Conan & Jordan Schlansky Hit The Streets Of Florence - CONAN on TBS

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Conan experiences Florence’s beauty, sandwiches, and souvenir aprons through Jordan’s cold, dead eyes.
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Apr 12, 2018




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Comments 1 889
Cynthia Olsson
Cynthia Olsson 13 hours ago
i cant stop laughing im throwing up
Cynthia Olsson
Cynthia Olsson 13 hours ago
riigatoni!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣i cant even!
柳岑焉 Day ago
哈,對了,偶像,找到耶律王了,耶律王,耶律王,耶律王,還有璽律王,璽律王,璽律王,璽律王,,,為了你快升,,,So。 降邪收回或,,,So??。
Juan Hercules
"You disappoint me Mr.Anderson..." 😎
Madam Ost
Madam Ost 2 days ago
they are hilarious..haha
chance romero
chance romero 2 days ago
bruh that sandwich looked so damn good
Jane Levey
Jane Levey 3 days ago
Another great segment!
Shelly Flanary
Shelly Flanary 3 days ago
I love when I laugh out loud, thanks Conan, that was funny
The Okayed Boomer
I can pick any video from Conan without Border or Sketches and have a good time.
Dragon 15609
Dragon 15609 3 days ago
1:57 clearly Conan has never been to England.
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart 6 days ago
Conan is like the politically correct Bill Burr
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart 2 days ago
C Yeah...that’s not true. He doesn’t dare go against political correctness? Don’t get me wrong he’s not super politically incorrect, but his bits about hitting women, men earning more, men v women and #meToo and believing all women is not with the current cultural grain at all.
C 2 days ago
Bill Burr isn't a breakthrough in society. The way society is now, everyone welcome him with open arms and he doesn't dare going against political correctness and draw negative attention.
Time4aKiss 6 days ago
I wonder what REAL Italians think of these 2 American?
DiamondOwari 8 days ago
NO_EYES_ON_ME 9 days ago
5:39...how hard was the bread???? It didn't sound fresh to me.
NO_EYES_ON_ME 9 days ago
5:39...how hard was the bread???? It didn't sound fresh to me.
Leo Creutzfeldt
Leo Creutzfeldt 9 days ago
Does jordan has an english accent when he speaks italian?
_Dreams Never Sleep_
You are witnessing the process of a extravert adopting an introvert
S Lee
S Lee 11 days ago
Hilarious!!! Jordan is a riot.
ilham gusmar
ilham gusmar 12 days ago
3:34 for a time machine? Idont get it (non native english)
Alex Win
Alex Win 13 days ago
musicmaniac8787 16 days ago
Why aren't they still doing these skits? I hope it's not due to the shorter time spot.
Bram van der Hoeven
Honestly, Jordan's philosophy on travel is kinda beautiful and intimate.
MS Queen
MS Queen 17 days ago
Visit Northern Italy! You are missing out on pristine mountains, views of snow capped mountains, Barcis Lake, Venice and all the wonderful and quaint Northern Italian towns and cities. I don't even want to go further south than Venice.
SayfRG2874 17 days ago
4:38 Damn Conan is dyin'
Rose Davis
Rose Davis 17 days ago
“You look like you’re chasing after Keanu Reeves in the matrix” 😂
Steve Cole
Steve Cole 18 days ago
Conan on Acid series.. Coming soon to An android... Whaaata, whataata hunpph..
kalex888 18 days ago
Madihah Zulkifli
Madihah Zulkifli 19 days ago
i watched Conan's video where we went to a Pizza place in New York and he also said mozzarella like that and in the comment section, someone said about him saying mozzarella in this video hahahaha
dErp Man
dErp Man 19 days ago
They should get Jordan to master chef
DECKOKO401 Games
DECKOKO401 Games 19 days ago
There are times when I want to smack Conan for being an idiot.
colleen ryan
colleen ryan 20 days ago
If you Google "what does an associate producer do?" an image of Jordan appears
Attack Helicopter Jr
i did search and Jordan is right, he has various tasks and duties 😁
V S 9 days ago
Yep. It did😂🤣
Just Vibin
Just Vibin 20 days ago
I’m on a Jordan marathon, I can’t stop watching these videos, too funny.
Niptuck 20 days ago
These bits are freakin great. I probably watch 5 of them a day lol.
VideoGameStupid LC
5:19 Whoa! A ninja turtle and a devil hunter were right there in Florence at some point in time?! That is monumentous!
Xenzodiak Albert
Xenzodiak Albert 21 day ago
Man, that sandwich sounded great.
Rohan Gurav
Rohan Gurav 22 days ago
Can anyone tell which and where in Florence is this sandwich place??😍😋
EJ XOF66 22 days ago
The quality of sun?
Phil Ellul
Phil Ellul 22 days ago
Conan face at 420 regretting what he said 😂😂😂
Morteza Hesam Zadeh
Jordan gets 100 times more talkative when he is in Italy.
waltermeramelo 27 days ago
3:09 lol super lol
Caleb Sandoval
Caleb Sandoval 29 days ago
I’ve never seen Jordan’s face light up so much to see conan’s reaction to eating the sandwich
Rich Elliott
Rich Elliott 29 days ago
He said, 'say mr. Anderson you disappoint me' bruh. ..... bruh I died and was SENT
New Orlean Wolverine
Jordan is strange strange guy
CrisperPeak Month ago
Conan makes my day 100 times better
G Larbi
G Larbi Month ago
Conan really said "ragu in a CAN" LMAO.
Philgob Month ago
2:54 that photo was beautiful
Subscribe :P
Subscribe :P Month ago
TZ athrex
TZ athrex Month ago
He broke character
Harry Younger
Harry Younger Month ago
Not making eye contact is a sign of autism
Mobutu Obama
Mobutu Obama Month ago
I hate how hes so snobbish yet so wrong on so many points.
Fenrir Month ago
When you visit Italy more than 30 times, you are officially an Italian. No way Jordan is a phony, he's as educated and cultured as they can get.
Katie McDonald’s
0:08 , I said it before Jordan could.
Darvon Fletcher
Darvon Fletcher Month ago
Coco is too funny
Pe-Peron Month ago
5:01 That stare...
When Italians see Chicago style pizza. *Shocked in Italian* When Americans see a burger with no thick beef pad paired with a glass of wine and with Mozzarella cheese instead of American cheese. *Shocked in 'Murrican*
CallMeFrankT. Month ago
Misterlikeseverythin Dang you called it “Murrican”. I feel so stupid rn... you got me
Dominic Marcucilli
@ 3:36 that’s where Michelangelo is buried.
James Park
James Park Month ago
Watched so many videos of him and still can't believe he is real person
hitjack64 Month ago
1:38 *ah, I once climbed this place.*
AdamIsChaos Month ago
Oh yeah me too
ipsita ojha
ipsita ojha Month ago
‘Ragu in a can’ Give this man an Oscar!
kevin rara
kevin rara Month ago
Can someone please translate every italian word he spoke during these walks..
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