Conan & Jordan Schlansky Hit The Streets Of Florence - CONAN on TBS

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Conan experiences Florence’s beauty, sandwiches, and souvenir aprons through Jordan’s cold, dead eyes.
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Apr 12, 2018




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Comments 1 622
wmfivethree 2 days ago
He's right about that Mediterranean sky, though....yes, I taste the bile, even as I say it.
The Viking Dragon SKOL
Chef boy r dee sighting !!!!
Ana Longoria
Ana Longoria 4 days ago
Richard Walley
Richard Walley 5 days ago
Conan if you did a show only with this guy I would only watch that show
Katt Tam
Katt Tam 7 days ago
Dana 9 days ago
The texture of the clouds 😂😂😂
Outlaw Gamer
Outlaw Gamer 10 days ago
4:40 Jordan tried to smile
horseman J
horseman J 12 days ago
4:07 "Racoon in a CAN!"
Sam 13 days ago
As Italian, do you find Conan's greetings to be offensive or insulting? Who's right, Conan or Jordan?
Toy Dubz
Toy Dubz 13 days ago
I would DEFINITELY feel inclined to chop Jordan in the throat if I was Conan! 😂😂😂
agoris loukas
agoris loukas 15 days ago
Go to greece is better
Eddie Kim
Eddie Kim 17 days ago
I was hoping this was the episode... 3:09 3:38 3:46 4:00 4:07 4:18 wish they included his balcony singing
samogx86 17 days ago
4:30 is my favorite part because Conan almost lost is breath trying to not laugh when talking.
Sangita Dongre
Sangita Dongre 20 days ago
Jordon was right 4:18 the women was offended when conan called her pasta
Katie C
Katie C 22 days ago
“Oh, for a time machine.” 😂😂😂
Noah P
Noah P 22 days ago
4:44 bounos dias 😂😂
Princess J
Princess J 24 days ago
Jordan is definitely a type c personality.
Katherine Z
Katherine Z 24 days ago
Jordan was Italian?
hel en omstreken
hel en omstreken 25 days ago
It took me 10 years for this penny to drop but jordan must be autistic.
MadHatt3r 26 days ago
Jordan looks very stylish in that coat and scarf 👢
yugandhar tikam
yugandhar tikam 26 days ago
The reason Jordan gives the same answer "I've various tasks and responsibilities" is because that's what he was programmed to say to that question. What else do you want from him. 😅😂
Heidi Carbaugh
Heidi Carbaugh 26 days ago
“Like a migrating anal retentive swallow.” 😂
Susan Clark
Susan Clark 27 days ago
Jordan....college professor/lecturer......
Gru Month ago
5:03 that’s the most excitement I’ve ever seen in that mans eyes
BuBba KuShInGToN
Mr Banana
Mr Banana Month ago
Used to live in Florence and I now know his height from what he walks past
Nam Duc Dinh
Nam Duc Dinh Month ago
If thats barbaric how to eat that humbergar properly ?
Toulouse41000 Month ago
that sandwich looked GOOD
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen Month ago
That sandwich though looks delicious.
ZepG Month ago
That sandwich looked awesome!
huong tran thanh
i feel really bad for jordan lol
ML8593wy Month ago
Why?He is having a good time in Italy at expenses of conan and getting paid.
ManWithNoName Month ago
That hard as a rock crunchy bread 😆
RebelBelle Month ago
Lmfaoo all the pastas
Rithvikhari Month ago
That sandwich looked soo good.
Rijkaard Month ago
2:55 Jordan has some serious abs!!
Michael Angelos
Michael Angelos Month ago
Jordan has the red board shorts. Looks like a lifeguard. Kind of shredded
Four Pretend
Four Pretend Month ago
The texture of the clouds 😂😂😂 look at the level within the atmosphere 🤣
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Month ago
"Raggu in a can"
Doctor Kyri Strange
Next time.Greece
Paul Kasper
Paul Kasper Month ago
Conan is a Comedic genius
Veron 315
Veron 315 Month ago
Ash bash 8717
Ash bash 8717 2 months ago
When he puts that apron on him.😆😂😭💀. Like, .....Whyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂
Sean M
Sean M 2 months ago
Jordan has the demeanor of a serial killer 😂
Global00Vintage 2 months ago
At times like this I start to feel sorry for Jordan, and then I try to remember the vulgar amount of money Conan must pay him.
Mariyeen Acheege
Mariyeen Acheege 2 months ago
I love going back to Florence with Conan.
Mich De lucia
Mich De lucia 2 months ago
jack larkson
jack larkson 2 months ago
a video with map,well pretty useful for american people lmao.
itsagabything 2 months ago
“Ragu in a can” 😂😂😂😂
Carolina R
Carolina R 2 months ago
“Ragu in a can” this is was what sent me to an early death
A R 2 months ago
4:57 they hate you 😂
SuccessBasis 2 months ago
I love how Conan is showing Jordan how all of his knowledge and means nothing if you can't connect with people.
Jeff Bellefontaine
Jeff Bellefontaine 2 months ago
Jordan and Conan having dinner on the old late night show is one of my all time favorite remotes
清水ケビン 2 months ago
Jordan's face at 04:42 🤣🤣🤣
fat matt
fat matt 2 months ago
What r u a pilot now
Andrew Vacaflor Vids
I just came back from Florence,Italy, 2 weeks ago, and Conan is right. The Sun is still the same in the States as it is in Italy. It is a lovely place, but the sunlight was the same.
db2k3k 3 months ago
Haha i can relate to that ham on the sandwich. I used to live in Spain, everytime i ate those, the whole friggin ham just followed in one bite.
Sara Paunovic
Sara Paunovic 3 months ago
I like how jordan gets happy whenever he is in italy
francesco pepe
francesco pepe 3 months ago
Like se sei italiano
Gokhan 0114
Gokhan 0114 3 months ago
EvilHomerSimpson 3 months ago
Jordan is so Italian that he smells like an ignorant American
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