickbrain McGee
Dickbrain McGee 7 hours ago
I doubt it's a character. It's probably an exaggerated take on his real personality. Jordan isn't an actor or even a comedian for that matter. If this truly was a "character", i think we would have seen Jordan in more acting roles, instead he produces TV shows for the most part.
Jackbro82 Day ago
I just said the same thing on another video. I think it is. They've been working together for 25 years, and if Conan didn't like him he wouldn't take him from network to network.
JohnPaul 2 days ago
From what I understand that is his personality, but he plays it up during the Conan bits. The nature he portrays is actually how he is as a person, though he does say some things he wouldn't if cameras weren't around and he wasn't committed to the bit.
Caresse Music
Caresse Music 3 days ago
he is obiously acting, they must be best friends to be traveling the world together, they have been a team since conans start as a tv host and tv comedian.
CrazyCharlie 6 days ago
@GeneralPet surely we have to go on the assumption that Jordan is playing a character, but an overblown version of his ACTUAL self. that's how all the best caricatures are created.
tim mobile
tim mobile 8 days ago
When I get old enugh il pay you for me to Kill him Jk But id do it at Maybe hmmm $500 to Kill him whn I get to like 25
ace iimov
ace iimov 8 days ago
Now I understand why Jordan is dead inside
mjgarrett9885ify 9 days ago
It was filmed in Kaneohe , Hawaii .
dawson parker
dawson parker 9 days ago
I gotta wonder if the japanese girl was in on the joke or if she really had absolutely no idea what they were talking about
dawson parker
dawson parker 9 days ago
and i honestly dont know which is funnier
Daniel Figueroa
Daniel Figueroa 9 days ago
Conan you really damaged him
Map Makers
Map Makers 9 days ago
He broke Jordan
Nice and Wise
Nice and Wise 9 days ago
That is not fair
Heemin Gamin' Station
It’s like Jake and Amit but real
Skye Chest
Skye Chest 9 days ago
Chopstick sword fight!
Higgins_123 10 days ago
i just love jordan
Calvin Duke
Calvin Duke 10 days ago
Professional bullshiter 🤣🤣
Quinn Reverance
Quinn Reverance 11 days ago
his interests in japan and italy have him 2/3rds the power of the axis alliance
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 11 days ago
Conan is like Michael Scott and Jordan is Toby flenderson
Maya Garay
Maya Garay 11 days ago
i felt so bad for the embarrasment that Jordan had to face when he was told it was hawaii
wanda sanes
wanda sanes 11 days ago
Eshu Prakash
Eshu Prakash 11 days ago
I felt like Jordan was bullied this time, Conan seemed like a douche I feel bad for Jordan....
††smith christ opher justin††
wind....iz laugh
Mr. A3R0
Mr. A3R0 12 days ago
Anyone else skip ahead every time Jordan speaks?
John Lapinski
John Lapinski 12 days ago
I feel so bad for this man
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 12 days ago
Jose Olivarra
Jose Olivarra 12 days ago
I feel so bad for jordan we feel for you bro
Shubham Shirvalkar
Shubham Shirvalkar 12 days ago
3:10 out of context
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